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54 thoughts on “Open Thread #337

  1. I think I may have mentioned before, it looks like that scammer male feminist David Futrelle has put his blog on hold. Word on the street is there is a bigger scandal than Hugo Schwyzer coming out! What is the phrase, “Eating popcorn!”

    1. Given that he is selling a book called “100-million leads”, I think we should ask what evidence there is that this guy is not a scammer.

    2. Hermozi is pretty good. Wish he was around 20 years ago, I’d be so much further ahead in both business and life.

    3. Thanks for your input,Alek. If you vouch for it,then I know this is trustworthy information. Subscribed to this guy now for later checking, for if/when I really do get serious want to get into this business stuff.

  2. You might well have already written an article or mentioned this in one of your books,but Aaron,did you personally have dreams/ambitions/aspirations in the past that you eventually had to give up on because it was just not realistic with the cards/circumstances you were dealt with? I’m probably not remembering correctly,but I think you mentioned something relating to the academic sphere in one of your books.

    I feel like that’s the usual experience for the average person,but obviously you don’t fall into that category,so I’m curious to ask.

    1. I am not sure. With academia, the problem was more that I got disillusioned by it. Overall, I have achieved more thus far than I had ever imagined, but this probably just means that I set the bar too low, according to self-help hucksters. In all seriousness, though, my bucket list is pretty empty and if our hostile elites would not throw us one curve ball after another, I likely would have reached my goal of owning a small home on a 1/4 acre, growing some food, and not caring much about the outside world. Also, my original life plan was a lot more modest, but this went out of the window when I entered long-term relationships with women.

  3. Japanese companies have started using AI for translating their products. As you can imagine, the danger-haired are upset about this as they can no longer “update” the script of a game or the text in a manga to suit their political beliefs:
    I am sure that a machine-translation is much better than learning that the hypermasculine protagonist of my favorite manga is akshually a closeted homosexual, hates Trump, and only works out because he is so insecure about himself.

    1. I am not at all surprised by this. This sentence made me laugh: “Women also like to meet people and purchase local goods more than men.” Translation: women love to whore around and blow their money on stupid trinkets.

    2. Yep. I found the following sentence interesting „ Women outlive men and often use inherited wealth for retirement travel“.
      So basically men earn the money and die early. Then their wives blows it on flying around the world … and probably donating to left-wing causes (climate change, democrats, “anti-racism”)…

  4. I posted a comment but it didn’t get through because of a link. Same happened in the last open thread I think

  5. I just came across AI Dungeon, a text adventure powered by either ChatGPT or a more more based LLM, if you want to go on a more mature adventure:
    I quite like the idea but gaming has obviously moved on a lot since the days when text-based adventures were cutting edge. It seems you can also trigger the creation of images. With a simple 3D game engine and AI-generated voices, you could probably get quite some replay value out of it.

    1. I think there was a drama around AI Dungeon, when they introduced censorship and it also turned out the user stories which were claimed to be private turned out to not be private. For that reason, people have been switching to Novel AI as a main alternative. You may want to take a look at that instead.

      I’m only briefly familiar with the situation, though, so if someone here is more knowledgable, please correct me.

    2. Interesting. I do not follow this scene very much. Novel AI is clearly a lot more flexible. I got pretty annoyed when AI Dungeon told me that mature content is off-limits when I wanted the hero of my story to have some fun, after all this adventuring.

  6. This big-nosed white, American woman tells white men that they are going to get drafted to fight Israeli wars:
    Surely, this has been the intention all along. Unfortunately, not only are US whites, arguably the most ruthless warriors in history, at least in the past, no longer all that keen on joining the military, there is also the problem that if you drafted them, you would get a high percentage of young men with fitness level that are perhaps not quite what Blinken and that little shill above expect.

    1. Jesus Christ this bitch is dense. It makes me want to back Israel even LESS. Not one drop of American blood should be spilled. We had enough of that shit in WWII. Not to mention Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, on and on……..ENOUGH!!!!!!

    2. If she tried to pretend to be a fellow American, using jewish pronunciation for the word “Hamas” was certainly a bad choice.

      Will the drafted soldiers actually go to Israel? Wouldn’t opting for a revolt make more sense?

    3. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention the Liberty. The Liberty crew refused the ‘rescue” teams the Israelis offered. And the helicopters dropped down a message asking if their were any casualties. The Liberty’s captain flipped them off 🙂

    4. @CP

      Yes, I’ve wondered at which point our troops will say “ENOUGH” themselves.

  7. Aaron, have you ever seen the movie The Outsiders? I recommended Rumble Fish to you a while back. Same director (Francis Ford Coppola) same writer, and some of the same actors. I got a mixed review from you, but you might like this better.

    It’s about “greasers” in 1960s Oklahoma, and their rivalry with the local “Soc’s,” basically the rich kids. It stars C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Maccio, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, and Diane Lane. I’m not kidding. They’re all in it. It launched many careers. I’d say it’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already. The book is required reading for many American middle and high school students.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I was not aware of this movie but I will check it out.

  8. Aaron,
    1. Is there such a thing as commitment issues where either sex has a problem committing to a long-term relationship?

    2. Have you heard of the techno band 2 Unlimited? They are from Europe. They were popular in the 90s with their hit No Limit.

    1. 1) I am not sure there really is an issue with long-term commitment. Most men would happily enter a relationship, but the problem is that a lot of women prefer to hold out for some Giga-Chad that may not even exist in memes.

      2) I know this song. There were quite a few Euro-dance duos that featured a black rapper and a (white) female singer, which was surely a total coincidence. This kind of music is not held in high regard, however. I am not sure if this genre even exists anymore.

    2. Yeah, I think most guys that say they would run through a total hottie with a great personality, and then on to the next are full of shit. Which is why these types of women are always taken.

  9. Do you guys think its worth buying a Lifting Belt?

    The heaviest I was able to get on Squats was 248lbs (or 250 just to round it up) 3×5-6. This is with the gym belt.

    Since significantly losing more weight and unfortunately the gym belt getting busted (I can’t imagine what the other goers must have been doing…)so losing access to that…I can’t seem to get back up there anymore.

    There are probably other significant factors (biggest one is that I still have to remain in a deficit) and the way I run things right now,I’m prioritizing upper body. My Bench and OHP keep growing but it seems all I can do for my Squat/Deadlift is maintain strength levels to the best of my ability.

    I don’t plan to change my routine as its meeting my goal rather nicely,but I do wonder if buying this equipment alone will resolve issues with my stalling on the lower body lifts. I’m guessing though its something I’m gonna have to accept for awhile. at the very least,I’m pleased with the size of my legs right now.

    1. I looked into using a lifting belt a few years ago, but decided against using one. I am not sure whether it is a “cope” but my thinking is along the lines that the weights you lift are a means to an end. If a lifting belt makes it possible to lift more weight, then this should not mean that you are necessarily stronger. I am not sure if the comparison is completely appropriate, but it reminded me of using machines. Sure, you can bench press more on a bench-press machine but, if anything, this gives you false confidence regarding your actual strength.

      I found that people discussed lifting belts in almost religious terms. However, if the argument is that the occasional use of a lifting belt helps you lift more, even without a belt, I would view them in more positive terms. Yet, it seems that this is not the main argument. Of course, belts are also used in competition, but this simply raises the baseline. You could as well just ban lifting belts, and everyone would lift a little bit less. You could still set up a proper competition, though.

    2. “my thinking is along the lines that the weights you lift are a means to an end.”

      Well,yeah. we lift not to excel in the weightroom itself,but for the wide variety of benefits it gives us in the other spheres of our lives. I have not forgotten this. They say a great lifter can Deadlift 5 plates,Squat 4 plates,and Bench 3 plates. Reduce a plate from all those (4 plate Deadlift,3 plate Squat,and 2 plate Bench instead) and I’d be happy to get there just to be able to say I can do it,but I’m aware that isn’t really necessary to get the most out of the gym.

      “However, if the argument is that the occasional use of a lifting belt helps you lift more, even without a belt, I would view them in more positive terms.”

      This is my line of thinking. An experienced lifter I spoke to elsewhere has said that a belt may be a worthwhile tool in the sense that it’ll force your body to lift heavier weight than it otherwise could,and that could force a change if you’re stalling.

      Its an option I’ll keep in the backpocket I suppose. One thing I could say for absolutely certain though is that I am stronger beltless today than I was beltless back then,and maybe that’s from having used the belt in the past to force my body to lift heavier weight than it otherwise would have been able to. Volume isn’t just sets x reps after all. The amount of volume you do also has the amount of weight you’re using in the equation.

    3. Returning to this…I had my heavy Squat session yesterday. I was lifting 10lbs lighter than what I lifted with a belt in the past. I successfully did 3 reps on it. there’s a chance I could have forced the 4th rep with all my might,but decided to live to fight another day. haha.

      So the me today beltless may not actually not be that far away from the me of the past lifting the most weight with the belt on.

      Maybe my lower body didn’t get weaker after all. I just couldn’t see the development because I’m lifting less weight as a result of my changed circumstances.

      I haven’t made a solid decision yet,but I’m leaning towards buying a belt when the opportunity to buy a good quality one is available.

      Tomorrow is OHP day. I’m most looking forward to Deadlifting this Friday. My performance on that day will probably give me enough data to make a more solid conclusion on whether or not my lower body got weaker or stronger.

  10. City of Dresden removes memorial inscription remembering the citizen slaughtered by allies’ bombing at the end of the war.

    1. I read that, too. Presumably, Germans are supposed to celebrate the mass murder of their own people conducted by their great ally, the Satanic States of America. I wonder what would happen if some holocaust memorial were stripped of its inscription.

    2. It burns me up that such a war crime is overlooked. Especially today when Israel is doing the same thing. Whatever benefits Jews……..

      The only thing I can’t figure out is how Jews had so much power in the mid-1940s in Britain and the United States.

    3. I think the power of the Jewish lobby goes back to financial institutions. I also recall that they had some politicians on the hook, such as Churchill, who had received personal loans from rich Jews. I wonder if this had any influence on his decision-making, I mean when he was not blackout drunk.

      EDIT: Even the Jewish newspaper has a story on Churchill’s financial dependence on Jewish millionaires:
      The article is behind a paywall, though. I have a hunch that the theme of the story is to highlight Jewish influence, ignoring any implications on the reputation of Jews, or the corruptibility of Western governments.

    4. Jews have this weird entitlement mentality about their power in Western nations. Jew Ben Stein wrote an article years ago which confirmed their power in Hollywood and the MSM. But the headline also read , “and What of it?”

      Same thing with their current war crimes in Gaza. Israel’s immigration policies, you name it. They play by different rules. Good at criticism, bad at applying it to themselves. Again, I also know this from first hand experience.

    5. Oh, really? I find it most peculiar that I could not come across a single German source mentioning this. Furthermore, if that was the plan, why was there not a press release? The fact of the matter is that the original inscription got removed in a clandestine manner. At first, it was not even clear who was responsible for it. There was even speculation that this was radical leftist iconoclasm, similar to the endless destruction of memorials in the wake of the BLM psyops. Only later on the mayor of Dresden admitted that he is responsible for it.

  11. Guys, we’ve talked about the teaching profession before. And elementary teachers are overwhelmingly female. What do you think draws women to be pre-school teachers, day care workers, elementary teachers, nanny’s etc? Basically it seems like a “middle man” profession. They want to care for children but often don’t have any of their own, which is what they really yearn for. It seems like the position is inherently flawed.

    1. I think part of the reason is that women want to satisfy their drive to nurture, and if they have no children of their own, they go into such professions. Also, keep in mind that women used to start having babies in their teens, and for the longest part of history, this was considered completely normal. Thus, I am quite certain that even childless women in their early 20s feel that there is something missing in their lives.

    2. I think that’s exactly it. Teachers also tend to be extremely Left Wing. And there is a myth to hat men are attracted to teachers, when we are not. I never had a crush on any of my teachers. Honestly, I mostly have bad memories of my elementary school teachers. Back when women worked in the home, it was what the undesirable women did for a living. And probably widows too.

    3. Elementary school teachers were mostly female when I was a kid as well, yet almost all of them were married with children of their own. I think a lot of women just like working with children. 🙂

    4. Not sure about the marital status of my teachers when I was young. They just seemed like miserable women, married or not. Both of my sisters are teachers, and they fit the bill.

    5. Damn, I can’t find the book I’m looking for. But, basically it detailed the “class clown.” Which are almost exclusively males. It’s called “Rebel Yell.” Essentially it detailed how the class clown is a revolutionary in a rigid, top/down, authoritarian school system. Lots turned out to be comedians. Which are amongst the best social critics. Well, that was me listening to some bitch trying to box me in.

    1. Sadeness is an incredible song. Perfect to listen to late at night. I really should check out their other stuff.

    2. I am familiar with Enigma. They were quite popular in the 1990s. The other name does not ring a bell, though.

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