Can Ugly Female Characters Sell Video Games?

Yesterday, I watched part of the Xbox presentation on upcoming games, which I found hilariously bad. One of their allegedly most anticipated games is Fable, a remake or reimagining of an overrated game that is about twenty years old. Game reviewers were in awe of its sophisticated morality system. It presented you with some comical choices where you could not pick a sound middle path. Anyway, according to Microsoft executives, Fable is still a relevant brand, so they have been pumping money into a new game in this franchise. This is the trailer with which they want to sell this game to you:

Not only is the lead female. It is also a far below average looking one of the non-white persuasion. I also noticed that the developers went to great length to give her wonky teeth. The entire trailer is incredibly tone deaf, opening with a non-white male who is about to “make a sandwich”. It may not surprise you that the unsightly protagonist will later on eat said sandwich, thus intelligently subverting the misogynist trope of women preparing food for men. In the alternative fantasy world of Fable, you have male vibrant enrichers grow vegetables and promote a meat-free diet.

I will go out on a limb here and state that a game that caters to an audience that does not buy games and only plays them because it is part of their job description may lead to good reviews, but this will not lead to good sales. At least Capcom has the decency to put hot chicks into their game to make up for the occasional pandering trans character. Fable, though, is following the footsteps of that misguided Saints Row reboot. The all-powerful female protagonist may also have taken some inspiration from Forspoken. This is an impressive pedigree as those are arguably two of the worst and most disappointing games in recent memories.

Ugly (female) characters will not sell any kind of media product. To change this, you would have to genetically reengineer humanity to find ugliness attractive, which would have some rather interesting ramifications for the real world. Thankfully, I will be long gone before the WEF and its henchmen get anywhere near such possibilities. Microsoft has been losing billions on their gaming division, and the Xbox brand is trending downwards, without a reversal in sight. To the corporate bigwigs this does not matter, though. It seems much more important for them to “make a point” or “embrace progress”. I wish them good luck. Microsoft is a corporation I thoroughly despise, primarily due to their business practices in the PC world, so I hope they will keep doubling down on forced diversity.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken then Microsoft acquired Bethesda somewhat recently. Which is a damn shame because we can pretty much write off ID Software ever producing a solid male power fantasy game again. It seems like the biggest thing Microsoft has going for it (as far as I know) is Starfield. They also have this schizophrenic Viking chick series and instead of capitalizing on that and using a beautiful blonde babe, they opted to feature some chick not much better looking than what Fable showcases.

    1. In the past, I liked to line up cases of games I liked on a shelf. Now that the industry is moving to digital distribution, this is surely less and less common, but the thought that someone would put cases of Gears of War 5 (marketed as “Gears 5”), Forspoken, Saints Row, Horizon, and the Fable remake next to each other is downright bizarre. Only a soy-cuck game journalist would do so unironically.

      I find it also baffling that oftentimes the models used for those game characters are a lot more attractive than their in-game representations. This is the case with that schizo shield maiden, too. I was quite surprised when I learned that. The same is true for Alloy, the ugly butch in the Horizon games.

  2. Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. It’s sometimes easy to forget how much women (and woke) over play their hand.

    I was expecting that they were pushing to put average-looking chicks instead of hotties. But that right there in the video is an actual fucking uggo.

    1. You can bet that there are already leftists who have wet dreams about putting nothing but deformed and obese women into video games. If this came to pass, you would look back to that ugly chick in Fable as the “good old times”.

  3. After further investigation it appears that the Fable 4 mystery meat character is trans (biological male). I’m pretty sure one of the character designers in charge here is also trans.

    1. Absolutely nobody could have predicted this. I wish Microsoft good luck selling this game, and I hope that they keep at it. They should snag up the Saints Row franchise at an elevated price, too, as this is one of their favorite business moves.

    2. It is pretty appalling that they featured such an ugly character in their promotional material, but if what people are saying is true then the game’s website claims that it will feature a character editor. Even so, I imagine it to be quite “limited” in what you can do to create a genuinely attractive character and quite heavy with its gender bending capabilities. Then there is the issue that the NPCs will probably look atrocious.

      Btw, I checked out some of the Starfield presentation and I think it’s going to be one of the most vast yet most barren games ever. There are some impressive looking aspects about such as the visual and lighting effects, and the fact that some random moon orbiting a planet you’re on is actually doing so (and you can travel to it) instead of just floating through a sky box. However, the game is most certainly going to be full of flaws and glitches on launch, and it’s just going to be another resource hoarder in the end. Xbox is objectively the worst platform to be on.

    3. Imagine Fable having a character editor that limits you to ugly mystery-meat characters! Forget about straight teeth, skin without blemishes, symmetrical faces, and any neotonous features. A few days ago I tried playing Wo Long: Fallen Destiny. I was amazed how good its character editor is. You can create a hunk of a guy or a total babe in a few minutes, and it would take effort to come up with an unattractive character. (The game unfortunately ran horribly on my machine, but it seems to be OK on Steam Deck.)

  4. As a breath of fresh air to the talk of the Western Video Game industry seemingly wanting to normalize hideous female (and in this case,even non-females now it seems) leads,I’d like to mention that the translation of Tsukihime – A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon (An excellent remake of an old but already great visual novel. at least in my opinion!) is up for release tomorrow!

    We talked a bit about visual novels quite some time ago,Aaron. You mentioned not finding appeal in the visuals of the initial VN I recommended and when you said that,I thought about recommending this,but the translation wasn’t complete yet. Its awaiting release tomorrow though. (I’ve read their initial patch which only covered one of the heroines,so I can already vouch that its very well done) so I felt this was the perfect time to recommend it. One can argue whether or not VN’s count as “Video Games” but I think you’ll find this a breath of fresh air. The developers certainly didn’t lose their eye on the ball!

    Only downside that you either need a Switch or an emulator for it on the PC. I’ll leave it up to you though if you’re interested enough to manage that initial hassle to read this. You can find more information on the youtube channel I linked to. Just thought it was worth mentioning given the topic,haha.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! This VN has a great art style, and the voice acting seems excellent, too. I have put it on my list.

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