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35 thoughts on “Open Thread #176

  1. Nintendo wants to hire lots of female managers:
    Surely, this will not at all affect the games they make. Up next: Gay Mario’s Odyssey where our beloved plumber will go down pipes that are shaped like flesh lights (with anus-shaped openings) and climb massive dildos instead of vines. I am also hearing that Metroid’s female protagonist Samus was deemed to be offensively slender and will get a much healthier appearance in Metroid 4. Fans around the world have started to affectionately call her “Phat Samus”.

    On a related note, Microsoft has already gone through the “hire-more-wahmen” program. Nowadays, they ban you for seven days if you use the name “Brandon” in-game as it is “abusive” and “profane”:

    1. Check out this guy’s Twitter stream! He is probably the most based head of state in the world.

    2. He’s trolling Peter Schiff. Gotta love this.
      Wait until he takes on the IMF and the World Bank.

      Check out the Bitcoin backed bond El Salvador will issue.
      Oh, and… building Bitcoin City? Yeah, sign me up!

    1. I’m seeing mainstream news talking about the significantly lessened severity of Omicron and how this is “good news”. You’d think a little bit of rationality and sanity would start creeping into the general public’s mind. There’s no good reason to keep pushing endless boosters at this point. We know that Vitamin D and K2 (among other prophylactic practices) together significantly reduces instances of catching cold and flu as well as lowers chances of severe complications when sickness does occur. We also have effective treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychl., and plain old antibiotics for secondary lung infections. You can even be proactive and give blood thinners if the patient’s D-Dimer is elevated. It’s really this fucking simple. Don’t be a fat piece of shit and take some vitamins and you’ll probably be fine, but if you do get really bad off because you’re a type 1 diabetic, for example, then we still have you covered.

    2. “Oh, but none of this is orchestrated. It is all happening by chance.”

      Here’s the shocker. In fact, none of this is orchestrated and it is all mass psychosis.
      Wanna hear the real conspiracy? Here it goes:


      Surely, prior to 2020, you must’ve been thinking that a lot of people are very stupid. Now you get to see how many actually are and to what extent. It is nothing but mind-blowing.

    3. We believed that about 50% are stupid. Now we know that the number is closer to 80%. Also, the unfolding plandemic has demonstrated beyond any doubt, not that we needed further proof, that “democracy” cannot work. It is based on the false claim that people can make informed choices but clearly they cannot. More than half believe that the vaxx is “safe and effective”, for instance, seemingly unable to understand that it does not make any sense to say that there will not be any long-term side effects.

    1. In one of the subversive Telegram channels I frequent, someone posted a screenshot of a newspaper story that claimed that “very potent cocaine” had been discovered in the UK that is suspected to lead to strokes and heart attacks. I did not check the source so I cannot say if this was a parody or not, but given the current trajectory of science, it seems that we have always had a latent risk of sudden blood clots, and apparently only by chance escaped all their devastating side effects. We are probably only days away until the ADL and CDC will embark on a joint-research project that will explore if shitposters on the Internet are all mass murderers because, clearly, posting information those people do not like will lead to heightened blood pressure, which might lead to a clotted artery bursting.

    2. There is also “sudden adult death syndrome”, which is my current favorite so far, because it mirrors “sudden infant death syndrome”. The latter is a catch-all for non-politically correct child murder, i.e. if an obese black woman gets high, falls asleep on her toddler, and kills the child, it is simply SIDS. There was no other cause. It just happened.

  2. The German government originally wanted to make the vaxx mandatory for everyone but they have back-pedalled a bit. For starters, it is only mandatory for workers in health care. The new law will be effective from mid-March onward. Most opposition parties, with the exception of the AfD, are enraged that there is no universal vaxx mandate.

    1. That’s an interesting development. It did feel a bit like they were testing the waters and bluffing. I get the same feeling about Austria’s “mandatory from February” shit. They can always backpedal by february.

    2. They try to make it look like a matter of unconditional surrender. Which it would be the case if the Austrian gov stuck to it. “Either you get vaxxed, or…” So, this is government really asking for people taking up their guns. Because the unwilling to get vaxxed under no circumstance represent at least 5% of the population, they will react in an extreme fashion. And they will get their way. Muslims are a similarly small group, yet you can get Halal meat everywhere. Governments will learn again that it is ignorant minorities who run the show.

      Also, seeing how pretty much all of Bidet’s mandates got struck down by judges, I think this is an indicator as to where things are headed. That being said, the German supreme court in Karlsruhe waived through all of the past 2 years’ nonsense, so we can not really extrapolate the US judicial system being seemingly intact on that front onto any of the European one’s.

      Frankly, I say “bring it on”. I had other plans with my life, but fuck these fuckers. That’s what my guns are for. Everybody needs to have a red line that may never be crossed by anybody. This is mine. I’m not getting that shit injected into my body as long as I have ammo left. A friend of mine’s Dad was in WW2. His advice in times like this is: “Take one with you. They soon run out of bureaucrats to do the dirty work.”
      At the end of the day, it is what it is, “In sha’Allah”, as the Muslims say – God willing.

  3. So… rumble bought locals and all of its data, then sold to wall-street. Trump is now joining forces with them.

    A lot to unpack there. Tim Pool just had a segment on this:

  4. Apparently, the fraudulent PCR test cannot detect the “moronic” variant, and booster shots are as ineffective against it as the initial shots. That “boostering” is some kind of magic bullet is downright idiotic anyway. I assume that this was dreamt up by the CEOs of big pharma as a quick way to boost profits, pun intended. Nonetheless, expect the elites to tell you that you need to get vaxxed harder because it was never about protecting you against a fake virus. It will be bit of a tough sell, though.

    1. The head of Biontech has announced that the vaxx for the “moronic” variant will consist of three separate shots. It is quite impressive how quickly science was able to determine that, without any kind of study. I suppose that this will be on top of your booster subscription, so it’s two shots to get started, a booster every three months, and three jabs for the “moronic” variant on top. On the plus side, this made me laugh due to the absurdity of it all.

    2. I would sincerely hope this does not catch on as people have already become skeptical and are pushing back. Hell, even some mainstream outlets have referred to the new variant as a “blessing in disguise” and acknowledged the mild nature of it. Anecdotally, no one who was worried about the original virus is even slightly concerned for this new one. This entire fiasco has entirely worn out its welcome. On the other hand, it would be foolish to assume these pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t just double down again. Let them go ahead and make their shady vaccines, and good luck trying to stick me with that fucking thing.

    1. Aaron, on a whim I looked up the obituary of a few of these guys and both who I looked up retired years ago. One died from Alzheimers. I bet if I look up more, it’ll be the same thing. If there was a statistical significant death rate from the vax it’d be pretty clear.

    2. Hello Nathan!

      Obviously, there is something fishy when you go from six deaths in 2020 to over 100 in the first nine months of 2021. Surely, I do not need to point this out to you as your goal is to simply spread FUD and waste our time.

      In any case, I know that you are lying. My readers know that you are lying. You know that you are lying, and you do not care. How does it feel to get paid a few cents per post for spreading disinformation online?

    3. Aaron,

      TLDR: You’re wrong.

      Read the top comment.

      The comment in it’s entirety below:

      2019 and 2020 appear to be in memoriams that were not mentioned in previous editions.

      Did some digging. Here’s a list for just the Northwest members:

      Searching using Ctrl+F: [2019] yields 138 results. [2020] 105 results. [2021] 89 results. (results are double the deaths plus some extra dates elsewhere on the page making up the totals)

      There is no major discrepancy between the years.

      Counting out 2020’s deaths manually there were 51 in which Capt. Paul L. Baertsch Jr. is contained and Capt. John E. Peterson is not. This supports the view that the 2019 and 2020 names are those that were missed during the year.

      Do you have no shame OP? I too saw this on Twitter with the same title designed to lead one to conclude there are more deaths all of a sudden. Do better.

    4. This is an interesting find. Nonetheless, we have been seeing excess deaths across all age ranges. This includes a jump in miscarriages and stillbirths, even though the Jewish position here is, apparently, that this is not “life”. Furthermore, to refute the claim that pilots are dying in higher numbers, we would have to look into other airlines and analyze the corresponding data. Assuming that the Northwest data is correct and there are no underlying issues with it, this alone does not constitute a proper rebuttal. The data may be as weak as the original screenshot.

      Your original rebuttal is really weak, by the way. You cannot look up a few people and claim that this is a counterargument. Surely, you have come across the term “cherry-picking the evidence”. It probably features quite prominently in the manuals you are given for your online disinformation activities.

    1. I foresee numerous peaceful protests in the UK’s future. Btw, this is essentially proof enough for me that political so-called Conservatives are merely fake representatives.

  5. Bros! I’ve gotten involved with a real crazy chick. I managed to string her along for a while until she started dating some guy, but even now she will not leave me alone. I say string her along, but honestly I was straight with her from the beginning. I told her some sob story about how I’m damaged goods and can never trust women again, and that I never see myself dating seriously or settling down. She sought to be the one to tame and repair me, or something.

    Just last night she called my phone several times in a row. I was eating and didn’t want to pick up anyway but she kept calling. I shouldn’t have answered it and should have turned off my phone because what I got was her in a drunken state essentially begging for me to “work things out with her”. Apparently this new guy was too easy of a catch (and a bit of a loser), and I’m now convinced that she only started dating him to emotionally manipulate me into committing to her.

    This is why I’m posting this, because this chick is legitimately trying to fuck with my emotional well-being. Before hanging up on me, she yelled at me to leave her alone and let her be happy while sobbing. It really confused me because I was merely answering a phone call in which she would not stop ringing my phone. Several hours after she assumedly woke up, she was texting me and acting like things were normal.

    I’m not really asking for advice here, but I’ll take any. I’m mostly just writing this to vent. I believe I should handle this very carefully because there’s no telling what could happen if I’m too blunt and honest. I believe this chick honestly feeds on drama. She needs it to feel alive. She probably has it in her head that there is this super dramatic love triangle unfolding before her where two men are passionately fighting for her love.

    Anyways, I’m approaching an age and have garnered a decent level of wisdom (per my own standards), and considering everything that’s going on in the world I’m thinking I want to stop chasing pussy. If a somewhat well-adjusted chick comes along and makes her interest known, I’ll maybe take a chance at dating, however, generally when I think about relationships I feel a big hole in my gut pondering all the cool shit I’d end up having to give up because women often demand too much time.

    1. @Pickernanny

      There’s an easy solution for this, or at least it worked me.

      The core of the issue is that she wants to be more than just a piece of meat. So every time she texted I made it all about sex. I would make it all about fucking and sex.

      She stopped texting and calling eventually. Because every communication attempt would just remind her that (from her perspective) she is just a peace of meat and that’s all she is. But have to be 100% hardcore about it. Don’t allow even 0.1% of nonsexual communication. Even that 0.1% can give her hope that she has a chance of turning you around.

    2. Thank you!

      I think it’s too late to go that route. Tbh, I don’t think I’d get too far with any woman around this rural area if I played it that route. Perhaps more of a ‘make her feel disgusted and repelled by my weak beta ways’ type of approach would do better at this point? Maybe I can cry in front of her or something (LOL).

    3. @Alek

      I just thought about one of the last women that I fooled around with that I attempted this strategy of ‘porno sex guy’ with. It was probably after the second sexual encounter that she started saying she missed me and so on. I deflected it and she immediately changed her tone, I could tell even through text. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been long after that before the I love you statements came out.

      The thing is, I don’t get a lot of novelty here to use this strategy effectively, because I could end up in a dry spell for months. Admittedly, I’m realizing that I am actually stringing women along. Even if I say from the beginning that I don’t ever ever ever want a relationship, they’ll still try to turn that around and if they don’t start at least getting some emotional investment then they’ll cut ties pretty quickly. I guess that kind of makes me a piece of shit, and it’s honestly a lot harder to break things off down the road for her.

      This is why I’m getting kind of tired of womanizing. It just feels kind of deceptive and shady. Now, I know in Aaron’s and your case it’s probably often a lot different of a dynamic. In Aaron’s case, he would hit the clubs and bars and pull chicks to the bathroom or to their apartment for the night, then that would often be that (I imagine). Many of these women are just wanting a fun night with Chad.

    4. I think hooking up with women and casual relationships with women in an environment where you may run into them again does not work so well. You could of course run “piece-of-shit” game where you fuck them for a while, cheat on them, and so on, but news will travel and women who may be looking for a more serious relationship will avoid you. Another possibility, which you also mentioned, is to flip the script and make them dump you, for instance by acting like a beta cuck. As you have sex with them quickly, it would be quite difficult to pull off. It would also harm your reputation because you will not be known as a Chad in your community but more like a fake Chad who talks a good game but cannot follow through.

      Would it work if you engaged in less serious relationships, i.e. by banging them for a while, never committing, and becoming emotionally unavailable over time? You can probably have four or five such relationships in a year. The advantage is that she can still save face as it just “didn’t work out”. Alternatively, she can tell herself that she had gotten bored of you, or did not get you to commit etc., which will make her look for a new guy. A likely outcome is that she will accuse you of being “weird” and simply leave. The downside is that this approach is quite reactive; you also act like a woman who is deliberately pissing off her man, with the goal of making him break up with her.

      Thinking further about it, maybe start with telling her that you have just come out of a relationship and that you do not know if you are ready to commit yet. Some women will view you as a challenge. There is still the problem that some women think that they are entitled to a relationship, meaning that even if you put your cards on the table and tell them in no unclear terms that you are not looking for anything serious, they may still accuse you of having led them on or of having wasted their time, and so on. It may help if you create emergencies, like claiming that you need to take care of your mother for a while, or saying that a friend of you is in a tough spot and you want to help him through it. During this time, you limit contact or perhaps you do not contact her at all, and when this fake emergency is over, you tell her that you are just not ready for a relationship and break it off. Needless to say, many women have no such qualms and simply ghost you when they have found someone they perceive to be a better option.

    5. “Would it work if you engaged in less serious relationships, i.e. by banging them for a while, never committing, and becoming emotionally unavailable over time?”

      I thought more about this…isn’t this how a lot of relationships actually end? The guy sort of either gets comfortable or feels that he’s getting a raw deal i.e. more demands and time consumptions, less in return, having to put up with shittier behavior etc., then she says she’s not haaaaaapy anymore, but not before having a new guy already lined up usually. I think this is solid advice and would work extremely well in my case. In fact, I’m quite sure this has happened to me before naturally. I imagine the key to pulling this of consciously would begin with slightly fewer communications, opting for more and more at home meetings vs dates, and perhaps canceling last minute here and there because of an “emergency” or some other sudden occurrence. It’d be only a matter of time before she got tired of bitching about the behavior and actually moves on. Really, there appears to be an art to this, and this way you can always claim plausible deniability. Dating 3 or 4 chicks like this a year could totally work.

  6. Thanks for the advice, man! A lot of good nuggets here. This particular chick is definitely the entitled kind, and definitely narcissistic. I get the sense that such women hear the words you say (“I don’t want to ever date you”) and interpret it as “how could anyone ever resist me? He’ll be mine soon enough.”

    You emergency example reminds me of something I actually did way early on. I hooked up a few times with this red head and since she was one of my first lays I had no intention of settling down. I remember telling her that my friend’s band was going on tour and that I got asked to join them. Since we were “on tour” for several weeks, I just ghosted her since she lived in another town.

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