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Sexual Awkwardness and Further Reduced Fertility is the New Normal

As I am man of culture, I consume a bit of smut here and there. I have come across quite a few seedy mangas and visual novels that had surprisingly well thought out characters and also believable situations, and I found them to be an adequate reflection of certain real-world aspects involving horny women who wanted to avoid getting a reputation as sluts. Of course, there are also sluts who embrace their bad reputation. Women who cheat compulsively exist in the real world, and it is also true that certain demographics have more sex than others. Some of the stories I like best are about such episodes of debauchery, before the real world comes calling again. Examples include the “summer love” trope, where accidental lovers need to part at the end of the vacation, or casual sex at college. In some recent releases, though, it seems that the writing is getting worse, featuring horny women who exhibit less and less realistic behavioral traits. I will first highlight one such example and afterwards muse about a possible connection to societal trends we have been seeing, and future developments.

A few days ago, I read the visual novel (VN) Secret Pie. It caught my interest due to the artwork, which is by Kidmo. He has quite a following online, but I have been reading that he has gotten into some legal difficulties. Perhaps he just wants to keep a low profile nowadays. Anyway, the art in this VN is fantastic. The story, however, is not. In this VN, the protagonist has a rich uncle and becomes the owner of an apartment complex, but the agreement is that he has to also take on the role of caretaker. You then meet three women, all of whom exhibit mostly completely unrealistic behavior, whereas good smut is grounded in reality. The first woman is a young professional who upholds an image of perfection. Of course she invites her new landlord in, and as she notices his boner, which he got due to drinking her stimulating tea, and looking at her ample breasts, it is her duty to rectify this situation. This made me laugh because it was so ridiculous. The next woman is characterized a bit better: she is a fully self-absorbed e-thot who makes money online on an OnlyFans-inspired website. She wants to manipulate the protagonist, which is believable, and if you have jumped through enough hoops, she spreads her legs (lol). Bizarrely, the sex scene happens on the floor, right next to a bed. In the real life, this leads to carpet burn, so whoever wrote this scene probably does not have a lot of experience. The third chick bangs you because you are nice to hear and tell her that she is a great artist (lol, again). There is no subtlety, no suspense, and not even any plausible transition from not-sex to sex.

After shelving Secret Pie, I wondered why the writer did not bother doing a better job. The production values of this game are quite high, so it is obvious that they cared about their creation. Then I wondered if the problem is that the writer had no frame of reference. I am going out on a limb here, but I think that the last few years to perhaps a decade have seen a fundamental shift in society. Clearly, the easy availability of pornography has shaped views on sex. Quite likely, women began to shave their pussy as a response to watching porn for inspiration. Anal bleaching is a relatively recent phenomenon. Young women also seem to perceive pornography as somewhat real. There was a time when women were hesitant to suck a guy’s dick. Some would tell you that this is something only prostitutes do. Today, this is no longer the case, and you will find women who work hard on getting rid of their gag reflex so that they can deep-throat your cock, or any other they happened to come across. While this may sound amusing to some, what I find more baffling is hearing about women who do not enjoy the sex acts they engage in but do so anyway because they think that this is what men expect.

According to recent survey results, people are having less and less sex. The zoomers have less sex compared to any other cohort going back fifty or sixty years. In combination with the influence of pornography, you therefore have two trends working towards the same goal. On the one hand, people have less sex but on the other, when they do have sex, the engage in behavior that has been patterned after porn. Thus, it may be that this is a self-amplifying overall trend: Women and men develop a warped view on sexuality, with leads to a subpar experience, in particular for women, who in turn may want to have even less sex in the future. This is purely speculative, of course, but it would not surprise me if a woman who thinks she has to debase herself like some slut in the porn business walks away deeply dissatisfied by the experience. If anyone would have the goal of turning young men and women away from sex, and thus reduce the fertility rate even further, then this would certainly be a viable approach. For added impact, you could put young women and men on meds like SSRIs or Ritalin. I have a hunch that these interventions focus on whites, but I could be completely wrong so I will refrain from making any wild claims in this regard.

16 thoughts on “Sexual Awkwardness and Further Reduced Fertility is the New Normal

  1. The pattern of reduced sexual activity for younger generations has caught my attention as well. One major driver of this, in my opinion, is the simultaneous rise of social media and smartphones. It used to be that you had to go out of your house to be able to interact with other people, and socialize in person.

    The type of socialization that happens over social media is different and decidedly inferior, so there is more awkwardness. More kids grow up with their frames of reference being distorted by the carefully curated images their peers cultivate for their online personas, in addition of what they see in tv fiction and porn (a different type of fiction).

    So it would not be surprising if as a consequence more authors have less real world experience, resulting in less compelling narratives.

    1. “The type of socialization that happens over social media is different and decidedly inferior, so there is more awkwardness.”

      I’ve noticed that chicks will be at home and they’ll full on do their hair and makeup, as well as put on a nice outfit just to sit there in their house and send guys pictures or upload to their stories across social media. Rarely do they post something of them genuinely doing something interest. Just stuff like them showing off their ass in a pair of jeans they’re buying in the changing room mirror.

  2. I didn’t understand why the floor scene was unrealistic. But maybe I need to see the comic. I once banged a freak like this, to completion. I was on Cialis, so there were multiple completions with very short breaks in between.

    But after completing on the floor like this and cumming in her mouth, as she was on the floor. After a short break, she got up, and spread her hands and placed them on the office window. This was on the top floor of an office building, looking at the city park. So imagine she spread her hands on this wall-height window looking at a park full of people, and just popped her ass for me to stick it in, doggy-style. The window thing overlooking a full part of people was her idea. But a fond memory for me nonetheless.

    She was older, I was younger and in my physical peak. But freaks do exist. I found the floor hot precisely because it’s uncomfortable for the chick (I think). It’s kind of an act of submission. I’ll get banged against a hard-wood floor just to get your semen.

    1. And I’ve fingered many, many girls on the floor. I think I have a fetish for floors, for some reason. Walls are my second favorite. Not very fond of beds.

    2. Are you familiar with apartments that have wall-to-wall carpeting? They are not common at all in Continental Europe, but in other parts of the world they do exist. I find them really gross.

    3. Perhaps I should have added some more detail. In this particular scene, both are on the floor, naked. The guy is kneeling, she is on the carpet, and this happens right next to a comfortable bed. Even if we are talking about the softest carpet in the world, it strikes me as absurd to bang a chick on the floor next to a very comfortable bed, in particular with the shown amount of various fluids. Sure, it may be kinkier, but it is also a lot less pleasant and afterwards you have clean the carpet, which is a lot more time consuming than throwing bed sheets into the washing machine.

    4. Yes I’ve never banged a chick on a carpet. Though I have fingered plenty on a carpet.

      That’s before before moving them to a wall, chair, kitchen sink, shower or even bed for actual penile penetration

    5. About the chicks fingered on carpet. Yes fully clothed, just sticking fingers in. I bet a nasty carpet would be painful to a naked body, not just akward (like a hard wood floor)

      Are you familiar with apartments that have wall-to-wall carpeting

      That does sound bad.

    1. You can get Secret Pie on Steam, but it is only visible when you log in as it is a pornographic game.

  3. I just came across another good example of really awkward writing. In a VN about a one night stand between an older guy and a younger woman, the story is set up as follows: a young woman goes into a bar. The bar is empty all the time, and as the bar keeper takes pity on her, her approaches her. She then just tells him that earlier today she walked into her best friend and her now ex-boyfriend. Oh, and now she is in this bar because she wants to be picked up. In all seriousness, anyone believing that this is the start of a realistic story line must have zero or effectively zero experience with women.

    1. Any of you guys ever read The Diary of Anne Frank? It’s been called into question by “people with agendas,” and “holocaust deniers.” Lol as if holocaust promoters don’t have an agenda. Besides it says they died of Typhus which killed many civilians and military alike during the war. For being such killing machines, the Germans said, fuck it let Typhus do it.

      Oh yeah, I heard Schindler’s List is bullshit too.

    2. I am sure that if both the Diary of Anne Frank and Schindler’s List are not real, which I have absolutely no reason to believe, but even if this was the case, in some parallel universe, then those stories would still be “real in their mind”. I vaguely recall that questioning the authenticity of the Anne Frank diaries can get you into serious legal troubles, even if you engage in objective scientific approaches, like trying to date the age of the pen she used. Presumably, the science is settled there as well, so there is no need to wrack your little brain, goy!

    3. I think it is easy to build up the image of your supposed smartness if you can suppress all criticism. I am not sure that we can consider Jews particularly intelligent. The one study that supposedly showed that Askhenazi Jews have an IQ of 115 also showed that white children had an IQ of 117, so the argument that Jewish influence is due to superior intelligence does not seem to pass muster. However, I readily accept the claim that Jews are devious, and that they have a strong in-group preference. This approach works for them as long as it does not, as the history of Jews and gentiles illustrates. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it seems that once Jewish influence has reached a tipping point then societal conditions become a bit unstable, as we can currently observe in the United States as well as Europe.

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