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28 thoughts on “Open Thread #326

  1. I’ve heard it been proposed before to give benefits to mothers who stay home with their children. I’m not talking about welfare queens. I’m talking about tax payer funded money to encourage/reward women to be house wives. Who stay with their husband and children. Avoid the corporate mess, and proven failure.

    1. Problem with this kind of programs is that the legislators put a ceiling on income for eligibility, in order to make sure that 99% of the benefits go to immigrants and gypsies

  2. My current Super Mario World playthrough is at 88 exits (out of 96). Just to be able to say that I have finished it, I beat Bowser as well already. It seems I only have seven of the “special world” levels left, and the last castle before Bowser’s castle. Overall, I am very impressed by how well this game holds up. Many of the stage are extremely well designed and there is no really disappointing stage in it. The controls are still top notch.

    In other gaming news, some documents confirming that Nintendo has shown the Switch successor to various third-party developers have been leaked. Activision thinks that the performance is at the level of a PS4, but overall graphics quality will likely be a bit above it, considering that the Switch is far above the PS3 in terms of graphics quality. On a related note, Valve has taken a leaf out of Nintendo’s playbook and announced the Steam Deck OLED. It is great that they keep improving this product as it indicates that it is meeting their sales targets, whatever they may be. Based on what I read, the Steam Deck has sold about three million units in the last 18 months, which seems a bit low, considering how much buzz this device gets online.

  3. Hi Aaron

    Really curious to know your opinion about the YouTuber Casey Zander. Recently started watching his videos with discernment and it’s like he’s purposely over-complicating dating and attracting women to sell his program and generate views. Just looking at the whiteboard in the background seems like a dead giveaway when you see how needlessly detailed it his to explain simple concepts. There’s an element of truth to some things he says though which I think could make things highly confusing for guys.

    Here’s an example of one of his videos:

    1. “There’s an element of truth to some things he says though which I think could make things highly confusing for guys.”

      Isn’t this true even with sites going as far back as Girlschase?

      I think a lot of the articles are true and interesting. Just that a lot of the stuff either aren’t practical to study for the absolute beginner (there is such a thing as being taught certain details too soon in certain pursuits,and it hampering your development because of it) or just interesting pieces of trivia that don’t really translate much to your practical dating life.

      I think that’s pretty much what Aaron gets at with minimal game. Arming men with the basic info they need to get out there and get some experience. You can study the nuances on certain things (or ask him via consultation) when you actually encounter the issue in your personal life. I think that’s the best way to treat these sources if you’re not just studying for curiosity’s sake but for practical application. Look them up WHEN it applies to your personal situation,and see if the solution provided helps you solve it.

      The last time I got frisky,I ran into LMR/Last Minute Resistance,but somehow I fumbled/persisted my way through that and closed the deal. with Aaron’s more calibrated approach,I probably wouldn’t have ran into that issue. (I think you’ve said you almost never encounter LMR,Aaron?)

    2. Yes, I think that “last minute resistance” is a bullshit concept. PUAs ran into this so often because their “game” consisted of essentially tricking the women into having sex and the LMR they got was mostly probably an expression of the confusion the girl felt, i.e. she may have found the guy attractive, which is why she went along with his clownish “routines”, but because he never experienced sexual interest, the girl could not really make sense of the situation. Of course there is also the case of inexperienced guys not knowing how to escalate in the bedroom, which makes girls second-guess their decisions and this is something you fumble your way through with two or three girls until you have figured it out.

    3. I have not heard about this guy, but I am getting pretty strong PUA community vibes. Of course, in order to sell a lot of products, he needs to overcomplicate things. However, the question is if he really knows what he is talking about. You may give him too much credit if you accuse him of overcomplicating his material. He may very well not have much of a clue, and some of his material may simply be accidentally be correct.

  4. I wonder what is going on in politics. Apple just got a slap on the wrist because they discriminate against American applicants:
    Up until half a year ago they would have gotten cheered on for this. Now they get to pay a fine of $25 million. This is not a lot of money for Apple and arguably this amount pales in contrast to the damage they caused to local workers, but this is nonetheless quite an improvement compared to the old baseline of making fun of American workers.

    1. The last conversation I had with this dumb fuck I shouldn’t have hung out with in the first place, he claimed that there is a shortage of American tech workers. That was before this good news came out.

    1. On that note:

      “The New York City woman who was getting mugged by a homeless man before being saved by a man with a gun, says the gun scared her and she wishes he didn’t use it.

      “Of course, I am happy that that man tried to help me and that nobody was injured during this incident, but it’s scary to think that people are carrying guns around the city. I understand why people do it, they see it as their only means of protection,” she said to the New York Post.

      “In this case the man risked a lot to protect me, his safety, and the safety of other people on the platform. Yes, I do think he is a hero, but I don’t know, I would likely think him a bigger hero if he tried to help me without the gun. In my eyes, the gun is a little extreme.””

  5. Recently the freeware game Kannagi Usagi was released on Steam with which you can practice the gameplay of Sekiro with anime sluts:

    It seems to be pretty solid.

    1. I wrote about this topic over a decade ago already. “Creepy” basically just means that she thinks the guy is not attractive.

  6. Am I being unreasonable if I don’t want to get into a relationship with a woman who has been with 2 guys (relationship,not casual sex) I know personally,if that’s the big reason I don’t want to do it if she’d have been fine otherwise?

    Lay her? Yeah,I’d do it given the opportunity. if the two guys she’s been with are guys I didn’t personally know,I’d have probably considered her (not sure tbh,she’s got some red flags to be honest..) for a relationship too.

    But it just feels too weird to me to get romantically involved with her because of the above.

    1. What is the baseline in your culture? In the West, a woman who has been with two only two guys is hard to come by. Also, trust your gut. If you think there is something off about her, then there most probably is.

    2. We are a conservative culture,yes. She’s definitely been with more guys than just those two,I was only counting them because I knew them personally and that was the turn off to me specifically.

      She’s told me before that she’s had psychotic episodes before (remember what I said about knowing how to keep secrets? well,people tend to be real open to me because of that once they get to know me a bit more),but only in private. she gives off a competent image at work and in public. as far as I can tell,she certainly took her job as a teacher very seriously. (Not sure if she’s still teaching these days) She also does not seem to have anything positive to say about her previous relationship with that other guy I know. (nobody is the villain in their own story after all…)

      You could say that should be enough to disqualify her for a relationship. Maybe not as an FWB though,since she is able to hold it together in public. She definitely handles work much better than the chick featured in your recent post,for example.

      I’m still on the fence about it overall. Is the detail above enough for you to pass someone over as a fuckbuddy?

    3. I would be careful about even a fuckbuddy relationship with a woman who has psychotic episodes. Think about how much harm she could realistically cause you, which includes her causing endless drama, and if you think you can handle it easily, go for it.

    4. If it’s purely sexual and you’re sure you’re not going to catch feelings, then her number of ex-partners isn’t as much of an issue as long as you use condoms.

      I’d be very careful about a girl who admits to having a psychotic episode, though. I mean, she straight up tells you she’s suffering from serious mental illness. Don’t get mixed up with this girl. Best case scenario, you get some meaningless sex. Worst case scenario, you end up with an explosive psycho on hour hands.

      I know you’re probably not going to take this advice. I wouldn’t have when I was younger, because the prospect of easy sex was too tempting. 🙂 But trust me, it won’t be worth it.

    5. The best case is that he will get great sex, with a chick who is willing to do anything. The general point stands, though. It is a good question whether this woman is worth it. Then again, ask a few guys who have banged dozens of women and you will find a surprisingly large number who will tell you that no woman is worth it.

    6. I think it’s easy to take the advice to avoid her, just imagine the worst case scenarios. Worked for me.

      There’s a chick I mentioned here before, similar concerns. I just imagine her husband coming to my door with a shotgun and murdering me, so I give her excuses when she DMs me.

      I also imagine the other horror scenarios. Like she tries to move in with me and dump her husband (she tried once before) and how I say no, and then she goes to the police with a made up story or lies to her husband (once her plan to switch to me doesn’t work)… And then I’m like fuck no.

      Mind you she’s easily the hottest chick i’ve gotten sexual with (didn’t go all the way to pick). She’s one of those chicks where you’re around her, your balls produce 3x the semen volume.

      So it’s easy to start rationalizing about how I can just get that easy sex, like by talking to her about me just giving her sex and then she goes back home.

      Then I imagine her husband coming and killing me. I’m like fuck that. Or imagine her saying yes im fine with just sex, lying and trying to trap me, and when it doesn’t work tell a made up story to police or husband.

      So just imagine those worst case scenarios, it really does help.

    7. Yeah,I can definitely pass her over.

      With the recent events that’s happened in my life,I feel like there’s more to come for me in the forthcoming future. Got relatives in other countries and they may be able to help me out live elsewhere. (Well…maybe my race will be an issue,but I’ll worry about that later) You’ve talked before about how you need to have a certain lifestyle to even be able to meet 9’s and 10’s on the regular in the first place. Who knows,there just might be a non-zero chance I could end up in such a position. ????

      Maybe I’m overestimating my potential,but I doubt anybody on their death bed has ever regretted upgrading their position in life,if nothing else. (that is,unless it resulted in the significant loss of free time.) We’ll just have to see I suppose. All I know for sure is that girl definitely isn’t worth the risk losing this path.

  7. Just curious what people’s thoughts are on selling solar? There would definitely be a learning curve to it but must be one of the highest paying sales jobs these days?

    1. I think this was a good field to be in in Europe in the last few years, but I am not sure this holds true any longer. Few people are able to cover the purchase price of solar panels without going into debt, and with the skyrocketing interest rates we have recently seen, I would be very surprised if this segment has not taken a hit. The situation may be a bit different in your country, though. There are a lot of government incentives behind solar energy, so may it is still a good gig in your part of the world.

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