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24 thoughts on “Open Thread #214

    1. That gamer forum is pretty darn based. I really like it.
      Is this some kind of subculture that emerged and I missed it?

    2. Gamer Uprising is connected to the Daily Stormer; the name alludes to the “I just wanted to play games” meme. Imagine how big the parent site and its forum would be without suppression by the entirety of Big Tech! Daily Stormer is currently using a .cn domain. The original .com domain was stolen (“seized”) by the registrar. You can find similar discourse on 4chan’s /pol but there is more garbage to sift through as there are a lot of feds on it and the JIDF is pretty active running disinformation campaigns on there as well.

    1. Aaron,

      Have a link to actual data or a more “credible” website? Before I got to read anything my “bullshit” detector went off when I saw the website design which is indicative of garbage.

      In this day and age I find it hard to believe any source. For just many as website stating X there are just as many stories debunking X.

    2. The 2019 Miami Open had 19 men withdraw before the tournament, so it’s not really a new pattern.

    3. Dude, 19 men withdrawing BEFORE the tournament is not at all the same as 15 athletes dropping out DURING the tournament due to health concerns. I am, quite frankly, baffled that you think this is a good argument.

    4. Hahaha, please calm down, Aaron. 🙂 Honestly, I made a mistake and misread the article regarding pre- vs during tournament withdrawals. My apologies.

      It appears 15 women and 4 men withdrew during the tournament, compared to 2 of each during 2019, so a drastic increase among women but certainly within the scope of normal random variation for men (a doubling is not a great variation when we are starting with 2 cases here).

      There’s also really no indication that the vaccine is to blame here, since the athletes have apparently reported various physical injuries. I find it unlikely that 19 separate athletes are all in on a conspiracy to hide vaccine injuries. 🙂

      That being said, there are real risks from the vaccines. They increase the risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) by 15 (!) times IIRC. It’s slightly lower for some vaccines than for others, but overall there’s a significantly increased risk of myocarditis).

      It’s still an incidence rate of a few per 100,000, so it’s very low in absolute numbers, though a marked increase in relative risk. Due to the low incidence rate, even post-vaccination, it’s very unlikely that a significant number of the athletes had vaccine-induced myocarditis, though.

    5. Karl, I happen to deal with probability very frequently at work, so I can tell you right away that your reasoning is extremely flawed. Instead of dismissing you right away, which I would do in a professional context where a certain baseline of mathematical competence can be assumed, I would like to teach you something: if your mode and mean is x, with a very small x, an outlier event like having a multiple of x is not “normal random variation” but a black-swan event that has a probability of 1 to many millions of occurring naturally. The exact numbers are irrelevant because, for all intents and purposes, the chance of this being a random variation is 0.

      Let me illustrate the previous point for you: Assume you are super horny and also happen to live where prostitution is extremely cheap, legal, and all the hookers give you a massive boner. You just moved to this place. Sampling the goods, you notice that you are so horny that you bust a nut within two thrusts (or make it four, it does not really matter). However, the next time you visit, you are just as horny as before, but instead of two thrust to bust a nut you do not need 2.5 or 3 or 4 but, instead, a staggering 15. Does this strike you as being a case of “normal random variation”?

      Also, your entire reasoning reminds me of the kind of shitty argumentation so common among fact-checkers. You claim that going from 2 to 4 in the case of men is not a big deal, yet somehow you ignore those 15 women. Also, why do you claim that the vaxx is not to blame here when the athletes report injuries that may very well be vaxx-related? Do you think last year or the year before there were no injuries at all? The biggest obvious difference this year is that participants in the Miami Open had to be vaxxed. Furthermore, young men and women and in particular athletes seem to suffer some of the most severe vaxx side effects.

    6. Hahaha, please calm down, Aaron.

      I don’t think there’s anything for him to calm down about. You posted a pretty arrogant and snarky rebuttal without double-checking.

    7. Alek:

      I don’t think “The 2019 Miami Open had 19 men withdraw before the tournament, so it’s not really a new pattern,” really qualifies as “pretty arrogant and snarky,” but we may have different views on that.

      That being said, I did make a mistake/error, and I do respect Aaron, so I apologized. Hopefully he accepts the apology, and we can move on from there.

      All that aside, how are you doing, Alek? I haven’t talked to you in like… I don’t even know, 10 years? 15 years? Hope all is well with you! 🙂

  1. Evidence is on his side, yet I’m still a bit surprised by how many women have sided with Depp from nearly the beginning. I guess he’s been enough of a Chad in his prime (whic lasted way longer than for the average man, more or less up to his marriage with Heard precisely) that for the most part they overlook his alleged flaws.

  2. Hey Guys, Can I get some advice?

    Im currently living in Canada but thinking of trying to move to the states.

    I feel like the states will eventually collapse as well but at least there is a fighting chance. Or I buy land up north and build a off-grid home. Problem is Canadian winters are brutal.

    Any advice is welcome.

    1. I think a total collapse is unlikely. It seems more likely that the big, Demon Rat-run cities will descend in to chaos and anarchy. We have been seeing this unfold already. It may make more sense to move to a smaller and highly conservative city that is close to arable land. There is also the idea of homesteading but this is a much bigger project and probably necessitates that you move to an area with a pretty good climate. My wife has been following YouTube channels and blogs of people who homestead. Some seem to have been able to make it work in the central United States.

    2. Over the next 10 years especially it will become evident to the world that the US is not “the place to be”. Rampant inflation, crime, populace split between greedy boomers and useless millenials (across all demographics), the majority of the population is overweight and a significant percentage are obese, shrinking middle class, not to mention your choice between living in a mind numbing dull suburbia or a liberal city that doesn’t even have attractive women. Oh yea and all the infrastructure is falling apart and anyone who is capable of maintaining it, let alone building anew, died 10 years ago.

      I’m sure Canada is worse but for the love of God remove any sense of America as a land of milk and honey from your head. America is feasting off the whale carcass the WWII generation left behind, and all the best meat is gone.

    3. Deus,

      Why exactly are you looking to move? I have plenty of livable experience in both countries?

      First off I’ll just say get rid of this “doom and gloom” mentality. People have been talking about that since the beginning of time – and we are still here and if it were to happen who cares anymore.

    4. This is a bit too simplistic. While there arguably have always been prophets of doom, it has not been the case that the elites have always conspired at a global level to strip you of all your freedoms. What is your 1990s equivalent of Covid, for instance?

    5. If… IF you can get to the states, your safest bet is Texas or Florida.
      Texas has lots of cheap land (still) and is orange pilled as fuck.

      That whole “US is going down” is utter nonsense. Last time I checked Russia is looking like a bunch of incompetent losers in Ukraine, China is pissing their pants at the remote chance of even a fraction of the sanctions Russia is getting, should the invade Taiwan. They’ll simply starve to death and they know it. And Europe is not disappointing in terms fucking its citizens up their asses in terms of their individual freedoms.
      So no, USA is not collapsing, its merely retracting form their world police role and will focus on themselves and play the waiting game until like 2050 or so. Why? Because they can, demographically. No, pls don’t give me the “muhh immigrants are not Americans” counter argument, people go to the US for a reason, they might not totally assimilate but they still kinda do. Nobody is moving to Russia or China, both countries are de facto dead, demographically. China has peaked a few years ago, their one child policy has been a wonderful success. Their population will wall to 700mio by the end of this decade. THey have zero social incentive for innovation and they speak a language nobody else bothers learning. Even if RU and China were not in such dire straits, the US is still sitting to on two huge ass network effects: Their language is English, which everyone speaks and in which most research, i.e. technical progress is done and second the ex-US world still trades in USD, heck it has 60 trillion in debt, denominated in USD. So no, that whole “muh dollar is gonna collapse” is utter BS. Weimar didn’t have hyperinflation until they issued a “Zwangsanleihe” (i.e. a “mandatory bond”) in 1922 and people subsequently lost faith in the Reichsmark. The actual printing came afterwards. You can print the shit out of a currency and if people still demand it, you don’t get hyperinflation. The dollar index is up 5.7% YTD and trades at 101.7 as I write, which is a pre-Covid level. Didn’t the US also increase their monetary supply by like 30% since then, i.e. printed about a third of all dollars in existence since the beginning of the USD? How’s that possible? Yeah, I know… DXY is against a basket of other fiat, but all the dollar then is, is the least rotten house in a bad neighborhood.

      If I had the opportunity, I’d buy some land outside of Austin, TX and have a few cows on it. Texas Beef Initiaitive, Getrawmilk and all those projects are just the beginning of a return to good farming. Further, I give it a 40% chance that there will be a Bitcoiner in the White House in 2024.
      Don’t listen to the doom and gloom. Take a chill pill. The US still the best place to be.

  3. Since Sleazy has just written about narcissistic women, you guys should watch Amber Heard. The whore reportedly had a fling with Elon Musk.

    Observe this bitch carefully. She is a good model to learn from.

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