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45 thoughts on “Open Thread #345

  1. Do you think anal is Chad only?

    I refuse to believe foids let normies fuck them in the ass, it’s Chad only. Letting a guy stuff his cock in your asshole is incredibly humiliating and subservient, the foid is basically saying that even though my pussy, which is literally made for sex, is available, I’m going to let you ram your dick in my anus which hurts and is where I shit from just because you want to. A bitch will happily shit out Chad’s thick creamy load after he’s used her ass as a fucktoy, do you think she’d do that for a normie? A foid must have a level of primal lust that she simply can’t have for a normie imo.

    1. I am not the right person to talk to about anal sex as I find it gross. I have had women beg me to fuck them in the ass, and I supposed the point was that this would illustrate that they were my bitch, as the lingo goes. There are several approaches. Classier women may tell you that you can do anything you want with them whereas trashier ones may be more explicit. Somewhere on the same spectrum are women who are willing to tattoo your name onto their body but those women normally have a few tattoos already so to them it probably does not even mean all that much.

      I have no reason to doubt your assessment. Also, I am not so sure that there are women who like to get fucked in the ass regularly. Even women who were into it normally made it clear that we can do anal if I want to but that she does not want to be reduced to just that. Of course, there is probably a reason why such women feel the need to point this out.

      Also, among guys talking about anal sex, I am not sure it is that much of a Chad topic either. The guys I have met who most obnoxiously spoke about anal had an enormous chip on their shoulder. They also did not get a lot of anal sex, at least not without paying for it, but this goes without saying. From one of those guys I have heard that they pay hookers for anal because they cannot get other women to do it.

    2. >>From one of those guys I have heard that they pay hookers for anal because they cannot get other women to do it.<<

      Even hookers are not that fond of anal. It's difficult to find hookers who do anal. Mostly thai trans hookers who are willing to do it. lol.

    3. One of those guys was whoring in Thailand so perhaps he was plowing dudes without realizing it. In any case, economically speaking, anal sex does not make a lot of sense. A whore can have vaginal sex all day long and basically just lie there. In contrast, anal takes longer, is more painful, has the risk of injuries, and it surely is highly unsafe to engage in it multiple times a day. There are gay men who wear adult diapers because they got their sphincter wrecked. Surely, anyone remotely sane would like to not have this happen to them. A bit of extra money is not worth that price.

  2. Hey guys, I wanted to pick up on a thread from a previous open thread about bullying and how to deal with it. Here I would like to zero in on emotional abuse from women specifically. I was emotionally abused by my sisters from my teen years well into adulthood until I broke relations with them about 7 years ago. Their narcissistic abuse damaged my self-esteem for many years, and I am still not fully recovered.

    Breaking off relations with them was just the first step. I hit the gym hard for 6 months straight. Six days a week for six months. I was in the best shape of my life, being between jobs didn’t hurt. I also dove into life-style coaches (Aaron amongst them) which furthered my improvement.

    When I did get a new job, I happened to work with a near model-level younger woman. She was very standoffish towards me. And when she did talk to me, she was very rude, and disrespectful. The old me would have said, “Well, she’s hot, of course she’d treat me like that.” When hot girls treat you bad it burns more. And visa versa for women. It’s just the way we are built.

    But through my lifestyle coaching, I learned that her looks had absolutely nothing to do with her behavior. Hell, ugly fat bitches have treated me worse. Woman or man, hot, ugly, or in between, when PEOPLE treat you badly something is absolutely wrong with THEM.

    With this knowledge, and feeling and looking the best I have ever I told this hottie off the next time she tried to patronize me. She looked like she had seen a ghost. As if no man had ever stood up to her before in her young life. Every other guy there would follow her around like a puppy dog and endure the terrible treatment. Just like the old me. I would not dare risk offending a girl that physically beautiful, and (in my naive mind) blow any chances with her.

    Not this time. SELF respect became the imperative. If this bitch doesn’t pay me respect, FUCK her. I need to respect MYSELF.

    Relating back to my abusive sisters, I had tentatively and cautiously agreed to let one one of them back into my life during this period (for holidays, special events etc). I recommend AGAINST this. This is exactly the time that abusers/narcissists feel comfortable striking. You can’t escalate because they have the cover of the holiday.

    Anyway, I told my sister how this attractive woman was rude to me etc. She said, “because she’s hot.” I said, “So what? So am I, she’s not better than me.” My sister continued saying how hot girls are bitches (she considers herself hot, she just acted like I was in a lower strata). I added, “No, it’s because she is a social retard.” Anyway, my sister had confirmed why I stopped talking to her in the first place.

    Back at work, I noticed the hot girl changed her behavior towards me. She started smiling big when we made eye contact, showing her pearly whites. We started to get along a lot better. Not only had I preserved my self-esteem by talking back to her, she started to warm to me. She may never had met a real man in her life, and she seemed to like it.

    Now that we had been on a friendly basis, she started to open up to me. She shared why she acted like a bitch to people. It turns out she is an epileptic (I had actually heard through the grapevine). And her insecurities caused her anger, and acting out at others. My suspicions had proven correct. It’s not “because she’s hot.” It’s because she’s insecure about her flaws. Right out of the horses mouth. Good Looking Loser has great content addressing this very issue.

    Anyway, I haven’t talked to said sister in years. I’ve had a little contact with the other sister, but I was more interested in seeing my niece and even my brother-in-law. Well, that’s my story on how to deal with abusive/bullying behavior specifically from women. Hope it helps anyone who has been narcissistic supply, and victims of emotional bullying.

    1. Good post. I’m estranged from my sisters too. Without going into too much detail, I cut them off after they demonstrated repeatedly that they just did not have my back when I needed them. They betrayed me during a very difficult time. Other than that, it was just all of those snide little comments over the years – death by a thousand cuts.

    2. Thanks man. Good to hear you cut them loose. It’s the only way with toxic, abusive individuals, family or non . I can relate to the betrayal. Even if it were something easy, but would greatly help, they would refuse.

      I can remember when I first started getting anxiety attacks, I had no idea what it was (today I believe it was largely brought up on by them). Over the phone the doctor thought it was heat exhaustion and recommended Gatorade. I politely asked my sister if she could get me some at nearby store (I really felt sick). Her one word answers was “no.” Baffled, I asked my other sister, thinking for sure she would oblige. Nope, same response, “no.” I have a ton of examples like this. To say nothing of the outright emotional abuse. After all of the favors I’ve done for them, only expecting better treatment in return. I do not miss them.

    3. This is a very good example. If you are unsure if someone has your back, e.g. because you have done a lot for them but you do not seem to get much in return, ask for a simple favor that costs them virtually no time or effort. If they refuse your request, you know where you stand. Note that manipulative women often add a supposedly plausible-sounding explanation for why they can’t help you this time, but otherwise really would love to. In that case, just rinse and repeat until you have gotten enough evidence.

    1. Would you mind providing a quick summary? I don’t think it is realistic to expect people to watch a 25-minute long video without there being any context. I am familiar with this creator but I am not going to watch this video either.

  3. Anyone following the Sweet Baby Inc. controversy ? Something about how this consulting company forced DEI woke stuff in games…

    Google search results are mainly showing articles about how there is NO woke agenda

    Maybe will use Yandex to search more on this

    1. There is a long thread on KiwiFarms on Sweet Baby. Recently, some Steam curator blew up after compiling a list of all games in which these mobsters, er, consultants were involved. In response, the Sweet Baby staff panicked, having been found it, and tried to cancel this Steam curator, which led to further backlash. Kotako is trying to do damage control. They attempt to gaslight people by claiming that Sweet Baby akshually does not force any woke crap into games.

      Speaking of gaming, I am currently going through the PS2 mid-tier title Rygar: The Legendary Adventure, which allegedly served as inspiration for God of War. I am about halfway through. There is a little bit of jank but overall, it is quite enjoyable.

    2. I feel like the main takeaway from the topic is not moving too slow/making a move too late. Of course,this doesn’t mean you have to RUSH it either,but commonly among guys,when you get to know a really cute girl in your circle,you might content yourself with just having her company in the circle. After months (sometimes years) of obliviousness on the guy’s part,the dynamic turns sour and (usually) its game over from there.

      I experienced this happen to me multiple times in college. But honestly,given that I’ve told you guys where I come from,could ya blame me? After spending nearly all my life being bullied and invalidated back then,could you blame me for having non-existent self-confidence? GL&S I’m sure has a similar sentiment.

      But its apparent to me that girls don’t care about that. They like a guy who is less self-assured of themselves,and instead of being more upfront about their interest,they instead resent him for not being able to read their ridiculous signals. (that even their own goddamn gender can’t read. That study you mentioned in the past was gold) and then they complain that that thy only men they are able to attract are sleazy (pun intended) players. ????‍♂️

      It would be one thing if they just completely ignored me. The fact that they held my lack of confidence against me because of what I went through…well,all I can say is I don’t think I was the problem at the time.

  4. A Boeing plane recently lost a wheel during take off:
    Note that if your first question is if this is yet another example of the contributions of a more diverse workforce, you are obviously a racist and ableist, and deserve to be gulag’ed for wrong-think in the upcoming leftist utopia. After all, the recent incident where a Boeing plane lost a door in-flight was traced back to a 6’4″ white guy named Chad MacGigaChad who, instead of paying attention while assembling the door, was posting racist messages on Telegram instead (really based memes, though!).

  5. Hey guys, I was just in the gym listening to some old Weezer songs. I realized that they actually had a lot of covers from 1980s songs. The reason why I didn’t realize it is because these songs were really forgettable. The stayed too true to the original song rendering a cover song irrelevant. Weezer originals are way better.

    To make a good cover, you have to make it your own to a degree, updating to fit your genre, but not too much to where you destroy the song. Of course it matters whether you like the band/genre in the first place.

    Here’s an example of a good cover IMO

  6. Aaron,
    When a woman loses complete attraction for a guy do they deny the attraction they had for you, the flirty playfun banter, etc… ?

    1. What situation are you thinking of? There is a big difference between a woman chasing after you, and you ignoring her, and her monkey-branching to a guy she finds more attractive than you are. Also, there are women who pretend they no longer like you but the issue is simply that they are tired of being nothing more than a fuck buddy for you. These quite often come back for more and you may even experience them — in one evening — telling you what a piece of sh*t you are, eagerly taking your dick, telling you how amazing you are, fishing for signs of you wanting to commit, and leaving your place while cussing.

    2. Its related to my coworker. I wrote about her on your blog. She’s denying everything now… the only thing I can think of is that she probably lost interest so much because I didn’t hook up with her. She made a comment where her husband wouldn’t suspect anything if she cheated on him that she would tell him I’m her uber driver or her coworker giving her a ride to work. She did tell me that her husband went through her cell phone and that he didn’t like that she was talking to me so much. There were times we would talk on the phone for 3 to 4 hours. There were times she looked at me like a deer who was stuck staring at a car’s headlights.

    3. There were quite a few occasions where I ignored her intentionally, and she would complain about it, and why I wasn’t giving her attention. Somewhere down the road I noticed that she wasn’t answering my calls and/or text message as before. Before, she would answer my calls/text messages promptly, then one day it turned into 30 minutes, then those 30 minutes turned into an hour and that hour turned into 4 hours later and those 4 hours turned into days….

    4. I can think of a number of possible explanations. One is that she was ready to leave her husband, or at least cheat on him, but was not convinced it was a good idea. I consider it much more likely that she enjoyed the attention you gave her, and all the “emotional cheating” that came with it, but realized that she overstepped a line. It could also be that her husband gave her a stern talking to, after her walking over him all that time.

    5. Chase Amante is pretty obsessed with this subject. He calls it “auto-rejection”. It’s when you don’t hook up with a girl after a certain amount of her chasing you, she has to convince herself that she never wanted anything you in the first place. It’s a way for the ego to diffuse perceived rejection.

      Personally I don’t know what to think about that concept any more. While it’s definitely a real thing, and I’ve experienced it so many times… I don’t know if it has practical value.

      Yes, women who throw themselves at you for months can literally rewrite memory and convince themselves none of that ever happened. It’s fascinating in an intellectual sense…

      But from a practical sense I think it betrays a lack of abundance. If you’re swimming in opportunity, you wouldn’t even notice it enough to make a note and wonder about it.

      And ironically, the one way to get out of autorejection, is her witnessing you swimming in abundance. Then, all of a sudden she can admit how much she wants you, once again.

      So in practical terms, the answer is “it doesn’t matter” and the solution is abundance.

    6. On the note of women rewriting their memory, I once had a short fling with some chick. A few months later, she messaged me out of the blue and wanted to meet up. To my surprise, she did not want to come to my place but rather meet up elsewhere. Somehow, it seems she had run out of emotional tampons, so she tried to tell me about all the nonsense she was getting herself into. I got bored of this pretty quickly so I pulled her in, trying to kiss her. Her reply is among the most baffling things I have ever heard a woman say. She stopped me and told me that in her view it was a “bad idea to get sexually involved with a friend”. I should add that this was the kind of women even other women could not stand so she only had a few male friends, i.e. guys who wanted to bang her but this is not a good foundation for friendship, and neither is belonging to the opposite sex, of course. Needless to say, I never spoke to her again afterwards. Yet, she tried reaching out to me a few more times over the next few years. Based on what I know, she ended up a single mom.

    7. whoops,placed my reply in the wrong section. (again,argh!)

      But yeah,past that point,it seems the topic of auto-rejection seems to be more along the lines of something you study for intellectual curiosity,rather than a practical problem.

      You’ve noted it yourself,but a lot of the stuff in PUA lore (the stuff that isn’t 100% bull like the 45 degree angle approach shit) is interesting to study,but aren’t worth thinking about in terms of practical application.

    8. I feel like the main takeaway from the topic is not moving too slow/making a move too late.

      That used to be my main takeaway for years, until I realized that paradoxically it puts you on the wrong state of mind. It triggers scarcity and worrying about whether you’re moving too fat to “not lose the girl”.

      I think a better mindset is just meet so many girls that you don’t give a fuck if you’re moving fast enough. Coz here’s the thing. When you have enough abundance, you don’t even get penalized for “moving too slow”.

    9. But its apparent to me that girls don’t care about that. They like a guy who is less self-assured of themselves,and instead of being more upfront about their interest,they instead resent him for not being able to read their ridiculous signals. (that even their own goddamn gender can’t read. That study you mentioned in the past was gold) and then they complain that that thy only men they are able to attract are sleazy (pun intended) players. ????‍♂️

      And this part as well. I spent so many years having thoughts like this about past interactions. Like wtf, chicks are so stoopid that just because I didn’t read her signals in time, she’s now “barred me for life” even thoug she liked me a ton? So stooopid. So I’m punished for not being enough of a player? Wtf. Make it make sense.

      I think it’s just not useful to think about the topic. It’s a lot better to focus on building so much abundance that you don’t even care. It’s wasted mental energy, that if diverted towards abundance could actually solve the problem. And as for the past and chicks being stupid to miss out because of stupid mechanisms… practically useless to think about. Unless you’re writing a paper in academia on the subject, it serves no practical purpose to analyze why chicks are “stupid like that”.

    10. @AlekNovy
      “…women who throw themselves at you for months can literally rewrite memory and convince themselves none of that ever happened.”

      She’s on overdrive with the gaslighting and trying to rewrite history. She’s trying to convince me that she was never into me, and that she never signal her interest. She’s blaming me that I miss read her social cues and that she was just being friendly. Funny enough, she now finds her beta male provider husband extremely attractive.

      “And ironically, the one way to get out of autorejection, is her witnessing you swimming in abundance. Then, all of a sudden she can admit how much she wants you, once again.”

      I don’t think I’m able to salvage this situation.

    11. You don’t need to salvage your situation. It was messy to begin with. Note that women generally seem to be more more inclined towards black-and-white thinking. This also includes female managers and politicians. I am not sure that “gaslighting” is even the right term. Instead, I am getting more and more convinced that some women just do not care about truth and objective reality at all. There is no sinister plan. Instead, she just says whatever she thinks will be beneficial for her in this very moment.

  7. It’s funny. All the hate against Trump and left-wing campaigns against him can’t stop him from becoming president again. The establishment string-pullers must be blushing with rage.

    1. He will win, yes. And nothing will change. He didn’t give the string pullers anything to sweat about last time. Except he might give even more support to Israel on the American tax payer dime. From what I’ve heard he’s even more pro-Zionist than Biden. I think the powers that be will be just fine. Some green haired bitches will be upset, but that’s about it.

    2. Last time the winning move was stopping the count and discovering huge stacks with Biden votes. I wonder what kind of shenanigans we will see this time.

    1. I like how he’s not only factually right, but stays completely calm while she starts getting all emotional. It’s like a double-own. 🙂

  8. I have yet to come across a case where vandalizing works of art led to any punishment. Probably all hell would break loose if someone destroyed any of the crap that is on display in the Tate Modern but artefacts embracing a standard definition of beauty enjoy no such protections:
    I love how those BBC faggots put “ruined” in quotation marks. To them, slashing and spray-painting a portrait that is over 100 years old is probably an improvement.

  9. The character creator in Dragon’s Dogma is quite elaborate:
    Once again, it is quite curious that Japanese game studios are able to give you the option to create beautiful, as well as ugly, female characters. Yet, Western studios, perhaps with some nudging from their BlackRock-supported Sweet Baby Inc. consultants seem to have lost this ability.

  10. Do you plan to play the sequels of the FF7 remake,if for nothing else than the story,Aaron?

    Perhaps someday I’ll restart the remake (I couldn’t finish it last time because eventually “life got in the way”),but probably only do the mandatory stuff on the first entry just so I can consume enough of the story to get to the next title. (and hopefully they’ve fixed some of the flaws we found on the first entry,which is the boring filler/fetch quest content..)

    The sequel to the remake is a PS5 only exclusive right now if I’m not mistaken,but hopefully a PC version comes out in the future. I’ll probably keep this on my to-do list till that happens.

    I never got to play the great PS1 FF7 as a kid. It was an experience I got to have as a college student via emulation,but it definitely made a lasting impression. so I do have a vested interest in the story. The remake did a great job fleshing out the other characters (primarily Jessie,Biggs,and Wedge) that didn’t get as much attention in the original game.

    1. My gaming backlog is (once again) pretty large, so it will be a while before I will get to the various FF VII remake games. I want to replay the original at some point as well.

    2. On a whim I fired up Final Fantasy VII (PSX) today to play the opening. I was quite surprised how extremely well it is done. Within 15 minutes, you get a good overview of the premise of the story, do a few fights so that you get gently introduced to the battle system, and get introduced to the world, with some videos even hinting at the much larger world outside of the reactor your are infiltrating. The contrast to contemporary storytelling in vidya is stark. Much improved graphics do not necessarily make up for it.

    3. In the past,I’ve watched folks complain about how FF7 is overrated,but having played the original game myself long ago,its easy to see why it garnered the popularity it did. Great story and creative battle (Materia) mechanics. I will say though that its overshadowing popularity resulting in several other PS1 classics (Legend of Legaia comes to mind right now) being faded into obscurity is unfortunate,so I can somewhat get where the criticism comes from.

      And yeah,I’ve noticed myself playing older games much more often than modern games. My folks have even joked that my (at the time,the stuff I use is rather obsolete at this point. Definitely plan to upgrade in the future.) computer with relatively nice specs is wasted on me. lol. (I would disagree,because Emulators,especially for more advanced consoles,run much better on stronger hardware)

      “Much improved graphics do not necessarily make up for it.”

      Have you ever played Brave Fencer Musashi,Aaron? One of the most unfortunate things I find in the modern gaming industry is that you just don’t see the kind of variety and unique quirkiness in games anymore like back then. Now its a competition about who produces the prettiest graphics. (and it doesn’t take that long before they are plunged into Obsolescence. One advantage games with cartoonish graphics and distinguished artstyle have is they are a lot less susceptible to this.)

    4. I have heard of Brave Fencer Musashi but I have never played it. Back in the PSX days, Squaresoft delivered both quality and quantity at an extremely high level, with mainstream hits like FF VII to IX, FF Tactics, Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross, and Xenogears, but they also put out a lot of quirky games like the aforementioned Brave Fencer Musashi, and others like Bushido Blade.

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