“Excuse me, there is a man sitting at our table!”

Earlier this month I had the doubtful pleasure of working on-site at a client’s office for a few days. This entailed travelling to a large city in a very feminist country. To give you a hint: the landmass of that country has the shape of a flaccid deformed penis, if you squint just a little bit. On the plus side, I was put up in a decent four-star hotel and racked up bonus points, so that was nice. (Side note for morons: No, I’m not humble-bragging as business travel is pretty crappy even if you stay in a fancy hotel smack in the city center.)

My hotel had a rather lavish breakfast buffet, befitting a hotel of its category. Waiters were scuttling around, making sure there were always copious amounts of everything available. The buffet was offered on tables that were arranged in a large U-shape, and in the center there was an aisle with even more stuff you’d have to ignore if you wanted to make sure you would still fit in your pants.

On my third day, I got up way too early, as was necessary, and made it to the hotel restaurant half-asleep, piling up food on my plate with my eyes half-open. I was lucky to find a table right next to the buffet area. It was the most conveniently located table in the restaurant, in fact. Don’t leave if you’re getting bored, because it will get a bit more exciting soon. I had a bowl of muesli and a plate with fatty meaty cheesy yummy stuff in front of me. The latter was disappearing at a frightening pace as I want to bulk up. Soon I got up to get some more.

As I turned around to get back to my table, two menopausal women were standing next to my table, apparently wondering whether it was taken or not. The most fitting way to describe them would be as fat old hags in a business costume — certainly not what you want to look at while eating. All tables were for four. There were plenty of unoccupied tables available as well. Right after I sat down, one of those cunts who presumably only got promoted in order to fulfill gender quotas loudly addressed a waitress, and remarked, “Excuse me, there is a man sitting at our table!” She stressed “our”, and pronounced man with disgust, probably similar to how Kim Kardashian would pronounce “economy” in case Kanye ever tells her that they need to reel in their spending as they are $50 mill in the hole and can’t fly first class for a while. “Ew, a man! Someone shoot him please!”

Those fat swine wanted to claim that table so that they wouldn’t need to walk an extra two or three meters to the troughs. As I was an obstacle, I clearly had to be removed. That was a classy hotel, though, and that waitress professionally pointed out to them that “that gentleman had been sitting there before you arrived”, and showed them to a different table. Those two cunts were then led away from me. The less fat one of them squeaked, “I apologize.” as she walked past. No, I did not acknowledge her presence.

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have minded had they just sat down next to me. Normally, you don’t get the luxury of having an entire table for yourself. Yet, if you are an entitled aging bitch, you presumably believe that those defective males should make way for you because social norms only apply to them.

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  1. The Feminist Vegetarian

    Flying cattle class, the feminist glories in triumph when the smell of food wafts closer and everyone is roused from their sleep. She puts away her cartoon neck pillow and props up her plump overweight frame in eager anticipation of the feeding. Adjusting her thick rimmed horn glasses and short blue dyed hair, she smacks her lips and makes quick furried movements akin to a bear cub before feasting. Of course all of this is a grotesque display meant for everyone seated closeby, the common rabble, the unclean masses, the immediate souls from whom she wants to elicit jealousy and feel the air of superiority over. Shes a proud vegetarian and looks down on everyone who ignorantly destroys the planet through their consumption of meat and animals.

    The flight attendant dutifully sets down the factory line assembled tray serving some version of mass processed sludge replete with refined white flour pasta, a sodium laden sauce and mush resembling boiled veggies. This is her version of healthy because it doesn’t contain animal products, which puffs her up with pride for being so environmentally conscious. This feeding session masquerading as a meal wont do her any good except adding to the muffin top around her waistline and the several inches of soft self-delusional fat so admired by the thirsty hordes of beta male orbiters and self declared male feminists. She will not be fat-shamed.

    Rustling the plastic wrapping as loudly as she can to milk her two minutes of envy from those around her, she uncovers her prized hunting tools – fork and knife. Slowly and ceremoniously, careful to maximize the number of hungry souls vicariously taking in the smells of nourishment, she makes her first cut. She raises the first piece of penne to her mouth and closes down on her first victim. Practiced in her mind a million times, she savours the height of attention and projects a satisfaction not unlike one after a mediocre orgasm. A millisecond later, as her body processes the fact that this food is inherently unhealthy, and involuntarily micro-shudders, her brain regains control and composure so as not to disturb the scene she is trying to manufacture for those around her. Each successive bite hits her like a tranquilizer, slowing her movements, moving her closer to the daily nirvana she cannot live without – food coma.

    Sir, chicken or beef? I’ll take chicken – thank you. I’m furiously typing away, capturing this scene, for the inspiration to write will only last as long as the comatose victor is still writhing and twitching. Alas, the cartoon neck pillow has taken its rightful place and the beast has fallen asleep. Time to eat in peace with the rest of the cattle.

    Note: I intentionally attribute this miniature superiority complex solely to feminists knowing full well that there are others who also display this trait with equal zeal and hilarity.

    November 2015

    1. The double standard displayed here is astonishing. “The you think you are better than me” idea you hold is moronic at best. Obviously in all groups, politically ideologies and cultures there are people who are cunts. Though this does not devalue any of the ideas held by these groups as people are not representations of the ideas themselves. You sound just as “le trigged XD” as the feminist. Fuck you and all these beta faggots who whine about this insignificant shit and using bad advocates of idea to dismiss ideas themselves and rid yourself of moral responsibility. Go fuck yourself, alt right libertarians are almost as bad a PC cucks.

    2. I’ll retain your comment as an example of some of the ad hominem comments void of any semblance of a logical argument I receive. To use one of the favorite arguments of people like you: Are you angry because you don’t get laid?

  2. I have done a ton of business travel in my life, and the two constants I found were that the thrill wears off pretty fast, and some people are just assholes, and they are represented pretty equally in both genders and all ethnicities.

    1. Interesting feedback. “Business travel ” sounds so great and impressive… Thx for sharing your experience.

  3. “She stressed “our”,”
    This female ignorance kills me. Conscious denial of reality.
    I was thinking about your article as I was getting my groceries an hour ago. And just in front of me there was a woman (yep the average fat ass buying yogurt full of sugar, thinking it’s healthy, yet not realizing that despite all the healthy food her ass is way too fat).
    She needs to put her stuff on that running tape (don’t know the right word in English). Now she has some eggs, some noodles, some yogurt, some cans, some tomatoes, some chocolate and some alcohol in a glass bottle.
    First of all, dumb ignorant cunt starts putting the yogurt, followed by the eggs in front as the first items to be scanned and I am already betting she is going to put them in her bag first. Not only that, she starts piling up the yogurts on top of each other, completely ignoring that the tape is stop-and-go and since her “construction” looks more like the Pisa tower, it’s never gonna hold. (notabene: she is not in a hurry, after all it’s Saturday and there is a ten people line behind us…)
    Now obviously, what has to happen, happened: Yogurts fall down after the band starts rolling, fall on the eggs, but Madam is too busy in order to see it, because she is putting the heavy stuff, like the cans and the alcohol bottle on the tape.
    I’m not sure if eggs cracked or not, but that’s not the question. The problem is this absolutely ignorant denial of what the fuck is going on and the absence of will to calculate risk.
    Can’t she see, that the tape is moving, that she needs to thing to put the heavy stuff in front so that it goes first into the bag in order to have the light and fragile stuff on top and that moving her ass a bit faster would benefit the everybody to get home faster?
    Yes she can. Absolutely. If you were to explain these things to her, she’d understand, but very likely wouldn’t change her behaviour.
    Did those two cunts from your example not see, that OBVIOUSLY the table looked like SOMEONE had been/is still there? Yes, but let’s be ignorant and pretend we don’t and see what we we can get.
    In my mind, this is no different than women “not being able” to catch a ball or to perform precision work (like slicing an onion evenly). They mostly look as clumsy as a little child not having developed its fine-motor senses. I have seen women doing these kinds of tasks in a kitchen. They can if they want/have to. And that’s the point. They don’t have to. After all someone is gonna clean up after them or a man is going invent a machine to do the job for her. Just look at a household: washing machine, dryer, dish washer, microwave, electrical oven (soon even kitchen robots), vacuum cleaner… damn… Everything invented by men to make women’s lives more comfortable. Wrong incentives if you ask me. No different from social welfare. It makes them lazy and ignorant.

    1. Oh yes this is just a fake excuse. “I am so clumsy” , “I do not know how to do it”
      They cannot change a lightbulb yet they can open bottle of coke.
      Same thing in reality

  4. I can relate to your sense of humiliation there. You remind me of how Stanley Kowalski reacted on that dinner table when he was insulted by his wife as “pig”.

    “That’s how I’ll clear the table! [He seizes her arm.] Don’t ever talk that way to me! “Pig – Polack – disgusting – vulgar – greasy!” – them kind of words have been on your tongue and your sister’s too much around here! What do you think you two are? A pair of queens? Remember what Huey Long said – “Every Man is a King!” And I am the King around here, so don’t forget it!”

    This website first and foremost must instill and restore the sense of pride for being a man to young guys. I am no longer sexually active at the moment, but this pride has never left me.

    1. “I am no longer sexually active at the moment”
      By choice, or just circumstances?

  5. @ Aaronn I was responding to Randy Park, this article you wrote here is sound imo. In the case that you knew that I will explain my argument as it looks a lot angrier that its actual sentiment.

    It is a pet peeve of mine when people use ad hominem profiling of a stereotype to dismiss an argument. Both sides of an argument have some validity, extremes on either side are usually bullshit i.e. 3 rd wave feminism, but to dismiss an argument entirely is anti academic. I am trying to point out flaws in the way of Randy’s thinking. Its just a simple case of the pendulum swinging back to oppose pc nazis where as ideally you want to have a balanced view of the world.

    This question is pointless as you could I have no real way to prove it but I have sleep with 9 girls, I recently turned 22. Though partially due to your and others advice I am not focusing very much on women anymore as I want to develop myself and my foundations more before seriously pursuing anything.

    1. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, you responded to someone else, which is perfectly clear on the blog. In the admin interface, on the other hand, blog comments show up as a stream, and it’s not always immediately obvious whether they relate to my post or someone else’s comment. This is an issue when I quickly skim comments and don’t have the context.

      My question was not serious. I wanted to merely caricature the way feminists argue. I’m happy to read that you’ve found my advice helpful.

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