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Female Self-Mutilation in the Name of Fashion

During a city trip with my wife a while ago, we got some food at a hipster place. The young woman who served us and who was not at all unattractive, had one shockingly unappealing and permanent feature: She was probably not even in her 20s, yet being a fashion-conscious stupid little whore, she got herself some “earlobe gauges” earlier in her life. Now that she had gotten tired of them, she had huge holes in her flabby earlobes. This was a very ugly sight, and the fact that this woman did this to herself was quite saddening. If you do not know what I am talking about, please look online for “earlobe gauges” or “earlobe blowout”, but perhaps do so on an empty stomach. Of course there is the option of cosmetic surgery, but this is somewhat limited. If you went to the extremes this young woman did, your options are quite limited, and if it was so easy, she probably would have done this already. Now she is disfigured for life.

Women are very eager to follow trends, and to a much higher degree than men. You can probably easily come up with an evolutionary explanation for this even if you have never though about it. There is also the problem that older women who can no longer compete well in the dating market may conspire to deliberately ruin the appearance of young women in order to improve their relative sexual market value. Old feminists tell young women that they should cut their hair short or that they should get fat because they are beautiful at any size. Similarly, in the kind of subculture this woman was in, you can easily find women who kind of hang around on the periphery. These women missed the window for snagging a steady boyfriend and now that they are in their early thirties, they have nothing else that hanging out in certain clubs, preying on inexperienced women who just entered their subculture. These older, spent women — in the past, we would perhaps have burnt them as witches — may encourage younger women to get piercings, tattoos, or ear gauges, which would “look so good on you”. You just need one or two to fall for this, and suddenly you reach the tipping point and all the women in a particular subculture follow certain very harmful trends. If you think I am joking then you probably have never met a group of girls with a fake-tan who all had their hair dyed blonde. This is simply a problem of peer pressure.

All of this only goes to show that if you end up having a daughter, you need to really control whom she hangs out with. Certainly, it would also benefit her a lot if you did not live in a big city as in smaller cities such aberrations will not happen. Thus, young and attractive women who casually threw away their good looks serve as a great warning sign to not just other women but also to any father or mother of a daughter, albeit I suspect that some mothers may not be fully aware of those dangers. The world is an ugly place for young, attractive women, and if they let their guard down, there will easily get influenced by someone who wants to ruin them.

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  1. I’ve mentioned on here briefly before that when I was much younger I used to hang out on a “new age” forum where many older women – as in late 30s to early 50s – would loiter. Most of them were former party girls – misspending their youths on drugs, slutting it up with deadbeats, embracing every subversive subculture they could stumble across.

    And with their prime past them, they would do exactly as you say here – try and subvert younger, more attractive women away from healthy, happy relationships with suitable men.

    One of their methods was to push lesbianism.

    I remember one choice thread where a young woman was seeking advice on the kindest way to reject another woman who had been coming on to her. Every single bit of advice she got was encouraging her to experiment, even though she obviously had no inclination towards same sex relations.

    And if other members dared try and object to this kind of thing, they’d find themselves receiving warnings or even bans for homophobia.

    Another method was encouraging young women to break up with their boyfriends at the first little bit of adversity in their relationships.

    I recently was made aware of this song:

    The lyrics are about a young woman who ends a relationship with a guy she thought to be her soul mate because she simply got bored with him. The video is equally depressing, showing the singer go out and waste time with her girlfriends – the message being this is superior to being in a relationship.

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