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35 thoughts on “Open Thread #331

  1. Hollywood is creatively so incredibly bankrupt that we are soon going to get a live-action adaptation of the 2016 animated movie Moana:
    This can probably soon be done with AI. Anyway, the idea of a remake of a movie that is not even a decade old and was not even that significant is bizarre as it is not even easy money like it was with a genuine blockbuster franchise like Star Wars that took several movies before it had gotten run into the ground.

  2. Aaron,
    Do you ever foresee a mutiny in the military against its own government and is it plausible based on the way things are going in society?

    1. This is hard to say. One reason for the trannification of the military is to make a coup impossible, but this has the unfortunate consequence that you will lose every conflict you engage in. Afghanistan and the Ukraine are great examples. The question is thus whether the military in any of the wrecked Western countries would even be able to overthrow the government and take over afterwards. Putting a bullet in someone’s head is the easy part. But how are you going to run a country with a bunch of incompetent military leaders?

    1. This is very interesting. A few days ago, Tucker Carlson released an interview with Alex Jones on Twitter, which is pretty good, albeit I was disappointed that Tucker Carlson barely contributed anything. This supports my belief that he heavily depends on script writers. The contrast to, for instance, Joe Rogan, is quite staggering.

      I think Elon Musk is really tired of pandering to the ADL. Quite recently, he told the people behind the advertising boycott to f*** themselves. He also made quite a few J-aware posts. Him asking Twitter users whether Alex Jones’ account should be reinstated, and then following through fits this pattern.

      EDIT: It seems that Google does not show Alex Jones’ Twitter profile in the search results whereas does. This is not surprising at all.

    2. It seems like our service members are on the verge of a mutiny according to the latest news by Our service members have taken an oath to protect our country not only from international terrorisms but also “domestic terrorisms” which includes our own government while our own government commits treason.

    3. Javier Milei is a very interesting guy. On the one hand, he is a based anarcho-capitalist, the first one in history to become a president of a big country AFAIK. On the other hand he is a big fan of one special tribe and even plans to join it at some point

    4. Hey Alek,there’s something I thought of that I immediately wanted to ask you…

      Have you ever ran into any STD’s thus far? I’ve read a reddit post from Aaron himself which was from very long ago,that he’s run into a few albeit nothing major. With his numbers,almost certainly not avoidable,but your laycount is much lower than his,and pickier/discriminate. I’d definitely like to know if you’ve managed to avoid problems thus far.

    5. Maou:

      Use condoms. They protect from almost all STDs (except non-germ ones, like crabs) as well as pregnancies.

      They’re not 100% effective, but nothing ever is.

  3. I’m sad to say that Jamesette might be right. I believed there might still be pockets of “innocent” girls left over who aren’t whores and sluts, and who are pickier about men.

    You know how we talked about that there are still girls who will do the thing where they are picky and will only get into a serious relationship after serious courting, and by 29 they’ve only been with 3 guys, basically just 2-3 long-term relationships back-to-back with no hookups in between.

    There is this younger girl I know who was quite innocent (and smart and hard working), that we’re friends with. I always wanted to get her to open up about her “love life”, how she views guys etc… since I had always been curious about it. It was pretty obvious when the shift happened when she went from innocent to obviously starting to get experiences with guys…

    However, I was still naïve to assume being the smart girl that she’ll go the path of doing “only serious relationships with guys she vetted through serious courting”.

    I finally got her to open up about guys, and I was blown away. She didn’t go all the way to admitting to a slut-carousel… but as I was explaining short-term vs long-term mating…

    I was like “you know with guys it’s like you’d bang a girl even if she’s completely unthinkable as a partner”, “like I could go hookup with a chick I’d never in a million years want to hang out with or have a good opinion of”… “whereas with girls, it’s not like that, you have to at least respect him as more than just a walking dildo”.

    And then she was like “nah, not necessarily, plenty of exceptions to that”. So my first thought is “ok well if he’s really ultra handsome right?”… she goes “nah, doesn’t even have to be handsome”.

    I don’t remember all the things we discussed… But basically I got the impression that even this girl who I respect quite a lot, has no criteria, and would easily go on a slut-carousel ride. Don’t know if she has, but definitely wouldn’t have an issue with it.

    It’s kind of a bummer since this girl was my “example” that such girls might still exist. You know the smart girl who still does the “vetting guys and only doing serious relationships” thing. My belief that such girls could still exist is the only reason I hadn’t gone full MGTOW.

    However, my conclusion now isn’t the same as that of Jamesette. His conclusion is “well all girls are sluts anyway so marry a slut who’s banged dudes in bathrooms, since they all have”.

    My conclusion is more of the MGTOW/RedPill variety. I’d rather get a paid surrogate if I ever wanted to have children. Since “innocent” non-slutty women don’t seem to exist.

    I can’t imagine myself being in a relationship with a girl if I know she’s had a non-selective phase. And it seems that they all have.

    Basically I have that mgtow mindset of “they all want to just be used for sex, so use them just for sex”. Maybe doing some mix of escort-maxxing, sugar-daddying, getting companionship and friendship from guys, and perhaps using surrogates to have children.

    1. So my first thought is “ok well if he’s really ultra handsome right?”… she goes “nah, doesn’t even have to be handsome”.

      A bit unrelated to your main message, but I can’t help but wonder if those not handsome guys are all in the 7-7.5 range. There is this current trend of girls saying they love “medium ugly” guys, who are all chadlites. The same thing.

    2. What you posted is scary, really scary.

      I was pursuing a girl that I thought was good looking. Near the end of our chat, I asked her innocently:

      “Are you looking for a soul-mate at the moment, I have a feeling that you are too busy with works in order to find one.”

      She said:

      “How old do you think I am to look for a soul-mate?”

      Then I asked her:

      “Well, I mean serious relationship”

      She said: “You know, if I am to find a guy, I don’t have a plan with him. He must be someone I date casually, I guess.”

      And then I stop texting her. She has no plan when dating a guy. She just “casually” date a guy. I believe this means she will go through some dicks before settling down.

      That’s why I cut off all communication channels with her.

    3. Thank you CQV, I think your example illustrates my point even better. This is exactly what I was talking about, or the gist of it. There don’t seem to be exceptions. It seems all girls are like that.

      The only kind of girl I might have imagined settling with would have been a girl who was purposeful with her dating (save makeouts in high school). Meaning she had long-term relationships with intent. Doesn’t matter how many, as long as all of her relationships were with intent other than “whatever happens”.

    4. Doesn’t matter how many, as long as all of her relationships were with intent other than “whatever happens”.

      Basically it seems girls these days are just lazy as fuck, and it’s hard to respect that. Their “strategy” seems to be I’ll just exist and wait for guys who succeed at banging or hooking up with me, and then just hope that one of these turns into something more than casual.

      They can justify it as them letting things “unfold organically” and not forcing destiny, but it’s just a recipe for racking up a lot of Chad cock and a body count that makes them un-wife-able.

    5. I think this stance is a little too blackpilled. It’s like saying all women who are asked whether they consider feminists or not and don’t answer with an outright “No” are feminists at the core. Sometimes they feel that rejecting the concept of feminism is a rejection of womanhood, aren’t as well informed about these issues and so they give at least a lukewarm assent.

      Some of women’s answers in this subthread seem to me in the same vein. Like, of course, wimminz shouldn’t be judged by their bodycount, that’s some medieval shit! But when push comes to shove, they’re so tight that you can barely squeeze your dick in (and no, it’s not that they’re not aroused, even as a virgin you can tell).

    6. @Manuel S
      Women’s language is far more subtle than men. They do not communicate in such a clear and exact manner as men. We must be mindful of what they mean to deduce their characters.

      A lot of women send out red-flag signals, verbally or non-verbally. The benefit of this blog is to remind you to be aware of their subtlety to gain the most out of it.

    7. @Manuel. I agree. But that still doesn’t make me respect them.

      Like I get it’s not cool to be feminine and vulnerable, so girls will say stuff like that this to sound “modern and cool”. “Oh, we’re just like the guys, we have no feelings, oh phhhts, we can see dudes as just walking dildos too”.

      It still leads to them being malleable by hookup culture. Whether she’s racked up a body count or not (yet), the fact that she can be swayed away from traditionalism means I don’t want anything to do with her relationship wise. Even if she hasn’t racked up a lot of cock, it means she could at any time.

    8. My mind follows exactly what Alek Novy said.

      It is the potentiality that horrifies us and makes us pause for a second. She could stab you in the back the moment your relationship with her turns south.

    9. @Alek

      “It still leads to them being malleable by hookup culture. Whether she’s racked up a body count or not (yet), the fact that she can be swayed away from traditionalism”

      I think you would all be interested in this story:

      This woman had gold and she ended up throwing it all away and I think a major part of it is modern degenerate society making her feel inadequate for not having slept around.

      Interestingly,I think the beginning of this story is long-term mating in action. She didn’t notice him before,but he (alongside his looks. I think part of the Long term attraction/mating process is the partner’s looks eventually also becoming attractive to the person even if it did not sway them in the beginning.) eventually grew on her.

      The latter half of the story (Tom,the guy she first cheated with and her gateway to becoming a slut) is short-term mating/lust on the other hand. I may have said that bad modern influences may have been a major factor here,but for all we know,it might just be a rationalization. She needed an excuse to go fuck this guy.

    10. It was enough for me to just click on this link and read the title of the video. I laughed at the way she phrased it: Her husband allowed her to open-up her relationship. Well, you can bet that it was her idea but of course she cannot take any responsibility for her actions, so now she is blaming him for her idiotic choices while also wanting to get sympathy from her viewers because she is left with “nothing”. This is peak female reasoning.

    11. Haha, my favorite part is where she was “hurt” to learn that he was tired waiting for her show interest back and moved on hahaha. Hurt… fuck.

  4. “this girl who I respect quite a lot”

    Well there’s your problem right there, LOL.

    In all seriousness, when left to their own devices, women are TERRIBLE at mate selection. They will revert to more lizard brain mate preferences, if they live in a society that is willing to clean up after them. Druggies, dad bods, etc.

    A woman is only worth the biggest scumbag she’s spread em for.

    1. In all seriousness, when left to their own devices, women are TERRIBLE at mate selection. They will revert to more lizard brain mate preferences, if they live in a society that is willing to clean up after them. Druggies, dad bods, etc.

      Dad bods? Really? You mean two-meter-tall-having-hollow-cheeks-even-with-dad-bod-chads? Or the normal ones? If it’s the latter, I hardly believe that.

      And what do you mean by terrible? They usually go for the most attractive guys. Since attractiveness correlates with other health markers such as high IQ, it ends up driving quality of population up in many things, not just in looks. Although, of course, looks improve the fastest. If they excluded druggies and morons then it may’ve been even better, but calling what it is now terrible is a bit too much imho

    1. There has been an explosion of crime in Germany in recent years. Those foreign-born doctors and engineers are really working hard on changing the country. It is surely only a coincidence that the AfD is rising higher and higher in the polls.


    You know,if we were only allowed 1 sentence to summarize the entirety of our advice to men in regards to relationships,I think “Be with a woman who complements your life,not complicates it” said at 0:12 would be a good one. I feel like that should be the absolute bare minimum for everybody.

    If you’re gonna be with a woman that looks like a dog,at least make sure she isn’t adding to your problems. lol.


    …All this over a 43 year old married woman.

    Everybody (except arguably the dude’s friend who probably didn’t know shit) sucks here (r/AmItheAsshole terminology),but I’ve been reminded of how Jordan Peterson said something about how the weak can actually be dangerous.

    Unfortunately,they end up being more dangerous to you when you befriend/ally with them rather than to their enemies. I believe you yourself can speak from experience,Aaron. Where you’ve had leeches attempt to butt in and steal your date in the club because they don’t have the balls to approach themselves.

    I don’t know if I’ve voiced this elsewhere,but I feel like more men becoming competent at “the game” (you get what I mean,I’m sure) or at least learning to not care that much,leads to better men in our vicinity in general. You can be sure that if your friend (assuming that you are real friends,and not just acquaintances.) is good with women,he’ll be far less inclined to act on any temptation towards yours because he’s got options.

    There is that cliche saying that Greed is the root of all Evil,but at this point,I’m convinced that Neediness might actually be more of a culprit to that. We are most vulnerable to compromising on our morals when put in a desperate situation.

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