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26 thoughts on “Open Thread #234

  1. Is there a Scientific explanation as to why having a large body count is bad for Women’s mental and even physical health? Sluts seem to show signs of ageing faster. Of course,this could just be a side effect of the other things typically involved in a debauched lifestyle (i.e. Drugs,Alcohol,and Junk Food) than the sex escapades themselves,but I have to wonder about it…

    1. Folk wisdom in my corner of the world makes people say “she’s not a maid anymore” when they walk by a precociously developed young teen, think of a 13 year-old with hips and boobs of an 18 year-old. And you know how folk wisdom is underrated in modern times…

    2. I recall coming across the claim that a young girl who looks like an adult woman has had an abortion (or has given birth), and the reason that she looks so precocious is due to the hormonal changes in pregnancy. I have not looked around much for corroboration in the form of proper scientific studies, but I assume that such a topic is completely off-limits for research anyway in this day and age.

    3. I think smoking is the biggest reason. Most of party-goers in general like to smoke and it ages the skin quite badly. I don’t know a single woman who is a smoker and looks good in her thirties.

    4. A high count messes up their pair-bonding ability. Some women take the best aspects of all the guys they have fucked, construct some giga-Chad in their head, and compare every guy they meet to this composite. Of course, no guy ever lives up to this fantasy. Regarding aging, part of the problem is that girls enter puberty a lot sooner. A friend of mine has a daughter in primary school, and he tells me that there are seven and eight year old girls with boobs.

  2. “ I’m not convinced of the idea of intelligence being a multi-faceted phenomenon. Normally, people with a high level of mathematical ability also have a high level of linguistic ability, for instance.”

    I am reading this post again in:

    I am intrigued by the assertion that intelligence is not multi-faceted. I think, generally, there are two main forms: verbal and mathematical intelligence.

    I remembered that my English teacher in high school used to tell me that someone who has high intelligence on verbal side doesn’t necessarily have high intelligence on math, but the reverse is usually not true. You usually have a guy who is good at math that can also cogently express himself. At the time, which was when I was 17, this was a bitter statement as I didn’t perform well in math. But as I grow up I think this seems to be true. One example is Kolmogorov whose was described to have impressive skills in French. You also have high IQ women like Nina Bari who translated “Lecon sur l’integration” by Henrie Lebesgue into Russian.

    With that said, it is very rare to have a genius who excel at both. Euler was a math genius and could recite Aenid, but he could not write one. Shakespeare wrote immortal verses that are engraved in public consciousness but he would not be able to do well in math, I suppose. And to add symmetry to Euler, John Dryden and Alexander Pope would not do well in Math.

    What do you guys think of this?

  3. Most widely accepted stance among intelligence researchers so far is that the structure of intelligence is dependent on the sample. For example, if you randomly sample people from general population and have them take IQ test then factor analysis is likely to yield only one predominant factor called the general factor of intelligence. However, if you take a sample from population of university students, or some other group of people who are already preselected on IQ, then multiple intelligence factors emerge. It could be summed up as that intelligence becomes more multi-faceted on higher levels of g factor.

    1. Thanks for your input.
      Perhaps you can learn to put the reply link in order to answer my post.

      I know it is a hassle and an easy mistake to make. I have to keep reminding myself again and again to do so.

      I like your posts in general.

  4. What is your experience with MDMA?

    I dont feel the magic anymore, even taking 10 pills in one night.

    Anecdotal reports suggest that rolling more often can lead to a loss of the “magic” – where much of the positive effects are lost. There are also good reasons to wait between rolls, but i waited 3 months and nothing.

    1. “I dont feel the magic anymore, even taking 10 pills in one night.”

      Jesus Christ. We need a block function.

    2. >taking 10 pills in one night.

      This is not productive. More is not always Better/more effective. In fact,I think the key to making the most out of enjoying recreational substance is keeping your tolerance as minimal as possible. (This is only theory however,I have not yet gone out there to try this for real) I have no idea if MDMA builds tolerance like Coke/Heroin/Marijuana (yeah,I should not be putting Weed in the same sentence as those other two,but whatever. lol),but assuming it does,you may well need to take more than 3 months off of it. Maybe a whole year.

      >i waited 3 months and nothing.

      Aside from what I said above,you might want to consider the fact that…you might be getting scammed. Remember that we’re talking illegal products here. Are you getting your stuff from someone you really trust? Just a possibility you may want to consider.

      In the mean time,you may want to occupy yourself with other things while taking a break for much longer than 3 months. (You might need 6 months or a year if you really are taking legit stuff and feeling nothing from it) Explore other recreational substance. Or explore non-substance related activities. The latter is generally more advisable,but I’ll leave that decision up to you.

      Disclaimer that I’m not a medical professional. You may want to ask around on different forums (or real life folks you know who do this regularly) from folks with actual experience.

    3. >This is only theory however,I have not yet gone out there to try this for real

      To clarify on this,I used to do weed on a semi-regular basis more than 5 years ago. There were times when the high wasn’t all that great,but I think that its more than just the factor of tolerance by itself,but also the quality of the product you got.

      That said,by spacing out my use (I only did about once a week or once every 2 weeks or so. Semi-regular basis as I’ve said),it wasn’t hard to get baked unless I got something of really low quality. Don’t treat drugs like people often treat Alcohol. (and even there,I say that treating Alcohol drinking like a dick measuring contest is also the wrong approach. People end up in the ER because of this macho stupidity…)

      If you can get high on the minimal amount of the product,you are in a very good spot. The fact that 1 joint was enough to send me to space was a joy. Trying to up my tolerance so I could do 2 or more joints to get the same high would have been stupid.

      I tried Meth 3 times…but I’m never touching that shit ever again. (Hard drugs in particular,you are not gonna want to do even semi-regularly.)

      Anyway,just getting my thoughts out here. My experience is rather limited,but I do think keeping your drug tolerance at a minimum is key to not only making the most of the experience,but also prevent it from ruining your life.

  5. I watched the first 20 mins of the Rings of Power premier just now, and that’s enough for me. I knew it was going to be awful going in but I just had to witness some of it for myself. During the first 10 mins or so you’re introduced to the Mary Sue eleven warrior, with a bit of brief back story about how she was basically always picked on as a child despite being brilliant. Then, it transitions to present day where we see her save one of her male counterparts as she completely beats the shit out of a troll 20x her size. The sad part was it looked very corny, and I think that sort of presentation is unacceptable this far out from the original Matrix movie.

    After the excitement, another male elf convinces the squad to abandon her in this mission to find Sauron, or something, because no one believes in her. I’m sure she will prove everyone wrong soon enough, though. Now, the original trilogy had some female characters that did some heroic things and all, but I sense they’re essentially taking a page out of the most recent Star Wars trilogy. Simply put, it’s boring!!

    After this scene the show transitions to a more sunny atmosphere with all kinds of black hobbits popping up speaking with English accents. I counted about half a dozen black characters within the first 20 mins or so of the first episode. Contrast that with the original LotT trilogy and the Hobbit trilogy where there were literally no non-white characters. This came as no surprise, as meme culture successfully predicted this would happen years in advance:

    I won’t bother watching anymore of the show, not even for the lulz. But I’ve heard rumors that Middle Earth will indeed be featuring homosexuality his season, though I can’t confirm this is true.

    1. Apparently, whenever a show or movie receives negative feedback from now on it’s not because it genuinely sucks, it’s because of trolls and bots. But don’t worry, pretty soon you won’t even be able to voice your opinion on media, they’ll basically just rate it however they want it to be rated:

      Funny how this works. Whenever something like an election goes suspiciously awry, it’s a crime to question the results as Biden is obviously the most popular president ever. However, when a beloved franchise is blasphemed all to hell, any criticism is because of foul play.

    2. It’s not just bots. I have come across quite a few claims about “Russian disinformation”. Joe Brandon and his posse really need to take their meds.

    3. The new Lawd Dem Rangs seems like a dumpster fire. It is yet another example that the people in charge happily burn a few billions in order to spite you. You will see your favorite white characters in books and movies replaced by blacks, lesbians, and homosexuals, and you will be happy!

    4. I am under the impression that most people are so addicted to entertainment that they will watch anything with decent visuals, especially if it is a major franchise like Star Wars or LOTR, even though it has negative reviews.

      Recent Star Wars movies have a pretty good ROI even though fans agree that Disney has ruined the franchise. Question is how long the studios will be able to milk such franchises before people completely lose interest in them.

    5. My impression is that the recent Star Wars movies did worse and worse. Solo: A Star Wars Story probably did not even break even.

    6. True, Solo was the only Star Wars movie which was a net loss But, for example, The Rise of Skywalker released a year later made at least $300M net profit on a $270M production budget.
      However, overall trend is that each subsequent Star Wars movie is making less and less money. Episode 7 made $2 billion gross, Episode 8 $1.3B and Episode 9 $1B. I guess the moral of the story is that they are able to pump out woke content without operating at a net loss, although they are driving value of the franchise into the ground, at least as far as movies are concerned (I don’t know how much money they are making from video games and other sources).

  6. Can anyone comment on the reality of nukes? Lots of stuff we were told in public school is, of course, horseshit. One thing that I was told in public school was that the USA alone has enough nukes to blow up the planet multiple times.

    I skimmed a Lex Friedman podcast with Noam Chomsky, who said that if the USA and China go to war, then “we’re finished”. How bad would you say the situation is? Are we headed toward war with China and by extension annihilation?

    1. I looked into this issue a while ago. The most plausible argument I encountered is that in a nuclear war, the power centers will be hit, so if you live in the countryside, far away from an urban center, you should be safe. Allegedly, the nuclear powers have retaliation systems in place, so if Brandon decides to send nukes to Russia, surely the response will not be to blow up Boise, Idaho.

      I think that Brandon wants to start a war with China, seeing that Taiwan has recently received weapons from the US. The war in the Ukraine is going swimmingly, so why not just open a second front? In all seriousness, I think ZOG has completely lost it. I think it is more plausible that they will nuke all of the US themselves, pursing a scorched-earth strategy, instead of a coalition of Iran, Russia, China, and Best Korea.

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