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25 thoughts on “Open Thread #300

    1. This is a name I have not heard in a long time. I find him pretentious. I just had the impulse to check his early life section on Wikipedia, and I was not surprised to learn that he is a Jew. Is this “atheist” only shitting on Christianity or does he also have some spicy takes on Judaism and the Talmud?

    2. To be honest I only watched one or two of his videos, therefore I am not familiar with him and his theories. Apparently he is some kind of rival of Jordan Peterson (besides Slavoj Žižek) and a famous Philosopher or something…

  1. It is incredible what a tool Schwarzenegger is. In his autobiography he writes, “All great movements in history—civil rights, women’s suffrage, the campaign against apartheid, worker safety—start out on a grassroots level, not in places like Washington or Paris or Moscow or Beijing.” Just like his acting career, his autobiography only gets worse the farther along you are.

    1. I don’t recall the exact quote, but he sold out his people at one point with something similar to “my Daddy was a Nazi and he was a loser”. Gotta do what ya gotta do I guess

    2. I recall him referring to the National Socialists as “losers”. According to his autobiography, he said that by becoming an American, he is joining “the winning team”. Nonetheless, he made a special request to Austria to grant him dual citizenship.

    1. hahaha, I got a 5.51! I always fancied myself as having good facial aesthetics. There goes that fantasy! Oh well.

    2. Upon some testing, I don’t see it doing anything except a 6-to-8 range. Any guy you put in is at LEAST a 6, and at MOST an 8.

      I plugged in a bunch of male models, they all came under, like 7.7 or such. Plugged in a bunch of average guys, none of them went below 6.5, and some were as high as 7.8 (as the male models). So no idea how it works.

    3. hahaha, I got a 5.51! I always fancied myself as having good facial aesthetics

      Mere changes in angle lighting change 1-2 grades. It’s really bad. It rates the top male models in the world as 7.7

    4. played around with some more pics (including one even more recent one), and it looks like I’m a 7.5

    5. There is definitely something wrong with it. Variations of 2 grades on the same person is just too much. And even though I’m not an expert on male faces, I think I know what average guys are, I plug them in, and it says they’re all at least 6.5 to 7.5; and at the same time top male models and celebrities are like 7.7

    6. Tried some pics of young brad pitt. The first one I tried gave a 5.6 rating! Lowest I’ve seen yet. The second one gave 8.5 rating (highest) I’ve seen yet, and most other pics were like 7; and my average neighbours and acqauintances get 8s; tool is utterly fucked.

    7. I put a picture of that 50 year old ageless male model we discussed before. Test says he’s a 9.9 out of 10. Funny part is I couldn’t get anyone to rate higher than 8, even brad pit.

      It seems its heavily biased towards “quality of skin”. If i take my pictures and smooth out the skin in photoshop it bumps the ranking.

      We know this shouldn’t be such a high factor because for women “flawless skin” is not the main (or only attractor). Maybe it should be called the beauty test, not the hotness test.

  2. I gave my babyface picture and got a SCORE of 6.54. I would have rated myself as 4/10, because of babyface and balding.

    1. My theory is that everyone on this blog is at least a 7, and at most an 8.5; How do I know this without having met anyone in real life?

      What I have noticed is that average-looking guys never even get into these topics. My theory is that you need to at least have a chance at getting non-provider sex to even consider discussing these topics. That means being at least a 7. Whether this is concious or not. And why 9s and 10s don’t get into talking about or discussing these topics? I think that should be self evident.

    2. I think you’re theory is sound Alek. Anyone under that ranking would just be here to LARP and feed some sort of delusion or ego protection kinda thing.

  3. May I ask if you’ve had any experience with firearms training or even a full self-defense training course,Aaron?

    I think I recall you talking about Krav Maga with one of the readers here in the past,but here’s a great video example demonstrating of what I mean by the latter:

    I’ve mentioned that I’m currently training in Boxing/Combat Sports,but I do hope to one day be able to train at a place like this and experience quality self-defense focused training. I may never be in the position to actually ever need this kind of training (and I do hope that is the case! Haven’t been in an altercation in a decade. I’d definitely be happy to keep this streak up till my grave.) but this has always been a subject of interest to me given my past. I feel its healthy if only because this is a way for me to get my physical activity in an enjoyable way. (although I’ll probably have to eventually tone down the frequency of hard sparring if I want to make this last in the long term.)

    I have yet to experience actually shooting a firearm even at the range,although my dad may soon get me to actually learning it. He’s a former cop. I do know that range training isn’t enough though if training self-defense is a serious concern.

    1. I do not have any experience in proper self-defence or firearm handling. I would love to own a gun, though, but unfortunately this is against the law where I live.

    2. IMO the laws in California are surprisingly good. You can own a hand gun, rifle, shot gun etc with proper registration. No automatic weapons, and no carrying in public for civilians. It makes sense to me. Of course plenty of gun enthusiasts would disagree haha.

    3. I looked it up and apparently Cali ranks near the bottom on gun rights of US states. Oh well, I never had a problem with them. And much better than other countries.

    4. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      Blame the stupid voters who keep on voting for these stupid liberal politicians. They will never be able to disarm the public because of the second amendment. Now, Newsome is trying to introduce a new legislation the 28 amendment. But remember is a two class tier system. The elites have have any gun they want except for us peasants. I’m not sure what your views are with guns, but I highly recommend yourself to get one. I recommend you get yourself an AR15, a shotgun, and a glock hand gun.

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