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45 thoughts on “Open Thread #181

  1. Did everyone see the australia press conference? HAHAHAH… we were so right in our predictions.

    Australia’s Prime Minister just came out and held a press-conference how… we have to learn to LIVE with the virus, just like any other virus, and we can “no longer interfere with people’s lives” and lockdowns and all these measures are not the answer blablabla… And yes, he used Omicron as an excuse for doing a 360 on tyrannical measures.

    Exactly as was my prediction. And no, he did not admit that the protests had anything to do with them backtracking. Afraid that he’ll end up hanging off of a lamp post was not part of him doing a 360… not at all…

    1. My favorite is him appealing to the peoplez by saying australians are smart, and can be trusted to “self-regulate” and care about their health bla bla.

      Funny how until fucking yesterday the plebs were not to be trusted with self-regulation and had to be forced into “doing the right things”. It’s a complete and utter coincidence the politicans discovered the idea of letting people self-regulate right when it became apparent they’ll fucking end up like Ceaușescu.

    2. Obviously I do not condone violence against politicians and members of the elite. If it were to happen that we would see them getting skewered by a frenzied mob, I would denounce it fully. I would be most abhorred seeing Justin Trudeau bleeding to death, and I would be equally abhorred if Merkel and Klaus Schwab ended up dangling from lampposts because this is just not who we are. Still, I think this should be recorded in HD as educational material for future generations. In particular, I hope that not a single Jew will get run out of any country anywhere as there do not seem to be any countries left they could flee to.

  2. Übermensch has a point that with protests and revolutions, it’s easy to spred bullshit on the internet, from both sides, one has to be careful. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter that some numbers were inflated in 2016 and 2020 in some particular rallies, by sheer volume, they were evidence that Trump had considerably more traction and elicited more enthusiasm from his voters than Hillary or Biden; I guess this is Aaron’s angle.

    Still, you shouldn’t discount his mom’s anecdotal evidence. If could easily imagine you believing Putin’s media’s version of the events in Nicaragua in 2018, which happens to be the regime’s version as well, which makes the whole issue out to be another CIA-backed color revolution. It had some elements from one of those, yet it was waaaay more complicated than that. I had to unfollow a lot of Trumpers and alt-righters because of them spouting RT’s talking points without knowing better or trying to know better, painting everything with the same brush.

    1. Honestly, this whole covid situation really makes me hate living on this planet with all those emotional monkeys.

      On the one side you have the covid hysterics, who would love to lock everyone down forever.

      And on the other side you have people believing the most weird conspiracy theories.

      Rationality and unemotional thinking about the facts is very low, on both sides.

      Using clickbait articles with nonsense statistics, just because they support the narrative, is not helping at all.

      They will just use that to paint all the anti vaxxers as complete lunatics.

      You might argue it doesn’t matter because they do that anyways, but you have to consider that there are many people who are in the middle, and it should be the aim to move those to your side.

      But to achieve this you need better arguments than clickbait articles.

    2. False dichotomy. A definitely a powerful way to make yourself feel superior (it’s a trick of the ego) is to divide the population into equally crazy extremes, and declare yourself the only rational one. It’s a really great way of giving oneself a self-esteem boost. It involves artificially making one side as crazy the other though. But as long as it boosts the self-esteem…

    3. No Alek, I mentioned there is a more sane middle group. And those are the people you want to get on your side.
      Spreading crazy conspiracy theories won’t help you achieve that, it will actually make it more likely those people go to the pro-vaccine side.
      And if you don’t try to make anyone change his mind, then why even post or debate anything.

      I also find it amusing Alek that you spend paragraphs telling me that I am an autist and all the mental defects that I have, but you don’t engage with my argument at all. This is also quite telling.

    4. Here is some food for thought: Could the appeal to a “more rational middle group” be a fact-checker technique when reality shifts really far towards one extreme? You know, someone less honest could claim that the WEF is not really as crazy as all the evidence suggests because of “reasons”. I consider it plausible that you are a paid shill, in which case I am obviously not telling you anything new. Oh, and before you call me a lunatic: I have first-hand experience of PR agencies infiltrating essentially dormant Facebook groups that only have four or five members, and “shaping the narrative”. PR-shill operated sock puppets go after absolutely everything.

    5. Yes, I’m obviously aware of the fallacy of the middle ground. The truth must not necessarily be in the middle.

      And I’m also aware that there are strong incentives for the establishment to spread disinformation.

      But, in this is why I just think that you suffer from strong confirmation bias yourself, you don’t seem to consider at all that there are also strong incentives on the anti-vaxxer side to spread disinformation. And that you did not check this last clickbait article you posted at all, confirms me in my suspicion here. You clearly have the mathematical aptitude that you should have noticed the big flaws in this article.

      Some incentives on the anti-vaxxer side to spread disinformation:

      – right-wingers (or other opposition government parties) wanting to exploit the situation to gain power
      – media creating click-bait articles for more add revenue
      – nefarious government actors (China) wanting to destabilize the West
      – alternative medicine idiots making profit with homeopathy and other nonsense

      these are just some I could think of

      What you are doing here is just hyper charging your confirmation bias, by only using sources which are already quite biased, and you seem to not apply any scrutiny to sources that confirm your narrative, while you are highly distrustful of any source that would disconfirm your narrative (if you are even looking at them at all)

      This is just my impression, feel free to correct me.

    6. “I consider it plausible that you are a paid shill, ”
      and this is just laughable. you are highly paranoid Aaron, and it shows.
      this blog has maybe a few 100 readers at best. (correct me if I’m wrong) (((they))) don’t give a fuck about you. I still find your blog via a goodle search. So (((they))) oviously don’t care enough to censor you.

    7. A few hundred readers is a lot more than a four or five, and the latter number is a big enough number of members of Facebook groups for PR agencies to infiltrate them. Also, my blog is heavily penalized in the Google search. Do a few searches without “Aaron Sleazy” and compare the ranking of a few of my posts on Bing and Yandex with Google. I did this exercise earlier this year, and the results seemed rather clear to me. Plus, my blog is censored on various public WiFi networks. Thus, I would argue that it is apparently big enough to be a target for censorship.

      I also know of the downranking of my old blog, which was hosted on Google’s Blogger service. They sent me one email after another about “problematic content” in my posts, and almost every post was affected. Sure, you can now say that this is “only AI doing its job”, but, obviously, the AI was set up to downrank blogs like mine. Besides, it is also the case that Google has been downranking blogs in general. When you search for anything at Google you will get pages upon pages of mainstream links first. A few years ago, this was not the case at all.

    8. I was going to answer, but then Aaron answered with essentially the same thing. “Moving things to the center” is in fact a propaganda tactic to move things towards an extreme, whilst misrepresenting it as “balance”.

    1. This is interesting. It reminds me of the head of the World Medical Association saying that governments are “sacrificing” their population. The interview was held in German and he clearly said “opfern” (sacrifice), instead of “impfen” (vaccinate), an the second time it happened he did not even bother correcting himself anymore. According to fact checkers, none of this happened, of course.

    1. I watched parts of its. Some of her claims are pretty far-fetched. One example is her claim of the elites wanting to build an AI that is fed with behavioral data that is tied to your ID. This is not really how AI works, and the more “diverse” society is, the less successful this can be due to different demographics behaving differently.

    2. Here’s the deal.
      Saying “Bretton Woods”, “SDR”, “Crypto”, “1971”, “Gold Standard”, “1944” does not make you an expert, but to some it sounds like “uhhh she knows what’s up”.

      No she doesn’t. After many hours of me watching/listening to Jeff Snider, I understood that 1971 was not the turning point and that things changed much much earlier. But yeah, it’s one thing to say catchy key-words, but it’s another thing to dig into huge ass rabbit holes like the Eurodollar system.

      I can’t say much about AI, but I can definitely say that the economic and monetary aspects of her claims are superficial at best.
      Grand ideas is what the elite has. Their way of implementing is nothing but sloppy, however.

  3. Do you guys think the whole job loss due to automation and UBI is blown out of proportion? I keep hearing that AI will take over yet I have to deal with chronic lack of blue collar workers, ranging from situations like car servicing to home maintenance&improvement. I believe these days a tradesman makes more than a typical university graduate, especially if he is not of below average intelligence. When talking to master tradesmen their common complaint is that they cannot find workers and that they have more orders than they can manage.

    Just because AI is able to do image recognition or natural language processing with some proficiency doesn’t mean it will suddenly start building houses, servicing vehicles or replacing blue collar workers in general. If anything those most likely to lose jobs are paper pushers who predominantly tend to be university educated.

    1. We are still very far away from automating most of the trades / service industry.
      Self driving cars also turned out to be oversold, they cannot handle the complexity of inner city traffic at all.
      Automating something like construction work probably requires a human level AI, so when they have that it will be game over for all humans anyways.
      And with the ongoing dysgenic decline our society will probably collapse before we reach this point.

    2. AI has been grotesquely oversold. Currently, progress is being harmed severely because of wokeness. As it turns out, AI is race-blind and makes conclusions about the ability of blacks to repay mortgages or the safety of certain neighborhoods, and this has led to some major kvetching in the corridors of power. Consequently, manual intervention has led to hamstringing AI.

      In the future, I think we will likely see much more automation of standard administrative processes, but those are jobs for mid-wits. Anybody working with his hands will be safe.

    3. Not only those who work with their hands, but anyone supervising manual labor as well. The works I oversee aren’t high technical level by any means, yet I don’t conceive some AI doing that work, or filing reports, or even taking pictures of the job at hand at the required angle and the required moment. It’s sounds like fantasy to me.

      Even if you talk about construction machinery, automating it further than it is today could be a recipe for disaster. There’s only so much automation that you can do based on laser sights and the like, you still need some human to prevent the machine from wasting the concrete or spreading the asphalt out of bounds. Not to mention that nobody wants to spend that much money on periodic maintenance of roads and the like, as opposed to the initial investment in construction.

  4. @Alek

    These videos are for you and further prove your point. The police can’t do anything against a determined group of protesters.

    Bring it on Munich.

    1. These crowds are truly massive. Meanwhile, there is nary a word about those protests in mainstream media. By the way, the mayor of Munich magnanimously allowed the protests to happen, but miles outside of the city center so that nobody would notice them. The crowd just ignored this. The same strategy is run in Berlin where protests are only allowed far outside the city center so that you would need to be vaxxed or tested to even get there if you wanted to take part.

      On a related note, Saxony is the epicenter of the “Great Awakening” in Germany. Their ruler posts the most inane bullshit online, such as that 99.8% of the people in his state support his measures. This must be why Antifa faggots no longer even dare to show up for counter protests, despite getting paid by the government to do so.

    2. Lol, I love how it says the mayor banned the protest. And they just went and did it anyway. I’m so happy people are waking up. The mayor can’t do shit, it’s empty words.

    3. “I’m so happy people are waking up”

      Me too, man. This is the kind of stuff that give me goosebumps.

    4. Me too, man. This is the kind of stuff that give me goosebumps.

      I don’t mind admitting that I got emotional and my eyes started getting moist as I saw them charge at the barricade and breakthrough. This is history being written.

    5. These crowds are truly massive

      I dunno man, my cousin’s friend’s mom lives there, and she says there weren’t that many people.

    6. The mom of my aunt’s friend said the same thing, incidentally. She did not hear anything even though she lives literally on that street and there was nothing in the news either, so this must be fake. According to her, there was no difference between the size of the crowd that day and any other day.

    7. “I don’t mind admitting that I got emotional and my eyes started getting moist as I saw them charge at the barricade and breakthrough. This is history being written”

      Right on. Same here.

      Did you notice? There was music that started just as the first line started marching into the police barricade. I believe that these were loudspeakers and not a video edit. In other words, they are using music, which is phenomenal. UE Boom portable Bluetooth speakers can be connected to play the same music at the same time, maybe that’s what they did.
      I have long advocated for the resistance groups in Switzerland to use drums when marching. Ok, they went with the outsized cowbells, but you can’t get a rhythm going with these the same way you could with drums. There’s something primitive, cave-man like about drums. Hitler did on purpose construct certain venues in Munich so that there can be rhythmic echo from the soldiers marching.

      “Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    1. the dishonest tactics of Uber’s colleagues

      Should have been more precise and written “Uber’s Soros-funded buddies”.

    2. Yeah Alek the CIA pays me to brainwash you… wait.. I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.
      Everyone who tells you something that disconfirms what you already believe is a Fed… don’t forget that.

      This is like Christians who think everyone who tells them god doesn’t exist is possessed by the devil 😀

    3. Don’t flatter yourself. I’m not saying you’re paid and trained to do this by open society cells. I’m saying that *if you* did there would be no discernible difference in your comments.

    4. So you are living in some kind of Schrödingers Truman show now, where everyone could or could not be a government shill at the same time? Fascinating!

    5. where everyone could or could not be a government shill

      See, this is textbook propaganda tactics:
      “So you’re saying that (exaggerated outrageus crazy claim)”

      No, not “everyone”. In fact, I don’t remember anyone else except you to have ever (in this existence of this blog) ever been said to be acting identically to a paid Soros minion. Not a single other person. You’re the only one. Ever. In the history of this blog and this comments section, and I think it’s over a decade now.

    6. What if I told you to start fucking whores, doing drugs, and forget about the ongoing genocide? You deserve some me-time Alek. Would that still fit into your model?

    7. ” In the history of this blog and this comments section, and I think it’s over a decade now.”

      Uh, Alek, don’t remind me that we’ve gotten this old already, bro…
      Man, time flies by…

    8. “What if I told you to start fucking whores (…)”

      Telling Alek to “START” fucking whores would be like telling Mick Jagger to start doing drugs.

  5. In response to Ubermensch: “nefarious government actors (China) wanting to destabilize the West”; that would obviously be to encourage Covid hysteria. As for ” right-wingers (or other opposition government parties) wanting to exploit the situation to gain power”; you do realize that opposition to the “sanitary dictatorship” spans the political continuum? And that Covid is being used to increase governmental control, not decrease it?

    1. you do realize that opposition to the “sanitary dictatorship” spans the political continuum?

      Anyone who disagrees with Uber’s boss (Soros) on anything is ultra-right-wing. And there are no gradations.

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