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23 thoughts on “Open Thread #308

  1. Been using the Tretinoin 0.1% (strongest formula) for a while now. Agetool thing says I look 5 years younger than my chronological age today. Took a bit to get past the irritation phase with this strength tret.

    1. Sure, but none of that matters if Chris disapproves. Think of that when you bang chicks 5 years younger than otherwise. No pussy feels as good as approval from Chris.

    2. Lmao. Please Chris, come guide us. The Tretinoin, especially the 0.1%, makes you face itch quite a bit early on. I usually wash my face before bed, put on some hyaluronic acid, the tret, then a derma approved moisturizer right after and as needed. That’s on top of some other minor shit, but that’s where the bulk of the results came from.

    3. I’ve just managed to find oral hyaluronic acid locally, first in a cosmetics store. I had given up it even existing locally.

      But even better yet today, I found a product in a bodybuilding supplement store that has BOTH collagen AND hyaluronic acid in the same serving (and chondroitin and other joint stuff), and it’s a good deal, so I’m adding that to my insecurity stack as well.

    4. I have not heard of consuming hyaluronic acid before. I’m guessing Chris would mot approve, though.

    5. Shhh don’t tell him.

      But yah with all of these things there’s both a topical and an oral version. I also take oral collagen for example.

      You could get younger skin by just taking just oral hylaronic and oral collagen. Though it’s not as fast or as powerful as topical tretinoin (which forces your body to produce more collagen).

      However the orals have other (not just cosmetic) benefits as well and using them in combination should get better results than either alone.

  2. Aaron,do you feel its still better to be raised (as a son,I mean) by a single father,even if he is a weak cuck,than it is to be raised by a typical western woman?

    I don’t know if you’ve guys have ever been aware of “Charlie Zelenoff” (the lolcow of the Combat Sports/Boxing world,except worse because he actually assaults innocent people),but read the comments there. This is the first time I’ve learned that the father raising and enabling,isn’t even his biological daddy! I’m sure you can already tell that the dude is weak just from watching the video,but I think that explains a whole lot on how Charlie ended up the way he did. (although we can’t downplay that mental illness definitely played a central role in and of itself)

    1. Both options seem pretty bad. It is probably better for a son to be raised by a typical Western guy than the typical Western woman, but if they guy is a total cuck, which is not yet the norm, then he may even get more screwed up as a son is more likely to identify with the father than the mother.

    2. Here’s a fun little comparison of Schwarzenegger’s sons. The one on the left was apparently raised by Arnold himself, while the one on the right was raised by Maria:

      However, the undisciplined son has more recently gotten his act together fitness-wise. It took him until his late 20s, though.

    3. The guy on the left is Joseph Baena, the outcome of Schwarzenegger banging his maid, and the stated reason of his divorce. From what I read, Schwarzenegger did not have a lot of contact with the former, and surely he also enjoyed only a fraction of the wealth that was showered onto the latter, who reminds me of the fat slob of a son of one of the protagonists in GTA V.

    4. @Pickernanny

      I’m only now speaking it out,but sadly,I can’t seem to access that website you link to whenever you post an image. Wonder if its a regional block thing.

    5. The more privileged son has a mullet now and got into shape recently. He’s barely recognizable. Good genes I suppose.

    1. The article clearly speaks of obesity and weight gain, not pregnancy, e.g.:

      One study that tracked the weights of over 8,000 people. Trusted Source found that, on average, married women gain 24 pounds in the first five years of marriage. Women who cohabitate, but aren’t married, only gain 18 pounds, while women who are in a relationship but living separately gain 15 pounds.

      If they were all pregnant, it would be phrased much differently. Also, pregnancies do not take five years, and women are also able to lose weight again afterwards.

    2. One can make the argument that the stresses of parenthood (I’m assuming most of these married couples are parents) might play a not-insignificant factor to the weight gain.

      I’d be interested to hear how childfree couples fare,although many chicks do indeed let themselves go once the ring is on their finger. Folks get complacent when they feel too secure,so it wouldn’t surprise me too much if the result isn’t that different.

    3. I’ve come to the conclusion that women are fat, because they can get away with it; it’s simple as that.

      I realized this when I noticed that all chicks I knew (as part of my job I meet a lot of 18 year olds, first year college students)… all of them became fatter by 3rd or 4th year (21-22). EXCEPT for some girls. And you know what the girls who remained with a petite body at 21-22 and beyond all had in common? They had a role based on their looks. So chicks working in boutiques, modelling, dancers, hostesses. Magically those girls manage to not gain the “obligatory student 20 pounds” and stay in the same shape they were at 18.

      That tells me that if chicks want to, they will. If they’re getting paid to be thin, they will. Also, I remember pre-feminism days when chicks dieted like crazy to be attractive for guys. So that was a reason even for chicks who didn’t stay in shape for a living.

      The latest trends tell them “be a slob, you deserve a top-tier guy for merely breathing, you don’t have to do anything to deserve him”. They bought it, and now they’re lazy and slouch off.

    4. Alek,I think you’ve said you actually have quite a good number of close female friends.

      Did your presence in their lives influence them to stay on the right path by any chance? haha.

    5. Alek is right that women get fat because they can get away with it.

      The idea that pregnancy brings weight gain is a western myth. I’m not speaking of the baby itself, which will obviously add on more and more weight as it grows. But the excessive weight gain we often see in pregnant and post-pregnant women is not a natural thing, it’s simple overeating.

      In other countries with different food cultures you don’t see this phenomenon. For example, Japanese women commonly don’t get fat during pregnancy, and are often back to normal weight shortly after pregnancy.

      We just have a culture that expects and encourages women to overeat when pregnant here in the west. The actual extra energy need for pregnant women is only around a few hundred calories.

      I remember reading advice for American women who moved to Japan, and it went along the lines of “Japanese physicians do not have the same view on weight gain during pregnancy as American physicians do, and they may react with great worry if you gain significant weight.”

      Yeah, because they follow the science, and don’t pander to women wishing to use pregnancy as an excuse to become land whales.

    1. It seems like the trend has been that Israeli youth have become more intensely Zionist. Ugh at the Christian dude at the end sucking off Zionism. Those types really piss me off.

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