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28 thoughts on “Open Thread #236

  1. I recently watched Cobra Kai, season 5, which came out the other day. Overall, I found it pretty weak. The biggest problem is that the whole TV show no longer works as the main cast is getting too old. You are supposed to believe that you are watching warring factions of high-school students. Well, this show is now in its fifth year, and good luck telling yourself that the men and women in their late 20s on screen are actually high-schoolers.

    Even worse, some of the main cast are already flirting with the wall, this is particularly obvious with that washed-up Mexican dude as well as Sam LaRusso, who looks totally busted. There is a melodramatic scene where she dolls herself up to look hot for her Mexican crush, only to walk in on him making out with some other chick in her late 20s who is supposedly 16. In this scene, Sam looks like a single mom with 1980s hair. The writers better wrap up this show quickly lest it becomes completely ridiculous.

    1. I thought it started out alright this season, but it’s definitely starting to show its age. Plot wise, it’s becoming very repetitive, illogical, and overcrowded.

      First they close their dojos, for a rather nonsensical reason – as has been done before. Then Daniel’s marriage is on the rocks – again – despite his wife being in on the whole thing the previous two seasons. But it’s cool, she’s back with him like nothing happened two episodes later. Then there’s fighting. And more fighting – resulting in what should be fatal, or at least crippling injuries.

      And finally, in probably the most absurd development, Kreese breaks out of prison. And what is with Kreese constantly being pushed around by black women.

    2. If you really want to see a main cast veering close to the wall, check out the most recent season of Stranger Things. Nancy, although being a bit unconventional, started out the show as a fresh faced cutie, who now looks very gaunt with unkempt brittle hair. Robin, aka girl holding whiteboard meme, looks equally dishevelled – a dramatic decline since last season.

      Eleven, actually doesn’t look to bad by comparison, since her role requires the actress to be a bit more athletic. But in the show her look is spoiled by the crew cut and the awful bathing suit that looks to be made out of bandages they have her in a lot of the time.

      Over on the male side, things aren’t much better. Although most of them were hired as kids and never chosen for their good looks.

      It’s likely the case that they’re all children of the elite, who have spent the last two and a half years indulging in vice and not having much regard for their physical health or appearance. They’ve likely steered well clear of the jabs, but they are definitely not escaping punishment for the sins of their parents.

    3. Yeah, this is season 5 and we’re supposed to believe that only 2 years have gone by.


      The biggest disappointment was the whole Mexico debacle.
      WTF was the point? Let’s set aside the absurd way that Miguel found his dad, and how Johnny found Miguel. They wasted episodes to confirm what we all assumed about his dad in the first place. It had promise when he connected with his dad and felt deceived by his mom. That would have added a lot of intrigue to the show. I think a lot of single mothers are guilty of this. But no. The single mom is right. The dad is the bad guy. Boring. This show used to be innovative and unpredictable. Now it just seems to have devolved into the original movies good vs bad format.

    4. In season 5 we also learned that every Chad secretly yearns for knocking up a single mother, and this effect is so strong that he will radically change his life. I think that this show is at a point where it only gets milked for what is is worth. The writers do not care at all anymore about properly setting up story arcs, and nothing seems to make any sense. In the “Miyagi-verse” laws and the police do not seem to exist, except when there is a need to for the story. It’s almost a meme that Daniel’s wife threatens to call the police because it won’t ever come, no matter the crime: breaking and entering, assault, assault with weapons and so on just do not matter.

      It is also jarring that deus-ex-machina resolutions are more and more prominent. Silver getting taken down by a surveillance video in which he admits to bribing the judge is ridiculous as that kind of footage does not have audio, and even if you put a microphone on your surveillance camera, you would not get clear audio from people standing far away from the camera. I get the impression that the writers do not even try anymore.

    5. I think this show started to go down hill last season. When Johnny and Daniel made the alliance. The show lost it’s edge when the lines between good and evil were no longer blurred. I always hoped it wouldn’t happen. They also should have deviled more into Kreese’s history to make his character more understandable like they did with Johnny.

    6. What made the first season great was the story; it played around the theme that the story of the first karate kid movie was wrong. I think this appeals to us as we often see how the mainstream narrative is BS. Also the story in the first karate kid movie sounds BS to us too: hard working immigrant raised by single mom is good (LaRusso), rich wasp is bad (Johnny). The story of season one plus Johnny’s jokes and the 80s nostalgia made the show anti-woke (though it has a lot of woke elements).

      This season has no interesting story (good guys vs the bad = rich, old, white guy) and no character development (there are just too many characters). the plot jumps from “pointless stuff to fill up minutes” to “unplausible plot twist”. Of course this season is also fully woke.

    7. I agree with Aaron that only the first two or three seasons were really good. They’re pretty good at cliffhangers that make you want to see what happens next, though, so beware. 🙂

      The series also gets more and more unrealistic as time goes on. In the beginning of the show the unrealistic parts were used for humorous purposes, but later on they become more and more outrageous and actual important parts of the story, to the point where it just gets ridiculous.

  2. I just read an amusing (and I don’t mean that in a negative way,you’ll see..) comment on youtube that women who have already had children are “imprinted” for life. Not only in human culture,but even in the ANIMAL kingdom,males will avoid females who are already saddled with offspring.

    I have no idea if that last part is true,but it got a chuckle out of me.

    1. Overall it makes evolutionery sense that males would not pair up with females who are still caring for offspring from another male.

      Depending on the species involved, they might avoid her, or they may speed up the process by killing off the previous male’s kids and force the female to start over with them.

      Lions and monkeys are known to do this. Horses are even known to force pregnant females to miscarriage.

    2. hard to say. it’s primarily cultural because native people for example don’t understand the concept of fatherhood like we do. some tribes in the Amazonian believe that you need multiple men to create a child. modern humans are way more deranged to begin with because we don’t have tribal structures anymore. the isolation of a single mom can drive them crazy these days, also the social stigma that is evolved in modern times

    3. In the past, older single women were stigmatized. I would argue that this is evolutionary, and those women are acutely aware of this even in our modern times, i.e. they deeply feel that they have messed up their life. At this point, cats, red wine, and SSRIs come in.

  3. Aaron and Alek,

    What do you think of viagra pills for more fun time when I visit some Lady Boys? Does it cure whiskey dick or should I cease drinking when screwing around? Also, since viagra is made by the evil pfitzer corporation, do you suggest other pills for long lasting erections?

    1. Cut back on the drinking.

      In my experience pills dont help much when you are too drunk. They wont do much if you are not aroused either.

      Best use I found for them is when having sex with more than one woman in a very short time span (or even simultaneously)

    2. “Best use I found for them is when having sex with more than one woman in a very short time span (or even simultaneously)”

      Oh lala, that could get eXXXpesnsive !!!

      But the thought of 2 or 3 seXXXies at one time is giving me a stifle right now !!!

      Do you recommend this:

      And which one should I take?

  4. It seems that more and more conspiracy theories are coming true. Here is leftist shit rag Politico with an article on how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation orchestrated the global Covid response, er, mandated the rollout of totalitarianism the world over:
    Uber’s mom just called me to tell me to wait for the official Reuters fact check before I jump to any conclusions.

  5. GTA VI got leaked a few hours ago. Some disgruntled employee has uploaded a lot of videos and even parts of the source code. The videos keep getting deleted, but there is plenty of material on YouTube, Dailymotion, Odysee, Twitter, and other sites. In short, the story leak from 2020 was not fake. You indeed play as a male/female protagonist pair. The game is tentatively titled GTA VI: Americas. Other key points are that there are a lot of black brothers in the game and that the enemy is a far-right white militia whose design seems to have taken cues from Kyle Rittenhouse’s iconic style. There is plenty of discussion on 4chan:

    Let’s see for how long this video will stay up:

    The Latina has a pretty big rear and disproportionally small breasts. I would not be surprised if you could not improve her looks in-game.

    EDIT: Allegedly, a hacker is responsible for this. Yet, there is the conflicting information that this person was a member of some Rockstar Slack channel, which seems to indicate that the perpetrator was either indeed an employee or managed to get into this channel via social engineering, but the latter I would find difficult to believe because Slack very clearly indicates if a person you talk to is not from your organization.

  6. Why do women like this British royal family bullshit so much? I’ve heard Americans care about it more than the Brits. Lol Thomas Jefferson must be spinning in his grave. You guys think it’s because of Disney films? They all want to be princesses?

    1. It’s their programming of the week. Before this is was Slava Ukraina, before that Wear a Mask, Get Jabbed, before that Love is Love.

      Not many people remember, but back in the early 00s it was Support Our Troops. Yep, a lot of women supported the invasion of Iraq, and worshipped Bush as a daddy figure. Not that they’d ever admit to it.

      Women are highly susceptible to suggestion, they’ve been made even more so in the modern era.

    2. Climate change and unlimited immigration from the third world should be added to your list. Note that after Hitler came to power, women turned into ardent Nazi supporters overnight. This is probably a hate fact. Indeed, women change their allegiances like fashions, and there are convincing evolutionary explanations for that.

  7. “Not many people remember, but back in the early 00s it was Support Our Troops. Yep, a lot of women supported the invasion of Iraq, and worshipped Bush as a daddy figure. Not that they’d ever admit to it.”

    Parker, of course they did, and then they became Clintonistas !!!

    Not much of a difference !!!

    At least that buffoon Trump didn’t start an endless war or allow Putin to wave his big dick around !!!

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