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20 thoughts on “Open Thread #229

    1. Aaron,
      Shaming faggots doesn’t seemed to work since it didn’t work when AIDS broke out in the 80s.

    2. On the other hand, this the powers that be went the extra mile to protect their feelings, considering that AIDS used to be called GRIDS. This was followed by a still ongoing psy-op that promotes the idea that everybody is at risk of AIDS, even though it is primarily an issue for homosexuals.

  1. I’ve just hit double digits in my notch count. Not that I’ve made a life purpose to do so, but I’ve been playing the numbers game a bit through social media (I know, and living in a small country it’s particularly risky since you can get a “reputation”) and gotten some results with barely more than texting and a coffee date, and a serious girlfriend who is 12 years younger and seems to be very into me (I know, I’m a cheat, but I had to get it out of my system after being played like a fool by the last one). I’m definitely slowing down, this girl is worth my faithfulness.

    Again, thank you Aaron and other contributors for helping me get out of “virgindom” almost 4 years ago.

  2. Need your input, guys.

    If you lived in a 3rd world country, would you move to Norway? Costs of housing wouldn’t be an issue since I’d live with my sister.

    As a non-EU country, I’ve always felt they bear the effects of what you succintly call “Clown World” with a little less impact than, say, their neighbors to the East. And they still have a lot of oil, so the blowback of the absurd economic war against Russia should be more manageable, but I still have my doubts. It could be years till I’m able to find a job on my field (Civil Enginieering), if ever.

    1. The thing I fear the most is to end up alone. The state of affairs with women in the (formerly) white West sounds terrifying if you want to settle down and have kids.

    2. A big issue of the Scandinavian countries is that they are socially closed to outsiders. The locals generally form strong friendships during childhood, and those will last throughout their lives. This is still the case today. If you were to move there, your social contacts will likely only consist of people you know from work, but those you would not meet privately, and expat peers. By the way, Norway is shockingly cold and very dark in winter. Before you seriously consider moving there, you may want to go there on vacation for two or three weeks in December.

    3. @Manuel S
      Once you’re established with a citizenship and a proper job in Norway, you can import a woman from any non-western country you please. But you might not even need to. I meet a lot of immigrant women from all over the world where I live in Sweden: asians of all kinds, eastern europeans, brazilians and colombians…

    4. Thank you both for your advice. I’ll have till the end of the year to think about it. If only I could take the girlfriend with me, it would be a little less hard a choice.

  3. Ok, so this was just a matter of time. Since lefties love changing definitions to avoid a fair fight in anything, I was always wondering when they would change what a definition even means, with all the abuse they’re doing.

    “Now “definition” is no longer a factual statement. It’s a “fluid” statement that “evolves” to “meet the needs of societal change.” Like, and I’m just spitballing here, the political agenda of a world leader. A world leader whose political agenda is shared by the Big Tech industry.”

    1. Orwell nailed it in 1984 with his Ministry of Truth and the system of perpetual manipulation of the written record. He did not foresee how easy it would be to engage in this kind of manipulation, though. In his book, people update printed books and newspapers but in the dystopian timeline we are in, you have a small clique of protected people who change the world’s largest encyclopedia on the fly in an authoritarian way.

      Also, remember that changing definitions is nothing new. We had two very prominent cases during the scamdemic, i.e. the definitions of “vaccination” as well as the definition of “pandemic”. According to Uber and his mom, this does not mean anything, however.


    I just watched a documentary on Woodstock 99, and of course the overarching question was, why all the anger and violence in contrast to the “peace and love” of the original Woodstock of 1969.

    Aside from the fact that the “peace and love” of the original was a bit exagerrated, and it had plenty of its own problems, what was being seen at Woodstock 99 was the result of a generation of young men being raised under the yoke of women.

    More single mother households where boys suffer for their mother’s poor life choices. More female teachers who can’t handle understimulated rambunctious boys so deem them all to be problem cases who need to be medicated to behave.

    Anger and lashing out are signs of being infantilized and feelings of powerlessness. The hippie boomers at the original Woodstock, for all their faults, came mostly from two parent families and a more patriarchal school system, and hence didn’t have a need to act out violently.

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