End-of-Year 2023 Fundraiser

It’s the end of the year and as many of you deliberately do not have an expensive girlfriend or wife, maybe you want to send some love to the author of this blog instead. So, think of all the enjoyment, education, and entertainment you got from this blog all this time and send some some token of gratitude.

As you know, there are no ads on this site, which benefits your reading experience. Furthermore, I have been kicked out of the Amazon Affiliates program last year, which used to bring in a steady trickle of money. The jackboot of Big Tech rests on this blog as well. I no longer earn any passive income at all with this blog.

Your contributions will go towards my hosting fees, hardware, and some miscellaneous expenses related to my writing. You can contribute in two ways: donate bitcoin or donate funds via PayPal. If you use bitcoin, my address is “bc1qcac2dv2zdzch0wdwrd3c8fjtwzr0gjrwa8qu6y”. I also welcome donations to my PayPal account ( Please use the “friends and family” option because otherwise PayPal will subtract a substantial fee.

Thank you very much for your support!

6 thoughts on “End-of-Year 2023 Fundraiser

  1. Aaron,
    I just submitted my donation. Also, out of curiosity… what constitutes an expensive girlfriend and/or wife? Expenses > Gross Income

    1. There are a lot of stories of teachers going wild on OnlyFans and other sites. This is perhaps not surprising as their day job consists of talking to an audience that does not care about what they has to say. Online, they can do the same but at least get paid a decent wage, assuming that they are good-looking enough, and the market is not totally flooded with teachers moonlighting as e-thots.

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