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Quick note on women predominantly voting for Shillary

Nate Silver recently posted a number of charts showing that if only men voted, then Trump would win by a landslide. On the other hand, if only women voted, Hillary would win even more easily than the doctored polls indicate. This caused the Twitter hashtag #repealthe19th to gain traction. The 19th amendment extended voting rights to womyn. Some seem to find this idea rather upsetting.

In the article I just linked I found the following:


There was an unfortunate misspelling in that tweet because in case Hillary wins, women won’t run the country but ruin it. As some food for thought, consider that women, collectively, pay zero taxes. Thus, they enjoy representation without taxation. This is a serious issue Western societies should have a debate about, but as long as we are governed by a bunch of cucks this won’t happen.

10 thoughts on “Quick note on women predominantly voting for Shillary

  1. I think Trump is a moron, but he would make a better presidency. His dumbest and most outrageous ideas will most likely be blocked by the courts and a hostile congress. Hitlery, on the other hand, can work the system and cause some real damage… all the while the press and intellectuals cheer on…

  2. Women voting for Hillary are totally silent about how women are treated in Muslim nations, and that bothers me.

    1. This is also quite true. I’m observing a similar trend with females of my wider social circle. Apparently, Islam is cool, thus critisizing it is uncool and if we just give in to it, in the end we’ll all just get along.
      Of course this is the standard dhimmi-apologist/defeatist attitute which ultimately won’t even benefit the very women sporting it.

    1. There are two counter-points to this.

      1) The LA times poll has the Donald leading.

      It uses methodology different to the other polls, apparently it should be more accurate.

      2) It’s politically incorrect to admit you’re voting for Trump

      – That’s why all brexit polls showed that the “stay” side should win, yet they lost.

      – All the polls that have hillary leading are conducted over the phone. That’s aside from what Aaron pointed out about biased sampling.

      – All the online polls have Trump leading.

      The theory is that plenty of people are going to secrectly vote for trump.

    2. Further point is how likely each of the groups is to vote. The idea is that mucj of Clinton’s support comes from Tumblerettes who will be to lazy to go out and actually cast that vote.

      Watch this video for a good analysis of the entire situation

      One of the key points is that “demoralization” is a key tactic on the left. They want to distort reality in such a way to make it seem like you’re losing, even when you’re winning.

      It’s very well orchestrated.

    3. Looking back on this thread a month later we already know how accurate these predictions turned out to be.

      Opinion polling has been growing less and less accurate since the first Obama election, steadily moving towards the junk science camp.

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