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20 thoughts on “Open Thread #282

  1. Alek,I think you’ve mentioned before that you’ve had the idea of paying non-professional women for fun time. The idea however is to know how to approach with the idea without scaring them off. obviously,one can’t just go about this carelessly or you’ll risk legal issues.

    May I ask if you’ve already gone about it? How’s your experience been?

    I’ve legit only done something like this once thus far,which was almost a decade ago. It was a chick who was definitely involved in shady circles and instead of letting her owe me money (because I felt she wouldn’t be able to pay it back,and further experience in her company confirmed it. I’ve long stopped hanging around her however),I decided I want to ask for something like this instead. She obliged. I didn’t go all the way (probably the best idea in hindsight),but we definitely had a time.

    I have not dared to try this with regular girls.

    1. There are no legal issues around giving gifts and being generous. I haven’t gotten around to it yet though. Have some other things in life to take care off first. Politicians and their corona bullshit set back my life plans by 5 years.


    Saddest part here for the guy? By the time she decides she wants to settle down with him,she probably will not even be 1/10th as attractive as she is right now.

    So yeah,even when the long beta male game actually works,its definitely not the winning solution.

    And I guess this goes to show here once again that you can only tell the truth in a comedy. Normies seem to fume at even the mention of this reality.

    1. The truest thing ever said about women in this context is that they’re a depreciating asset. There were girls I looked at as “not bad, I might go for her if I had to choose”, and when I see them today… for every single one of them i’m like “fuuuuck what happened, imagine if I went for her”.

    2. Part of me is wondering if this is why you should go for women (for serious relationships I mean if that’s what you’re looking for. This does not matter for hookups,all that matters of course is that they’re immediately attractive to you.) who you meet in physical hobbies. Might be more likely to keep being in shape and taking care of themselves over the long term. Then again,I think I recall you saying elsewhere that many women out there only enter such hobbies with way more interest in finding a partner (and we men are labeled “creeps” if we have similar motives,lol) than actually in the hobby itself,and often leave the hobby shortly after they find said partner.

    3. I’m talking about women I met in such physical hobbies lol. They depreciate just as fast.

  3. How many train accidents involving chemicals and big fireworks have there been in the United States in the last few months? Well, here is another one:
    You could almost assume that the elites are pursuing a scorched earth policy.

    On a related note, today I read on some normie message board that the US may be corrupt but at least you can assume that US billionaires that may or may not influence US politics have the interest of Americans at heart. Quite frankly, I cannot comprehend the lack of understanding an NPC must have to utter such a statement.

  4. I recently beat REmake 4 on hardcore at just over 30 hours. I feel exhausted. My shmup buddy messaged me a couple days ago joking that he was ready to take the disc out of his PS5 and break it. Get this, he was playing on standard difficulty. He ended up taking some time off from the game. I briefly started a new game + and finally began feeling like a god.

    From here, the general consensus seems to be that Capcom will release a 9th entry into the series as well as a Code Veronica remake before REmake 5, as the former is directly connected to the events of 5.

    One thing I wanted to highly praise this game for is that it just works. Phenomenally. This game didn’t crash a single time during my play through. The only single bug I ever encountered was a piece of dropped ammo by an enemy that wouldn’t register and allow me to pick it up. That’s literally all. This is remarkable considering how many PC ports these days are complete shit. Just look at how the recently released PC port of The Last of Us remake is fairing for contrast.

    Also, Aaron, you mentioned that the game would have solid gameplay while dialing back the edginess of the characters. This is exactly right. However, as a trade you get more fleshed out and relatable characters. Luis and Ada are on a redemption arc. And also, Ashley and Leon’s relationship is very sweet. The motivations and characteristics of the antagonists and the lore of the cult is expanded upon. This is game is not even slightly woke relative to today’s standards, in my opinion.

    There is some cut content here and there, but overall I think that the game has been expanded on. This is for better or worse, as there is one particular boss fight that is missing that just seems like a lame tradeoff for some rat and blue medallion hunting side quest. A couple side quests are really great, though. Btw, the fucking Krauser fight was ridiculously good, but the final boss battle was pretty underwhelming in comparison. All of the boss battles are very well done, however. Probably most of them are better than in the original game.

    I’d say if you’re really itching to play the game then go for it. I mean, it works and it’s a good game. Personally, I didn’t have much else to play at this point that really excited me. This is probably one of the best games ever—again. If I were you I’d at least play REmake 2 first, as REmake 4 is pretty much a direct sequel to that game. Whereas if Code Veronica ever gets remade, it’ll be Claire’s equivalent.

    1. This video made me laugh out loud. There are already mods out there that improve the looks of the characters, for instance once that makes Ashley look significantly cuter.

    2. Thanks for your extensive thoughts on REmake 4. I intend to play this game, but not before DMC V, REmake 2, and RE7. One reason why I tend to wait with playing stand-out games a bit later is that they may make it difficult to go back to older games. There is a chance that if I now played REmake 4, I would find RE 7 less appealing. In fact, it would probably be better to play RE 7 before REmake 2 as the former seems to be a weaker game overall.

    3. I just watched DF’s PC performance review of the game. There’s seems to be more issues with the game than I realized. However, I don’t think most of these were ever a problem for me. Maybe it has something to do with Steam’s recent update? Like, for example, the shimmering effect on vegetation and hair isn’t really noticeable. Maybe a little, but I think jagged edges on certain light sources like spotlights and flashlights were the most glaring. It could be that I’m just not too concerned with these types of issues, so I ignore them most of the time unless they’re super apparent. I think the biggest issue PC gamers were having was that the game kept crashing for them due to unoptimized settings. The fix is easy, though, as it’s simply a problem with VRAM and merely needs the user the dial back some settings. In some instances, just turning back the shadows from max to high would be enough. Either that, or dialing back the textures a bit. These issues seem to be affecting mostly people who are trying to run the game on max settings with RTX.

      Btw, I’d probably avoid these types of videos as they are pretty spoiler rich. If you want, I’ll let you know what the general consensus of Synthetic Man is whenever he talks about it. I would’ve hated to have been spoiled before playing it.

    4. I think that quite a few PC gamers barely understand the concept of technological trade-offs. They get their fancy GPUs, put all settings on “max” and complain if there is stuttering. Those people do not really grasp that VRAM is a limited source and that it is entirely possible that the maximum settings of a game are beyond the capabilities of currently available hardware.

      Please let me know what Synthetic Man thinks about REmake 4. There are very few games I watched enough videos of to effectively spoil them. The exceptions are probably only Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Another game I had on my list for years was Devil May Cry V. There was one boss fight I remembered and as it turned out, this was the very first boss in the game. I was under the assumption that this was a late-game boss due to its size and relatively elaborate scene.

    5. I know which boss battle you’re referring to in DMCV and it is quite the spectacle. Have you been playing this game exclusively lately? What are your impressions on it thus far?

    6. DMC V is indeed my main game at the moment but I unfortunately do not have a lot of time for gaming these days. My impressions are very positive. Yet, I cannot shake the feeling that it almost controls too well. Of course, the battle system has been expertly designed, but even when you are starting out, you never experience that you wrestle with the controls. This is much different to other games in this genre I have played, such as Vanquish or Metal Gear Rising. However, I enjoy the feeling of actually learning a game and struggling instead of starting out by doing kind of okay, followed by getting better and better as you are gaining more familiarity with the controls. Capcom also managed to make even the most basic moves look cool, so it is clear that they wanted to be as welcoming to new players as possible. I wonder if the skill ceiling of Devil May Cry V is as high as in the predecessor, i.e. DMC IV, not the reboot DmC.

      I don’t like everything about DMC V, though. First, I think the color palette is a bit too dark. This is one reason why I did not like Bloodborne at all. Then, I find the accent of that chick grating. The accent is not the issue per se, but it is simply overdone. Lastly, I dislike the character V, both in terms of looks as well as move set.

    7. V kind of struck me as the casual player’s character. He kind of just hangs back and cool shit happens on screen. I think he’ll probably surprise you somewhat in terms of his “character development” by the end of the game.

      Dante is certainly the most advanced. It seems like the game kind of eases you into its play style and mechanics, then suddenly when you’re playing as Dante the game expects you to get serious. Probably a lot of casual players stop there.

      I’ve heard complaints about there being way too much purple in the game.

  5. Aaron,

    How often have you met women who legitimately only wanted you for fun? My experience in general is obviously very limited,but honestly,its been my experience that women who like you enough to want to fuck you,almost always want more than a casual arrangement.

    I know the truth about women. Casual sex is a myth. More horrifying, though, is the fact that women will agree to it on the slenderest of hopes.

    Every woman thinks she’s special. She’s the one. This is going to work out. That giant rush of endorphins is going to overwhelm him. He’s gonna feel it and fall in love with me. And if that doesn’t work, she’ll fuck him so hard he’ll never want another woman again. And if that doesn’t work, she’ll take such good care of him that he’ll never need another woman in his life.

    What this guy writes here,has been true in my (albeit limited) experience. We can meet a tatted up trashy chick that gets us hard and want to have fun with,but never in a million years would want to commit to. (or even be involved with depending on how difficult her personality is) I would think the same would also be true of the other way around,and I HAVE read anecdotes of guys being “fuckbuddy zoned”,but I have not witnessed this in my personal life. No matter how trashy or how much of a loser the guy objectively is,it seems that as long as he makes their gina tingle,they WANT to make it work long term. I guess that’s where the whole bad boy woes come from.

    You might have written about this phenomenon a few times in the past. I should probably read your Sleazy Stories one of these days,but I am curious to know how often you’ve met women whom you’ve fucked,you suspect you couldn’t get into an LTR even if you wanted to. I think you wrote in Minimal Game that getting laid is mostly about being “good/attractive enough” and the convenience of logistics.

    PUA’s in the past I think have written guides on “Retainment” (running into issues with women ghosting them after a One Night Stand,assuming they do get there.) so maybe its a different story with complete stranger encounters.

    1. “ PUA’s in the past I think have written guides on “Retainment” (running into issues with women ghosting them after a One Night Stand,assuming they do get there.) so maybe its a different story with complete stranger encounters.”

      Probably most of these women were very drunk so they regretted the encounter and then ghosted.
      If you lay a women while she is sober, and she has no other (in her opinion better) man, I think it’s unlikely that she will ghost you.

    2. I did not keep statistics, but it is absolutely the case that some women are only available for a one-night stand. This includes opportunists, i.e. cheaters or tourists, even though there is of course some overlap here. Then there is the well-known phenomenon that women find different men attractive during their fertile days. There is also a “grey zone” where she is into you but she is not quite sure whether you are doing well enough in life for her to consider a relationship. Those women will bang you a few times, and use this as a chance to learn more about your circumstances. Women in this category may also try to actively improve your life. I had a chick come over for a romp, and afterwards she told me that she looked up jobs I could apply to.

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