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64 thoughts on “Open Thread #107

  1. I’m currently reading “Finis Germania”, a book on German political culture written by Rolf Peter Sieferle, a professor of history. The book gained some notoriety because the guy committed suicide, presumably as a consequence of seeing his home country flooded by 1.5 million more non-whites in 2016. The book got quite some media attention for its supposedly extremist right-wing content. There are a few interesting thoughts in it, but it’s pretty milquetoast. There is a surprising amount of shitlib propaganda in it as well, such as the claim that if you want beauty, say in architecture, it can only mean that you are an ugly person because otherwise you wouldn’t care and wouldn’t need something beautiful to look at. He also claims that the destruction of the family unit “just happened’ and that nobody pursued this goal actively. This reaches Jordan-Peterson levels of bullshit.

    1. On that note, I just read a paragraph in which the author claims that because fascism is “anti-human”, anti-fascism is by necessity “the religion of humanity”. On that metric, the “mostly peaceful” protests we have seen of Antifa are apparently their equivalent of church service. I picked up “Finis Germania” in the hope of reading the high-brow equivalent of shitposting but what I got is largely humanist drivel mixed with absurd claims such as that the family unit imploded for absolutely no reason at all.

    2. Aaron,
      On a related note, where do you find the time to read so much and be well verse in many subjects? Any recommendation on time management to be more productive? This is something I struggle with myself. My work and running takes up a lot of my time in my schedule. I’m very impressed with your knowledge. Its something I have seen since I started following you over the last few years.

      Second, there was a comment you made about flirting. I cannot find the thread or article about it, but you mention something about guys choosing a woman who flirts with them and something about being vocal. I don’t recall the details to much, but how important is flirting verbally overall? I mean body language reveals a woman’s interest a lot more than simply interacting with a woman who might be a tease and simply want attention.

    3. I’m not sure if it helps as I don’t know the details of your living situation, but I generally try to reduce my commute. Before Covid, my walk to work was less than ten minutes. Right now, I am fully remote, so my commute is zero. I also try to be efficient about exercising. Years ago I used a rather spartan gym in the building I rented an apartment at. It was not fancy by any means, but I could get a basic workout done. The walk from my apartment to the gym was about one minute. Also, I don’t watch sportsball or spend hours watching random YouTube videos, which is just the modern equivalent of people aimlessly watching TV back in the days. I hardly ever watch movies nowadays and TV shows I’m not really interested in either. I don’t judge people who do any of that, but I simply like to spend my spare time a bit more productively. You can of course question whether reading is really productive, though. Also, my day job is intellectually demanding, so I find it a lot easier to read than write. The latter I would like to do a lot more of. I do a bit of gaming to relax, so please don’t think that I’m some kind of hyper-efficient robot.

      I’m not sure your verbal skill amount to much when flirting. You’ll get false positives if you flirt with an intelligent woman, but she likely would have fucked you even if you aren’t a smooth talker. What is worse, if you think you want to impress a woman with your verbal skills, you can easily make her lose interest because she doesn’t like to feel stupid. Also, more intelligent women don’t care if you seem a bit thick. In fact, I had to pretend to be a bit dumb in order to increase my success with women. The more big words you use, the more they dry up, so be careful about this! I also have an amusing anecdote in that regard: There was a woman in London I had been seeing for weeks. She used to boast about her education and her job, which both were good but not great. She knew I was a student but never really asked me where or what I studied. Once, we were out and she caught a glimpse of my student ID, and wanted to have a look at it. She had noticed the logo of a top university on it, and she said that this was a really convincing fake, asking me where I got it from. First she called me a liar, then she said this wasn’t funny, and then the penny dropped. The look on her face when it dawned on her that I had been massively dumbing myself down when interacting with her was priceless.

    4. @Chris

      I agree with Aaron on cutting TV time, I am always taken aback every time I read statistics on how much time people spend watching TV each day. Quick google search throws up this:

      The data is a few years old already, so undoubtedly much of this has moved online by now, but I seriously doubt that time is spent any more productively there. I myself dont even have a TV, and rarely watch any shows or movies online either, on average it may be a movie a month or so.

      In addition to this, there are social networks, particularly among the iGen generation (ppl born from 1995 onwards) an ever larger part of their day is spent (wasted) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… I myself have long ago made a deliberate choice to stay away from those networks, as I found them to be a net drain on my time and attention, without giving me much of relevance in return (As a matter of fact, it will soon be 10 years since I closed down my Facebook account, and never looked back)

    5. @Chris

      I accidentally hit “post” on my previous reply, I wanted to add a couple more points:

      In connection to TV, being immune to celebrity gossip and sports trivia also frees up a big chunk of time.

      Last but not least, bring male and single is an even bigger plus, being in a relationship requires giving a lot of attention to your woman. I think I have mentioned this before, the amount of time for myself that I recovered when I broke up with my girlfriend is one of the things I came to appreciate the most. At the time I had not even realized how much of a time drain my relationship had been.

  2. Our beloved Blackdragon posted another video with his live-in girlfriend.
    Is it just me or does her hair look like a wig? It would explain why she is okay with him wearing a fake hairpiece:

    This Clown is now selling “mentorship” for $5000-8000 a pop. So that you can learn how to get a “hot” girlfriend like he has.

    1. Yes her hair looks fake. At least she has extensions.
      Remove her makeup and fake hair and she is like a 4/10. She also looks quite chubby to me.

    2. She looks like a tranny with a bunch of botched cosmetic surgeries. I watched a brief segment in this video. At one point he puts on his supposed fake alpha persona and claims that he doesn’t care about the recession Dubai is in and, besides, he’s “location independent”. He’s not. Being able to afford a weekend abroad does not mean you can live anywhere. Back in the days he was boasting about how he’s going to move to “Asia”, and betrayed a complete lack of knowledge of life outside of the U.S., making claims such as that you can just go anywhere you want and start working there.

    3. But considering that 70% of women are overweight in the US, I could easily see her in the top 30% for the US.
      But not because she is hot, is just that the standards are so low now

    4. She didn’t do the only thing that she would have needed – a nose job.

      Well, you can work from everywhere if you work remotely. I do that for years now, but technically it’s illegal to do if you are on a tourist visa.

    5. That’s also how a lot of “digital nomads” do it. Some overstay their (tourist) visa, others do visa runs. If you work illegally from somewhere else you are not really location-independent, though.

    6. It changed in the last 3 years. You now have over 18 countries that issue digital nomad visas. Germany, too btw. It’s called “Aufenthaltserlaubnis für selbständige Tätigkeit”, costs 100€ and you can stay from 6 months to 3 years.

      Location independence means that you don’t need to be in your country/city/office to make money like a lot of people do. I often go to Gran Canaria for 2 months in winter times to work and surf there (pre covid). You don’t even need your own business to do that these days, many many start-ups use the permission to travel to get good people on board. Some teams are completely remote to save costs for office spaces.

    7. I was unaware of this. Thanks for pointing this out. In that case, “location independence” is well within reach for a large number of people, so you don’t really have bragging rights from this angle either. For anyone unattached looking for some adventure or variety, this could be very interesting. There is probably a lot of abuse, too, like prostituted coming to Germany on such a visa etc.

    8. You don’t even need to be unattached, many families live that lifestyle. And because of Cov19 it will become more mainstream. If you’ve studied any STEM-field you could live this way pretty much in a matter of some months. Especially as a programmer or similar.

      As for visas, most have tight requirements. You need to provide proof of self-employment or ability to work remotely (written statement, employment agreement, client contracts, etc). In some countries, you need to make a certain amount of money a month or have a minimum net worth in your bank account (e.g. Dubai $5k/M). They don’t want the loser nomads that only make around $1k a month.

      Those guys mostly stay in the grey area. But also most countries don’t prosecute those guys because they still spend money in those tourist areas and they win a lot in this way.

      The chance for abuse is very little, in Germany particularly, you have to prove that you have german clients, I doubt that illegal prostitutes will write you an invoice haha

    9. His daughter is pretty unattractive. He comes across like a complete jerk. I chuckled when he said that his current chick “wasted” ten years. This line is such b.s. Women love this line but only ever in hindsight have they “wasted” their time. A chick can fuck some economically downtrodden Tyrone for years then realizes that she wants to settle down but Welfare-Tyrone doesn’t have any money. What happens then is that suddenly Tyrone has now “wasted” years of her life. It’s never the fault of the woman for making a bad choice regarding their sexual partners.

    1. I still doubt that bitcoin will work as a reserve currency.
      If you think about it, Tesla cannot really own bitcoin. In reality, whoever has the keys at Tesla, owns it.
      What is stopping them from just transferring the coins to a different bitcoin account/key?

      There is just way too much potential for fraud there, and transactions are not reversible in the bitcoin system.
      When bitcoin goes to the moon, so will also the incentive for someone to steal the key.

      And if someone knows the key, they can input the transaction into the system from an anonymous device. So you cannot even prove that they did the transaction.

      There is a reason our normal money system have reversible transactions. It is required to prevent fraud like this.

    2. @herker: there is still a huge flaw in this. What if one of them dies or just forgets the password?
      But I guess the solution would be, to have more than one account/key, to split the risk.
      But still the non reversibility of transactions is a showstopper in my opinion.

    3. Basically how I see it:

      non-reversibility is an advantage for private persons.

      but when it comes to companies owning bitcoin, it now becomes a huge problem, because you have a principal agent problem here:

      how can you guarantee that the persons who own the key, act in the interest of the company?

      And in our normal banking system it’s not a problem, because if they transfer money from the company account to some other account, this transaction can be reverted.

      with bitcoin, there is no such a way.

      so I doubt bitcoin will work, for this reason

    4. This is also the reason I think why smart contracts (Ethereum) will never be adopted.
      The nerds who designed this system seem to have complete lack of understanding how the real world works.

      Why does a contract have value?

      Because there is a third party, which has the monopoly on force (the government), and if you break the contract, they will come with guns to put you into jail (simplified, obviously)

      without a third party which can enforce the contract, the contract does not have any value.

      you can see this with fiat money. fiat money is just a piece of paper. it gets value, because behind this piece of paper, you have a government with nukes and aircraft carriers.
      that’s why people use the USD as reserve currency and not the Zimbabwe shitcurrency.

    5. We are now exploring the limits of the value proposition of fiat currency. Printing > 30% of all dollars ever in existence in 2020 might have an effect. I would say it has been having an effect already, and one is that Bitcoin and other cryptos have been surging.

    6. Yeah this bubble might soon explode. But they still have their military, so I don’t see the USD as a reserve currency going away anytime soon. Most countries still trust the USA more than they trust China. And as I wrote there are too many issues with bitcoin (or different crypto currency) to become a new reserve currency in my opinion.

  3. Aaron,

    Out of curiosity, do you have any acquaintances or clients who could write their own version of Sleazy Stories? Maybe someone who has a lot of money and travelled to major cities around the world just to meet women. What interesting stories have you heard before?

    1. There are a few guys who could do that. A very small minority would qualify as international playboys, but there are also guys living in big cities who found their niche and iterated.

  4. On an escort review board which I follow, they have created a thread… In which they just count :

    This is literally ideocracy.

    It has almost 50k entries.

    This is what normies find it worthwhile to spend their time.

    Now you can argue they secretly do it to increase their post count… But this is not any less stupid.

    And the mods are also retarded for not deleting it, I mean this is just wasting storage space basically.

    There is no way these people should be allowed to vote.

    And it is not like the other threads are much better, whenever someone tries to make a serious thread, the normies flood it with their one line nonsense responses.

    1. Oh and I think this forum represents the average quite well, sex is something most of the population is interested in. Maybe it even attracts lower class people more than higher class, but I don’t think this effect would be huge.
      So this seems to be a good mirror into the soul of your average normie… And it it is not looking good lol. I am really not surprised by the ideocy around us. I am surprised we ever managed to build a civilization. I guess in the past without a welfare state and life being harsher, these morons just died. Or they did some manual labor, they are probably capable of that.

    2. This is absolutely incredible. One of my big issues with forums back in the day was that there was very little quality control. Yet, those were the good old days! Today, you only need to check the live chat on Twitch or YouTube to get a full blast of the intellectual depth of normies. Many just drop emojis. In comparison, people who write one-liners are intellectual titans. Popular Reddit forums also show this. What is most shocking is that those people seem to be proud of the combination of emojis and text-speak they vomit out. Just go to any popular subreddit and click on a random threat! Can you imagine how good the discussion could be if you would simply filter out all the superfluous replies?

      When my forum was still moderately active, I moderated it fairly strictly, with the primary reason to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio. Otherwise, I certainly would not have enjoyed maintaining it. In hindsight, it is quite amazing that we managed to sustain very high-quality debate on it for a few years. I’m glad the comment section of my blog is now the spiritual successor of my forum, albeit the discussion happens in a somewhat less structured way.

    3. For twitch it is kind off understandable, I think most of those spammers are just children.
      But it makes every channel with more than a few 100 viewers unusable, instead of having meaningful discussions about the game or something…. you just have idiots spamming emojis.
      I mean don’t these people sometimes ask themselves: “If I could be replaced by a simple chat bot… what does this say about me ?”
      For reddit yeah it is kind off the same, the most upvoted posts are retarded memes and stupid one liners.
      Post which actually have meaningful content never get to the TOP.
      But at least there are some subreddits which have some smart posters, they are just rare.

      The overall picture just makes me said. I wonder what kind of civilization we could build if the average person had an IQ of at least 130.
      Instead, most of the work is done limiting the damage which is caused by the morons.

    4. It also shows that “male solipsism” seems to exist because how can you not realize that you spamming an emoji or an incomplete sentence has no value. It is even worse when there are multiple messages per second and you couldn’t even read the chat if you wanted.

  5. Whenever I say to myself that we surely now have reached peak clown world, something else happened that reminds me that the train we are on has a long, long way left to go. Here’s something quite wonderful in this regard: apparently Biden gets controlled by an earpiece. He was told “salute the marines” as a command, i.e. he was supposed to salute the marines. Yet, he just walks past, mumbling, “salute the marines”.

    1. It is still utterly baffling to me how he managed to become POTUS.
      You really have to hope that he is not in charge of anything. Him being controlled by a secret group is a good thing. Would be way worse if he actually was in charge in my opinion.

    2. This is a good point. It’s quite telling that Biden’s handlers were not able to find someone more convincing. Remember that Russia went down rather quickly once they put the drunkard Jelzin into office. Similarly, the drunkard Churchill destroyed the British Empire. Biden is barely functioning. Nothing good can come out of this.

    3. He will probably get a heart attack when they do this exercise with the simulated nuclear attack… because he thinks it is real.

  6. Guys I have an issue:

    A few months ago I was assigned to a new project at work. This itself was fine, the project itself is quite interesting from a technical point of view.

    The problem is, they are doing pair programming in this team.
    Pair programming is when you have two guys working together, one is the coder and the other one basically tells him what to do.

    And honestly, it sucks.
    I’m literally 10x faster than all of the guys on this team (the project is also delayed … I wonder why).
    It is not only slowing me down but also destroying my motivation, I find myself surfing the internet while I watch the other guy coding.

    It is also shocking to see these guys working, it feels like their brain is clocked down like a CPU.

    The problem is also PC culture has crept into project management, it seems like the managers all operate with the assumption, that all developers have equal skill.

    So how should I go about this? Basically I want to tell the manager they should let me work alone on this if they are interested in progress….

    How would you guys go about this? I want to avoid straight up calling those guys incompetent (this is what I would do if we were still in a sane culture)

    1. Pair programming is a ludicrous idea. The proposition is that we get more output from two programmers by turning one into a bystander. This only works if the second one is someone with negative productivity because you’d neutralize her this way. Maybe approach your manager and tell him that this approach just isn’t working for you. Judging from the rest of your post, though, it seems that corporate rot has advanced too much so maybe you’re better off looking for a new job or maybe at least a new team as in larger companies, it can happen that some teams have shitty practices while others are very well run. This is not a guarantee, though, because it takes little more than, for instance, forcing a diversity hire into your team to change the dynamics and tank productivity.

    1. This is surreal. I just briefly checked out a few videos. It seems his main shtick is to LARP as an extremely unattractive woman on Tinder and engaging guys who message them in conversation. It is the opposite of “chad-fishing” where guys use pictures of unusually attractive men to reveal the true nature of women.

    2. This guy is also on YouTube “look maximus” he openly talks about sex slaves and rape. I wonder how he is not banned. Probably his channel is still too small. It seems like they let small channels live to create the illusion they are not censoring

    3. The latter sounds quite reasonable. Maybe this guy is the modern equivalent of a court jester. If you talked crap about your king in the middle ages, you got your shit pushed in because it was “lèse-majesté”. Yet, kings had court jesters who could insult them for show. Partly, this was probably also so that the king could tell himself that he wasn’t oppressing the serfs. Just look what he lets his court jester get away with! (Until the king has had enough and has him quartered.)

  7. I had a rather strange event at the massage therapist last night. The last time I went which was a while back, the co-owner lady stroked my chest as I was leaving out and said something about appreciating my business. I didn’t think too much about pursuing this further because I didn’t want to look for another therapist if I was wrong.

    However, last night after my therapist was finished working on my traps, I laid on the table for a few minutes before getting up to put my clothes back on. As I stood up only wearing my shorts, I hear a knock at the door and it’s this co-owner chick again. Before I can even say anything she just walks on in and there I am practically exposed. She is generally really talkative and ‘friendly’ in general, so she comes in and gathers up the table sheets and says, “could I get you to pop my back? I’ll cross my arms like this and you just need to grab hold and pick me up. You shouldn’t have any problems since I’m only 103 pounds, teehee.”

    So, at this point my dick is starting to grow, so I go ahead and fulfill her request wondering if I should just pull it out or at least jam it into her butt. Tbh, I kind of pussed out because there were other employees in the background outside the room lol. However, I’m pretty sure she noticed my boner and she even handed me a business card with her number on it as I left out to ‘schedule my next appointment.’ I’m not exactly sure how to proceed.

    1. Dude, this chick wants to bone you. She created an opportunity for you to touch her, which is of course highly unprofessional. What you describe sounds basically like the initial part of the plot of a porn scene. By the way, a chick stroking your chest likewise is also a very aggressive move. You have now gotten two great opportunities. Let’s hope she’ll give you another one. You can always invite her to hang out with you if you don’t want to risk having a video of you banging her on the massage table pop up on a porn site (I’m kidding). In your situation, since you were in your boxers and had a boner, her eyes were probably on your bulge at some point anyway, so a quite natural continuation is to say, “Now look what you’ve done!”, which will lead to giggling. She’ll want to touch it and in fact may just grab your junk at this point.

    2. As I was typing out my experiencing I couldn’t help but think about how unbelievable this situation sounded. I think I may have salvaged the interaction via text. I’ll give an update soon. Thanks for the advice, I really did fudge this opportunity. I knew that I did immediately, but had this happened anywhere else besides a ‘professional’ setting I would have escalated no problem. I think back wondering what her reaction would have been if I has just been completely nude when she barged in.

    3. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of documentary style adult videos online that illustrate how the interaction would have played out had you been stark naked. Isn’t there an entire subgenre of porn where the masseuse ends up banging the client? Of course this is inspired by real-life as masseuses are at best one step removed from prostitution. In some countries, massage parlors only act as fronts for whoring. In others, it’s a grey line where you can get a “happy end” for a tip as well as anything else if your tip is a big bigger, no pun intended.

    4. Hmm, this might be worth looking into more perhaps. Assuming you can find an attractive enough woman in the US that isn’t afraid to put her livelihood on the line. There’s probably a whole world out there that I’m not aware of. Now that I think of it, there is probably a huge market for gay masseuse (no homo).

    5. I have heard about massage parlors in Los Angeles being run like that. Probably any city with a sizable population of Filipinos or Vietnamese offers that kind of service.

  8. Watching the channel “Looks Maximus” on YouTube made me realize why I was always drawn to the roman empire, but I could not really understand why.

    It was an androcentric society based on master morality.

    Master morality is basically the opposite of slave morality (the system of the west, which leads to feminism)

    Its virtues are: strength, mastery, courage, honor, and so on.

    Military conquest of weaker tribes was seen as valid and even mandatory.

    Weak men should be enslaved according to master morality.

    When it comes to women the romans were also very based. All women were either obedient wifes or sex slaves in roman society. You could fuck a whore for the price of a glass of wine.
    But the highest female virtue was chastity (unless for her husband, obviously). Which it should be in a functioning society. Followed by beauty. If the women are beautiful the men will be motivated to defend and fight for them.

    I wonder how much christianity really contributed in the weakening of the empire. It was surely not the single cause, but I think it played a big role.

    1. My view on Christianity is a bit ambiguous. On the one hand, modern Christianity is, as you rightly point out, completely cucked. They are one of the biggest promoters of open borders and even engage in ferrying third-world doctors and engineers into European waters, which is human trafficking. Yet, I can’t quite square that with the fact that we had the crusades. Granted, those were defensive missions that only took place because the elites had enough of the abuse happening in their countries. It was simply a pushback. Today, though, they are so cucked that they swing the doors wide open to bring in your enemies.

    2. I think the biggest difference between the medieval Christians and modern Christians is that they still had ingroup bias. You were supposed to be compassionate, but only to other Christians.
      Killing non Christians was not a problem, and was even called for to save their souls.

      The lesson here I think is, you can do a lot of things… but one thing you surely cannot do is to give up ingroup preference. (which is currently happening to Europe).

      And this makes perfect sense. When you have two groups, one with a strong ingroup bias and the other lacking it, and everything else being somewhat equal, the group with the ingroup bias will destroy/infiltrate the other group.

    3. This is a good point. You can run very nice simulations of this as well, for the low-IQ normies. Yet, they will probably tell you that it’s fake or that it “doesn’t really matter” because in their mind the tenets of their religion must be true.

    1. It’s probably a case of YT letting a few small “controversial” creators remain online for plausible deniability or maybe that dude is banging some chick at YT. Stranger things have happened. On that note, several known female Twitch streamers bang guys at the company Twitch, so that probably helps when they accidentally expose their vag or a nipple.

  9. They are making good progress with actual mind reading

    How can anyone see this and still think we are anything but biological robots

    I wonder how long it will take until they can create a life stream from someone’s thougts. My bet is 30 years.

  10. I came across another example of peak feminism recently: There is an MMA fighter called Fallon Fox. It’s a dude pretending to be a woman and he literally cracks the skulls of women in the ring. Two of his female opponents received skull fractures. Here’s one of those fights: It is not a very long one.

    Women probably didn’t expect that when they were the useful idiots for a bunch of overzealous social engineers who pushed the transgender agenda. What are they going to do now? Begging men to put a stop to this is not really an option anymore.

    1. haha the comments:

      Congratulations everyone, you have just figured out a way that a man can legally beat up a woman and (get paid for it).#SICK”

      “Today’s beating is brought to you by modern feminism.”

      “Breaking woman’s skull is progressive now.”

      But I guess her skull breaking is just another social construct. Or maybe because women are opressed their bones don’t become as thick as the bones of men? This clearly must be the reason. So the solution is, even more quotas!

    2. I think I can get behind accelerationism. Instead of dragging out this progressive nonsense for another century, let’s put the pedal to the metal and get it over and done with in ten to fifteen years, if not sooner.

    3. Didn’t Biden just came up with a new law so that men can compete in all women sports?

      Oh sorry, please forgive me, I should not call them men, misgendering is a serious misdemeanour… I’m so sorry.

      Ok be serious again:

      This will be an epic beatdown. Get the popcorn ready guys.

  11. Here is another big reason why I’m quite annoyed with modern gaming:
    This was supposed to be a game for the PS4, Deep Down by Capcom. Demos were shown at around the time of the release of the console. This game never came out and there is not a single game on the PS4 that comes anywhere near this. There is too much bullshit in this industry. Now that gaming is a mainstream hobby, you need to hype up the normies, even if this means underdelivering or not delivering at all.

    This is the 2013 trailer, which, I think, was shown before the launch of the PS3:
    …and this this is the gameplay trailer:

  12. I’m currently watching the show “the last kingdom”.
    I’m 3 reasons in and so far it is quite good.
    Especially for you guys who are interested in medieval European history.
    The show plays in the timeframe of King Arthur the Great (king of wessex/england).
    Of course the show is not historically acurate when it comes to the details, but the overall plot is close to the history.
    There is almost no wokeism in this show. There are of course some important women in the show, but most of them are displayed in a realistic way. As wifes of the powerful men.
    The Vikings/Danes are displayed in an honest way as far as I can tell. They are good warriors but lack internal cohesion and are often their own worst enemies.

    After I started watching the show, I also read up on the history of the Vikings/normans.
    I never understood, around the year 850 they suddenly appeared seemingly from out of nowhere, raided the coasts of Europe only to disappear a few hundred years later.

    In reality, the didn’t disappear, but most of them just converted to Christianity and they settled in the conquered areas. But because their overall population size was much lower than from the native Europeans, they mixed with them very quickly.

    You could argue this was an example of a successful “immigration”. And the core component seems to be, the culture of the natives was superior. Christianity was more structured and the continental European kingdoms were more organized. So it was quite easy for the Vikings to give up their religion once they were tired of fighting.

    And the Christian kings tried very hard to convert them. They didn’t just expect them to adopt the culture (like our idiot leaders currently in Europe), but basically they forced them either to convert or be killed.

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