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43 thoughts on “Open Thread #319

  1. So this is kind of related to the topic in the other open thread about how women backwards rationalize failures to get more than sex as “just having fun”.

    Another thing I’ve been pondering recently is why do younger chicks go out dressed as half-naked and “porno audition” style as possible. What are they trying to accomplish exactly.

    Questioning bard just results in a bunch of PC answers, and going in circles where it tries to tell me that chicks dress like they’re on a porn audition as a way of “expressing their artistic side” or whatever nonsense. I kept challenging it, and found out that all the answers amount to “women are flaunting it”. Basically it’s a passive-aggressive.

    But today I thought of another thing, related to that discussion yesterday. I think girls fantasize some celeb will spot them out of a limo and invite them, or some 10/10 chad will spot them and ask them out, or maybe a casting agent for a Milano agency will spot them.

    When none of those things happen, they can backwards rationalize that they dressed like that for fun. Just like how fucking a dude results in nothing more and they rationalize they didn’t want anything, it was just having funzies.

    1. If you’re persistent you can get the bots to admit this, by a game of elimination. Anytime it gives a bullshit answer, you point out how the answer doesn’t make sense.

      In the end, it will admit, yeah, they’re doing it for attention and flaunting.

    2. I think that young women are very aware of their sexual power, so by putting it on full display, they make themselves a lot more visible. Your thought that they hope that they will be spotted by a Giga Chad billionaire or a model scout seems correct. It is purely about attention. They will tell you that they wear such clothes for themselves, and there is an element of truth to it because it makes them feel good to put themselves on display.

    3. Yep, that kernel of truth makes sense and it’s what they blow out of proportion. Like if she is in shape, she will flaunt it and show off. The flaunting gives them some confidence. Just like it gives guys who’ve built a great physique to wear tight shirts.

      What feminists do next is claim that it has nothing to do with attention, sexual competition or mating, she’s only doing it for herself. Yah right.

  2. It’s widely known that almost uniformly, sluts have daddy issues. In most cases the sluts are estranged from their dad’s. I genuinely feel bad for them. But in some cases they seem to have “good” relations with their fathers. This creeps me the fuck out and raises huge red flags. I mean, can you imagine having a whore daughter and getting along with her?? WTF??

    1. Speaking of that weirdness. A clip jumped out in my feed somewhere, of Jordan Peterson interviewing his daughter about the rumors she hooked up with Andrew Tate. That was fucking painful to watch, and it was only a couple of seconds.

      While I have no evidence for it, she definitely looks like a slut to me. If anything she divorced her husband in a few months.

      As I was typing this, I googled some more, and found this on Reddit. It’s on a peterson-hate-reddit, so to be taken with a grain of salt. But I mean i’ve never been more sure that a chick is a slut by just looking at her in my life:

      She was hooking up with demon-possesed russian guy, called Andrey Korikov. Since Mikhaila stopped taking pill and kept having sex….she got knocked up after few months of dating. These two married when Mikhaila was 9 month pregnant due to intense pressure from her family. In her podcast, she declared she never wanted any of this to happen, but at the time felt she has no other choice (she couldn’t bring herself to abort it, and being a single mother was unacceptable in Jordan Peterson’s household). Funny thing, Andrey russian family hated her with passion and was strongly oppose them getting married.

      Once married, couple moved to a penthause in downtown Toronto that Jordan has purchased for Mikhaila. During this time Mikhaila was managing Jordan’s calendar and was his only point of contact with external world, as she said it “no-one could reach my father without passing through me”. She declared herself to be a CEO of his company and also pretended to be him when running his twitter, instagram and other social media channels while he was drifting away from reality into a benzo haze.

      After few months of marriage, Mikhaila kicked her husband out of the house. Since Andrey is also on Jordan’s payroll, he would visit his ex wife evey day and do the work for her, while also begging to take him back. Meanwhile Mikhaila declared on social media that she and her husband has negotiated separation. While flooding the instagram feed with series of selfies in her underwear, with crawling toddler in the background. It seems that it’s the instagram where she met Andrew Tate, who helped her to prepare and sell her subscription program called “Lion’s Lair” – for only 600 dollars per year you could get access to Mikhaila and receive daily advises on how to eat nothing but beef, what a treat. Seriously, google this Andrew Tate’s guy- he is even crazier than her. He is british, ex mma fighter and big brother participant, he fled Police from UK to Romania (not sure what was it about- taxes, domestic violence or other offences).

      This was posted sometime in 2022

    1. Funny that she’s the ugliest one in the group, and looks like she weighs more than the average cow in the pasture. 🙂

      Made me laugh how her friends just kept laughing and talking to each other, then got the heck out of the camera and left their fat friend to rant by herself. 😀

      The girl was obviously wasted, so that’s probably why she was dumb enough to carry on like that on camera.

  3. I have this episode to tell, that happened to me about the topic of the ideological weaponization of Google and the fact that it doesn’t show what you want to see, but what Google wants you to see, Aaron was talking about that a while ago.
    So basically a woman of our group of friends tells us she really liked a Netflix series because she had a “crush” for one of the male characters. Of course the actor is handsome, but she underlines how she likes his “character”. Then asks me if I too ever had a “crush” for any fictional female *character*.
    I never had anything of sort, and when she asked me I actually realized how I literally can’t recall any female character in any movie of series that I liked particularly. Yes, actresses might be hot, but every character they play in Hollywood seems to be one of these three:
    – A manly male character in a woman’s body.
    – A promiscuous slut.
    – A snarky insufferable bitch.

    Now, granted I don’t watch much TV, so I might be missing something here, therefore, out of curiosity I looked on Google for

    “Series with nice female characters”.

    Google shows me results for series with STRONG female characters.

    I change with “kind female characters”

    Again, the results are all about strong female characters.

    So, my question remains unanswered. Are there any likable women in Hollywood movies?

    1. I would say part of the reason for your search results is Western media glorifying the “Strong Independent Woman” (quotes on purpose because a lot of them don’t get it genuinely right,its more those 3 traits you mentioned. Being Obnoxious being mistaken as “Strong”.) in general.

      If you typed “Kind Female Anime Characters” instead…


      How on earth did Ichigo,Luffy,and Edward Elric find themselves on this list? among the top results not less,lol.

      I’d say they got Hinata,Orihime,Winry,Rei (she’s more docile than she is genuinely “kind”,but she’s a fair count),and Nico Robin correct. (I get the impression Yor Forger counts too,but haven’t watched Spy X Family yet outside of brief clips)

      But a lot of the others…Fubuki? are you kidding me? Yuno Gasai? LOL. Android 18,Erza Scarlet,and Temari I’d say are a lot closer to being “Strong Snarky” than to “Kind” if you ask me. And why is Nagisa Furukawa nowhere to be found on this list? (unless her originating from a VN makes her not count) she’s the first to pop into my thoughts thinking about this topic,lol.

      So yeah,google search is kek in general

      if you want likeable female characters,you probably need to expand outside western fiction. as a consumer of English translated Japanese VN’s,there’s plenty of them there.

      Maybe those Korean fictional TV shows that my sis and past female classmates go gaga over have such female characters. My experience with that genre is extremely limited though,but they certainly do things differently than western shows from the little of what I’ve seen.

      As far as the topic of google in general though,yeah. its suspiciously selective unless you really don’t give it leeway to give you different search results.

    2. “if you want likeable female characters,you probably need to expand outside western fiction. as a consumer of English translated Japanese VN’s,there’s plenty of them there.”

      I’ve been liking the VN recommendations from Aaron and others. Might be good to have a dedicated thread for them.

    1. This whole subject was fascinating to me, particularly just imagining how logistically optimal your time as a seducer was. I believe that even though you could theoretically do extremely well picking up chicks in today’s housing market, that would imply you had much more free cash on hand to pursue such a hobby. Not to mention having the stomach to put up with invaders around every corner. More realistically, you’d need to hold down a full-time job to have a decently situated apartment (sleep and recovery then becomes a massive problem), and then there is also the issue of the migrant cockblock caravan. All of this is assuming that the women are even worth pursuing (obesity epidemic), else you’d be better off finding and dating two or three chicks at any given time. In which case, why even bother living in Berlin or any comparable city?

    2. I fully agree. My time banging sluts in Berlin was due to a pretty unlikely combination of economic factors. Well, I still missed out on buying a house in my 20s and a fancy car in my early 30s, but at least I got plenty of pussy. Oh, but boomers did that too. They had the entire “free love” thing going on. You are also right that back then women were way hotter. Fat chicks in clubs stood out because they were such a rarity. Today, it is the exact opposite.

  4. I’ve found a chick who appears to be into explicit BDSM stuff. Have any of you ever been much into this? I can’t say that I’m intrinsically aroused by this type of stuff, but I’m willing to give it a try so long as I’m the one leading. I’ve looked into some silk tie restraints (these actually look pretty hot) and already have some limb restraints and quite a bit of soft rope (cheap investment really). I’ll report back in a couple of weeks maybe if all goes well, but some advice would be great.

    1. You can just start with tying a chick’s hands with a T-shirt. I never really explored BDSM and barely scratched the surface. I knew a few women who were into it. Yet, I also realized that this could get me into a lot of trouble. Sure, it is roleplay, but what if she wants to really mess with you and tells the police that you cuffed her and had your way with her?

    1. There are barely any border controls in Europe anymore. You can basically just load your trunk full of rifles and hand grenades, and drive anywhere you want. There is an enormous number of weapons in the possession of gangs in Sweden, for instance, and the government similarly has no good explanation for how this happened. After all, they cannot admit that it is due to open borders and a lax immigration policy, albeit the stance on immigration has hardened quite a bit in recent months.

    2. Aaron,
      “There are barely any border controls in Europe anymore…they cannot admit that it is due to open borders and a lax immigration policy”

      I would like to think this would be a good enough and compelling reason to tell the German Gov why you want to own a firearm. Have you thought about arming yourself with any means?

    3. Legally owning firearms is quite unrealistic in most of Europe. You can get an exception for hunting or sports, but you can forget about carrying a weapon on your body. The punishment is severe, at least for the indigenous population. I would very much like to own firearms, though, e.g. a Sig Sauer or a Glock.


    I link the archive because the thread right now on reddit sadly got removed by moderators,but I’d definitely like to hear Alek’s input on this. We usually hear positive things whenever somebody successfully finishes their weight loss journey,and for good reason,but this woman here feels the opposite. That losing the weight has only exposed new unattractive features that used to be buried by the extra flab.

    I feel like an issue like this primary only happens when;
    1 – When you crash diet (Either losing too much weight,doing so too fast,or both) your way to your goal
    2 – Doing no resistance training (You lost a lot of lean tissue and not just fat in the process of the crash diet)

    Assuming the OP isn’t a troll,I would hunch most of this woman’s resulting issues come from the above. Rather than fattening herself back up again,probably a proper bulk (not a dirty bulk) would be in order to fix a lot of the issues.

    That being said,I have somewhat suspected in the past that,for a select few folks,weight loss may actually end up being a net negative,if only because its going to reveal unattractive features that were previously hidden by the flabby tissue. This chick may well be a confirmation of that suspicion of mine.

    1. This reads like a troll post. Do you recall if she had posted pictures of herself? I went to school with a girl who was a fat teenager but managed to lose a lot of fat. Her skin was quite stretched out and sagging at points. Sure, if a woman has completely wrecked her body in the past, then slimming down may not quite turn out as she had hoped, but I would argue that she will look far better overall regardless.

    2. No,she hadn’t posted any pics of herself.

      But yeah,if this isn’t a troll post (could very well be),then losing the weight at too late an age probably does play a significant factor here. I standby what I said though about me suspecting this is the result of a crash diet.

      I’ve said elsewhere that losing the weight in a healthy manner feels like one of the closest things we have to experiencing a miracle cure-all. I’ve experienced benefits that you certainly wouldn’t expect to come from weight loss alone. I used to have dry and dark callused knuckles on my right hand for example,but its GONE now. That goes alongside the general substantial skin improvements,but I didn’t think that would have anything to do at all with my weight and fitness.

      Anecdotally,others have claimed losing allergies,asthma,and even being cured of diabetes (no longer having to take medication for it). I don’t want to necessarily vouch that all these accounts are true,but there’s a lot of them and that’s probably no accident.

      I agree with you for the record. I think maybe gaining around 10lbs via a properly done/clean bulk is likely to fix many of the issues she claims she has now and then maintaining that weight while keeping up the healthy eating habits. Not that I’m claiming any expertise on that. maybe she needs a personal coach,book up a consultation session with someone like Mike Israetel.

    3. Hold on,I just realized…the OP is claiming to be Vegetarian. I have to wonder if insufficient supplementation of nutrients might be playing a real role here for her current condition. I believe I’ve spoken with someone else here about how,if you really insist on going the Vegetarian/Vegan route,you better have done your homework on supplementing the necessary vitamins and minerals.

      You were once Vegetarian yourself,right Aaron? Aside from having much more size these days,can you recall notable differences in QoL when comparing to how you eat now to back then? Did you make sure to supplement back when you were Vegetarian?

    4. I am not sure there was much of a difference when I was avoiding meat. I still ate eggs and fish. In general, my energy levels went up after eating meat regularly again.

  6. if you really insist on going the Vegetarian/Vegan route,you better have done your homework on supplementing the necessary vitamins and minerals.

    People who have done their homework don’t go vegan at all. There are tons of nutrients missing from plant based food, such as retinol (no, beta carotene is not an adequate replacement), vitamin K2 (plants only have some subtypes of it, not the full spectrum; and K1 is not a good replacement either), choline, etc.

    So, of course if that chick has been vegan for a while she is gonna look like shit. She is malnourished, essentially.

    1. Aye! I have a neighbour with two sons, aged 4 and 9. Their family is vegetarian. I know that they eat cheese but I’m not sure about other animal products like butter and eggs. This summer when the boys were playing outside, I noticed just how worryingly thin their limbs looked. Stick-like with what seemed like no clinging flesh at all. They really didn’t look healthy and the tragic thing is they only get to grow up/experience puberty once.

    1. I really wonder who is making all those dumb decisions in the US government. An interesting side-effect of the Gaza bombing is that Israel is now linked to some of the most horrendous human-rights violations in history. It makes their attack on the USS Liberty look like child’s play. Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with big words. Is this “ironic”, perhaps, seeing that the Jews have turned the holocaust into some kind of foundational myth? On a related note, if Israel ends up genociding the Palestinians, would this be a holocaust or only 1/3 of a holocaust, as only about two million people would be affected, or do only Jews ever get holocausted? Those are kind of difficult questions. I need to look for a trustworthy fact-checking website to provide me with guidance.

    2. If you look around the media, a large anti-Jewish wind sweeps through those first world nation. Israel is no longer “cool”.

      I understand that as a nation, they need to protect themselves. But to be honest, they even contemplated on going to war with Iran.

      Never before has Israel won an offensive war. They would dig their own graves.

      Israeli elites must shit in their pants when Iran could possess nuclear weapons.

    1. Chris, I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, (I promise I will) but I had to get this out.

      A great use of excess sawdust?

      On the floors of whores houses!

    2. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      Its also used in making cheese. The ingredient is called cellulose. You find it in packages that contain pre-shredded cheese. Its best to buy cheese that hasn’t been shredded.

    3. Thanks man. That was good. Informative. Didn’t know that heart disease wasn’t really a problem until the 1800s. And that Ike had a heart attack while in office. I’ve wondered about cancer too. Probably should have delved into sugar more. But maybe that’s a different vid. I know that when I heavily reduced my sugar intake being overweight became a thing of the past. I’ve actually heard that some countries have outlawed Coca-Cola.

    4. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      Cancer is environmental and not so much genetic . There is still a genetic component to it but it’s primarily environmental from consuming heavy metals through water, fluoride, and sugar is the biggest contributor since cancer cells feed of glucose. Anyone who has cancer need to refrain from consuming sugars. Sugar affects your metabolic healthy, damages your mitochondria, it lowers your immunity and it’s best to avoid sugar during the winter cold months when more people are in closed doors. I believe dementia or Alzheimer’s is now being called type 3 diabetes.

    5. Chris, do you think sugar (and carbohydrates in general) are a cheap, artificial replacement for proteins? I mean for energy?

    6. @GLS

      No,its not. The body doesn’t need Carbs to survive,but it IS the most efficient source of energy. I can tell you from personal experience that now that I have achieved at least a baseline of fitness,eating carbs definitely makes quite the difference in my energy/stamina levels. Just today I got back into doing Boxing (after more than 2 weeks of not doing it nor any form of cardio,just lifting weights) and I didn’t do as awful (my conditioning still tanked obviously) as I expected to do because I made sure to eat something (there IS a little bit of protein in that meal,but its mostly carbs with a chocolate drink) before the session.

      In general,the body also functions better with carbs. with insufficient carb intake,my sleep quality sucks,and obviously that alone results in the downgrade of everything else in terms of daily QoL.

      As I’ve said,you CAN function without carbs. One of the folks I follow in the fitness world eats very minimal carbs. His Physique and Strength makes mine (and 99% of the gym population for that matter. he’s a professional Strongman) look pathetic. But even he admits his sleep quality is generally not great,he just manages to push on despite that disadvantage. He has a personal philosophy in regards to getting used to hardship and discomfort. (I myself believe in developing the Strength of Character to overcome adversity. I just don’t agree with making it a regular part of your life. No thanks on that. lol) But unless you want to go on that path yourself,Carbs just make life easier in general for most folks.

      You can go for complex carbs instead of simple carbs though. This doesn’t have to be a black and white thing.

    7. Oh yeah Maou, that’s what I meant. The system has tried to replace healthier energy sources with crap. Due to people growing up without mom making home cooked food, people economically struggling, healthy proteins being unaffordable. Starchy, sugary crap being cheap, quick alternatives.

    8. @GoodLookingAndSleazy

      I would like to expand on Mau talking points. He is correct about carbs. You don’t need carbs to thrive and you also don’t need veggies to be healthy. Am I saying that you should eliminate them? No.

      As for carbs, I would like to make a correction to my previous statement about sugar. When I say sugar is bad I’m referring to highly processed/artificial sugar. Fruits and raw honey, on the other hand, is a great source of carbs. However, too much raw honey can spike up your blood sugar as well as fruits and that’s not good. If you overconsume and eat a lot of highly processed sugar it alters your taste buds. So, when you eat fruit and raw honey it doesn’t taste as good as those store-bought cookies.

      Now to your question, in some ways yes because every single package premade food you buy contains fructose, sucrose, and a bunch of other unhealthy ingredients. Big pharma is always looking for new patients. Have you ever noticed the ingredients list on your food? Have you noticed that the ingredients on your food package is always a mile long or more? Foods with a mile long of ingredients is unhealthy and its not good for your body.

      Maus is also correct about how your body uses carbs for energy. Your body uses glucose easily and converts it into energy more efficiently than fats. If you would like to learn more about the process look into the Krebs cycle how ATP is converted into ADP.

      Now, have you ever heard about long distance runners loading up on carbs days before a marathon? That’s because the body is able to use glucose more efficiently and better for energy than fats. However, once these runners hit mile 18-20 or so a lot of these runners hit the wall in which they have depleted their glucose levels and now their body has to use their fat reserves as energy. Once your body has to use fats it doesn’t easily break down and converted into energy as efficiently as glucose does. This is why you often see aid stations in marathon where volunteers not only provide water to runners but they also provide glucose gels. You can overcome the wall by training high mileage 90 miles plus a week and teaching your body to use fat as fuel.

      Gatorade is also another scam. It’s filled with artificial flavors and it doesn’t replenish the lost electrolytes. Your better off making your own Gatorade. I simply use water, Redmond salt, and raw honey. I also use this when I go hiking on vacations. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of fake honey in the stores.

      On a final note, about energy – Fat is a better source of energy than glucose. Your body essentially needs fats more than glucose for survival. Eating too much protein without fat and be toxic to your body. You can poison yourself, BUT you can eat a lot of fat. So, if you’re not consuming carbohydrates you need to eat more fats to get your energy.

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