The other day some drive-by commenter accused me of being a “hater”. Presumably any male who does not kowtow to women and refused to idolize them must be a misogynist basement dweller with mommy issues. As amusing as such accusations may be, they should not keep us from realizing what the “hater” charge effectively is. It is an admission of defeat if not outright intellectual bankruptcy. It is easy to see why this is the case.

Thankfully, I attended university when safe spaces were unheard of, and idiots got shot down in front of the entire class. If you didn’t have an argument, then your “opinion” was worth jack shit. However, the political left, hand in hand with stupidity, changed academic and societal discourse for the worse. Nowadays idiots who can’t formulate a proper argument accuse their opponents of being “haters” when they get laughed at. They throw a fit and cry “discrimination”. It’s not discrimination, though. They are just fucking stupid.

If you have ever tried discussing with the typical leftists with their barely average IQ, you may be familiar with their peculiar style of argumentation. They demand we open our borders because borders are “racist”. Consequently, “we” — this means tax payers, not leftist themselves because they tend to be parasitic in some way or another — are supposed to share “our” riches with the riff-raff and rabble of the world. Should you feel compelled to point out that the glory days of the Western world have long been squandered, meaning that we really are in no position to take in millions of people who are largely unwilling or unable to contribute to society, they immediately call you a “racist” or “nazi”. I would love to hear a proper argument, but instead the ad hominems some out.

We can quickly go through a few examples:

1) A smart person points out that Hilary is a crook due to X, Y, Z. Leftist have no argument left, because whatever you may want to think of Trump, he’s not a crook. Consequently, they call you a “racist”.

2) A smart person points out that you need to show an ID for basically everything. Yet, for some reason ID requirements for voter registration are “discriminatory”. Your typical Democrat idiot, who fervently supports voter fraud and has no logical argument, retorts that you are a “redneck” or an “ignoramus”, depending on whether you talk to a leftist from the gutter or an educated idiot leftist.

3) You learn that illegal immigrants in Germany don’t seem to integrate all that well, considering their predilection for raping indigenous women. A feminist idiot, lacking any argument, shouts that this is a problem of “men” not of low-IQ illegal immigrants from a patriarchal culture. Besides, you are a nazi and racist. Obviously.

4) You know that immigrants can cross the German border without papers, claim they are from Syria, and get asylum. Thus, you conclude that Germany seems to have a death wish. Reading more on the chaos in Europe, you read about England taking in “children” from North Africa. Looking at pictures, you conclude that the “children of Calais” are easily in their 30s if not 40s. Yet, if you point this out, leftist morons are quick to jump at you, calling you, of course, a “nazi” and “racist”.

5) You read a non-mainstream blog on gender dynamics, where the author writes about the hypocrisy of the media, which is painting women as perennial victims. By using logic, you deduce that the “wage gap” is nonsense. By opening your eyes you realize that men are commonly depicted as dolts in TV shows and movies. By keeping in touch with some of your high school and college buddies, you know that men are getting fucked in divorce court, for instance by being ordered to give half their salary to their ex-wife “because she got accustomed to a certain lifestyle”. Yet, when you bring up any of this in a discussion with a leftist idiot, you guessed it, you are a “hater”, “unaware of your privilege”, and, besides, men deserve to suffer until eternity because they subjugated women for millennia. Feminists made this up, so it must be true.

Long gone are the days when idiots would just shut up. That’s no surprise, considering that the educational system nowadays encourages everyone to have an “opinion”, which apparently deserves to be heard, no matter how earth-shatteringly stupid it may be. There is just one problem: if society moves away from reason and argument, decay will invariably follow. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least half of the major fuckups in recent history were due to incompetents having gotten affirmative-actioned into positions they couldn’t handle. For instance, read up on recent economic history and the effect of “affirmative action lending”. Idiots in a position of power can cause tremendous amounts of damage. It’s all just because society no longer tells them to keep their fucking mouth shut.

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  1. Wow Aaron, my recent criticism on your last post seems to have really got your panties in a twirl. lol

    All I did was ask some questions which you mistook for accusations. This tells me that I must’ve really hit a sore spot. For all you know, I could be in total agreement with your ideas if only you could express them without saying “leftist idiot” every other sentence. Until then, who knows what you’re blabbering on about.

    This is about discussing ideas, no? I certainly have no interest in disseminating speculation on the intelligence levels of different people. And you seem to do this based on their political/economical ideologies which is really quite peculiar. Besides, the whole concept of IQ lacks merit. I refuse to be leftist or right, I think they are both grasping at straws. And as I already said, I’m not a feminist as I think it’s an untenable position to take.

    I would love to engage with you on what you wrote here but I’m gonna let you cool down first.

    Looking forward to that book you have cooking on meditation, it seems to be really working for you 🙂

    Take it easy friend.

    And again, I highly suggest you have a look at this:

    Drive-by commenter. I have to admit that’s a good one. Implying of course “as opposed to all your millions of readers”.

    Oh man, you crack me up.

    1. 1) You are projecting.
      2) There are obvious differences in intellectual ability both among and between groups. If the concept of IQ was without merit, then how come that someone with an IQ of 100 will fare infinitely worse studying pure maths than someone with an IQ of 130+.
      3) If you claim there are no differences between people, you are a leftist idiot. To be taken seriously, for instance, you would need to show that there is no correlation between IQ and academic ability. Of course I am only referring to “real” academic subject, not subjects that were created to keep leftist idiots off the unemployment register for years.

  2. Aaron, you seem to think I make claims which I haven’t. I never said there are no differences between people. Wtf?

    You also seem to think that IQ is synonymous with intelligence which it isn’t.

    Of course there are differences in intellectual abilities between groups and individuals just as in any other traits. But I don’t think IQ is an effective indicator of that because there’s too many factors we now know about that it does not measure at all. Perhaps for certain abilities yes (like math) IQ can give us a pretty strong indicator of a person’s abilities. What about creative geniuses or athletes with supreme motor-skill/reflex abilities?

    That said, if you have evidence to back up what you say I’m willing to look at it and be proved wrong. From what I’ve seen, it’s bogus at best.

    And as much as I’d love to throw a blanket label over a group of people like religious nuts and say they are all idiots, that is nothing but conjecture at best.

    Calling anyone an idiot makes the accuser look like an even bigger idiot. Think about it, if there is a retarded person and a proven-without-a-doubt highly intelligent person in the same room and the latter takes pride in calling the former an idiot (which he presumes is already established by default anyways based on his weak arguments), what does that say about his own intelligence level?

    “Of course I am only referring to “real” academic subject, not subjects that were created to keep leftist idiots off the unemployment register for years.” Oh right you must mean those “bullshit humanities” degrees that women sometimes do.

    I personally think the whole political charade is a joke, left vs right, blablablaaa. Anybody who plays that game or thinks one side is better is just a pawn in the bigger scheme of how this modern society operates on a global level.

    Common folk bitch and moan about other people and groups (gender wars, politics, gossip, celebrities, sex, etc).

    Good people discuss events and experiences.

    Great men (and women) discuss ideas and solutions to problems (with reason, logic, humility, compassion, creativity, humor, etc).

    I’m not saying I’m a saint and often have to remind myself to get past my own ego and get the conversation back on track to the greatness.

    I support a free world economy. No more money. No more politics. No more nationalities. No more ideological warfare between people who don’t have expertise in the technical sciences. A society that is based on science & technology instead of outdated philosophies by John Locke (among others).

    If you’re interested in this more, go here:

    1. 1) I was referring to intellectual ability. Creativity tends to require copious amounts of that, in addition to significant domain knowledge. Thus, I don’t see how someone who would score 80 on a serious IQ test would make a significant contribution to society. (No, I don’t take modern art and its associated circle-jerk seriously.) Athletes are an exception. Still, I would be very surprised if athletes in disciplines that require great technical skills were not of well-above average intelligence. Note that I just did a cursory search and found a couple of articles that demonstrated, among others, superior spatio-temporal ability among athletes. That area used to be a cornerstone of IQ tests, but since females fare rather poorly on such questions, you nowadays find fewer of them. Sadly, psychology has been highly politicized.

      2) Yes, the humanities are a joke. The sole exception is (theoretical) philosophy, where you will find a lot of people of vastly superior intelligence:

      3) Oh, sure, Left vs Right is a charade, yet your words have the stench of morbid Leftism. If you had any understanding of basic maths, you would realize that a “free world economy” is a laughable proposition. I spent five seconds on the site you mentioned, for of which were used on shaking my head upon reading its subtitle “make everything free”. Typical leftist drivel. Who do you think would produce the wealth people like you would want to get access to for free?

  3. Universities have changed a lot from when I went. We always had a lot of feminist types around, but there was a lot more tolerance of discussion. You read about them now where it is all about “safe spaces” and not offending people. “Feelz before Realz” is like a way of life for some people. It does not really aid in intellectual or scientific inquiry if it has to mindful of not offending people.

  4. “I was referring to intellectual ability. Creativity tends to require copious amounts of that, in addition to significant domain knowledge.”

    Yes I got that and I’m in no way denying that it requires great intellectual capabilities to excel at e.g. creative endeavours. I’m just saying IQ tests are not a very accurate way to measure that. The tests have been designed to measure a very narrow framework of intelligence and although it can give us some indicators to certain abilities, there are other areas it cannot measure at all. Not to mention how inherent traits may lead to behaviours and then we get into the whole nature vs nurture thing. Neuroscientists are finding the brain more and more complex, the more it is understood.

    “Yes, the humanities are a joke. The sole exception is (theoretical) philosophy”

    I agree.

    “Who do you think would produce the wealth people like you would want to get access to for free?”

    Once again your confirmation bias is preventing you from even looking at this statement you make (or the site, as you said after 5 seconds you gave up).

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
    – Arthur Schopenhauer

    The whole concept of wealth would be an arbitrary one in a society where everything is free, hence not based on trade via scarcity.

    But from this point, it would require the wealthiest to see that even their interests are best met in a system where they don’t have to fear for their lives when they go to the airport or when the ecology is fucked beyond the point of no return.

    Now I admit, transitioning to a free society is no easy task and will require much more than basic maths. Luckily we already have the technology in place to make it happen. Unfortunately for cultural and ideological reasons, not mentions greed and nationalism, it’s possible that we will never get there.

    Just as everyone will eventually be vegan, a society that is free from money will happen sooner or later.

    1. 1) Read up on the history of socialism, the real one, not whatever fantasies the left engages in. It doesn’t work because the productive parts of society will then simply say, “Fuck it.” and become as lazy as the parasites, or move to a place where their contributions are values. An interesting case in point is Germany, which has been suffering from a brain drain of staggering proportions. It just doesn’t work to tax the productive class to the hilt.

      2) Human progress is primarily due to advances in any kind of engineering. That kind of intelligence is very adequately reflected in IQ tests.

      3) Laughable ideas don’t have merit just because they are laughed at. A society in which everything is free is a pipe dream. Go study some Econ 101 for starters.

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