The Welfare State and the Switch to K-reproduction

In my last article I briefly wrote about Jamal having more kids than even a guy like Mel Gibson who has fathered nine children. Of course, Jamal can only do this because he is living high on the largess of the taxpayer. Here is a key excerpt:

In the West, most children are born in the underclass and as long as we do not fundamentally change society, i.e. scrap the welfare state, this will continue until the system collapses. Nonetheless, for the time being, Jamal who brandishes an IQ of 80 as well as a semi-automatic rifle, makes some dough on the side by slinging dope, and knocks up chicks in exchange for free weed or crystal meth is going to leave more children behind than any of us. He even makes an Ultra-Chad like Mel Gibson look like an amateur. In the end, society will pay for Jamal’s brood of 25 kids with 20 women. In the spirit of accelerationism, I wish him all the best, though.

Let me riff on this theme a bit more. Probably most of you are familiar with r/Kselection strategy, which has been observed in the animal kingdom. In short, some species have a lot of offspring, and invest little to no energy on them (r), and even if most of their offspring do not make it the effect is minimal as there are so many of them. In contrast, other species are K strategists that invest a lot into a small number of offspring (K), in order to ensure their survival. As you can imagine, there is a clear correlation between r/K selection strategy and your ability to plan for the future. The more you are oriented toward the present, the less you will be disturbed about your lack of steady income, insufficient housing, or the fact that you live in a crime-infested neighborhood. Those questions may not even register on your radar.

A problem with the modern welfare state is that it has created some kind of welfare aristocracy, albeit you should probably call it something else as the word aristocracy means “rule of the best”. There is no viable system that is based on rule of the worst, so such a term seems to be sadly missing in our lexicon. Judging how things are going, we will probably need to come up with one such term sooner or later. In any case, in the modern welfare state the productive members of society get burdened with excessive taxes, in particular the middle class. All that money is used to stuffing the pockets of Jamal and Tyrone who get free food, shelter, and housing without needing to do anything in exchange.

Perversely, people can live really well on welfare. In Germany, a family of two in the welfare class has a lifestyle it could only achieve if they held the kind of job that they would, generally, be unable to get as they are not qualified for them. Thus, you perpetuate this kind of lifestyle generation after generation. Worse is that the more kids those people have, the more money they get from the taxpayer. Thus, they plausibly view their kids as little walking piggy banks. As the parents are on welfare, they also are entitled to ever bigger apartments, for free, and the kids get free breakfast and lunches at school because that kind of money can, obviously, not get taken out of the generous budget of your typical family living on welfare.

The definition of evolutionary success is not having the most offspring. Instead, evolutionary fitness means that you have the highest number of offspring that is able to have offspring themselves. Consequently, in the current year evolution clearly favors the underclass. Sure, this works only due to economic parasitism, i.e. their lifestyle is only possible because government has decided that it wants to humiliate you by taking your hard-earned money, giving it to the underclass, and mocking you for not procreating enough. Clearly, they therefore need to bring in millions of third-worlders because you hedonists cannot be bothered to have children. The elites are playing a truly sickening game with us.

When was the last time you saw a living dinosaur? Yes, me neither. The dinosaurs had their day in the sun, and eventually the planet got hit by an asteroid, according to science. This led to atmospheric changes that were no longer advantageous for those giant lizards, so the rise of mammals began. Similarly, the day in the sun of the underclass will eventually come to an end. It is a mathematical certainty because that kind of life form is only possible in an affluent society. We tell each other that we live in one, but if you are in your 30s or older, you can probably remember a time where everybody seems to have been clearly better off than they were today. When I was a kid, middle-income earners could easily afford a house, for instance. Today, that ship has sailed. As the welfare state comes to its inevitable end, so will the welfare aristocracy. This is not mere wishful thinking. Some countries, like Denmark, have been making great strides in ramping down welfare, in particular to third-world immigrants. Presumably, this has something to do with studies showing that those people, as a whole, only ever make a net negative contribution to society, regardless of age. Yes, Denmark really had its academics look into this. Change is coming.

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  1. What do you guys think of 1950s American senator Joseph McCarthy? I couldn’t find much on the net that was unbiased. But he was calling out Hollywood, the media, and academia for being pro-Communist. That sounds about right. I think he was on to something, but they ruined him and still bash him to this day. Very typical of Hollywood and the MSM. They bashed Nixon for decades after he stepped down. Now Trump is their favorite whipping boy. They just can’t take a W.

    1. Yeah in the Venona Papers, it was verified that just about everyone McCarthy suspected was indeed on the Soviet payroll. At the end of the day, they’ll always win if we can’t name them outright. Communism is more or less Jewish supremacy. Making the fight about Communism is a mistake.

  2. “Judging how things are going, we will probably need to come up with one such term sooner or later.”

    Idiocracy works well, I think. Or just plain ol’ democracy.

    In regards to those Denmark studies, I recall seeing something someone had put together about how much it costs a nation to house one brotha or sista on for their entire lifetime. I’ll have to find it to make sure, but it’s somewhere around a millions dollars on average for the privilege of diversity. This is to say, if you took this entire demographic as a whole (in the US, I think), you’d be out around a million dollars per individual. So, even though there are outliers who have a net positive effect on the economy it’s not enough to offset the money drain that the collective causes.

    1. This is a good illustration. For some reason, we are not allowed to discuss this publicly, and when you visualize this problem with concrete numbers, it is not difficult to guess why this is a taboo subject. You, whitey, may want to live in peace and prosperity, but the “hello, fellow whites” crowd has a different plan for you because, in their view, the host population cannot ever become too happy as they might just stage another holocaust. On a related note, quite a few big companies want their employees to return to the office. I think the reasoning is the same. You, wagie, are not supposed to be too happy. Most of your waking life is supposed to be drenched in misery. They even take into account that your productivity may be lower in the office, but to them it is about having power over you and control over your day.

    2. I was thinking of a proper antonym of “aristocracy”. “Idiocracy” does not quite work as it means, “rule of the stupid”, not “role of the most stupid”. Effectively, as you pointed out, we have such as system in democracy were our leaders seem to be getting dumber every year.

      We should not only look at money when discussing diversity. After all, would you want to give up your Italian pizza or your Senegalese whatever-they-eat? I mean, if we know anything, then it is that a people who is collectively responsible for almost all scientific breakthroughs would be unable to cook foreign cuisine. On that note, one of the most humorous comments on this matter I have come across was on a Swedish discussion forum where someone asked rhetorically if the country really needed 100,000 more kebab stalls. This was in response to some normie spouting bullshit about the economic contributions of all those doctors and engineers who were flooding the country in 2016 where even to the dumbest it would be obvious that this demographic had not changed the country for the better over the last 40 years.

    3. Speaking of foreign cuisine and all that, what other culture besides perhaps East Asian even compares to the West as a whole? Imagine being such a fool that you would pass up some traditional Greek or Italian dish in favor of some Ethiopian. We don’t honestly need that shit lol such a shit argument.

    4. I hear that sub-Saharan Africans are pioneers in the fine art of frying bugs and maggots. This shows that they are, despite racist stereotypes insinuating the opposite, deep thinkers and long-term planners as this will help us avoid climate change. (Up next: mud huts are the new sky scrapers!) Besides, is it not much more sophisticated to chew away at a pile of charred insects, which you eat with your fingers, than to force yourself to eat a juicy, inch-thick, rare steak with cutlery? This also shows the glaring inferiority of Western cuisine. We Westerners need a convoluted supply chain, non-trivial training, and expensive equipment to eventually be able to fry a steak in our kitchen whereas the sophisticated and hyper-rational African cuts right to the chase, catches half a pound of insects, throws them into the fire and minutes later gets to engorge himself on a diverse, varied meal. It is no surprise that our benevolent rulers want to prescribe the same died to us backward Whites.

    5. @Pickernanny

      Speaking of cuisines, I like, cook and eat a lot of Western food but due to my Chinese belly, I think Western cuisine has a much narrower flavour profile. After just a week at my in-laws I couldn’t help but crave for Asian food again. I cook Chinese, Japanese and Korean food on a regular basis. I would say my cooking is roughly a 60/40 split between Asian and Western food.

      I recently thought about how Asians are arguably more consumerist than Whites and our food culture in Asia is an obvious example of that. We’re so particular about taste and make granular comparisons between this hawker vs that hawker. The irony is that most don’t cook well or much at all unless cooking is their job.

      I looked at rental options in Taiwan over a period of time, and the general state of kitchens there was a joke. There weren’t many places with functional, decent kitchens. Why cook when affordable eating out options are in abundance after all. Eating out is such a huge part of the lifestyle and culture.

    6. “Eating out is such a huge part of the lifestyle and culture.”

      Is it affordable relative to median income?
      For comparison, 28 CHF is about the lower end for a main dish in a normal restaurant here in Switzerland, with the median household making 90k CHF per year.

    7. In Singapore, you can get pretty edible food at hawker stalls starting from the equivalent of one to two Euros. For the equivalent of 15 to 20 Euros you get pretty decent quality at restaurants already; of course, there are also restaurants catering to the high end. In any case, the key point here is that eating out is affordable for essentially anyone.

    8. Right. In Switzerland, you’re not getting a “Bratwurst” below 6 Swiss Francs.

    9. Speaking of bratwurst, there were several vaxx campaigns where the authorities handed out a free bratwurst in exchange for getting a jab of mystery juice. For a while, German Twitter made fun of side effects after the first or second bratwurst, instead of referring to the vaxx. Initiatives like this perfectly illustrate how stupid the authorities think the average normie is and, unfortunately, plenty seem to have been dumb enough to fall for it.

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