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67 thoughts on “Open Thread #358

  1. Aaron,
    I’ve been watching quite a few YouTube videos on the nightlife of Berlin – Berghain and KitKat. Are both clubs still popular like they were in the past?

    Did you ever party at KitKat?

    1. I went to KitKat twice. Their concept is that they want to encourage people to have sex in front of others. In practical terms, this means that you have the occasional boomer banging his boomer wife, the occasional younger dude banging his girlfriend, but because she wants it, and a lot of women in their mid-30s who are looking for dick. Some may even quite aggressively approach you. If you are thinking that you would bang a woman in her mid-30s in good shape, then I have to disappoint you because that is not what is going on. It seems there are also some regulars, financially successful guys in their 30s or 40s, who show up with a hot, new chick every other week or so. These are either hookers or mistresses. In practical terms it does not make a difference. KitKat has, or had, a really stiff vibe. I went there a second time because I was not sure whether my first visit was just an outlier. This was quite some time ago, so things may be different today. However, I am hearing that in the more established clubs the clientele has been aging and hanging on for longer. A good friend of mine is in his early 40s and he tells me that sometimes, there seems to be no woman under the age of 25 in the venue.

      Both KitKat and Berghain are still popular. They are essentially run like businesses, aiming to maximizing their profits. When I was a regular at Berghain, prices were more reasonable, taking inflation into account. I think it was 10 or 12 euros in the late 2000s. Today, they charge 25 euros and if you want to go outside to get some fresh air, or sit in the sun for a bit on an early Sunday morning, and afterwards head back inside, you have to pay an extra 5 euros.

    1. I listened to about 2 minutes before I gave up. He’s not the best storyteller. 🙁

      But from what I can gather based on the title he went to see a hooker, but was too high to get it up?


      The guy is Asexual. For those who don’t know what that is,Chase Amante gives a good description to account for the several types:

      There are a select few individuals out there who identify themselves as “asexual.” They comprise approximately 1% of the population at large; these individuals have no sex drive to speak of, or do have a sex drive, but it is only directed at ideal images (e.g., cartoon characters, figments of their dreams or imagination, etc.) and not at real, flesh-and-blood people. They honestly, legitimately do not want sex, and have zero interest in it.

      Often asexuals remain interested in romance, despite a lack of a sex drive. They find sex confusing, and often disgusting, and wonder why on Earth the other 99% of individuals on Earth are so obsessed with it.

      We also had a discussion with Aaron here about evolutionary dead ends. At the extreme end of the bell curve,people’s fetishes can monopolize their entire sexuality. That leads to them being uninterested (Or even repulsed) at the prospect of vanilla/PIV sex. We can probably count these as a type of Asexual as well.

      I think Alek even had a blog post about this in the distant past when he used to keep his blog public. I’d be curious to know if you had looked into the topic even more since back then.

      Getting back to talking about this guy…the first video he ever posted is him talking about being content despite being a virgin. I think if there’s any hole in his spirit/self-esteem,it is the fact that mainstream society is,unfortunately,big into Virgin-shaming. If you are a virgin as a man at a later age,a lot of normies automatically judge you as a loser. I think that is the real tragedy here.

      The irony of it however is that these accusations often seem to come from men,who wouldn’t really be considered as winners in the dating (or sometimes even their life as a whole) department. GLAS has spoken about getting talked down on by dudes who are not only with Gorlock the Destroyer,but the troll they married even outright makes their lives a toiling misery.

      I really have to wonder what kind of mental gymnastics these losers engage in,for them to think their situation makes them more of a “winner” than a sexually inexperienced guy who is minding their own business and living out their life.

    3. Spot on Maou. Any guy that talks shit about another guys dating life is just frustrated with his own lack of success. Real playboys never do it.

    4. If you are a virgin as a man at a later age,a lot of normies automatically judge you as a loser. I think that is the real tragedy here.

      Shaming each other into procreation is an evolutionary adaptive behavior

      I really have to wonder what kind of mental gymnastics these losers engage in,for them to think their situation makes them more of a “winner” than a sexually inexperienced guy who is minding their own business and living out their life.

      It’s not mental gymnastic, humans are optimized for procreation, someone who managed to procreate even with a bad partner is thus more evolutionary successful than someone who didn’t, even if the single guy is more happy. Therefore, their genes and their opinions will prevail while those of childless people will be wiped out of existence.

    5. Its a great thing then that we humans are capable of being a lot more than just the basest of our urges.

      Unfortunately,that brings us back to Alek’s observation of how higher IQ people end up living less happy lives often because of the folks around them,who end up having to drag them down often because of their inability to overcome base impulses such as the crab mentality and bullying of people they don’t understand.

      “their opinions will prevail while those of childless people will be wiped out of existence.”

      The internet in the modern age has,thankfully,rendered this moot. We have all sorts of niche and fringe ideologies growing around us. But as you can tell,its a double edged sword. One that I personally prefer to be around though. Without the internet allowing me to learn certain truths,I might have ended up just like the miserable beta provider.

  2. Here’s another Nixon Short. This must have been the 1972 election. What he was referring to was the working class patriotic Democrats who voted for JFK, LBJ, and Humphrey. In ’72 they nominated a commie traitor, who believed in feminism, multiculturalism etc. The first of many to come. Nixon won a historic landslide that year:–xI27jHtBJfQfEv

  3. A future doctor or engineer goes on a knife attack in Mannheim. So far, he’s done a great job integrating and assimilating himself into Western Culture.

    Cop 1…”I’m tired of dealing with these doctors and engineers. I can use a vacation”
    Cop 2…”You ever thought of shooting a doctor or an engineer?”
    Surprisingly, the doctor or engineer gets shot.

    Actual footage of the stabbing and shooting…

    1. Also important to add here is that the predominately female police force is completely ineffective. They just stand there, apparently unaware that they also have a pistol on them. You see them towards the end of the Twitter clip. In longer versions of the video, like the one on YouTube you linked to, you see the women helping someone with a stabbing wound get up on his feet, which is the worst action to take. It is as if they know nothing about fist aid.

  4. Here’s part of an interview with anti-Zionist Jew Norm Finkelstein. He describes his tribe down to the letter. He should know, he grew up in a Jew burrow in Brooklyn, NY. I knew a Jew that is exactly the way he describes. Zionist, bragging about the Nobel Prize laureates, the “great” Jewish minds of the 20th century etc

    1. The WordPress censorship algorithm is really going crazy. Your comment ended up in the moderation queue, perhaps because you used the J-word. Just the other day a comment was suppressed because urban gentlemen were referred to as blacks. At this rate, we will have to develop our own terminology in a few months.

    2. In public I used to always call them “J’s” to my friends. I know, too close. My friend calls black people “Canadians.” Best part is if a Canadian happens to be in ear-shot they won’t care, because they don’t get offended by anything haha.

      BTW, I was wondering why my avatar’s color was changed. Not complaining at all, just curious.

    3. At goodlooking. The avatar is generated by WordPress and tied to an email address. Did you change the email address you use to comment with?

    4. No, I used the same one. It coincided with when I posted about Norm Finkelstein and Jews, and it went into the moderation queue. Not sure if that matters though.

    5. This is a good question. In any case, the WordPress spam-detection algorithm did not like your comment about the J’s. It is possible that this led to a reset of your Gravatar image.

    6. I laughed when Finkelstein referred to Jews deflecting criticism via whatabouttism, and doing so reflexively. Interestingly, and revealingly, he used the phrase, “people being outraged at the wrong that is being done”, even though it is Jews doing the wrong-doing. He is critical about Jews but he cannot be too critical. Nonetheless, there is something humorous about a Jew being really pissed off about how Jews behave. On a related note, Finkelstein got into hot water for his book The Holocaust Industry, a book that could never have been written by a goyim because it would have led to crucifixion.

      Also note that Finkelstein pointed out the great contribution of Jews to society via the work of Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Albert Einstein. We can’t thank them enough for Marx. Freud nobody takes seriously anymore, and Einstein’s image is no longer what it once was as it is widely acknowledged that he was a plagiarist.

    7. I’ve been researching a lot since the Israel/Palestine conflict. Finkelstein called Destiny a “fantastic moron” and Bill Maher an “ignorant bag of shit.” It’s so funny how calm he is when he insults. In spite of some of the language he seems the best informed on the issue. Plus he’s right about those guys.

      From the military aspect check out Scott Ritter. I think he was a US Army Intelligence Officer. I remember seeing him in the early 2000s talking about Afghanistan and Iraq. He got in some trouble with underage girls, but these charges sound like sting operations/set ups. Because he is deadly to the neoconservative cabal.

    8. P Ray:

      I find the title of that article a bit misleading. Ritter himself says it was the U.S. State Department that pulled his passport. I think the Russian foreign minister sums it up well:

      “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday that there’s nothing Moscow can do to help Ritter.

      “He’s not a Russian citizen,” he said.”

      What is Russia supposed to do in order not to be considered as throwing Ritter under the bus? Grant him instant Russian citizenship so he can be granted a Russian passport? Issue him some sort of non-citizen travel document? To a convicted sex offender?

      Heh, probably not. 😀

    9. Karl,

      I suppose the question is wether he is a real sex offender or merely someone who was framed…

      It’s not like governments do that sort of thing. Cough Cough! Snowden Cough Cough!

      Weapons of Mass Destruction! Cough Cough!

    10. P Ray:

      Well, it says in the article that:
      “Mr Ritter then allegedly performed a sex act on himself in front of a web camera, despite the officer’s repeated claims that he was a 15-year-old girl named Emily.”

      The prosecution would have had to show evidence of that in court.

      My guess is he thought with his little head instead of his big head. Especially since he had a prior conviction from 8 years before the second incident.

    1. I would not be surprised if half of the budget is spent on that. I bet that a lot of DEI grifters lined their pockets on this project, judging from the trailer. Imagine making six figures by telling people that there need to be even more blacks on screen!

    2. Also interesting how it says that “Despite its age, GTA V generates hundreds of millions in annual revenue”

      So to match GTA V dollar-per-dollar not only would GTA VI have to sell like two billion copies, as Aaron pointed out, but also generate billions of dollars of annual revenue all the way through 11 years after release (as GTA V is 11 years old this year).

      Doesn’t matter if it turns out to be the greatest game in the history of gaming. I just don’t see them achieving those targets.


    Feminists: HE iZ nOt EnTiTlEd tO hEr lOvE aNd cOmMitTmEnT!!!!!! >:(

    Yes,I know this is fake news (but this kind of shit does happen for real though,make no mistake),but wanted an excuse to mock feminism again. To think that I once fell for their ruse that they are about equality between the sexes. boy,is it anything but!

    Maybe they were at one point in time,but today’s feminism definitely isn’t!

  6. If anyone’s missed it, Meta (the parent company of Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, among other products*) will start using our information to “develop and improve” their AI features, beginning June 26.

    If you want to object, you can do it here:

    You have to type your objection in. I objected to it on GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union) grounds, and stated that I don’t consent to having my information processed this way.

    I got a response within a minute or two, saying:
    “We’ve reviewed your request and will honor your objection.”

    Since it was approved so quickly, I suspect that the process is automated, and will automatically be approved if you reference the GDPR, or maybe just are a resident of an EU/EEC country.

    I’d recommend everyone to object, unless you are ok with them using your information this way.

    *There’s a list of the other Meta products here:
    Filling out the objection form should apply to all their products.

    1. US-based here. They say that the form is only available to Facebook users in certain regions. Going to have a friend currently in the EU to check if they can opt-out, but it’s looking like users outside the EU may not have the option to opt-out.

    2. Were you logged in when you tried it, Tureis?

      If you’re not logged in, it will give you the same error message as being in the “wrong” region does.

  7. I am looking through the recent comments for a link someone posted. Maybe someone knows.

    It was a link to some feminist chick whining how a guy will start out with a chick like her, learn the ropes, and then move onto cuter chicks now that he has the experience.

    I guess it was meant to imply guys should keep dating the unattractive feminist ex because he owes her for the experience or something.

    1. “because he owes her for the experience or something.”
      – You really gotta love this considering how the word “entitled” is among their favorite vocabulary when it comes to lambasting men,heh. xD

      That being said,I think your previous suggestion of getting that initial experience through hotter and fitter older women (Escorts would be better if they’re legal/available) over dumpster diving is better not just for our sake,but even the women.

      You might be familiar with the term “Alpha Widow”.

      6’s getting used like kleenex turns them embittered,and makes it more difficult for them to settle down with a guy more on their level down the line.

    2. The closest thing I can recall from recent links was an article that Aaron, IIRC, posted:

      It’s not specifically about that, but it is an important part about the article. An example of the article discussing the subject (there’s more):
      “There is a boy out there who knows how to floss because my friend taught him. Now he kisses college girls with fresh breath.”

      Might that be what you were thinking of?

    3. Yeah. I’ve been thinking about this more lately, and I think it’s one of my life missions to spread awareness on this topic. Much of feminism destroying lives centers on bitter women who are bitter because they were the Kleenex.

      On some level I feel sorry for them, because they didn’t choose to be ugly. On the other hand they’ve destroyed the fertility and relations between the genders for an entire generation, just because they want to date with non-ugly men out of their league. It’s especially hard to feel sorry for them when you know that just getting a gym membership and a diet would allow them this upgrade. But they would rather destroy an entire generation rather than join the gym. Insane.

      Anyway I kind of detoured for a bit. I think eventually this will be solved by technology somehow. If guys can somehow get the experience through VR or whatever the method is, a lot of these issues will be solved.

      Though it’s hard to imagine how the technology will come to be when nobody will be allowed to document things like subtle signs and things women do in the escalation process.

      The only politically correct information about this is that supposedly if a woman is at all interested in you, she will throw herself at you. Anything else is supposedly “rape culture”

    4. @karl. Thank you, I think this was the one. Thanks so much, I spent a bunch of time looking for it.

    5. “It’s especially hard to feel sorry for them when you know that just getting a gym membership and a diet would allow them this upgrade. But they would rather destroy an entire generation rather than join the gym. Insane.”

      You’ve mentioned female instagram models before. It was quite a coincidence when you mentioned it because I’ve gotten to know a few recently myself. They lift,but one surprising aspect I’ve learned about them…They don’t even lift all that heavy. and its enough to get their bodies to look great!

      and some of these girls had very humble beginnings too. If you had met them when they were young,you wouldn’t be able to predict they’d be an instagram model one day.

      Average chicks dodging the gym out of fear that they would somehow accidentally turn into the Hulk look even crazier to me now after learning this. It takes them a lot less risk and effort to reap the benefits. Those insta models lift baby weights (they are a lot heavier than the 2-5 lb pink dumbbells though that normie chicks refuse to move on from because of said irrational fear I mentioned,lol) compared to me,but they are the ones that look like they workout and I don’t! lol.

      That’s for non-obese women though. I get it that obese women face a much steeper challenge. I would know because that’s why I don’t look like I workout right now. (Thankfully I’ve got “bear-mode” down though. My forearms have gotten big enough to match a man my size at least. lol.)

      I would blame ignorant parents in this case though.

  8. Mauo,

    Be careful leaving links too Heariste! Alex used too hate him with a passion and so did everyone at OMVR! In fact I think only Rosh V and Alex Jones were more hated. Alex Jones grew on me like mold when a feminist at the Young Turds body shamed him for being such a lard ass!

    Heartiste is a very suspect fella, he is a jewish guy named Jimmy Weedman and worked in finance in NYC. Tho at some point I think he outsourced the blog to ghost writers because he was too busy with escorts. And a feminist who did sex work and got her blog taken down because she was pornographic doxxed him. I think you can still find his pictures on 4 chan or something like that! Ironically it was alt right goys calling her out for being an anti semite. My how times have changed, except some feminists will jump on a pyre so they can have some big muzzy cocks I guess! (They just don’t want the big terrorist beard like Rosh!)

    1. This is Heartiste:

      I’m aware of most of his background and history. My mentioning of him is not at all an endorsement of his writing,but simply to point to certain observations that I think he describes better than I could.

      Roissy was sleeping with escorts? that would be such an irony given his less-than-flattering opinion regarding John’s (Being a PUAtard and all. They really were about validation than about sex) in his old writings,lol.

  9. Mauo,

    “This is Heartiste:”

    Ok, I suppose that could be, the picture I remember was a tall, lanky guy and someone wrote disparaging things calling him “Jimmy the Jew” and making fun of his penis. I think the picture had him wearing sunglasses so I wouldn’t be able to ID him from the shot you gave.

    “Roissy was sleeping with escorts? ”

    If you remember OMVR, there was an old joke, what do you call a PUA who doesn’t visit prostitutes? A virgin!

    I think even Aaron mentioned many PUA’s visit prostitutes but try not to explain it that way. For example, Rosh will go to a broke place and say since he is a nice goy, he paid a woman’s cab fare or bought her sick grandmother medicine. But all those payments are prostitution. In fact at some places, you will buy an expensive bottle of wine and the woman will sleep with you. And sometimes you buy an expensive bottle of wine and you get nothing but the blue balls because it is a scam for dumb foreigners! This was disgust thoroughly at OMVR, and like I said I think Aaron also disgusts this!

    (Yes, this was painful for me to read because I was an incel virgin at this time. No, I won’t tell you how old I was when I lost it but I did half to pay and as I said on other places, my best experiences were with Lady Boy/Transgenders.)

    1. Even if he sodomized another man, I would honestly still consider a man to be a virgin in the way that counts.

    2. “Even if he sodomized another man, I would honestly still consider a man to be a virgin in the way that counts.”

      Karl, I hate PUA’s like James Weedman and Rosh more than you could imagine! I would read things they had written and break down in tears as they hated inexperienced men even more than feminists. I wished death on Rosh many times and enjoyed reading a post on OMVR where he made fun of Rosh and people hoped he would get butt raped in a Russian prison. I know that is mean but I think I am not the only guy who would break down in tears because of what PUA pieces of shit wrote. I am just one of the few too admit it. They sell snake oil to men they hate and the men who don’t buy it are ridiculed in the worst way. I thinks some of these pieces of shit drove guys too suicide!

    3. P Ray:

      I honestly think most of those guys weren’t very experienced themselves. The stuff a lot of them put out was too silly to have come from truly experienced guys. I think a lot of it was just an ego trip for them, to let them falsely feel like they were the “cool guy” and better than other men.

      By the way, what’s OMVR?

      PS. I wouldn’t judge you, or any other man, for whatever feelings you had in your heart towards them, nor for any tears you shed. We’re all liable to feel upset, even furious, at people who we feel really put us down or took advantage of us.

    4. “By the way, what’s OMVR?”

      Omega Virgin Revolt’s blog before it went down.

      Believe it or not,I actually wasn’t an active reader back then,but I started actively reading into all this PUA and gender dynamics stuff when it was active. I read OMVR via

    5. “PS. I wouldn’t judge you, or any other man, for whatever feelings you had in your heart towards them, nor for any tears you shed. We’re all liable to feel upset, even furious, at people who we feel really put us down or took advantage of us.”

      Thank You Karl!

      And your other question was answered by Mauo regarding OMVR

    6. It’s so easy to tell that Roosh doesn’t get laid. Even the clowns at RSD probably beat him out.

  10. Mauo,

    Thanks for the Kiwi link, this is the original article:

    Now it all makes since. I think she is also Jewish, because Schwartz sounds Jewish (maybe Aaron knows!) could just be a German name.

    But I remember she called him Jimmy the Jew and people got mad but I guess it is like rappers where they can be all “Hey N%&&#R” but if you or I say it, it is a hate crime, hahahaha.

    1. “Schwartz” is indeed a Jewish surname. You also often find variants like “Schwartzman”. A lot of Jews have German names because of their once heavy prominence in and deep historical ties to Germany. In fact, “Ashkenaz”, cf. Ashkenazi Jews, was their name for Germany in the Middle Ages. This is most remarkable because Ashkenazi Jews date their history back to the Roman empire. Yet, there were so many of them in Germany over a thousand years later that they started to refer to it as Ashkenaz. The first time I heard this I could not believe it. By the way, the center of Jewish life in Europe was formed by the three German cities Speyer, Worms, and Mainz.

  11. It all makes sense, I remember a picture in sunglasses and the “small penis” comment. I thought she also called him Jimmy the Jew but maybe that was another place or someone changed the writing on it. Maybe even James Weidman himself.

    Thanks again Mauo for the investigative journalism!

    I realize some of my facts were off, IDK if that was poorer memory or me seeing something different somewhere else. At no point was I trying to mislead anyone hear!

    1. “Why are you starting new threads for each reply to Maou? Just click reply.”

      Sorry about that, I had trouble with the formatting ever sense the edit function was introduced a little while back.

      Also sorry for multiple posts on the same topic, one was because Mauo had replied as I was still writing and didn’t see until posted.

      Hopefully I got it write this time!

    1. An interesting fact about Jiddish is that it is basically pidgin German. Jiddish to German is a bit like “ebonics” to English. In this particular case, the correct term is obviously “Schwanz”, a slang term for penis, not “Schwartz”, which does not even make sense. The correct spelling of the latter is “schwarz”, i.e. “black”.

    2. The movie, Spaceballs, is a Star Wars spoof. I believe they called it “Schwartz” as the Americanized pronunciation rhymes with “Force.”

  12. OK goys, I might have brought this up before, but I got confirmation last nite that it is *most likely* this goy who was Ubermensch! By most likely I mean 99.9% percent!

    He is known as Joe/Pro Male Revolutionary and a few other names. He was booted from the commie Pro Male Collective.

    What he would do is leave controversial comments and then other people from his discord server would report the comments to wordpress or blogspot.

    He got OMVR, Dissension, Eradica and a dozen other blogs taken down.

    He got boy doesn’t meet girl taken off the internet because he was going to dox him.

    I wish I could tell more information, he is most likely behind the harassment of your favorite you tubers and bloggers!

    1. Based on what I read, he was put into an artificial coma after the attack and only kept alive so that his organs could be harvested. The “thank you for your service” meme is fitting here. Without rampant enrichment, this guy would obviously still be alive, and if there had not been so many incompetent women around, his odds of survival would have been drastically higher. They just stood around, meters away, while their colleague got knifed in the neck.

    2. Cop tazes himself as he tries to subdue suspect. Suspects calls officer stupid for tazing himself.
      The confrontation between the suspect and the officer starts at 3:46, and the officer tazes himself at 5:58

    3. That guy probably should not be a cop. On a side note, the level of force on display seems quite exaggerated. The suspect did not seem dangerous, yet the police officers escalated the situation. The later clip with the hysterical female police officer was quite something as well. Based on her reaction, she probably would be a lot better off preparing PowerPoint slides in an air-conditioned office.

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