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Alleged sexual molestation as a means of getting attention

With this post I am speculating to some degree. Yet, in not so recent history this is now at least the second time that the mainstream has been attempting to tear down the public image of a celebrity based on arguably somewhat dubious claims of immoral behavior. No, I am not talking about serial rapist Bill Clinton and his enabler Shillary. Instead, I’d like to recall the fate of Bill Cosby and — Donald Trump. In 2015 it was as if the floodgates opened. Every other week some other woman came forward with a sob story according to which Bill Cosby had raped her. Quite of a few of those accusation have been dismissed by courts already.

I’m not making a statement whether Bill Cosby raped any woman or not. It’s just highly suspicious that it takes decades for a victim to come forward with an accusation. There are plenty of legislatures where a so-called stature of limitation is in place. In any case, it’s odd that a woman would need decades to make up her mind, particularly in the case of an infraction that is “worse than death”. The victims of serial rapist Bill Clinton didn’t sit around and twiddle their thumbs for decades, which may be due to the fact that Bill Clinton actually raped them, like, for real.

Media attention is no longer focusing on Bill Cosby and the countless women who crawled out of the woodwork in 2015. No, now it is The Donald. First there was a tape with some testosterone-fuled banter. Think of it what you want, it is infinitely less of an issue than the criminal activities Hillary Clinton has routinely been engaging in. It didn’t take long until women came forward with claims that The Donald lusted after them once. In particular, the case of Jessica Leeds, a 74 year-old hag, stand out. Allegedly, The Donald molested her in 1980, when she was 38. That seems dubious to begin with. In the meantime, an eye-witness came forward that stated that it was in fact Leeds who tried to seduce Trump, but didn’t succeed.

To me it seems that those women simply want media attention. Think about it: they are aged narcissists who have been devoid of attention, and most definitely devoid of any male attention. Thus, by accusing famous men, they expect to gain a few minutes of fame. In the best case, they may even make some money. Particularly in the US there are seemingly no consequences for slander and libel, so those women are essentially free to do anything. Imagine what would happen if the expected consequence of slander and libel would be incarceration and a crippling fine. I would expect accusations of rape or any kind of “sexual assault” to go down to essentially zero.

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  1. In the taped conversation with Billy Bush, Trump talked about how he “moved on” the married Nancy O’Dell “very heavily,” and admitted that he tried to “f— her.” O’Dell responded: “No female, no person, should be the subject of such crass comments.”

    Related… When I read this, my head almost exploded. Like what the holy fuck?

    What kind of reality-bending gaslighting is this. Most women on this planet talk like this when they get together. Like this whole conversation is as absurd to me as people pretending they don’t urinate.

    “No I’ve never seen a bathroom in my life, I don’t urinate, i have no idea what human would do such a despicable dirty act”


    Apparently the one who accused him of the plane thing said “she met a tall blonde man who groped her”, but as Stefan points out. Trump had black hair at the time.

    In other news, there’s actual footage of Clinton doing the exact same thing. Nobody is talking about it:

  3. What strikes me here is, that Trump acts in the most natural and effective manner sexually. It’s purely Sleazyesque: you perceive a woman, whom you fancy, telegraphing a stream of clear “I’m ready&willing”-signals towards you. Taking it from there it’s a done deal and you can move in there big time. Of course this is mysterious only to beta & gamma males and a despicable truth to crotchery feminist man-hating hags.
    At the same time Trump’s a consummate gentleman as well. So he really knows his craft of how to treat women right and simultaneously remains superior at all times. I’d say that’s not a bad trait to have in life…

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