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Amber Heard and the Female Drive for Self-Destruction

I paid some attention to the recent court battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The highlight reels I watched made for some pretty good entertainment. The most infamous revelation was that she took a dump on the maternal bed to send some kind of signal. If I recall correctly, this happened because, after an argument, he exited the scene and went to his other house (!) in the city to stay the night. Depp retells this in a deadpan voice, which I found rather amusing. Amber Heard turns out to be a colossal piece of shit, no pun intended. Among others, it came out that she never donated all the stacks of money she got as a reward for her divorce. She repeatedly claimed that this was what she was going to do, but when questioned in court, she tried to redefine the word “donate”, just like Joe Brandon’s idiotic leadership team has been trying to redefine the word “recession”.

Upon reflecting more on Amber Heard’s fascinating behavior, it occurred to me that she is by no means unique in that regard. She is just more extreme than regular women. These simply do not walk away with many millions of dollars after a divorce, but they lie and steal and insult their husbands just the same. Of course, I am not talking about all women, but a fair number of them.

The underlying problem seems to be a combination of a few unfortunate factors:
– lack of long-term thinking
– emotional instability
– greed
– an enormous sense of entitlement

The average woman probably looked at Amber Heard, when she was still married to Johnny Depp, and thought that the latter had it made, and getting upset about life because she herself is stuck with a barely average guy who never has enough money to fulfill all her wishes. What she fails to see is that she is just the same. There is a little Amber Heard in such women as well.

Amber Heard clearly did not value Johnny Depp, back then one of the most well-known and, presumably, most beloved celebrities in the world. She was at best a B-lister and by spreading her legs, she ended up becoming part of his life. She got the attention and surely she got plenty of pocket money from him as well. The rational decision would have been for her to pop out a few kids and enjoy a life in great material abundance until her death.

Alas, making a rational choice was not quite what tickled Amber Heard’s fancy. She probably thought that now that she got Johnny Depp, she may as well suck him dry, financially speaking, divorce him, and then move on to an even better-locking and richer actor. The life she had with Johnny Depp was not fulfilling for her. Also, there is a good chance that she did not think much at all and just let her inner demon out. Her taking a dump on the matrimonial bed seems to support that notion.

In the end, her plan did not work out at all. She got publicly humiliated; probably dozens if not hundreds of millions of people have been laughing at the court videos that present highlights of her bullshit, and there is no option B available to her either. She would need to get exceedingly lucky to find any celebrity interested in dating her at all. Her best bet is probably some super fan who is more in love with the idea of dating her than he is in actually dating her, but the former is so strong a wish that the guy cannot think straight anymore. At least this is how I explain a guy like Ben Affleck dating Jennifer Lopez who is so far past her prime that you barely recognize her anymore.

The average woman is just like Amber Heard. She may be in her mid-30s or early 40s and think that her husband is not doing it for her anymore. True, she may enjoy a life of relative prosperity, but what about the kind of life she could have? If she managed to get a replacement husband who is a doctor or a lawyer, she would have even more money to spend, and surely a woman like her who, despite her advanced age, looks as hot as she ever did, at least in her mind, could not just get a guy who is loaded, but someone who is also really good-looking. Yet, a lot of those women end up being completely miserable. Some completely screw themselves over, apparently thinking that they can keep the kind of lifestyle they are used to, the only difference being that her husband is gone.

The rude awakening of those women happens when they move from a spacious house, which the husband owns, into a shitty two-room apartment together with her two kids, and nobody is around anymore to run errands for her or fix a faulty tap. Furthermore, no guy is going to get near her, let alone a doctor who does not know what to do with all his money. Reality can be brutal, and it invariably is because at some point, the delusions of such women will no longer be strong enough. Desperation will inevitably set in. Yet, she will most certainly frame herself as the victim, ignoring that she victimized herself due to her stupid decisions. Her emotional high, which may have lasted only minutes, when she served her husband the divorce papers, sooner or later gives way to the sober realization that she has another thirty or forty years ahead of herself, and each year will be worse than the last.

2 thoughts on “Amber Heard and the Female Drive for Self-Destruction

  1. >Her best bet is probably some super fan who is more in love with the idea of dating her than he is in actually dating her

    I have to wonder how long it would take for such a guy to get disillusioned with her should she decide to go this route. There’s plenty of reports of people meeting relatively famous folks (doesn’t even have to be the top 1%,I’m talking local celebrities) and obnoxious eccentricities is definitely common among them.

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