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34 thoughts on “[Sticky] Open Thread #360

    1. Hahaha! 😀

      Based on the video it sounds to me like she insisted despite his hesitation, so he went for it. Kinda tasteless, but also kinda harmless, IMO. Seems silly for anyone to be bothered by it.

      Btw, this lady is a good example of what an effect push-up can have on a woman’s chest. Here’s the image of him signing her top, while she put her breasts up on the “counter”:

      Here she is in a more “natural” state:

      Definitely a decent pair, but the effect can’t be denied. They can be made to look even better and/or bigger with a good push-up bra than from just plopping them down on something, too.

    2. Isn’t it because Asians value education to the point of females treating industrialists such as Jensen Huang as rock stars that normally get the privilege of signing breasts in the West?

      I love how Marvel’s Tony Stark (Iron Man) is a genius playboy billionaire philanthropist that gets attractive women. The only real-life individual closest to that fictitious character is Elon Musk.

      Shouldn’t Science be that sexy? Is there a Revolution about to brew to make Science great again?

      In the Far East, it seems that the Chinese are one to something:

      “Wanted at Chinese Start-Ups: Attractive Women to Ease Coders’ Stress”

  1. Goys,

    Do you think going on TRT is a good idea? I think I am low T though I never had it tested. I have a round belly, difficulty growing facial hair and not much body hair.

    Has anyone hear gone the TRT root?

    1. Never been on it. Isn’t it basically steroids? I think HGH might be a better alternative.

    2. If you have a round belly, then it’s almost certainly caused by diet (too much fat in the area).

      The questions you are asking are fundamentally medical questions, so you’d be better off turning to an endocrinologist.

    3. Also don’t forget to hop on fin/dut if you are increasing your levels of testosterone, otherwise your chances of balding are getting higher.

    4. Some people get results with facial hair using minoxidil.

      Just get the blood test. Find your T level before doing anything crazy.

      Then, sleep max, eat paleo, exercise, get some sun (assuming that’s an option).

      Get the levels tested again. See how much the T improved.

  2. In the news today:
    “Far right surges in European Parliament elections but center still holds”

    Positive news, to be sure. Except it’s not a real “far right,” of course. I always put “far right” in quotes, because there is no viable far right in Europe. That’s just a myth.

    Take a look at AfD, for example. Neoliberal economic policies, favors civil unions for homosexuals, and opposes sanctions on Russia, the most Muslim and mongrelized country in Europe, which has attacked Ukraine, one of the whitest nations on the Earth.

    On top of that, it has a two-leader political structure, and one of those leaders is an open lesbian.

    Yet if you were to believe reports on the AfD, it’s a modern-day Nazi party.

    Still, we take our victories where we can find them. Even the “far right” of modern Europe is a vast improvement over what we’ve got in place today, and overall the culture wars seem to be turning in our favor. 🙂

    1. Where the fuck you get that Russia is mongrelized? There are plenty of national minorities in Russia, always have been. Most of them are no problem.

      Even while there are plenty of muslims in Russia, they only around 10% of the population (Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania have larger % of muslim population than Russia. Bulgaria is the same with around 10%). And most muslims in Russia are no trouble, with exception of the Caucasus, where the Chechens, Ingush and Dagestani people (a shorthand I know, there are like a dozen ethnic groups there) have been heavily propagandized by salafi preachers with western complicity. But you never hear of any suicide bombers or terrorists coming from Bashkiria or Kabardino-Balkaria.

      Thats because those peoples have been there for ages and are rather well integrated. The real muslim problem in Europe are the recent arrivals, who come from more backward places like africa and the greater middle East (up to Pakistan) and their offspring, who dont like to integrate to their new societies at all.

      Who cares if Ukraine is white? Its full of actual nazis, and have made themselves puppets of american warmongers. To be blunt, they had it coming.

    2. Russia is pretty mongrelized. There are lots of not quite white people there who are treated as Russians as long as Russian is their native language, and as a result there is not much segregation between those people and more nordic Russians. It stops working if you are too far from being white, but as long as you are Tatar or Bashkir or something like that it’s fine. Consequently, many white people in Russia have asian admixture.

      It’s largely a result of policies implemented by the (((Soviet Government)))

      Its full of actual nazis

      If Ukrain or for that matter Russia were ruled by real Nazis they would be much better countries than now

      and have made themselves puppets of american warmongers.

      That is true and very sad, the last thing civilization needs is white people killing each other. They even speak the same language and have almost identical cultures. It’s like Dutch and Germans or maybe even closer.

    3. Do we still hold it against people if they’re nazis thought?

      To be honest, I don’t believe in democracy anymore. Most people are too stupid to vote. It will never work as intended, just like communism.

    4. I think we only have “democracy” because the powers that be believed they could fully control public opinion. This worked pretty well before the Internet. Now that there is much more free flow of information, meaning you can access alternative viewpoints whereas before everything was filtered lest you did not get any dumb ideas, the regime almost by necessity needs to increasingly use force in order to ensure compliance but this is not going all that well either. The scamdemic is a good example: the majority bought the mainstream media bullshit but a solid 1/4 to 1/3 did not and these people were too many to effectively deal with. After all, they can’t just round them up and shoot them, or ridicule them, or ignore them.

    5. Well, I think democracy can work. But not if the government is on the take. Which is certainly the case in the USA. We’ve had an oligarchy for many years and half the voting age population has given up.

    6. Ok, I’m wrong. I guess only 1/3 have given up ( high turn out in the last 2 elections). It’s amazing people vote for this trash. So yeah, Manny, democracy pretty much sucks.

    7. Yarara:

      Are you Russian yourself, or at least an East Slav? I find that starting your sentence with something like “Where the f-ck you…” seems like typical behavior among Russians and the like, who often lack the ability to emotionally self-regulate, and tend to get quite upset when their personal beliefs are challenged (even unintentionally).

      Now on to your points:

      See above about mongrelization. It’s a fact that Russia is mongrelized.

      In absolute numbers, Russia has more Muslims than any other country in Europe, and Moscow has more Muslims than any other city in Europe. Not the highest per capita, but Muslims cause trouble as individuals, not just per capita (though of course a higher proportion of Muslims per capita leads to a higher crime rate per capita).

      If your defense of Russia is “Only some parts of the country engages in suicide bombings, terrorist acts, and armed insurrection,” then I’d say that’s setting a pretty low bar.

      It’s hardly the west’s fault that Islamic extremists prosper in Russia. Russia couldn’t even keep tiny Chechnya down, and didn’t get peace there until Putin handed the country over to a Muslim warlord to run as his own personal theocratic fiefdom. Now Kadyrov persecutes white Russians – like that kid who got years in prison for ruining a Koran, and also got assaulted and beaten by Kadyrov’s son while in detention (which Kadyrov bragged about).

      That’s Putin’s Russia for you: you can live as you like… as long as you bow to Putin and his Muslim vassal lord.

      Even PC and overly “woke” Sweden won’t require you to behave like that. In fact, if you want to burn the Koran publicly here, they will send the police out to protect you and make sure you don’t get harmed.

      (Compare to how China handled Muslim terrorism in Xinjiang: they went in and arrested the criminals, and put at-risk people who were not yet criminals in re-education. They were experiencing the rise of a wave of Muslim terrorists like many other countries, but have now almost completely resolved that issue.)

      Funny you should mention Kabardino-Balkaria, as per Wikipedia regarding the insurgency in the North Caucasus: “During its peak, the violence was mostly concentrated in the North Caucasus republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Kabardino-Balkaria.”

      Bashkiria is a center of terrorism: google the Committee of Bashkir Resistance if you like.

      The Russian army is a nest of homosexual rapists and gay sexual trafficking.

      Russia is a real sh-ithole country, and the only possible reasons I can see for rational people to support it against Ukraine is a knee-jerk reaction because of a perceived moral superiority of Russia vis-a-vis the west (which is false), or simply a lack of knowledge about what a deplorable sh-thole Russia really is.

    8. I stand corrected on one thing: after looking it up, I find the word “mongrel” means mixed breeding in general, I was under the impression that it applied to blacks, and perhaps natives from the americas. I guess that happens when you learn english in a general culture so infused with american cultural references.

      So yeah, the slavic Russians have mixed a lot with asiatic and turkic peoples, so what? They are not blacks, arabs, or south asians, which are the mixtures where you would get the most IQ points substracted. Look up world IQ maps, there are several different versions online, but in all of them you will find the IQ of Russia pretty much in line with Europe and North America.

      To your other points, no, I am Latino, with German ancestry. I live in Argentina, and travel often to Europe and the Middle East. Never been either to Russia or Ukraine yet. But I am, among other things, an IR expert and analyst, so I am quite familiar with the places and political processes there, to the point I have written, taught classes, and given interviews and expert advice on these topics.

      Saying “Russians and the like” cannot self-regulate is a pretty dumb cliche, IMHO. Whatever experience I have with slavic expats, and visiting other eastern european and Balkan countries, I am under the impression that they can regulate their emotions pretty well, I´d say even better than many Westerners these days, but certainly not worse. If you asked me who has poor impulse control and emotional regulation, in my experience Arabs, Blacks and Latinos pretty much top the list.

      “Muslims cause trouble as individuals, not per capita?” WTF were you even trying to say there, dude? I pointed out the amounts per capita for a reason. If muslims per se were the main problem, a bigger proportion of muslims in a country would correlate with a higher level of unrest in relation to the size of the country. But muslims can be quite secular and non political as well. Also, dont conflate politically motivated violence with crime.

      As to your sources, they pretty much support what I said before. You should go a little deeper than a couple paragraphs on a wiki page. The “insurgency” in Kabardino-Balkaria is pretty marginal, they had one or two somewhat significant hits, if you can call them that, about a decade ago, and were quickly brought under control. Nothing much newsworthy, and nothing even remotely close to what happened in Chechnya/Ichkheria.

      Same with the so-called “Committee of Bashkir Resistance”. I really had to look it up, they are so obscure and insignificant I had not even heard from them. By that standard, my own country has an armed insurgency ongoing in the Patagonia region, where a bunch of leftis indigenous activists commit an occasional arson attack or so. If some vandalism here and there is an insurgency, by that standard, many countries have an active “vegan insurgency”.

      Chechnya is the real issue when it comes to islamic terrorism in Russia, but despite its religious facet, its mainly a nationalist movement. The violence in Dagestan and Ingushetia mostly radiated out of neighboring Chechnya, but had much less appeal there (Chechens are more homogenous, Dagestan, while religiously muslim, is ethnically much more fragmented, and most groups there collaborated with the Russian Army in getting the extremists kicked out). Which is why it is so important to keep Chechnya under control. Short of genociding or deporting the entire population of Chechnya, the Kadyrovs are your least bad option for the time being, even if that comes with certain costs. Politics is the art of the possible, you know?

      Being too heavy handed against a group generates backlash. You cannot compare it with China, where the % of Uighurs in the population is pretty insignificant, so you can be pretty heavy handed against them without suffering the consequences of alienating a large part of the population. Doing so in Russia is much trickier.

      Like I said above, its not just a muslim factor at play, but local identity (we use nationalism as a shorthand), of which Islam can be a part. Like in any empire, some regions have separatist aspirations, particularly in the periphery, so there is the nationalism factor at play, which is in itself usually much stronger than the religious one (see Israel-Palestine. The resistance against Israel used to be secular nationalist and leftist, the reason you are left with Hamas and the religious loons is because Israel was more efficient at suppressing those others).

      And the Caucasus people in general have been on the periphery of a succession of empires, not only Russian but Ottoman and Persian as well, to include only recent memory, so they are culturally more aware of the struggles and changing borders. The muslims there, like in Azerbaijan, were pretty secular during the times of the USSR. After its breakup, extremist preachers (wahabbi and salafi background) went there and started a religious revival (they did this in other places too, like Bosnia). And guess who sent them and financed them? Those good allies of the West (and de facto collaborators of Israel), the Gulf monarchies, with US consent. Not only that, it is known that some western countries like the US have on occasion sent military trainers and assistance to them via Georgia (to be smuggled into Chechnya by way of the Pankisi Gorge, where US green berets were active in the late 90s and early 00s)

      Western powers like the UK and the USA have a long history of weaponizing Islam against their enemies. The UK did it first, during the british Empire, the US later picked up on the same idea. Sometimes this results in blowback damage, like 9/11 and such.

      To close off, I am not particularly supportive of one or the other side, I can empathize with either. Geopolitically speaking, I think Ukraine was irresponsible in listening to its western “allies” and picking a fight with their much larger neighbor. That country you call shithole has been outmaneuvering and outperforming the arrayed West in pretty much every measure that matters, diplomatic, military and economic, so I dont really see how it is significantly shittier than other great powers. When we talk about shithole countries, i tend to have other examples in mind.

    9. Yarara:

      A higher amount of Muslims does correlate strongly with a higher crime rate.

      Your response about terrorism basically amounts to “Well, so there’s Muslim terrorism all over their territories in Russia, but it’s not that bad.”

      Ok, so turning over control of Chechnya to a Muslim theocratic warlord who abuses white, non-Muslim Russians is the best solution. Right.

      Re: the China comparison: what’s the percentage of Chechens in the total population of Russia? Or are you talking about the percentage of Muslims? If that’s the case, you torpedo your own arguments by admitting that Russia cannot properly resolve the issues Muslims cause, for the reason that it has such a high amount of Muslims.

      Btw, funny how “local identity” somehow almost always ends up being the biggest issue specifically in places that are Muslim.

    1. Gerd Schmetjen:

      Darn, he was being ridiculous. Why would men and women be physically equal in 100 years? 😀

      It’s also weird how he brought Shermer’s age into the discussion, considering that Shermer is 69 and deGrasse Tyson is 65. Older, sure, but at that age 4 years is nothing.

    2. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a total clown. The mainstream props him up because he is non-white but this guy has been making a fool of himself online for decades. Has this so-called scientist ever even worked in science? From what I gather, he held an administrative position before moving into television.

  3. According to media outlets, Germany is considering deporting all future culture-enriching astronauts, doctors and engineers who pose a security risk to Germany since the knife attack of an officer in Mannheim. The Socialist Democrats Chancellor Olaf Scholz has vowed to deport all illegals doctors and engineers whose asylum cases has been rejected. It is not known whether Germany will be able to carry any deportation of these culture-enriching doctors and engineers to Syria and Afghanistan since they do not have any diplomatic relationships with those countries. The AfD has been using the immigration issue to garner more votes to the far-right.

    You can thank Former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for her slogan “Wir schaffen das” and the current government for welcoming culturally-enrich doctors and engineers and handling out German citizenship freely to all these astronauts. You can also thank them for fucking over Germany and ruining the native German demographics.

    Syrians make up more than a third of naturalized citizens and the largest group. Oddly enough, they also failed to integrate themselves into German culture and/or Western values.

    1. I agree with Mr. Scholz, though I fear the courts will stop deportations to “high-risk countries” with reference to the ECHR. 🙁

    2. In principle, I see no issue with Germany deporting even millions. First, you shut down the NGOs, then you cut off benefit payments, which will make many leave already, but surely not enough. Finally, you deport them. With a small fleet of cargo planes you can get a few thousand people out per day, and now run the numbers: 300 people per flight * 10 planes * 360 days is a little over one million per year, and this is a relatively conservative approach. I bet if you offered some African state 500 euros per head and year, with a limit of two to three years, they would happily take all of these people. They only have to house and feed them for a while until they can be returned to their home countries.

    1. I knew of neither. In my view, mountaineering is a high-risk activity. I grew up relatively close to a rock-climbing area and I frequently heard of people falling off an dying. I have seen people even getting airlifted out of there. These people were amateurs but I have never seen anyone there who seemed completely untrained or who did not have proper equipment. On a related note, have you heard of the documentary Free Solo? You will probably like it.

    2. Yes, I’ve heard of Free Solo, and I’ve seen the documentary. If you’re curious to know, I did rock climbing when I was a teen. I was first exposed to rock climbing when my parents took me to Zion National Park in Utah. By the time I was 16 I did my first rock climb at an in-door gym in Las Vegas. It was a 75 foot tall rock climbing structure. Shortly after, I started rock climbing at an indoor gym near my parents house. Unfortunately, my endeavors for rock climbing did not last long. I got bored really quick. Its physically challenging and demanding, and its also an expensive hobby.

  4. So, I was walking the dog today and this disgusting small thing (it may have been a dog lol) came out of nowhere to bark and act aggressive/tough. Lucky for him I held my dog back. It’s very similar to short human males. I understand it’s a survival instinct, the runt of the litter etc. It’s just funny that tall dudes see no reason to do it. We discussed in a recent thread about “suave.” It’s basically owning your qualities. Something insecure puny dogs and all talk short guys can never have.

  5. Here is a website to keep an eye on if you like modern games:
    It provides a good summary of the DEI content in your games and highlights if any “diversity consultants” were involved. Speaking of gaming, I have been plowing through a bunch of PlayStation games recently and I am having a blast. One of the coolest games I have come across is Street Fighter Alpha 2.

  6. Aaron, what do you think about Rammstein? Judging by the English translation of their lyrics they are quite subversive, which is a shame.

  7. You guys remember a point I made here in the past about how I feel that its probably in the best interest of our youth not to introduce/expose them to video games (especially multiplayer games),smartphones,and certain other “modern vices” too soon?

    I feel like a cousin of mine is sadly serving a real life example. I’ve learned he’s spent a few years consistently spending all-nighters binging on multiplayer games on Steam. I’ve asked him how much sleep he usually gets per day,and he’s told me about 5-6 hours at most. so that’s what he’s been living with these past few years.

    He’s 19 years old and 5’5ft. Some men still grow at that age,but it may well be too late for him to get to his max potential height. What’s on my mind though is how do you convince youngsters (not my cousin specifically,but generally younger guys) to take this seriously? Honestly,its probably going to be a hard sell to kids to have to give up vidya time,especially when mainstream school takes up nearly all their day time and their only option (aside from secretly smuggling these devices in and risk getting in trouble) to get more playtime is sacrificing sleep.

    I guess that comes back to what I said about how most parents underestimate just how much impact their children’s School Life will have on their growth trajectory. My cousin is also now heavily addicted to vapes. I have no doubt that it has to do with the peer pressure he probably had to deal with in school in order to fit in.

    Cigarettes used to be the cool “rebel” thing to do,and now its Vaping Nicotine. Instead of being able to try it just once or a few times to get the curiosity out of the way (like I did.),he had to keep doing it whenever he’s with his friends until it became an addiction. He may not have even liked that first puff but continued exposure eventually turned it into a second stomach he now has to keep satisfying in order to be functional.

    Having to grow up in a bad school environment may very well outweigh even the best parenting efforts,unfortunately.

  8. Have you guys heard of “trad-wives?” It’s basically traditional wives promoting homemaking that’s gone viral. I’m amazed at the backlash from the Left on this. Claiming house wives are mentally ill, get beat by their husb etc. Right, because people who work outside the home arent hooked on prescription drugs. And domestic violence is less common now days. These Leftists clearly have done zero research. The vast majority (84 percent)of married women polled by Forbes Magazine reported that they would prefer to stay home with their children. That coincides with the BLS stats on the percentage of married women with children who were homemakers in the 1950s. This coincides with the women I’ve worked with, and plenty of examples of women who had degrees and high paying jobs, who ditched those jobs when their husbands started to make real money.

    The great irony here is that Leftists are supposed to be anti-corporatist. Corporatism is the very reason why most women work outside the home. Because it’s not economically pheasable to stay home. Or, consider family farms. Do they not work because they are working for the homestead? Should they have a soul crushing job at a corporation? This, along with illegal immigration is a glaring flaw in Leftist rhetoric.

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