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51 thoughts on “Open Thread #315

  1. I have been using various search engines in recent years, mainly Bing and DuckDuckGo. The other day, though, I gave Google another try. The imagine search is as pozzed as ever but it seems that either their employees are getting less competent or their search results have a slightly reduced mainstream focus. For the first time in probably years I got links to various blogs and even forum posts. Well, this likely is only a slip and they will shut this down soon again. By the way, the same is happening on YouTube. It is also possible that they are playing some silly game, i.e. pretending to be less censorious while still demonetizing (I originally wrote demonizing) every site and video that is not on board with the elite agenda.

  2. It seems that indie and small-studio game development has improved dramatically in the last few years. Now companies are even copying the cute Nintendo style. Check out this Hello Kitty mobile game:
    Obviously, it is a shameless Animal Crossing knock-off. This game does not really appeal to me but I am impressed by the visual quality nonetheless.

    1. I cannot answer that. It is probably not a big issue, but please do not take my word for it. In many countries, smoking in public venues is banned anyway, so I wonder how much of a problem it would even be. Note that there are exceptions like Berlin, where smoking indoors is officially banned but venue owners do not care about the law, and the police will not enforce it either. Still, if you are that concerned, you could choose to go to outdoors venues for about half the year if not more, which should reduce the effect of passive smoking on your health.

  3. I posted this in Aaron’s post about life stages and aging, but wanted to repost here to maybe generate more responses:

    I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit recently as I’ve been planning my long term future more. Particularly this relates to retirement planning, and investing money now and when to cash out. Currently in my late 20s.

    It’s a tough act to land due to compound interest. The way compound interest works is that the vast majority of gains tend to happen at the end. Warren Buffet made 99% of his wealth after age 55, and 90% after age 75. For a regular guy, retiring at 62 vs 65 vs 70 can make a big difference as to how much money you have for retirement, or even if it lasts. Not to mention inheritance, if you have children and trust your heirs. In the US 60% of lifetime Healthcare costs occur the last 6 months of life.

    The difficult part for me is that while I would be perfectly happy retiring early with a modest amount of wealth it’s impossible to tell how much money you’ll actually need, and for how long. You could try to retire early at 55, run out of money at 75, then be stuck in poverty since your professional skills have atrophied + ageism. We can have the best planning in the world but you never know what will happen.

    I’m not sure what the answer is. Right now I’m trying to save/invest as much as reasonablely possible, not because I plan to retire early [I’m being conservative and assuming I’ll work until 70] but because I don’t know when the gravy train will end. I have a good job… FOR NOW. But what is AI takes it? My particular sector gets flooded with cheap labor? What if im earning a lot of money at age 50, get laid off, and then struggle to find another job in my field (I would be an “old white male” after all)?

    This all to say, it’s a difficult act to balance delayed gratification vs life being short and chaotic.

    1. There is a post I have been sitting on, with the working title “Our Provisional Lives”. It addresses this very issue. In the past, you could have planned your life and even made projections about our investments. However, if you look back at just to the last fifteen to twenty years, you will notice that the volatility in our economy, and in society, has been getting worse and worse. The last five years have been completely bonkers. We have now normalized “gender reassignment”. Of course there has been inflation in the 1970s as well, and there were hippies and weed, but today, it is not just inflation, you also get sky high housing prices, mass immigration from the third world, and all-out psychological war waged by the elites, divorce-crazy women, teachers who want to put your son on puberty blockers, mass-vaxxing, the climate hoax, etc. Don’t expect to live off your investments in your old age because the elites may just collapse the currency or force you into some bizarre “digital dollar”, controlling your spending. I do not want to sound like a doomer, but I would advise you to take any plan you may make with a big grain of salt.

    2. The sex was amazing, and she made sure to boost my ego by telling me to be super careful with my big cock until she became accustomed to it.

      I always wondered why girls never say anything like that, and that it must be cultural. In porn if the penis is even a bit larger, they always have this “Ommmmg uuuur dick is hyooge” acting out thing.

      I measured myself, and found I am above average. Not like monster-above, but somewhat above average, which I think is a 1 in 50 guys size, can’t remember exactly. I have never ever ever ever ever ever in my life had a girl mention anything. But chances are it’s the largest they’ve seen or at least second largest.

      One thought I had was… maybe it’s like everything else. The top 10% or top 5% isn’t impressive to a woman, it has to be top 0.00001% for them to say anything.

      But another thought I have is that girls believe they shouldn’t say nice things to guys or compliment guys. Because they never do (unless drunk or over 30 of course).

    3. Actually one did. But just one. When I pulled it out, her eyes lit up… and she was like… oh welll… mmm… “that’s just the right size”. But it almost sounded like “it’s ok, it’s not too small”. It’s almost like chicks are trained not to “inflate your ego”.

      Had I not measured it and looked at the studies, I would have thought I have a small dick.

    4. Lol I clicked the wrong reply button. Those comments were supposed to go under pickernannys story about the latina.

    5. “I do not want to sound like a doomer, but I would advise you to take any plan you may make with a big grain of salt.”

      I agree 100%, but what’s the alternative? Living strictly in the moment? I’m fully expecting everything to slowly collapse as a society in my lifetime, as we are seeing.

    6. My approach has been to work on transferable skillsets to ensure that my employability does not depend on my physical location. My savings are furthermore in two different countries. I am also working on getting more knowledgeable about horticulture. I would advise you to not live in the moment. This is a very relevant point as I know people who have thrown in the towel and seemingly dropped all ambition in life. However, if you do that then your existence is at the full mercy of the government.

  4. I just got back from spending the night with this spicy little Latina chick. First time I’ve ever banged a chick that wasn’t white. Honestly, it was a very positive experience. Latin chicks tend to be really short on average also, which is pretty hot. One thing I’d caution is that once they hit their late 20s to early 30s, they seem to start getting stalky or something. So I’d be careful if anyone here starts banging out a younger one and becoming enamored.

    This chick probably has some of the nicest calves I’ve ever seen, btw. And her ass was so firm and tight. The sex was amazing, and she made sure to boost my ego by telling me to be super careful with my big cock until she became accustomed to it. This is also the first chick I can think of in a long fucking time that kept wanting me to suggest new music to her, for example, and would prod to see what other things I liked regarding various topics. She’s a 1st generation American, so I wonder if her coming from a tight knit sort of family has something to do with how considerate she is. She was definitely a lot more pleasant than pretty much all the white American chicks I’ve ever banged.

    It’s not all as it seems, though. The way this happened is I had been keeping an eye on her for a couple months. She’s at this place I work at on contract, and at some point when I was trying to seduce her she dropped the fact that she had a boyfriend of like 5 years back home. When I backed off, though, she started sort of following me around. This next part might be the best part of all this, however. It’s that she waited until her last couple days of her contract to reach out to me and ask me to come over for the night. She just wanted to get some dick before she went back home to her boyfriend, with whom she lives with.

    It did take some convincing on my part. One sort of line I always drop in these sort of situations, whether it’s a work acquaintance or some chick that’s in a relationship (they all sort of are), is to just bluntly let them know that I’m not trying to causing them any drama or hurt their reputation. I tell them that they’re free to do whatever they want without consequence, even if it doesn’t favor what I want—no worries.

    Side note: but what is it with every chick wanting you to tell them that their pussy belongs to you while you’re smashing it? I forgot to say this while we were fucking, but she made sure to ask me. Btw, we fucked three times total. Soon she will delete me off of her snapchat and I’ll probably never hear from her again. I most certainly will never see her again.

    1. This sounds like a great experience. Latinas also have a reputation for losing their good looks quite early, but surely white girls have caught up in this regard.

      About women telling you that their pussy is yours: She means that it is yours while your dick is in it. This reminds me of some stand-up comic who joked that when you suspect that a woman is cheating on you and you question her, she will always, in her mind, truthfully tell you that she faithful to you. This is because she is not, in this very moment, gobbling some other guy’s cock.

    2. It’s usually in their 30s where they start to gain weight and, well, all start to look the same. I don’t know if it’s their calorie rich diet, or lack of exercise. Ya know, Mexican work ethic lol. When white chicks age they tend to work out more, but for some it’s too late.

    3. Aaron: “This sounds like a great experience.”

      Yes, it was one of the better ones. Coupled with the ridiculously beautiful view she had from her remote condo rental. I never could have guessed all that would have gone down.

      Aaron: “She means that it is yours while your dick is in it.”

      She did mention that she almost didn’t go through with it because of the guilt. She then went on to rationalize explaining about the times she caught her man messaging other chicks, then she joked that he probably didn’t have enough game to get another one. Apparently, he has a lot of anger issues that turn her off. The exact that involve playing COD and rage quitting by breaking multiple controllers. I also got the typical, “I don’t normally do this, but it’s YOU.” Implying that I’m such a rare kind of guy that she had little control over her actions. She gave me a black pair of panties as a trophy, btw, probably hoping that I’ll always remember her. I definitely will lol.

      GL&S: “It’s usually in their 30s where they start to gain weight and, well, all start to look the same.”

      I’d describe it as they start to look like they’re injecting HGH or something, literally their shoulders and back start getting wider. I guess it’s just really odd weight distribution. This one Mexican chick in particular at work was showing off her younger days pictures, and I was completely floored by her transformation. I’ve seen plenty of older Hispanic chicks that sport that same kind of build.

      Alek: “One thought I had was… maybe it’s like everything else. The top 10% or top 5% isn’t impressive to a woman, it has to be top 0.00001% for them to say anything.”

      Man, I’m starting to wonder if the chicks where you’re from are stone cold. I feel like plenty of the chicks I messed around with grew up watching at least some porn, then probably watched it semi-regularly as the became adults. I’ve gotten compliments on my junk before, but this chick definitely went the extra mile to please me. I remember the last time we went at it I was pretty desensitized and working hard for it. She really turned up the performance and the dirty talk for that one. Another nice thing was that she would put on movies that I liked in between sessions and rib my chest and abdomen etc. while I recovered. She’d ask me lots of questions about myself, too. That’s what all blew my mind. I’ve had maybe one other chick that seemed that genuinely interested in me as a person.

      Funny follow up the story: I woke up and read her message about how her roommate came home that morning and freaked out. We all worked graveyard shift and the Latina chick stayed home while her roommate was finishing her last shift of her contract. She stated that she wasn’t going to ever tell her friend because it would freak her out lol. But anyway, I remember when I got to the condo and she was giving me the tour, I stopped and used her roommate’s bathroom. Well, I left the seat up and she didn’t know what to make of it when she came home and found it that way.

    4. Man, I’m starting to wonder if the chicks where you’re from are stone cold. I feel like plenty of the chicks I messed around with grew up watching at least some porn, then probably watched it semi-regularly as the became adults. I’ve gotten compliments on my junk before, but this chick definitely went the extra mile to please me. I remember the last time we went at it I was pretty desensitized and working hard for it. She really turned up the performance and the dirty talk for that one. Another nice thing was that she would put on movies that I liked in between sessions and rib my chest and abdomen etc. while I recovered.

      Oh I’ve gotten plenty of porn-like experiences, just never a size comment.

      But I think this is the norm, as I was reading through penis-enlargement forums. There’s threads and threads of guys wondering about the same thing. Some of them have been stretching for years and have gotten to monster-sizes. They say chicks never comment on it, at least not positively. If they break up with a dude they’ll use it a slight.

    5. I have also gotten a lot of positive comments about the size of my dick. Some even lauded the shape. Interestingly, inexperienced women seem to not make any remarks about your size, but this is because they have not seen enough dicks in the real world. In your case, it may be the case that you bang a lot of women who have not been with many men but it is also possible that there are cultural differences. You could confirm this by talking to other slayers in your area.

    6. It’s probably a mix of the two. Most of the chicks I banged claimed I was their first non-boyfriend lay, and that they had only been with 1-2 guys before I came a long.

      I don’t do well with sluts, they hate my guts, so its possible that I’ve genuinely not been with girls who have lots of dicks to compare with.

      Many of them were freaky and wild and really good in bed, but maybe its possible to develop those skills in multi-year relationships.

    7. “I don’t do well with sluts, they hate my guts, so its possible that I’ve genuinely not been with girls who have lots of dicks to compare with.”

      – Do you suspect that you currently being on the flabby side of things (I could be wrong,but I think you’ve said this not that long ago) has anything to do with this? Or was this true even when you were in the best shape of your life and physical prime?

    8. Actually it was more true in my prime. When I got out of shape and gained status, sluts started showing interest in me, and hitting on me.

    9. I think for sluts to hit on you and be attracted, it’s probably the case that you need to be either a chad, or super-high-value in another way. And it’s not that they were mean to me in particular. Sluts are generally nasty and rude to any guy they don’t see a benefit from fucking or interacting with.

      I was never a chad, I was a “chad-light”. That’s not enough to be in the “valuable enough for me to fuck” criteria of sluts. When I gained status, they stopped being rude and many started kissing my ass. It’s kind of black and white with sluts. They either kiss your ass or you treat you like garbage. Very utilitarian.

    1. We tend to make fun of Short-man Syndrome,but honestly,when this is your experience in your day to day,can we really blame short men for developing that complex?

      I don’t think the demographic of this blog is any stranger to these experiments though. Its stuff we’ve already seen and know. it reminded me of this oldie goldie: (start at 3:25)

      That good ol Halo Effect phenomenon.

    2. Holy shit,I just realized…

      regarding our previous convo,Aaron,you can skip to the timestamp of 6:25 in the video. Man,I have to wonder if what the tall subject experienced here is related to what I’m experiencing with folks hunching that I’m well-off. Man,I’d probably be giving up a lot of natural advantages moving out of my home country.

      There’s just a lot of things about my country that I’m very unsatisfied with,to put it lightly. But I probably will have to take that into account if I really do seriously make the decision to elsewhere one day.

    3. The reason people move out of the way of tall guy is because of physical dominance. This is very obvious. The small guy is invisible, which is why people bump into him. This is not a mystery at all. The comparison with subtle markers of status is therefore not appropriate.

    4. I was referring to the video by FaceandLMS. Strangers making positive assumptions about the tall guy’s income and line of work (status),and even negative assumptions outside of just those for the short guy. (“He’s not very happy,and I think he’s having a difficult situation in his life right now” – 7:20)

    5. But how is this surprising? Height is an extremely obvious feature, even compared to markers of socio-economic status. Of course, it is also the case that these two factors are positively correlated.

    1. Did a quick search on Google. There is a dermatologist with the same name who is 39 yo. I assume thats her. She looks at least 10 years younger which is pretty impressive.

    2. Yeah, she’s a cosmetic dermatologist. And she’s very honest. For example if she lifts her chin, you can notice she’s 40, because that’s the one thing that’s very stubborn and none of this stuff (creams etc) deals with that. Even expensive plastic surgery struggles with that part. Head on she looks 30.

    3. @Alek

      In a previous thread you mentioned this procedure is very cheap in your country? May I ask where are you based? I kinda have this idea you are in eastern europe, but I dont remember you mentioning it.

    4. @aaron, I submitted this comment before but didn’t type in my full username, so it’s moderation. Please feel free to delete that copy.

      Not ultherapy, but other ultrasound procedures (older ones). I think ultherapy is uniquely expensive, though I haven’t studied it. I don’t see a reason why it’s more expensive . I think the reason the ones I looked at are cheaper is not just because of location, but also because they are older (more established) versions.

      I haven’t had time to research further, since I don’t need this stuff. I got great results from skincare, and I’m only 2 months in. By the 6 month mark I am going to reassess, but I should have achieved all of my goals through skincare alone.

      Btw, here’s the top example of what’s possible without surgery (just skincare and treatments):

      She is 46, almost 47.

    5. Alek, may I ask what your skincare regimen is? I know you’ve posted bits and pieces of it on the blog before, but I haven’t gathered all the info together.

      Dr. Kappel does look good for 46, though the lady has more makeup on her than a Sephora store. 🙂 Plus I don’t trust doctors who put up photos like this:*IbBesnxf130Vnfou6oQPnw.jpeg

      Or this: (in case the above link stops working)

      I prefer my doctors to be old men with hair coming out of their ears, heh. 🙂

      Chris Gibson is darn impressive, though! He could easily pass for 35-40. Do you know if he has a video with the structure of his skin care regimen? Sorry if I sound lazy – I did try to look through his stuff, but he’s made a lot of videos, so it’s a bit hard to navigate through them all.

    6. My regimen is not a good example coz I overdo everything I ever try. It’s far from a 90/10 example.

      I think a 90/10 approach would be:

      1) A peptide buffet
      (mix which includes peptides adressing different concerns including dynamic lines
      2) Adepolene

      That’s it. It’s similar to everything else (bodybuilding included). The overcomplicated training regimens in bodybuilding only give 5% more results than keeping it simple. Same in everything else, including skincare.

    7. Holy shit Alek,those are some amazing results! Hopefully Aaron can soon implement some sort of “search by user post” search mechanics for this blog,if not an overall improvement. I’m definitely gonna want to come back to these resources at some point in the future.

      “My regimen is not a good example coz I overdo everything I ever try. It’s far from a 90/10 example.”

      Some of us get really passionate about certain pursuits,beyond just the generalist benefits. I definitely get you there. You’re more into fitness than I originally thought,as you’ve told me you have the kind of muscle you’d expect from someone training seriously for 3-4 years,and you haven’t even regained all your previous muscle just yet!

      Getting a bit off topic here,if I were to use Martial Arts as an example(of which I seem to be the resident guy here for that nowadays),if all you care about is self-defense applicability, I’d say a well-designed Combatives Program (that after you train for a couple of months to a year,you only invest on training in again every 1-2 months for skill retention),with a class/lecture on soft-skills such as Awareness, Avoidance, De-escalation, and Disengagement (As boring as these sound,they are actually more important than the physical fighting skills),is a much bigger bang per your buck than dedicating yourself to any specific Martial Art discipline.

      Krav Maga was mentioned a few times here as an example. There are sadly issues with quality control that has to be accounted for (that’s sadly the consequences of anything getting into the mainstream),but if you can find a school that trains like this:

      You’ve struck absolute gold. More examples of specialized Combatives programs I can think of off the top of my head right now is Pramek and Gracie Combatives. (the latter is mostly for grappling competence so they’re not complete self-defense training,but they definitely cover the niche they specialize in very well)

    8. Well I’ve been lifting on and off for 21 years now. I even had a “want to be a pro BB/trainer” phase 15 years ago. I even started some online businesses around this.

    9. That’s also another thing with natural vs steroid gains. It’s really difficult to lose natural gains. You see the hollywood actors who deflate like ballons the moment they don’t need it for a role.

      In these 21 years I’ve had breaks that are 1-2 years along, and never lost all of the gained muscle. Like natural muscle sticks around.

    10. If I’m not mistaken,this is a big part of the reason seasoned folks in this field recommend steroids ONLY after a substantial amount of training and you’re absolutely near (if not AT) your natural peak. It only makes sense to start the roids if you want to be able execute that hack we’ve spoken before about permanently increasing your FFMI. (some choose to go on the roids for life,but I think most of us will agree here that has way more downsides than upsides)

      If you use roids and try to shortcut your way to your natural peak,you’re gonna have to be very meticulous on how you go off the roids and train in the way to keep as much of those gains as you can.

      I think the one possible exception would maybe be if you started training very late in life. Like if you started training in your late 30’s/40’s,and you just can’t afford to invest the years before you see substantial results/get to your peak. That’s just a hypothesis on my part though.

      By the start of the new year,I’ll be 29 and will have completed my first consistent year of serious weight training. Definitely a substantial difference. Whether or not I ever choose to go through with the roid hack we talked about earlier,I think I can afford to wait until I’ve been consistently training till 32 before seriously thinking about it again.

    11. Thanks, Alek! 🙂 Do you have any brands of peptide buffet you recommend? Gotta admit it’s a new thing to me – before this I never even heard the term, and had too google what it was, heh. 🙂

      Adapalene is by prescription only here, and to get a prescription you need to have a bad case of acne, which I don’t. Do you know if there are any substitutes that, if not as effective, at least work somewhat well?

  5. Aaron do you think if the West were never influenced by Judiasm, but instead of by Zues and Thore that we would be better off? Every time I think of the holiday season I think of Pagan gods. I think a part of our history has been robbed from us. However, the ancient traditions still survive in these holidays in different forms 🙂

    1. You can be very sure that Western society, based on pagan traditions instead of Christianity as well as a good heaping of Jewish influence on top would be a lot different.

    2. Christianity is quite clearly the superior religion, whether you look at its actual morality or the practical results of the nations that have adopted it.

      Judaism and the various paganisms are, by comparison, more primitive religions.

    3. How well have Christian countries been doing in the last few decades? It seems they lack resilience against outside influences. Of course, it is also the case that there has been an onslaught on Christianity since the very beginning, so this aspect also should not be ignored. However, I would be careful about making a argument about “true Christianity” and how it would be superior religion as this sounds a lot like typical arguments put forward by leftists about socialism.

    4. Christianity has an almost two thousand year old track record. Not perfect, but overall good.

      To be compared with socialism, which has a track record of a bit over 100 years, and pretty much all negative.

      I’d argue that the decline of Christianity in the west has coincided with the decline of the west itself.

    5. Leftists can easily weaponise Christianity against us, which they have on many occasions. Jesus was an internationalist. That’s why is so easily exportable. Like communism.

    6. To be fair, Islam wasnt doing so good either in the 20th century. There was a deliberate choice made by the UK, and later by the US, to support islamism as a bulwark against the expansion of socialism. Notice how they allied with the wahhabi-promoting Saudis and their minions in the Gulf.
      Even Qatar, which is a rival of the saudis, is an ally of the US, and supports a different brand of islamism (Muslim Brotherhood).

      Process got turbocharged in the 1970s with the oil shocks, which rained untold millions of dollars on the Gulf monarchies, allowing them to proselityze worldwide.

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