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56 thoughts on “Open Thread #136

  1. Does anyone of you recall Mila Jovovich? She rose to fame about 25 years ago in the movie The Fifth Element and was lauded as a sex symbol for a while. I had forgotten about her. However, I just finished watching the Monster Hunter movie and looked up the cast afterwards. I was quite surprised that the female lead was played by 45 year-old Mila Jovovich who looks like a completely different person. She has probably had a lot of cosmetic surgery. (The Monster Hunter movie is better than Nobody. Some of the CGI and action is pretty entertaining, and the filler you can easily skip past. Thus, you can watch the movie in about 40 minutes.)

    1. Yeah I saw the first Resident Evil film. Barely remember anything about it. I remember enjoying the Fifth Element though.

    2. I’d still tap present-day Mila Jovovich.

      After all, similar to your other posts about the West hating beauty… check out Maxim Magazine’s (they still exist?!) “Sexiest Woman Alive:

      There’s a decent reddit page of nolstalgic babes…Mila is here at this **NSFW** link:

  2. I’d like to touch upon LMS in politics. Specifically the Kennedy family. The most powerful political family in American history. Political family. The mere mention of it goes against the ideals of the founders. Not to mention that the Kennedy money came from bootlegging to begin with. They helped get JFK elected in 1960 and inexplicably Bobby got the attorney general position without hardly any experience as a lawyer. He switched sides on Vietnam to become president before he himself was assassinated.

    Their POS brother killed a woman and got away with it. Then he proceeded to destroy the country through throwing the borders open to the third world for decades in the Senate. Why are these assholes revered? Because they were good looking, rich, and born into the right family.

    LBJ and Nixon are vilified by the American media. But they accomplished far more than the Kennedy’s ever did. Too ugly and raised poor.

    1. I’m not sure I understand your defense of LBJ considering you dislike third world immigration. Hart Cellar was passed under his watch and approval.

    2. Not defending anything. I have no love for politicians. I’ll leave that to the “Camelot” worshipers. Just calling balls and strikes. LBJ and Nixon were more effective politicians than any Kennedy. Yet are highly underappreciated while the the Kennedy’s are highly overrated due to LMS. JFK would have passed the same immigration legislation and his brother tried to go way further.

    3. I think JFK without his looks is unimaginable. Without female suffrage, he probably would not have been elected.

    4. It was the first televized presidenrial debate ever. Nixon looked like shit. People listening on the radio though Nixon won. The opposite response for TV watchers. I heard Bobby even had the heat cranked up so Nixon’s upper lip would perspire more.

    5. Am I the only one who thinks JFK wasn’t even that attractive? He looks pretty weird to me.

      But since “politics is Hollywood for ugly people,” as the saying goes, I suppose he was very handsome compared to the crusty old men that were usually politicians back in the 1960s.

  3. The WEF is about to launch its next “exercise”: Cyber Polygon (what a stupid name!). This time, you’ll get to experience supply-chain disruptions and a partial breakdown of infrastructure. It even works just like Covid:
    Here is a longer article with speculations:
    On a related note, the WEF cancelled its yearly summit, which was to be held in Singapore this time. This does not seem to make a lot of sense because the elites have been jet-setting around the world as if Covid doesn’t exist (lol), without masks and quarantine. However, Singapore is like the overzealous employee in cubicle 937 who always fills out his TPS reports on time. Thus, they do not grant exceptions for mask-wearing, for instance. So far, no elite politician was filmed without a mask on, mingling with equally mask-less friends, which happens all the time in the West. Probably, the elites weren’t too thrilled about such restrictions of their personal freedom.

  4. I’ve ended my movie-watching spree with Tenet. This movie is like modern politics. Nothing makes sense and the director does not even pretend that it needs to. Just like in the West we have open borders and a welfare state, refer to illiterate Subsaharan Africans as “doctors and engineer” and have our media tell us that they will pay for our pensions, despite them normally only living on government largesse, so does Nolan’s latest movie dish up a cacophony of complete nonsense. Objects and people can selectively reverse time in the present, algorithms have a physical manifestation that can be split into several parts and hidden in various parts of the world, and a woman secretly controls the most powerful man in the world who is only a puppet. We can have “temporal pincer movements” where we have two teams whereas one team travels into the future and informs the troops in the present about what has happened so that they can act accordingly, and without needing to travel further back in time to the status-quo-ante. They are so advanced they apparently just adapt on the fly, without any obvious means of communications either. I also chuckled that the protagonists discuss terrorist plots on public transport, not caring about others listening in. Yet, at the same time, everybody can be a spy.

    Calling Tenet total bullshit is a massive understatement. Also, the movie is mechanically flawed. It takes 2.5 hours, and you could easily have cut 45 minutes of complete filler. The sound design is horrible, i.e. the sound drowns out the recorded voices of the actors.

    1. There is also a subplot that involves an abusive arms dealer and his wife, who is scared of him. In one scene, you see him shouting at her, in another, in which she plots to kill him, she says she wants “things to be better” between them, and his tune changes immediately. I found this remarkable as it undermined the previous angle according to which he is the monster. Obviously, the later scene reveals that she has been the problem in the relationship. This probably slipped past the woke Q&A or maybe Nolan got pressured to put a scene with an abusive white man into the script, but treated it as casually as the rest of the script, completely foregoing any kind of internal consistency.

    2. It was confusing as fuck. I thought the hallway fight and the final battle were eye popping. Overall, it was quite the visual spectacle to behold on an IMAX. Glad I saw it. Disappointed in a lot of ways though. I’ll never understand the Nolan’s sound design choices. Apparently he did it deliberately.

      I actually thought the temporal pincer made sense insofar as I could accept it was a time travel flick that would always have paradoxes (anyone seen the show Dark?). One thing I couldn’t get past though, is that in order for the teams to relay the info to each other, they’d have to tell them what they saw despite the fact that the opposite team was moving backwards. So despite the fact that they’re having to process that information while in a massive shootout, they’re able to remember what they saw, and reverse the behavior they saw in their mind in order to convey it to the other team. Too much to swallow for me.

  5. The government’s pressure to get the vaxx ist getting more serious. Here in Austria politicians are discussing that the (mostly free) PCR-test and antigen-test will cost you around 100 Euro from this autumn onwards. Moreover, it seems to be common understanding now that employers have grounds for dismissal if an employee refuses to take the vaxx. Such dismissal apparently cannot be challenged in court, employment lawyers say. My brother, who is a lawyer at the workers’ chamber, says that even the workers’ chamber (whose inherent responsibility is to defend employee’s rights) are of the opinion now that it is perfectly fine to get laid off if you refuse to get vaccinated. Add to that the fact that you have to be tested, vaccinated or recovered from Covid if you want to enter a restaurant or cross the borders, I can see why a lot of sceptics cannot take the pressure any longer and are converting into fully fledged vaxxers. Honestly, I’m not sure how much longer I can delay getting the vaxx myself as HR people in my company are already running around with lists asking people to register for a company vaccine appointment. I and another colleague are the only two employees who haven’t signed up yet..

    1. From what I have read, forced vaccination, which is effectively the case in your situation, is a breach of the Nuremberg Code. Advice for US citizen I recently read stated that you should get the company’s demands in writing and then sue them. There were a few cases were mandatory vaccination requirements have been dropped as a consequence. I’m not sure how applicable this is to Australia, however.

    2. Wait, is your position really that it is not OK to forcefully jab needles into people who have willingly signed up for a research study but that it is totally OK to do the same to people who did not willingly (and knowingly) sign up for what is essentially a mass experiment?

    3. Nope. I’m opposed to forced Covid vaccinations. I was just making a statement about the legal applicability of the Nuremberg Code.

      Please don’t equate my saying something about what the law is or is not with my personal opinion on what the law ought to be. 🙂

    1. There is also the weird issue of the x fallacy.

      I say x fallacy because I forgot what the blackpillers call this fallacy.

      But it’s this thing where most guys see an ugly woman and think she will be an easy lay. Pornostyle easy even.

      So ugly women do in fact get a barrage of lewd propositions. And they know deep inside it means “you’re so ugly that I assume you’ll be happy anyone would ever want to fuck you”. To make it worse, a ton of guys assume the same. She’s so ugly I must be the only guy offering my cock to her. She should be glad, with how ugly she is.

    2. Remember back in 2014 when some unattractive girl released a video of her walking around NYC with a tight shirt over her big boobs and getting catcalled?

      A guy released a video of himself walking around NYC in a tight shirt and getting catcalled and more:

      Funny enough, that video didn’t get a tenth of the attention the one by the woman got. How “surprising.”

  6. Hey Aaron you have some great posts that cut through so much bullshit.

    Your take on male height is exactly it. EXACTLY.

    I am a 5’5 biracial male living in the United States in perhaps the most superficial city in the country.

    I manage to regularly hook up with white 6-8s.


    I’m not one to judge male looks or myself but every time I go anywhere the hit rate on women, all heights, checking me out, is near unanimous. I have a very strong jawline but my eyes are almond rather than the predator shape. However my eyes are a bright gray that shines kind of like a steely blue and the contrast with my light brown skin really makes it pop. Just a guess as to what pulls the attention.

    When I pass by groups of two or more women I hear these refrains:

    “….oh my God so cute.”
    “That guy is gorgeous.”
    “That guy is good looking.”

    Women often have long conversations about me near me. Analyzing everything about me.

    And do you know what else?

    At LEAST 20-30% of the time, probably significantly more, my height is brought up.

    “…but he’s so short.”

    Now, you might think this would make me sad…and at 17 or 18 it still did.

    But Aaron, it is quite comical because WOMEN WILL BE IN REAL ANGUISH over their feelings toward my face versus my height. You can’t make the conversations AND DEBATES I have heard between them up.

    Just the other night I walked up to the bar to order a drink….three young women appear to the left of me. Talking about me the whole time.

    “He’s sooo cute I have to say something…”
    “…but he’s short. No.”
    “….(mewling) but he’s sooooooooo cuuuute.”
    “He already knows. He wouldn’t make that pouty sexy face if he didn’t already know. He’s a total bro (lmao totally false and shaming me).”
    “But he’s gorgeous look at him ohhh myy goooood.”

    (I know the cute terminology and all on the page maybe may strike you as not sexual, it is mostly only said in that mewly sexual voice. And it had led to me getting laid so many times that I think it good evidence.)

    This insipidness between women who looked between 24 and 28 between the 3 of them…is always hilarious.

    My point is that I believe that, in the face, I am beyond way out of my “regular range” of hookups.

    And other men when I am around are more likely to be aggressive and rude which means I have to befriend them when most often I would rather not.

    Also the only real option I have is to generally be a straight ahead good guy, which gets good results but I know my face is doing so much work in keeping me from getting kicked way down in social status lol.

    Point being, my life is pretty great, but my height I know and feel it drags me way down to earth.

    Men need to understand the exact levels of compensation required to offset major deficits IMO.

  7. All of a sudden, illegal immigration to the US is bad:
    She also uses the term “coyote”, for which the mainstream tried to mock Trump for months, feigning ignorance. In case you are not aware of it, in this context, a “coyote” is a human trafficker.

    Now I wonder if you are still a bigot if you said the same yesterday. I also wonder if you remain a bigot if you say this today as long as you do not pledge allegiance to wokism. The answer to the former is most certainly yes, and the answer to the latter is also yes. Remember, who says what is most important. The same statement said by different people is true or false only with regards to their political orientation. You’ve seen this play out also with regards to the Wuhan lab hypothesis, which used to be a conspiracy theory until the mainstream decided that it never claimed that it was a conspiracy theory.

  8. I love when the billionaire class gets some pushback. Here’s Twitter’s Jack Dorsey getting an unexpectedly negative reception at a conference in Florida. He gets called the “king of censorship” by a pissed of woman to which he responds by giving non-answers:
    I chuckled when he said that he’ll build a censorship-resistant social media platform. Yet, for some reason he can’t do it at Twitter.

    1. It’s kind of shocking when you realize you share this planet with chimp like creatures, very easy to forget when you are in a bubble of other high IQ people like this blog.

      Even at my job, I am often shocked how terrible most people are at programming (or any other task that requires creativity + high intelligence), and they are all above average IQ.

    2. Aaron,
      A lot of people and this current generation of millennials don’t have a basic understanding of mechanical aptitude. There’s a lot of study guides on mechanical apt online and people are still clueless. If these people still lived in tribal societies, a lot of them would have been wiped out by natural selection. Even ER Doctors help defy the odds for patients who should have been wipe out. They shouldn’t intervene with nature.

    3. In reality, however, we observe that the least accomplished people have the most kids. There is a good chance that in twenty or thirty years we will not have enough people to maintain our rather complex infrastructure. There is a great documentary, Empire of Dust, that gives you an insight into what life in the Congo is like. My highlight was a scene in which a Chinese manager points out to one of the workers in his company that after colonialism ended, they had been given “high-tech of the 1930s”, i.e. machines and railroads, and today, 80 years later, they have not advanced one bit beyond that. In fact, they destroyed a lot of the equipment they had received because they believed that ghosts live inside them.

      We are at a point where people increasingly do not understand what they do. I know of a security incident in a large company that was completely covered up. One of their diversity hires accidentally disabled the accounts of half the workforce and this happened even though the configuration change that caused this was reviewed by two more engineers (go figure!). Employees were completely cut off from the company Intranet, forcibly shut out of their laptops, and unable to access their work phones. The logs of this incident were hilarious. At first they tried covering this up, pretending that nothing had happened. After an hour or so, the guy in charge started sending out updates via email to employees, apparently oblivious to the fact that those affected are unable to read them. Then they made empty promises about the timeframe they expected everything to be fully restored, which went from 20 minutes to an hour, to hours. In the end, basic access got restored within a day, but even after weeks issues related to this incident were discovered. Oh, of course there were some data losses. This was so embarrassing that upper-level management pretended it did not even happen. I could tell you a few more stories in which old, white men had to jump in to save the day. Once they are retired, chances are that companies will go down because some IQ100-employee moronically follows instructions they don’t understand, not realizing that they are about to do something really stupid.

    4. @ Aaron

      Reminds me of a time back when I worked at a Large Intl Corp, our IT was outsourced to a Third World country (guess which).

      One day the IT guys over there decided it was necessary to reset everyone’s email password, for some security reason. After they changed all our passwords, wanna guess how they sent us our new passwords?

      Yeah, they emailed them to our now locked inboxes.

    5. They probably emailed you the passwords in plain text, too.

      There is a huge disconnect between the “third-worlders are great at IT and programming” propaganda and reality. Color me surprised! Indians also bring with them entirely new social dynamics. I recently learned about literally warring factions in one larger company because, obviously, those Indians bring their caste system with them. They do not like it at all when they encounter someone from a lower caste in a higher position in their line of reporting. Also, Indians tend to cover for each other as long as they are from the same caste; they are also deeply nepotistic. If you, as a white guy, walk into an interview with an Indian hiring manager, your chances of getting an offer will be greatly reduced. Quite frankly, the tribalism is off the charts. From a different hiring manager I know that other senior engineers and managers in the company who are Indian are pushing that person to hire Indians and for some totally inexplicable reason, they all know a lot of people back in India who would likewise love to get to the US or Europe.

      Tribablism is generally very common among third-worlders. I have heard similar reports from companies with a non-trivial share of employees from other countries. In one such place, they brought in one Brazilians and a few years later they are now employing a few dozens of them, which were all referred by the ever-growing group of Brazilians in the company. They now form almost their own little state with all-Brazilian tech teams. (In all fairness, though, these Brazilians enjoy a good reputation in that company. All of them you’d furthermore identify as white. I’ve spoken to a few of them and this way, I learned about white enclaves in South America, i.e. cities that are almost entirely white and essentially form parallel societies.)

  9. There was a recent van attack in London, Canada.

    This time the victims were a Muslim family. It’s sad when this happens (regardless of race, religion, etc, when lives are lost.)

    Interesting is how quick (like, super quick) how the media and cops immediately say it’s a premediated anti-Islam attack, identify the perp (if the perp is white) and talk about motive as ‘hate crime’.

    But if the perp is of a certain skin tone or religious persuasion…good luck knowing any details ever. And be sure to be called a bigot if you suggest the BIPOC perp did it due to his/her race or religion …

  10. Aaron,

    There’s an old idiom that a lot of people are familiar with, and that is, “all good things come to an end.” You’ve been with the dating community for a very long time, helping many men improve their dating/sex life. Nevertheless, most of the early (2000s) PUAs are long gone. While many people dedicate themselves to a particular goal and/or objective in life, they often reach a level of burn-out and/or pursue other life endeavors. How long do you plan to stay active in your blog before you say “goodbye” to your followers and pursue other life endeavors, or do you plan to stay active for a few more years before you announce your retirement?

    1. Not that I’m qualified to respond on behalf of him, but he’s made all his followers participant in his own evolution as a person (a few years ago, I never would’ve imagined him espousing “trad” views for example) so I don’t think there’s a particular future step that should preclude him from continuing to do so. I’m rather worried about internet censorship scaring him off though.

    2. The reason why there are no PUAs from the early days around anymore is because they were only in it for the money and after this well had run dry, they moved on. Those people moved into life coaching or other kinds of online huckstery. Of course, once those wells have run dry, they will move on to the next thing, be it crypo-currency-based scams like the “redpill coin”, the next iteration of the housing bubble, or telling you how to make millions online via online marketing. If money would have been my motivation, I would never have started this blog. Rest assured that I’ll be around for many more years to come, in one way or another.

  11. The story of the Colonial Pipeline hack is a wonderful illustration of how the media tell you bullshit. Zerohedge has a nice summary:
    If you go back to recent and not so recent history, you will come across countless stories, big and small, that do not make much sense, yet were pushed on the public in order to deceive them whereas many serious stories that should have real-world ramifications are being swept under the rug. Simple ones are stories of Syrian refugees finding stacks of cash in furniture that was thrown away and returning it to their owner. There were at least a handful such stories in national German media during the Great Flooding of Europe in 2015/16. One of my favorites is that the passport of the alleged 9/11 pilots were found unscathed in the debris of the Twin Towers.

    I am not sure if the powers that be really think that you are that stupid. Partly, this is most certainly also an expression of the continual intellectual decline of our elites. Recently I came across an interview or article in which one of the participants said that if you’re born into wealth, your IQ drops by 30 points, and seeing how much woke garbage such people seem to believe in, this is not much of an exaggeration. In fact, due to professional ties, I know of two unicorn companies which had to tighten the purse strings during the plandemic. Yet, both are still going all in regarding diversity hiring. You’d think that once your financials are not developing the way you want them to, people would come to their senses. In both companies there have been several relatively high-profile departures, and this is probably the best warning sign that a company’s best days are over. Yet, this did not lead to any kind of corrective action as the Marxist belief of those people is that quality is a myth and that everybody is the same.

  12. Aaron,
    Alek made a comment a few days ago that ugly women are barrage with lots of sexual propositions. Wouldn’t this behavior lead to them falsely believing that they are exceptionally attractive and therefore act stuck up instead of thinking they are ugly as Alek has noted? I’ve seen girls from both spectrums ugly and average act like they are 10s.

    1. Wouldn’t this behavior lead to them falsely believing that they are exceptionally attractive and therefore act stuck up instead of thinking they are ugly as Alek has noted?

      I’ve never met a stuck up beautiful girl (8,9,10). It’s the ones who don’t measure up that are bitter.

      And to answer your question – you’re missing context and clarifier and confusing two different comments I made in two different contexts:

      – One was in the context of lewd propositions. Where guys go “hey cunt, want some dick”? That doesn’t make them feel like they’re a model for fucks sake or raise their perceived self value 😀 In fact, they are insulted if anyone except a chad does it.

      What does raise women’s self-perception is:

      – If they are shown interest and pursued.
      – Walking up to them and being like “you must be desperate for cock, want some” does not raise their self-perceived value, in fact it lowers it. Because they know you wouldn’t have the balls to do that with a beautiful girl.

    2. I’ve met attractive girls that appear to be stuck up, and most guys would see them as so. But in reality they are simply socially awkward. If these girls lacked in the looks department we would see them as so. Or maybe simply not see them. People are overly sensitive about how attractive people treat them. It’s like good looking people have a spot light on them.

    3. . If these girls lacked in the looks department we would see them as so.

      Not lacking in the looks department, just not super-attractive. It’s the girls in between who tend to have the worst personalities. Think 6s and 7s. They tend to be bitter and resentful because they have just enough looks to get the false-promise of getting a chad for more than a night, but it never happens.

      I’ve never found a bitchy bitter girl over 8,5 (and rarely 8).

    4. I think these women fall for false equivelancy. That is, they think that banging Chad’s is on the level of a dude banging Stacies. If a guy is fucking hot chicks on the regular he is definitely high in demand. But a plain Jane can screw Chad’s pretty regularly and it doesn’t equate to anything. Another gift of the sexual revolution and women’s liberation. And another example of how men and women are NOT equal.

    5. This is an excellent point. I’ll elaborate a bit on it in a separate post.

    1. Heart inflammation is a side-effect of COVID. Every vaccine side-effect so far is also found in COVID symptomatology, except that the symptoms tend to be milder when caused by a vaccine. Compare how many elderly people died of COVID vs a vaccine.

      The lack of intellectual honesty in many anti-vaxx news sources shows the distrust towards the vaccine isn’t based as much on concrete data as it is on apriori contrarian stance and distrust towards the goverment.

    2. Regardless of the exact reason why the vaccines are having side effects, the problem is none of the vaccines have been sufficiently tested for medium and long term side effects, there has simple not ben enough time for those studies to be done.

      I am no anti vaxxer in general terms, but that does not blind me to the fact that a lot can go wrong here when forcing a largely untested (or undertested) medication on a population on such massive scale.

      Also, it does not blond me to that fact that big pharma has a vested interest in selling you stuff regardless of how good it is for you. Flu shots are a good example, I found out recently. I used to believe they were of limited use, but that they were effective enough to justifiy the yearly jab for vulnerable subsets of the population. Turns out I was wrong, it seems, flu shots are not nearly effective enough to justify their routine application. And I would not be in the least surprised that they try to force regular covid jabs on people in the same way.

      check out Wolfgang Wodarg on this

      The vaccines (both flu and covid) may well be harmless for a vast majority of people, but if the side effects are bad enough for a large enough number of people, it may outweigh any benefits. Right now it looks to me that for non-risk population (healthy under 65) the risks of taking those vaccines seem to outweigh the risks of getting infected with covid and acquiring a more robust natural immunity that way.

    3. Aaron,

      That link references a bit over 500 cases of heart inflammation, none of them fatal, with over 300,000,000 shots given. That seems like an extremely low risk, no?

    4. Those are the known cases. The number of undiagnosed cases is most certainly much higher. On top, there are many other complications. I’ve read of statistical analyses based on VAERS data that claimed that the true rate of negative side effects is quite possibly well above 50%. In any case, if you are young and healthy, chances of catching Covid and facing serious side effects seem infinitely lower.

    5. Heart inflammation is extremely unlikely to go unreported since it requires hospitalization. But even if it were twice as common as the statistics suggest, that would still be a minimal risk.

      The rate of side effects is definitely above 50%. IIRC, pain or soreness at the injection site occurs in above 80% of recipients.

  13. What do you guys think of all of this UFO activity…..

    Funny these things always happen close to US military bases.

    1. In some corners of the Internet, there is speculation that this will be the next globo-homo hoax to push socialism, after global warming, the plandemic, and Cyber Polygon. The recent uptick in reporting may be a “limited hangout” (look it up!) or a classic propaganda move to prime you for a bigger whopper down the line. Given the advent of deep fakes and due to the fact that most of humanity spends more time staring into screens than looking at the real world, I think it is entirely plausible that the powers that be will try to pull off fake alien-contact. In that case, you can bet that those IQ200 aliens are going to spout globo-homo talking points along the lines of humans needing a one-world government to brace themselves for the future.

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