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Coudenhove-Kalergi and the Misunderstanding of the Role of Ethnicity in Society

Quite recently, the formerly great country of France was set ablaze by its millions of foreign-born doctors and astrophysicists. This wave of destruction had probably not even been seen in the second world war, considering how quickly France submitted to Germany back then. Of course, millions of non-French French getting a bit rowdy and, among others, burning churches and libraries, is simply an example of growing pains. France needs to get through this if it wants to lay the groundwork for a bright, multicultural future. At least this was the idea of Coudenhove-Kalergi, the architect of the modern European Union. Don’t take my word for it, just look him up on the ultra-leftist Wikipedia:

His ideal political constituent was a gentleman who must respect and protect ladies, a person adhering to honesty, fair play, courtesy, and rational discourse. He strove to replace the nationalist German ideal of racial community with the goal of an ethnically heterogeneous European nation based on a commonality of culture, a nation whose geniuses were the “great Europeans” such as abbé de Saint-Pierre, Kant, Napoleon, Giuseppe Mazzini, Victor Hugo, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Clearly, this guy had his head in the clouds. He would not even understand what is going on in Europe today. Our foreign doctors and engineers, after all, are not known for “respecting and protecting ladies”, and there is reason to doubt their facility for “rational discourse”. What a faggot! But, wait, it gets even better:

In his 1925 book Practical Idealism, Coudenhove-Kalergi envisioned an all-encompassing race of the future made up of “Eurasian-Negroid[s]”, replacing “the diversity of peoples” and “[t]oday’s races and classes” with a “diversity of individuals”. In an interview in the first Pan-European Congress in 1926, he expressed the support of Jews by the pan-European movement and the benefits to Jews with the elimination of racial hatred and economic rivalry brought by the United States of Europe.

Here you have it: His goal was to eliminate antisemitism by the complete mingling of races, with the exception of Jews, of course, who would be allowed to remain ethnically pure, because anything else would not just be racist but also amount to a genocide. The “Eurasian Negroid” (his wording, not mine!) does not seem to ever emerge, however, and anybody who ever spent any time in a multicultural setting can easily tell you why this is the case. Assimilation is only possible if someone does not have the chance to maintain links to his or her culture. Similarly, miscegenation — the Oxford English Dictionary tells me that this is a derogatory term even though it only means “the mixing of races” — only happens if someone does not have access to suitable partners of his own ethnicity. Of course, successful men as well as attractive women are able to climb up the racial totem pole of attraction but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Thus, if you take a homogeneous country and flood it with millions of people of different ethnicities, the result is not ever-increasing miscegenation but, instead, rapid ghettoization. I believe that one reason behind opening the gates in 2016 in Europe was to overwhelm the continent, with the goal of destroying the indigenous nations and cultures. Apparently, the fever dream of the elites contained visions of Coudenhove-Kalergi’s “Eurasian Negroid” appearing within one generation. Clearly, for the elites, Europe was not disintegrating fast enough. Also, I am convinced that the reason why hardly any women or families entered Europe was that they were simply not necessary. Those were non-white already, and the presence of those women may have inhibited the elites’ plan of racial admixture. Instead, it is safe to assume that the goal of the elites was to have all the third-world doctors and engineers impregnate the local womenfolk. As those doctors and engineers do not get the women they were promised by their UN handlers, they move on to burning their host countries down. Coudenhove-Kalergi’s plan is not going to work out, but presumably the eradication of the indigenous people would have been an acceptable consolation prize for him.

11 thoughts on “Coudenhove-Kalergi and the Misunderstanding of the Role of Ethnicity in Society

  1. Aaron,
    I find it interesting that your average person doesn’t ask why multiracial diversity is only being forced on White Countries. No one expects Uganda, India, etc to subvert their own national identity within their own country.

    1. Exactly. Nobody ever criticizes Israel or Japan for ethnocentric immigration policies. It’s just their business. But the West just has to accept demographic displacement. If the respective populations were ever consulted it would never have happened. Hell, even when it’s against the law we are bigots for opposing it. Illegals in the US are all under the “immigrants” umbrella. The “undocumented.” That’s like a shoplifter being called an undocumented customer.

    2. I think you have to update your vocabulary. Those are not “undocumented illegals” but “undocumented workers”.

    3. I think Japan is becoming more scrutinized in recent times for its homogenous privilege.

    4. @ Aaron,

      This is where I attack the Left FROM the “left.” If they cared about American working people so much why are they diving into bed with corrupt corporatists on this one? It’s like outsourcing but even worse because we have to live with them and take care of them. They quote a CATO institute study that says illegals commit less crime per Capita than citizens. This is the only time they agree with the profit obsessed “think tank’ (propaganda factory). They have always been for open borders The term Right Wing is loosely applied here. Even Bernie Sanders said as much about open borders and the Coke brothers. And how the hell do we have documentation for this iif they are “undocumented “????

    5. Oh, sure, it is well-known that illegal immigrants from crime-ridden shitholes commit fewer crimes than the indigenous population. If it is not completely made up, then this is the result of statistical trickery, like no longer reporting crime, not reporting crimes committed by vibrant enrichers, or handing citizenship papers out like free candy.

      The left no longer cares about the working class either. They dropped this act twenty years ago already. Today, it is all about wiping out whitey, sodomizing little boys, and doing drugs.

    6. Exactly. It doesn’t pass the eye test. One only needs to look at the inmates in the California prison system to see where they come from. Shit, one only needs to have lived in California.

  2. You don’t need a Kalergi-Plan if 90% of your population consists of morons that vote for that shit voluntarily.

    1. 90 percent is way too high (at least in the US). If that were the case, Trump would have never been elected. Now, was Trump incompetent and not held to what he promised? I would say without question. I would say that is a valid criticism of American voters.

  3. I don’t think it’s important to analyze the result of whether immigrants commit more crimes than natives/white people. Rather, we need to ask ourselves why these think tanks felt the need to study something like this in the first place. The way I see it, these people realize that there is backlash against multi-culturalism. People are starting to question why there are so many non-white, foreign people in their country. So these organizations ask the brains among them to come up with something to convince the populaces of the wonderful-ness of third-world immigration. Other times, they do studies to show that illegals are needed–I am sure you have all heard of the trope of children of illegals being raised to become future contributors to Social Security.

    It appears that these “think tanks” are not about discovering truth or coming up with policies that will benefit the masses. Instead they exist to defend unpopular positions and policies that harm the regular people. I bet that if we dig deep enough, you will find that these groups are all funded by Jew billionaires. Jews hate white people and want them to disappear. It all makes sense.

    On Trump: no, he is not “incompetent”. In fact, everything he says and does is carefully chosen and planned by his Jewish handlers. I have said elsewhere and I will say it here too: Trump is not your friend. He is not about Americans. He is not about white people. His daughter is married to a Jew, his grandchildren are Jewish, and he lets his Jew son-in-law advise him on important matters. Trump is controlled opposition. He is every bit as under Jews’ thumb as Hillary Clinton is. By all means vote for him, but be very clear about what he is.

    1. I agree with everything you said JW. That’s why I called “Think” Tanks propaganda factories. They are the defacto Ministry of Propaganda for our government. Definitely not using the scientific method. They work backwards from their conclusions and work for corporatists, Israel, etc.

      I don’t care which of those old ass holes wins, things won’t change. I kinda feel sorry for the people who love or hate Trump. He’s the same
      We’ve had for the last 50 years in this country. I love when tradcons express their love for Ronald Reagan………A guy who legalized 4 million illegal mestizos, then didn’t enforce the employer sanctions part of the bill. The bar is set very low for these puppets.

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