The Mainstream is Freaking Out Over AI Thots

The Daily Mail posted a story about “AI-generated influencers” who financially exploit vulnerable men. This is a really big problem. Because, as we all know, the mainstream is really, really concerned about how well men are doing. Here, the Daily Mail is standing up for Joe Average who may get tricked into donating some of his hard-earned cash to some Twitch thot who is not even real. Thus, the money goes to some scammer. This is the reason. There is absolutely no chance that the mainstream is instead concerned about real women no longer being able to extract horrendous amounts of money from simps.

The AI thot shown in the images in the article I linked to looks a bit fake, but the quality is apparently good enough. For instance, if the tits are rendered well, no man will notice that this non-existent chick has six fingers. Yet, technological progress will take care of those issues, too.

The argument that those women are not real is odd. Any thot on Instagram or Twitch who uses heavy make-up, filters, and lighting to improve her appearance is likewise not real as her image has nothing to do with reality. Furthermore, in both cases you are only looking at pixels on a screen anyway. Thus, the comparison is between an AI thot and a real thot who uses AI to improve her looks. Why not just cut out the middle man, er, thot in the middle?

I know that the Daily Mail is really worried about men getting scammed. However, dear Daily Mail editors, this is only a temporary phenomenon. In the near future, men will be able to create virtual women with a click of a button. Thus, the business model of the people behind AI thots will not last long. The big problem is that any product that appeals to a group of people needs to lose its edge, at least to some extent. In contrast, if you could generate the thot of your dreams, for instance with a program suite called “Instant Thot Creator”, which may cost as little as $9.99 per month, you would not need to content yourself with an AI thot that was designed to have mass or niche appeal. You can instead create exactly the thot you want. AI thots may spell the end of real thots making six figures or more online. Customizable AI thots, however, will completely destroy this scene, just like fast Internet and cheap video hosting completely wrecked the porn industry. Porn stars no longer exists; the common business model seems to be that those porn whores use clips as advertising and make money by turning tricks, er, escorting. In a few years, Instagram or Twitch thots who make an easy living online will no longer exist either. They may likewise have to venture out in the real world if they no longer want to starve, but there is a good chance that there will  be thot-flation, making it very difficult for them to make a living this way.

6 thoughts on “The Mainstream is Freaking Out Over AI Thots

  1. What’s equally amazing about this Daily Mail writeup is, that those editors, who are suddenly soooo concerned about the wellfare of men in society, sooner or later are going to be replaced by A.I. technology as well. Now, isn’t that a really cool perk of this situation? 😉

  2. The e-thots making anything above 3 figures were always a minority, the ones raking in 6 figures were a fraction of that minority.

    Truth be told, its not just the images they generate, you can just as easily see them for free on pornhub or xvideos. In order to monetize there has to be a compelling story for peoole to follow, or for simps to like and subscribe, eg some fiction of intimacy.

    1. I posted the previous message without fully completing my thoughts.

      I think AI thots may destroy the market for lower priced thots.

      However, since a lot of people value authenticity, I can easily see some of the real girls commanding a premium for being certifiably authentic.

    2. Of course only a very small number of thots are able to make big bucks on OnlyFans. The same was true in porn. The last big porn stars were Jenna Jameson and Jesse Jane, and the latter peaked about twenty years ago. The current crop of big earners in porn make almost all their money via OnlyFans. However, we will soon be at a point where the bottom will fall out and there will no longer be the potential for any thot to make six figures a month.

  3. You know, I was just thinking about the irony of all this AI business here lately. Like, how all the blue collar people were being psy-oped into thinking all their jobs would be automated and such. However, the reality seems to be that the automation of the creative and entertainment industries, and thus the libshit careers, are going first.

    1. This is a sweet irony indeed. The shitlib class arrogantly told blue-color workers to learn to code, and would not shut up about it. I think that the shitlibs were not just pawns in this game. Instead, the globalists themselves were taken by surprise by the speed of technological development. The theoretical work behind neural networks was done in the 1970s and it simply took the industry half a century to get to the point where hardware became fast enough to find real-world applications. The elites have a tendency to fall asleep behind the wheel. They also took about two decades to grasp that the Internet is here to stay.

      The mainstream media are dead anyway, and only get propped up by governments and BigCorp via bogus advertisements. There is almost zero demand in the population anymore. Any time some boomer kicks the bucket, another subscriber is lost for good.

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