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Female Soldiers are Bizarre

During a recent trip I encountered two women in military gear. Quite frankly, this was one of the most ridiculous sights I have seen in my life, and not just because they were in their late 20s and packing on the pounds already. Of course, it is not new to have women in the armed forces. In reality, though, as soon as a possible deployment looms, they try to get out of it by getting pregnant asap, with which not all of them succeed. Just by how these two female soldiers carried themselves I did not at all get the impression that they would be very effective in combat. The average Russian soldier could knock both out simultaneously with just one punch. Well, would not be a surprise when you consider that teams of 15-year old boys easily beat teams of world-class female athletes in sports or that untrained men are stronger than the supposedly strongest woman in the world.

Unlike what bizarre leftist ideology tells you, wars are not some kind of joke as soon as you challenge an equally matched opponent, and even a bunch of goat herders with AK-47s can pose an insurmountable obstacle. People really do get killed in wars. With women, of course, the tragedy is that they could have children instead of taking a bullet. In contrast, men are much easier to replace. One good illustration of this is the rapid repopulation of Germany despite the high losses in WWII and at the US Rhine meadows death camps. If you really want to destroy a country, though, you should subvert it ideologically to mirror recent Hollywood garbage, with women fighting wars and the men staying at home sodomizing each other. One lost war means that the entire population will collapse within one generation.

Putting women in battle garb is only done to subvert the armed forces, in my opinion. This completely messes with men who have their protector instinct triggered. This is in stark contrast to the camaraderie in all-men groups, which has been all but stamped out. You only get this in online multiplayer games these days, apparently. Unfortunately, the consequences for losing a battle in the real world are much more serious than getting wiped out in a match in Leagues of Legend.

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  1. I was a member of the reserves for a few years on the continent. The phenomenom of w o m e n in combat roles is mostly due to lack of male personel. As soon as they serve ~2 years in (mixed) combat combat units, which is a typical period for being newbie soldier, they usually switch to non-combat or administrative roles, be it voluntarily or recommended by their superiors. The officer cadre is well-aware of the issues with mixed units, yet it is hard to navigate it if the army recruits only from the pool of volunteers. The situation is probably very similar in any country with a higher standard of living and an all-volunteer army.

  2. I have never thought that female soldiers are suitable for combat role. I would like to see more females trained as nurses and doctors who take care of wounded soldiers.

    In terms of combat, female soldiers could take part in certain roles such as snipers or anti-aircraft crews. Historically, females did serve in these roles in the Soviet Union in World War 2 and in Vietnam during the Vietnam War (northern Communist Vietnam), respectively.

    Female could contribute greatly to war efforts in less intensive combat roles.

    But if you put them in the front lines, where the horror of war reveals itself in full form, then I think they will be traumatized much more than men.

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