The Winning Ukraine is Starting to Lose

The mainstream narrative surrounding Putin’s special military operation in the Ukraine is one of the most absurd campaigns in recent memory. Perhaps, the elite pawns are getting dumber and dumber each year, so they have given up on wanting to make sense. As a recap, Russia invaded the Ukraine a couple of months ago. From the mainstream, we quickly learned that the Ukraine is winning and Russia is fumbling. I read the following claims:

  • Russia forgot to bring enough fuel
  • Russian soldiers have no food and water
  • Ukrainian farmers routinely push back tanks with their tractors
  • Russians are sending poorly trained and equipped soldiers because morale is low
  • Russia is losing badly because if they were competent, they should have won the war within 48 hours

As this was going on, the Jew Zelensky who has been masquerading as the Ukrainian president lost his all his suits and dress shirts and instead, like the Iranian Steve Jobs, was left with only one set of clothes. He somehow got fatter and fatter as the Ukraine was fighting off the Ukraine, and the mainstream could not stop pushing this fattie in his laughable green T-shirt on us. NPCs have been eating this up and began flying the Ukrainian flag next to the diversity flag.

Despite all the winning the Ukraine had been doing, they needed a lot of money: 10 billion here, 30 billion there, and free equipment on top. Clearly, nothing says that you are winning more than asking for handouts. Meanwhile, the West threw the principle of private ownership over board and confiscated Russian wealth. The West’s sanctions have been working so well that Russia’s economy ended up soaring while the West is struggling with the highest inflation in 50 years, and this is if you believe the bogus inflation metrics of the mainstream that aim to downplay it, for instance by taking into account that this year’s iPhone is better than last years’, so by the magic of “hedonics”, you are getting a better bang for your buck, bucko!

Despite Russia losing so badly, Azovstal, the last bastion of the Azov battalion, fell. This was reported in the Western media as a “successful completion of the mission”, according to Zelensky. If you only read the headline, you would never have learned that Azov surrendered, but those are all trifling matters. This turned out to be a turning point in the reporting on the special military operation, however.

It seems that the Ukraine is now winning so hard it somehow turned into losing. This surely must have happened just like an integer overflow in computing, which is what you get if you do not want to pay for good software developers. If you add 1 to the 8-bit integer 127, you get -128. Not catching this is a programming error. The same has happened in the Ukraine. They were winning so much that they forgot to keep track of all their winning, and now they are suddenly totally losing. Nobody could have seen this coming, absolutely nobody.

Recent mainstream stories represent the reality on the ground, for a change. In the last few days, I came across stories that claimed, roughly in this order, that

  • Russia has a “strategic advance”
  • The West may have to accept that Russia is in a better position
  • Russia uses 60 year old tanks and third-grade soldiers and somehow still cannot be pushed back
  • Russia has gained “local supremacy”

All of this is a surprising turn of events. At this rate, it is probably only a matter of days until I will read that it has always been obvious that the Ukraine could not have won in this conflict and that Zelensky should sue for peace. It is quite astonishing.

6 thoughts on “The Winning Ukraine is Starting to Lose

  1. One hilarious comment I read today observed that Ukraininan victories were reminiscent to early reporting of WW1 in France, where every “victory” over enemy forces somehow took place 10km closer than the victory before….

    Ukraine has effectively dominated the information space since the war began, so there is preciously little in open source about the state of ukrainian forces. Most journalists reporting out of Ukraine have actually been sitting in a Media Center in Lviv, just across the border from Poland, where they get fed a daily stream of carefully curated news by the Kiev government, so they might as well be reporting from Antarctica for all that matters.

    A few independent journalists have ventured closer to the frontlines and talked to the soldiers and civilians there, and the picture they paint is much more nuanced. It sounds like at least in some places the ukrainian military is close to collapse, they have suffered significant attrition, and some significant chunk of their most motivated and commited fighters likely died or were captured in the battle around Mariupol.

    Also, some foreign volunteers deployed to the front have gotten out of there after finding out how harsh the reality on the ground really is, even for people who have had actual combat experience. Remember when the overhyped “worlds deadliest sniper” went to fight there?
    Well, he ran right back https://www.ibtimes.com/much-hyped-sniper-wali-flees-ukraine-says-it-was-really-violent-donbas-3499643

    Turns out sniping illiterate goat herders with AKs in Afghanistan from a distance, all while enjoying close air support from A-10s and AC-130s is quite different from going on foot against massed fires from highly mobile russian armor and artillery, with no air cover whatsoever. After 20 years of “war against terror”, this is what near-peer warfare looks like, and it aint pretty.

    If Russia hadnt blundered the opening phase of the war so badly, they would be much further along now.

    1. Nonsense

      Even if Russia could occupy the entirety of Ukraine, which they cannot, because they lack the manpower to militarily occupy a country of 40million, it makes little sense, because it does not add to their security and comes with enormous risks.

      Poland is a NATO member, so the chances that the US would intervene directly are much higher. NATO does not impose an absolute obligation to come to the aid of the attacked member militarily, despite widespread belief it does (seriously, look up the treaty and read what article 5 actually says), but the credibility of the entire alliance would be broken beyond repair if they did not (not to speak of the credibility of their commitments in the Middle East and Asia) which is a very high price to pay.

      On the other hand, they already have a suitable client state in Belarus, fulfilling the role of buffer state on their western flank.

      This mantra that Putin must be stopped at Ukraine or he wont stop is strategic nonsense spouted by warmongers in Washington and Eastern Europe.

    2. Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s just difficult to read his motives.

    3. It’s funny that the same liberals who were always trying to downplay the Soviet threat during the Cold War are now acting like McCarthyites.

    4. Russia does not need to invade Poland. What Russia has to do now though, is: To get all of Ukraine under its control. It cannpt allow any kind of “inpedendent” Ukraine to exist, because that would quickly turn into a festering Western-infested wound again.

      Russia will take Donezk and Luhansk oblasts and the entire coastal aria, all the way until Odessa and will thus connect it with its Transnistrian enclave.

      The remaining rump-Ukrainian state will be ruled by Moscow controlled military government or something similar.

      Russia may most certainly let the hysterical Poles take the former k.u.k province of Galitzia, because this area will become an unruly area full of actual Neo-Nazis/Banderites (who HATE the Poles btw.), illegal arms and mafia money. Galitzia will become Poland’s own little “Vietnam”, right across the border. Russia will let Poland swallow West-Ukraine and have them choke on it.

      At least that’s just my 2 ct.

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