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Leftism is a Self-Correcting Problem: The Example of the “Beloved Activist, Poet”, now Dead

A while ago I came across a news story involving an antifa activist who supposedly got killed randomly in NYC. This caught my attention because normally thugs don’t just try to kill one random person. There are of course mass shootings, but these have a different motivation, i.e. political pressure and subsequent CIA involvement, or Islamic terrorism. Anyway, it would take quite a bit of bad luck to randomly get attacked and killed. Thus, I dug a bit deeper.

First, please watch the video embedded in the NY Post article, “Disturbing video shows moment beloved activist, poet is randomly stabbed to death in front of girlfriend after they attended wedding together”. It is just a little over one minute long.

Let us briefly go through the key aspects of this scene:
– It is 4 a.m. on a Monday morning
– Shitty neighborhood
– The “bighearted” antifa poet is dressed in a suit
– The “bighearted” antifa poet is together with a woman, who is also dressed well
– Aforementioned woman does not seem to be completely unattractive, i.e. she is neither fat nor old
– A black guy nearby seems very aggressive, kicking a scooter for seemingly no reason.
– The couple moves in the direction of the black guy
– The black guy indicates that he does not want to be bothered by anyone. I think he shouts, “What are you looking at?”
– The antifa poet reacts to the black guy by pushing him back physically, twice
– After the kerfuffle, the antifa poet gets shot and killed

Quite frankly, the antifa poet made a series of completely hare-brained decisions. Normally, if you live in a big Western city, you adjust quickly. One of the first realizations you should make is that any stranger is a potential source of danger and if you see signs that someone is trouble, you immediately mitigate the risk. This means, for instance, that you get off the subway if a rowdy group of diverse enrichers gets onboard or if a meth head staggers towards you, you cross the street. You also do not make eye contact with people who are looking for trouble. I have lived in big cities for many years, and I have probably spent more time going out, to sometimes quite shady clubs, than probably 99.99% of men, if not more. I can look back to quite a few situations that were definitely risky, but I knew what was going on and got out of harm’s way.

The first mistake this “poet” made was to be out in public at 4 a.m. on a Monday morning, in a shitty part of town. This is absolutely idiotic. Clearly, this guy does not have to sit at a desk at 9 a.m., perhaps because his parents or George Soros fund his leftist activism, so he surely could have paid for a cab to get home safely. The next mistake is to walk around in a suit, together with a rape-able woman, who is also dressed up. He could as well have walked around with a big sign that reads, “rob me, rape her”. It would have had the same effect.

Being out with an attractive woman in a shitty area — based on the video resolution, it is unclear if the woman in the video is attractive — is a really bad idea. If you come across the wrong group of foreign doctors and rocket scientists, they will gang up on you and rape the woman in front of your eyes. You need to have fully bought into leftist propaganda to not realize that our social norms carry little weight for certain groups of people.

As we know from the video, the antifa poet made a colossal mistake when he moved towards the black person. He should instead have changed the side of the street or, better, changed the side of the street, walk the other way, and take a detour via a parallel street to get around that guy without being seen at all. The black guy seemed unhinged and extremely aggressive. He was kicking a scooter so hard that it fell down. You can now say that this was done without any reason, but there was a reason: the guy was hyper-aggressive and desperately looking for an outlet of his pent up anger and frustration. You do not want to be around such people!

If you see someone misbehaving in public — I believe some people refer to this as “chimping out” — you don’t casually walk towards him and have a look at what is going on. To the black guy, the antifa poet appeared as threatening as he was directly walking towards him, even though he probably just wanted to walk past. This is an utterly idiotic move. You normally need to spend many years at an elitist private school, followed by studying at an ultra-leftist college, to think that this is a good idea. The guy was probably so race-blind that he did not even consider that there could be any consequences to his actions.

The couple moving towards this black guy, expecting him to yield, is a very aggressive move. It is already obvious that the latter is looking for an outlet for his frustration, so why would you needlessly antagonize him? In fact, the black guy even gives a verbal warning, which the antifa poet ignores. What is worse, the antifa poet is the one to initiate physical violence and even further escalates the interaction into a kerfuffle. He just had to insist to not yield, instead of just walking away. Why would you punch or shove such a guy twice?

I can also see where the antifa poet comes from. Imagine you spent about a decade vandalizing the country and engaging in fights against “nazis”, while being protected by the police! Whenever someone got close to hitting this guy, the police probably stepped in to protect him. Thus, this antifa poet likely believed he was invincible and nothing bad would ever happen to him. Well, for years nothing did happen to him, but the police cannot protect every antifa thug everywhere and all the time, and certainly not when they are not actively involved in rioting.

The kind of mistakes the guy in this video makes are staggering. This most certainly only happened due to the way he was socialized; think expensive private schools, and extensive state protection. This guy was probably never in a real fight and thus did not even understand in what kind of danger he was in. It is likely that he has never even seen a real fight and mistook his antifa-LARPing with reality. His last thoughts may have centered on why the police was not there already. Anyone with just a shred of street smarts just does not act in such an utterly stupid way as this guy. His actions are tantamount to being wasted and running ten red lights in a row, except that this guy was not even wasted. He was just not aware of the danger he was in. I am tempted to say that he got exactly the kind of death he deserved, and the more often this happens to leftists, the fewer of such people will be around as such a mindset is just not conducive to living in the real world which, ironically, has been heavily shaped by leftist social engineering for the last 70 years.

13 thoughts on “Leftism is a Self-Correcting Problem: The Example of the “Beloved Activist, Poet”, now Dead

  1. Great article! Although I do not feel that’s how leftism corrects itself. This guy got in touch with reality, but many people can spend lives or even generations without doing so. Accidental encounters are not going to cut it.

    A bigger self-correcting property is that people who decide not to have children are just filtering themselves out of the population. I have some hope when it comes to this one.

    On a somewhat related note, I’m getting a feeling that big cities are only good for people who are above average in looks, IQ or something else that matters, and for average people, a small town life may be better, since they are not going to make a good use of the city opportunities anyway. Everyone talks about big cities all the time, but maybe the future belongs to a more rural people, who are going to have more children, and probably healthier, too, because they are not affected by immigration and live in a better environment.

    1. Every lefty that dies as a consequence of his own beliefs is an example of leftism correct itself. We probably will not get to the point where significant numbers of lefties get shot dead by random blacks on 4 a.m. on a Monday morning. However, we can easily assume that people like this antifa poet are well connected. They have friends and acquaintances at their local antifa HQ or Soros-funded “think tank”, and possibly even friends and acquaintances in real life. Some of these stories also make it into newspapers, which gives them even more reach. Thus, every dead or injured antifa matters and will lead to people’s beliefs eroding.

      We have seen the same happening with Covid. After a certain point, it seemed that more or less everybody knew somebody who suffered from a vaxx injury or was perhaps harmed by the vaxx himself. Thus, vaxx enthusiasm kept decreasing. Currently, we are witnessing young women changing their stance on mass immigration at an astonishing pace. Less than one year ago, women would not even date you if you did no support genocidal open-border policies or if you questioned leftist politics. Today, so many women personally know women who were sexually molested or raped by foreign rocket scientists, or were affected themselves, that they pretend that they have always been conservative, if not right-leaning, and denounce beliefs they had fully embraced last year.

    2. I would like to share your optimism… but I have seen too many libs with cognitive dissonance.
      Most are just ignoring stories like this; others will somehow still blame whites for this (systemic racism, no gun control)..
      You have a lot of libs already leaving cities and going to conservative neighborhoods. But they won’t admit it’s because of diversity .. rather it will be because of “better schools” or being “closer to nature”,

      Just look at France. Everybody with eyes should know that their country is in danger but somehow The “far right” can’t even get 50% of the votes

    3. OneTimePoster – indeed, a few years ago some Becky went to Haiti or some similar place, got culturally enriched, briefly wondered why the gentleman would do such a thing to someone who was there to help, and inevitably concluded that whitey made him do it.

      Only one example but it shows how their indoctrination is impervious to experience or reason.

  2. What’s happening in European cities already happened in Northern US cities. The great migration or invasion of the north by southern blacks. We basically sacrificed sections of the cities as ghetto containment zones. Only happening because of the anti White governments.

    1. Yep. Though the US is very car friendly and open to building those suburbs. Europe… not that much. So it’s much tougher for Europeans just to flee to suburbs.

  3. The suburbs were built as a response to the urban gentlemen. Detroit as an example basically had to be rebuilt in Macomb and Oakland counties(northern suburbs)

    1. Yes you are right. What I wanted to say is that Europe doesn’t really have the space to build massive suburbs. Plus the US suburb and car culture is very much frowned upon. And I don’t see that changing, even with enrichment and all.

      One question though as you are more knowledgeable on the US. I can understand why politicians (read democrats) let the cities be destroyed. But how come the Irish mob and Italian mafia didnt stop it?

  4. I’m American. The Mob have their sections controlled for industry but a big suburban house is hard to turn down, so they chose suburbs to live, like everyone else. Plus we have freeways built in the cities themselves to the economic zones. In some cities, you can drive from a suburb to downtown or a factory in a freeway in the city itself. In 10-20 minutes

    1. I am not familiar with Marc MacYoung, but living in places like Berlin, London and, yes, Stockholm does teach you a lot about dealing with potentially dangerous situations.

    2. IIRC, self-defense/firearms guru Massad Ayoob had some good simple advice about how to not die in a “random” incident/terror attack: “Don’t be there.” I.e., avoid crowded public places, bad parts of town, blue cities/states in general, etc.

      On that note, I hear Brandon (who doesn’t have enough to occupy his 190 IQ mind in this era of peace, plenty, and prosperity he has bestowed on us) is now pushing DEI mandates on the air traffic control industry. Obviously air travel is the next thing to be denied to the little people in our headlong retreat from the 20th century to the 10th.

  5. Idiot here made so many mistakes,you’ve pointed out most of them Aaron,but I feel the two biggest mistakes (during the situation itself I mean. Just putting himself and his girlfriend in that environment would be the biggest one overall) worth pointing out are;

    “He should instead have changed the side of the street or, better, changed the side of the street, walk the other way, and take a detour via a parallel street to get around that guy without being seen at all. ”

    – This one you mentioned. All this could have been avoided had he just walked a different direction. I’m currently of the less-ideal circumstance of having to walk to the gym,because I risk encountering hostile dogs. I have had a few incidents,all of them were effectively avoided by me simply walking to the other side of the street when one of them begins barking at me from afar. Guy walked into the shark’s jaws.

    2nd biggest mistake I would say is him not realizing it was time to employ some decisive violence by the time the perp was in his face and refusing at all to give space. The self-defense instructors I follow coined the “5 Rules of Violence”,one of them is “Don’t Deny it is Happening”,and I feel that was precisely what was going on here. Let me link the article:

    Whereas people for whom violence ‘doesn’t happen’ or they haven’t been in a physical conflict since they were kids, there is huge denial factor. This comes in three main ways:
    1) Overwhelming shock and confusion “This can’t be happening! Violence only happens to other people, not to ME!”
    2) Telling themselves that a person won’t react physically to their words or actions and proceeding to engage in high risk behavior.
    3) They’re going waste time trying to find a palatable way out of having to use violence.

    What we’ve just said is that denying it is happening is going to manifest in one of three ways. One, you’re going to freeze. Two, you’re going to walk right into it. Three, you’re going to get flattened while trying to find some way not to fight.

    Now you may wonder how this applies to provoking an attack. First off, this denial encourages attack by someone who is accustomed to using violence to get what he wants. He’s ready to go and you’re not. But the reason we include it in provoking an attack is that most people choose to do #3 in the form of a threat display. A threat display that they usually end up insulting and challenging him … oops.

    Had he employed quick-explosive violence when it was first clear that the perp wasn’t going to back off,it just MIGHT have saved the dude’s life.

    “This guy was probably never in a real fight and thus did not even understand in what kind of danger he was in. It is likely that he has never even seen a real fight and mistook his antifa-LARPing with reality.”

    – I concur with your analysis,Aaron. In fact,its been my experience that the folks most inexperienced with violence tend to be the most naive and judgmental about its use. These people for example have criticized police officers for not “shooting the knife out of an attacker’s hand” as an example.

    I’ve had these sorts of folks try to chastise me for punching the other aggressive guy first in my previous fights. They don’t realize that outside the ring,it is usually the guy that lands the first punch who prevails in the altercation. If it were them in my place with that attitude,it would be them eating the concrete like that poet.

    I’d say a lot of normies out there would benefit from reading this article:

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