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89 thoughts on “Open Thread #98

  1. So this Christmas I had a longer talk with my sister. She is quite intelligent, but also a leftist and feminist. She is 37 years old, single and childless.

    – all of her female friends are on anti depressants.
    (most of them have children)
    – in like 50% of the relationships, the man does not want to have sex anymore.

    I know that my sister would never be friends with someone on the right, so her friends are all leftists.
    So the antidepressants is not surprising to me. Leftists & feminists pretty much define their identity around envy and hate, not a goood basis for mental health.
    (although we don’t know about anti depressant use in traditional/right women)
    It would also be unfair to just attribute this to feminism, as it is a just a correlation. I also think social media takes a heavy toll on most women.

    That 50% of the men don’t want to fuck these women anymore, also not surprising. I guess they are out of shape and bitchy, easy to prefer porn in that case.
    And the men of these women probably also have low testosterone.

    1. I remember reading that antidepressant sales skyrocketed during the 1950s BUT I think it was a combination of advancement in medicine, better wages, and more health care coverage. I’m sure today completely eclipses that. All you have to do is have a casual conversation with the average woman, and they wish they could be at home with their kids. Additionally statistics from Forbes Women completely support this.

    2. It’s hard to get numbers on this, but in most studies it is around 30-40% of women over 40 who are on antidepressants.
      Unfortunately no data for women with children vs. childless women.
      So, we have to be careful here drawing conclusions. It could be that aging itself is bad for their mental health, and menopause, and it is independent of children.
      And because of PC culture studies which could bring light to this will not even be possible, imagine someone doing a study which showed that stay at home mums are most happy…. would be career suicide in the current climate.

    3. I’d love to see data on our observations here, i.e. that after a certain age, childlessness and cat ownership are positively correlated or that single women past 30 drink a lot more red wine than mothers of a similar age. There is so much data that would be easy to get but, as you said, you’d be insane as an academic to do research on this. They’d probably kick you out of your Master’s or PhD program without a degree.

    1. And lots of loud and uncomfortable women, because who is no longer noticed uses all possibilities to get attention .

  2. I had another interesting discussion with my father this Christmas, which was very annoying
    to me because my father is an intelligent person but he doesn’t question the mainstream narrative at all.

    The topic was again this line of argumentation:

    “Europe is responsible for immigrants from Africa, because white men colonized Africa a few 100 years in the past, and they draw random borders for the nations”

    Now, to show how flawed this line of argumentation is, I argued:

    Me: “Actually, it is Africans who are responsible for everything”
    Father: “What, why?”
    Me: “According to the out-of-Africa theory, all humans originated in Africa, so when Europeans colonized Africa,
    it was actually Africans coming back to their homelands”
    Father: “No no no you cannot do that, you cannot go back 1000 of years”
    Me: “Why not? Why can you go back 100 years to decide on responsibilities, but not 1000? This seems to be very arbitrary to me”
    Me: “See, that’s why he have the concept that children are not responsible for the crimes of their parents. Because if they were responsible, there would be no limit on how far back you could go with this kind of logic, and we would all be eternally responsible for every crime that ever happened”

    Another argument was related to the “Schuld-Kult” (which basically means original-sin) the Germans and Austrians have because of national socialism.

    My Argument is:

    The Germans, the USA, the Soviets, the Japanese, all of them killed millions of people in WWII.
    But only the Germans and Austrians brainwash their children with this concept of original-sin.

    Or consider the US, a nation which was basically founded on a genocide of the native population. But they don’t learn in school how evil they are.

    Pretty much every country which exists today, if you look at its history, was founded on a bloodbath.

    Again in this case, children should not be hold responsible for the crimes of their parents.

    I’m also strictly against the concept of reparations. Why should white people pay for black people? No white who lives today had slaves, and no black who lives today suffered from slavery

    There is even a deeper flaw with these arguments.
    Leftists will tell you all the time that we should not be nationalistic, we should treat everyone equal, you know it.
    But when it comes to this “original sin”, suddenly we are Germans/Austrians again. Suddenly there is a concept of nations and someone being tied to it. Funny how that works.

    1. Great post.

      “no black who lives today suffered from slavery”

      Leftists will probably say “but even after slavery, blacks were still being kept down. That’s why we needed the Civil Rights Act. We need to account for the fact that their descendants will necessarily be starting at a disadvantage”.

      To that I’d ask, at what point have they been full compensated? How is that objectively determined? Why haven’t affirmative action, diversity hiring programs and the welfare they disproportionately access been enough?

      You will find that the endgame for these people is fleece whitey. Obviously, taxing whitey to pay blacks in perpetuity is an asinine position to take

      The Iraq war has the same problem, i.e. completing the objective can’t be defined. That’s because the whole damn point is to trap whitey in a shitty situation in perpetuity.

    2. The only thing that matters is that black people have the same rights & opportunities as white people today.
      This entire thing reeks of magical thinking. Like somehow because my grand-grand father raped your grand-grand mum, you are suffering today from it?
      Of course I’m aware they are just using it to move their agenda forward (at least the smart ones) to get benefits.
      But this shows you that you can brainwash the normies pretty much with everything, if it makes sense or not is not really an issue

    3. This entire thing reeks of magical thinking. Like somehow because my grand-grand father raped your grand-grand mum, you are suffering today from it?

      The other thing I like to reply to this “argument” by feminists and I’ve never seen anyone else do it is to point out that we both have 50% male and female ancestors.

      Why does this matter?

      Well, their logic goes like this:

      – Your grand-grand-grand-father was mean to my grand-grand-grand-mother (as all men back then were mean to all women back then), so you today owe me 500$

      – I then respond… but you do realize you also have a grand-grand-grand father right? And I also have a grand-grand-grand mother. So because your grand-grand-grand father was mean to MY grand-grand-grand mother, you also owe me 500$… so the debt cancels itself out 🙂

    4. That’s a good point haha.
      But a variation of the feminists argument is like this:

      Because men oppressed women in the past, women today are still not as powerful as they could be if this oppression didn’t happen.

      Me: “Ok so imagine an alternative universe, in which women are equally powerful as men, how exactly would that help you? Or vise-versa, how does it help me as an average man, that the 10 richest people in the world are men?”

      It all comes down to the magics of identity politics. Somehow if something good happens to a member of a category which I’m also part of (and of course the categories are always drawn in a completelly arbitrary way), this is also good for me.

      It is really a special kind of magical thinking going on here.

      The fun is, this whole bullshit starts to backfire on a lot of them, e.g. White women, who are now also on the list of evil.

    5. Some feminists believe that the reason women are smaller than men is that men didn’t give women enough to eat back in the days. Apparently, at that point in time, men and women were at one point equal in size, yet men were still stronger and simply stole their rice bowls, or something along those lines. I find it quite baffling that all this nonsense falls apart immediately by asking simple questions, yet to counter that, feminists insist that reason and logic are constructs of the patriarchy, which they reject. Thus, their idiotic reasoning cannot be questioned and has to be taken as gospel.

    6. I think a model society where the role of men and women are clearly defined, and yet the effect of feminism is limited is China. In China, especially in the North, men still play a dominant role in ruling a family and are the main breadwinners. Women are liberated to the point where they can obviously choose to do what they want with their lives. They are encouraged to establish a career early in their 20s, yet they also do not forget their traditional role, being a mother who rears their children.

    7. Apparently, at that point in time, men and women were at one point equal in size, yet men were still stronger and simply stole their rice bowls, or something along those lines.

      To that they can say men didn’t manage to steal because they were stronger, but because they more evil 🙂 so they resorted to stealing more.

      That steal does break down in terms of their main theory though…

      – Their main theory/claim is that women and men are *the same* and all differences were constructed by the patriarchy.

      – So then you ask who is this patriarchy? Well, it is men that form the patriarchy…

      So how did these historical men (who are just like women and no different) decide to come together and create a fake division? lol… how did they even come together if they were THE SAME. How did they differentiate in the first place?

      Remember, there are no biological difference, or any differences other than socially constructed one. So how did the “social constructor” decide to “socially construct” women into being different, if he is one of them (remember, no difference, same thing).

      All these claims break down under basic logical questioning.

  3. Dude dies after getting the VAXX:
    I have a hunch that al deaths that coincide with Covid vaxx shots will not count as Covid deaths or as vaxx-induced deaths, but as natural ones, whereas or hostile elites will keep counting everybody who dies with Covid — remember how incredibly unreliable those tests are! — as having died of Covid:

    1. That is indeed a curious double standard. They already started informing us that there will be stories of people dying right after taking the vaccine, but that we should ignore those as “people drive all the time and just because they got the vaccine that same week, it doesn’t mean the vaccine had anything to do with it.”

      Fair enough. However there are the same people who say all deaths should be attributed to Covid if a person merely had a brush in with sars-cov-2 (as that’s all the pcr test detects).

  4. It is a bit of an understatement that I’m skeptical of the Covid pandemic. Already in March I wrote articles on my other blog about this fake pandemic ( As the more recent drumming of the elites about taking the Covid vaxx has gotten into overdrive, I’ve started to look more into vaccinations in general. I don’t know why, but something is a bit off about the mantra, “You need to take this vaxx that we brought to market in a few months instead of two decades and that may permanently fuck up your immune system. You can trust us, goy! Never mind those people keeling over after getting a shot. Nothing to see here, goy! Now shut up and get in line, goy!” (Needless to say, I’m using “goy” in a strictly non-antisemitic way here. It simply means “cattle”, and wonderfully expresses how the elites view you.)

    I thus looked into the vaccination/autism debate and was quite amazed at what I found. The mainstream portrays anti-vaxxers as uneducated hillbillies who should get locked up for their stupidity and have their kids taken away for parental neglect. Instead, their claims are much different, and it’s not even about subtleties. The issue is that the triple MMR shot seems to have led to a substantial rise in childhood autism (from 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 250). There were studies linking this with the age of the children, i.e. if kids get the triple-shot MMR vaxx at two or three, the correlation (not causation!) seems to go away, but there is a massive correlation if they get the shot at 12 months of age. I’d say that the gross misrepresentation of the position of the anti-vaccers corroborates that there is something really fishy going on. It’s one thing to cast your ideological enemies as a bunch of yokels who “deny science” and don’t want their kids get vaccinated, and quite another when they actually largely want either later vaccinations or single-shot vaccinations. The mainstream is just straw-manning the supposed “anti-vaxxers” who are not even against vaccinations! If this topic interests you, I’d recommend you start with the “anti-vaxx” position by watching the documentary “Vaxxed”.

    1. The fun is when you consider those same idiots who will happily put every vaxx into their body, go protesting every weekend about all of the pollution & destruction of the environment.


      – putting some chemicals directly in your bloodstream = perfectly fine
      – putting it into the environment, and then maybe indirectly into your body = totally not fine

      makes sense…

      Me personally I got the standard vaccinations in the past, but I also don’t really care about all of the supposed deadly stuff which is in our environment.
      But with the corona vaxx I will definitely not get it… they are pushing way to hard for my taste to be unbiased.

  5. Here’s something amusing for the Germans among us (or those willing to use an online translation service):
    Now the issue is that the third-world migrants that Germany got flooded with mostly end up in poverty. Recently, there was a minor scandal when a top politician said that since 2016 Germany has been supporting at least an additional one million immigrants via welfare (multiply 1,000 EUR for housing/shelter * 12 months * 1 million * 4 years just for direct expenses). I find all of this remarkable because we were promised armies of doctors and engineers who are able and eager to prop up the welfare system. Why is it that nobody corners those fucktards in government, shoving the idiotic articles they’ve written in their face or play interview excerpts from 2016, contrasting their pie-in-the sky bullshit with reality? It’s not as if this wasn’t obvious from the beginning, but it would be nice if the people responsible for it had to face the consequences. I’d also force them and their entire families, everyone alive, to live in an immigrant ghetto without police protection, so that they could enjoy all that cultural enrichment. That’s the one time when politicians are strangely modest. They fill their coffers with ill-gotten loot but when it comes to enjoying the fruits of rampant diversity, they go “Fuck that!” and bugger off to their mansions in gated communities.

    1. In Austria it is the same. Around 80% don’t have a job. 60% of school children in Vienna can’t speak German, basically guaranteeing they will never get a job.
      But hey we are just going to print more money and everything will be fine!

    2. e.g. knife attacks were basically unheard of in Vienna before 2015, now they are pretty regular events. Love the cultural enrichment!

    3. In Sweden they say that life used to be “so boring” before multiculturalism. The tone has slowly been shifting and you increasingly hear this as a mockery in the sense of, “Are things exciting enough for you now or do we need to add some more vibrant diversity on top?” Of course, they’d never be as explicit. The current approach is to pretend that there is no problem at all and just not talk about it, which is in line with the leftist belief that you create problems by writing about them and if you didn’t report on them, they apparently don’t exist.

    4. “In Austria it is the same. Around 80% don’t have a job. 60% of school children in Vienna can’t speak German, basically guaranteeing they will never get a job.”

      You mean 80$ of Austrians, during the Covid-19, don’t have a job? Could you elaborate more on this?
      60% of children in Vienna can’t speak German? What’s wrong with those children? Language acquisition in children is independent of attending schools. Children in China during the Imperial Age could still speak their own dialects without attending schools (they didn’t know how to write).

    5. Again, this is an example where I’d say that you are being deliberately obtuse, i.e. trolling. Obviously, what he meant was that 80% of immigrants in Austria do not have a job. Furthermore, 60% of school children can’t speak (proper) German because their parents can’t speak it and school is not going to fix that easily. I had the displeasure of having had to suffer one Muslim immigrant in grade 12 for half a year who did not have a proper grasp of German, nor of much else, and he hindered our progress significantly. Now imagine what happens in a school in which more than half shouldn’t be there! In such settings, teachers essentially spend their time, sometimes in vain, keeping kids from damaging school property and beating up each other. Holding proper lessons in such an environment is a pipe dream.

      You do have a point, by the way, just not how you imagined it. I would say that it is safe to assume that all those immigrant children in Vienna who don’t learn German pick up their mother tongue at home reasonably well.

    6. @Aaron: there is now even a problem that Austrian kids don’t learn proper German grammar anymore, because the other kids in school don’t speak correct German/no German at all.
      Everyone who can afford it sends their kids to private schools.
      @Cuong Quoc Vu: kids picking up the native language would work if they were 10 or 20%, but when they are the majority they just continue to speak their own language.

    7. In Sweden that’s not really an option. There are very few fee-paying schools and those are so expensive that you need to be a corrupt politician or have money from elsewhere. The plebs now get to enjoy forced racial integration in schools. The game middle-class Swedes used to play was to buy houses that give them access to better schools via zoning. This has been a thorn in the side for politicians (who can afford to send their kids to really expensive schools), so nowadays the government will assign your kid to a school of their choosing.

      In Germany, it used to be the case that private schools, with the exception of elite schools like Schloss Salem, were for parents whose kid wasn’t good enough to attend state schools. They were distinctly seen as inferior. In fact, because the curriculum was set by the state, and the exams as well, it was obvious that the reason anybody went there was because they weren’t good enough for state schools and would have had to attend a stream for the less-gifted, i.e. if you didn’t make it to a state-run “Gymnasium”, you may have had to attend “Realschule”, which would have precluded you from attending university and set you up for low-skilled clerical work in your adult life. As an alternative, parents could pay a few hundred Euros or Deutsche Mark a month to send their kid to a private Gymnasium instead of sending their dull kid to a state-run Realschule. For that reason, people were openly making fun of kids who attended private schools as being intellectually inferior. Some parents were so embarrassed by it that they sent their kid to school further away and lied about it. All of this has now completely changed, and it took less than twenty years. It is all thanks to the government pumping state schools full of third-world immigrants. Nowadays there are also a lot more private schools around. They’re mushrooming all over the place.

    8. I won’t dip too much into the whole race thing, but at least in the US, a lot of the problems with blacks and minorities would be solved if the US would stop locking up so many minorities over petty crimes. The US is also choosey about how they enforce laws; see crack versus cocaine sentencing and how bail/bonds and plea bargaining works (people without money get screwed in the US legal system). Also see the laws being invented out of thin air to target minorites; see the history of marijuana and heroine laws in the US. This takes away a lot of black fathers, and you can only guess how children will turn out without a father figure around. Also, once you go to prison, you are pretty much screwed for life in the US. Again, I don’t know how it works in Europe, but that’s the way it works in the U.S.

    9. I think the black community in the US got screwed over by welfare. Suddenly, black women no longer needed a man at home, so they changed their lifestyle to adapt to the new reality. The consequence was a massive rise in out-of-wedlock births and children growing up in the worst possible circumstances. It has been well-established that kids growing up with a single mother have the worst life outcomes.

      From what I read, blacks did a lot better before welfare was foisted upon them. Of course, that would be another taboo topic academics won’t study. They’d hound you out of the academy if you did as much as hint at welfare being a problem.

    10. The US is also choosey about how they enforce laws; see crack versus cocaine sentencing and how bail/bonds and plea bargaining works (people without money get screwed in the US legal system). Also see the laws being invented out of thin air to target minorites; see the history of marijuana and heroine laws in the US.

      To play devil’s advocate here. I haven’t researched this particular one, but I know from similar claims that what’s left out is that “correlation isn’t causation”.

      For example, the fact that people sentenced for crack posession get sentenced longer than those taking heroin – might have to do with a “hidden bias against crack users”… or it might just be that using crack happens to correlate with other things (such as violence, previous convictions etc).

      I know for a fact there was a case where someone was saying “oh look at how at how long people go to prison for just for marijuana posession”, but then someone came out and pointed out the claim is highly manipulative… because those people are not sentenced that JUST for having had a bit of marijuana on them. It just happens to be the last thing they were caught for before being shipped off to prison. And the full sentence takes into consideration things such as previous warrants, convictions etc…

    11. Not sure about welfare laws, but at least in my state, you are kicked off of welfare after a few years. And I was referring to crack versus cocaine. Essentially the same drug, but people were sentenced to five times as many mandatory years in prison for crack. Can you guess the difference between users who use crack versus those who use cocaine? Not saying that minorities don’t commit legit crimes, because they do, but a lot of the laws are designed to screw you over if you are poor. Once you get into the system, you are screwed. No aid to go to college, you are prohibited from living with your family if they are on welfare, and your job prospects evaporate if you have a criminal record; so much for rehabilitation. It’s designed so you are almost forced to turn to crime to survive. I have a background in this stuff and could go on and on. And don’t even get me started on the for profit prison system and why there is an incentive to throw people in jail, not to mention all of the jobs that would be lost if the prison populations were reduced.

    12. I’ll let other people address Asanova’s points in detail, but i had to stop at the “It’s designed so you are almost forced to turn to crime to survive”.

      Come oooooooon! Hispanic immigrants take thousands of menial/informal jobs every day. It’s rough, I wouldn’t want to be an illegal alien in the US, but at least there’s some dignity in those. They know that back home there’s a real chance of starving to death, so they take what’s available and stop whining.

      What do nibbas do? On top of all their issues, they wish to be gangstas and pimps like their hiphop idols, so they “are almost forced to turn to crime”. So please…

      Are latinos a considerable chunk of the prison/lowlife population? Of course, but the difference in proportion is there. It’s not just because of his surname that George Zimmerman didn’t get victim brownie points for being Hispanic after shooting Trayvon Martin.

    13. Another important point is that in some of those households personal responsibility is shunned. They refer to it as “acting white”, i.e. a black kid wanting to better himself will be an outcast. Interestingly, the same phenomenon exists among Turks in Germany and, bizarrely enough, the German underclass. Sadly, this is seeping into the middle-class as well. Kids who realize that they cannot compete will accuse you of being a “Streber” (i.e. nerd/grind/striver, but none of the English terms I’m familiar with adequately captures the German meaning). You’ll likely have to endure such people for years until they finally get weeded out. I had to suffer such people all the way to the end of high school. The irony, though, is that I’m sure I put in a fraction of the hours they put in, and so did all the other top performers who could focus their energy on frivolities such as Latin whereas those retards were happy when they got a D in maths.

    14. . And I was referring to crack versus cocaine. Essentially the same drug, but people were sentenced to five times as many mandatory years in prison for crack.

      As I said, I haven’t researched crack vs cocaine in particular, but I wouldn’t be surprised it’s an equally manipulative stat.

      Correlation isn’t causation. It’s the very first thing you learn in interpreting data and logic 101.

      We don’t know what other factors go into the sentence. As with the other example, it might be that people who take cocain have done no other crimes (on average) vs the people on crack have crack possession as their 7th crime. That changes sentencing quite a bit.

      And if I don’t see a stat that says it’s been “equalized for all else being equal” the stat is meaningless.

    15. Blacks used to act and behave differently from today. Their music introduces to the souls of men various contours of feelings. And perhaps out of oppression and desperation, they have infused in countless melodies an indescribable quality of originality and authenticity. They let their muses sing the pains of their existence, and evinces to the world the unjust treatment of white men. Thus born jazz and blues. Pain gives birth to art.

      Yet the current music of blacks encourages all sorts of moral dilapidation. Drugs, violence, unrestrained sex. How could you purify your souls with these venomous products? You would never become a better human by listening to this. Bear in mind that music can educate you.

    16. In addition to the war on drugs and welfare, I’d also add to that marriage laws. However, a huge component that’s uncomfortable to discuss is simply genetics. In South Africa, where leadership was handed over to black rule over two decades ago, they’ve re-payed the whites by slaughtering around 70,000 of them since Mandela took office:

      Not all blacks are exceptional enough to make it to 6 figures a year and marrying a ‘traditional’ Eastern European woman.

    17. On that note, what’s the excuse that South Africa turned from a first-world into a third-world country after the black man took over? Somehow this topic doesn’t seem to get much consideration from the modern left. It may have something to do with the possible conclusion that the black man in South Africa might have done better under Apartheid than when running his own affairs, which is also what some may say about the black man in the US before the “civil rights” movement. There certainly were fewer aspiring rappers around.

    18. You should also consider the following:

      The mainstream hides any discussion of IQ discrepancies among different races / populations.
      e.g. I sometimes posted links to those studies (just a link to a study, no statement or anything) in various mainstream newspaper forums. They get removed everytime.
      Studies were even removed from wikipedia.

      Now ask yourself, why do they need to hide this… if all people & races had the same average IQ… showing this data to the public would be no problem?
      I would even argue, if races really had the same average IQ levels, the leftists would be very proud to fund these studies and show it to the public, to prove their racism narrative.

    19. I witnessed one such attempt where a lefty was waving a study around that purported to show that blacks in some English town scored higher in IQ tests than whites. What emerged was that a cohort of, I think, 12-year old blacks had comparable scores to whites. Yet, the problem was that blacks mature a lot faster than whites, so any advantage they may have at 12 tends to evaporate. It’s the same bullshit those leftist try playing with male/female IQ gaps by testing 14-year-olds, which is when girls are basically fully matured and have arguably a clear developmental advantage over boys. Yet, they seem afraid of re-testing them a few years later.

    20. Eh, age and time has taught me that I’m not changing any minds no matter what I say or evidence I present, as people tend to dig into their positions no matter what, whether it is about racial stereotypes or anything else. And to be honest, I don’t care enough to counter every point tit-for-tat. It’s very easy for people on either side of a debate to cherry-pick things that support their own position or beliefs. What I will say, is that when debating these topics, some of the points made would be a lot more palatable if we were comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges. And what I mean by that is controlling for income, education, and whether or not the group in question grew up in a two parent household.

    21. Well, the “true” explanation obviously will be multi-causal, including many factors:

      – genetic
      – environment
      – sociological
      – culture
      – .. and also , racism

      I would argue, racism is at best 5%.
      According to the current mainstream narrative, it is 100%. And this is just bullshit.

    22. Nowadays the white man gets heavily discriminated against. The term “diversity” is nothing but code for “no white men”, with more recent interpretations including East-Asian men as well. I would call this racism. You’d have to take this into account when claiming that there is anti-black racism. I would not be surprised if the total amount of “racism” whites suffer from far exceeds supposed anti-black racism.

    23. It is a very similar topic to the pay-gap between men and women.

      According to the mainstream, it is 100% sexism and the evil patriarchy.

      Once you control for all the factors like work-time, job selection, experience, and so on, the remaining gap is less than 3% in most countries.

    24. Often, women get even get paid more than men with similar qualifications. In particular big tech companies aggressively fight over women so that they can fulfill their quotas.

    25. That’s part of the problem on both sides of the argument. The truth is somewhere between. it just gets kind of irritating on both sides to constantly hear “White man evil” and “Black man dumb” and t\he constant cherry picking of evidence, again, on both sides. For example, someone just used South Africa as an example of “black man dumb”. Do you know who the most successful group of people are, educationally and financial, are in America? Nigerian immigrants. The Nigerian economy is also expected to surpass China’s by 2100. So much for the “black man dumb” argument. Either side could cherry-pick and use either example to support their argument.

      Regarding the income gap for men and women, again, the truth is somewhere in between. I don’t remember the specifics, but years ago, I read some study in college about income in similar jobs. One of the reasons why men make more money than women? Men are more likely to push for a raise or promotion and less likely to shut-up about it until their boss gives it to them; their boss gives them the raise just so they are no longer annoyed by the employee. I would say that has more to do with testosterone and men more likely to have a non-working spouse than intelligence. I don’t care either way, but it just goes to show that the actual truth is somewhere in the middle.

    26. First of all, don’t take any of this discussion personally. For what it’s worth, even though I never met you in person, I’m certain that I would get along much better with you than with the average white man, simply because you are smarter than the average white man. You are also way smarter than the average black man. However, we are not talking about exceptions but demographics.

      Regarding the Nigerian economy: this is the first time I’m hearing that Nigeria’s GDP is going to surpass China’s by 2100. Since China is widely seen to be the next global superpower, that would arguably imply that by then Nigeria will be the world’s leading country. (On a side note, using PPP, which is a better metric in this case, China’s economy is already the biggest in the world.) We are on the brink of the year 2021. Looking at Nigeria today, I see little that inspires confidence that in less than 80 years this will be the world’s superpower. Are those projections based on assuming that China, Russia, and the U.S. are going to obliterate each other in a nuclear war? This is a serious question. I know that such scenarios exist. RAND even puts some out for public consumption.

    27. Uhm I hope you realize that any economic projection into 2100 is bullshit.
      Economists cannot even predict the next 5 years.

    28. If you strive to equalize for all variables when analyzing Black American issues, you should reach the conclusion very fast that the variable “poverty” is preponderant among whites too. Obvious when you consider they’re the majority (till now), and terms like “redneck” and “white trash” exist, I don’t know whether there are similar ones for underclass Asians.

      It’s been brought to my attention before that African immigrants do better in the US than actual African Americans, guys like Obama. Which shakes a little the “dumb black” narrative but also shows modern racism narrative for the bullshit it is. Descendents from the emancipated slaves have been holding themselves back for 150 years, seems to me. At least since the 1960’s they have only themselves to blame, not the white man.

    29. Nothing taken personally. As smart as many readers are, it just boggles my mind that some take a position regarding race, dig in, and kind of scream “la-la-la” at anything contrary to deeply held personal beliefs. It reminds me of deeply religious people anytime you point out anything about their religion that is hypocritical or obviously made-up and fake. I’ve noticed this phenomenon with both people on the lower-end of the intelligence scale and very intelligent people alike. This goes for both blacks who do nothing to improve themselves and look for any reason to blame the evil white man for their woes, and whites who were clearly born into privilege and for whatever reason, can’t seem to understand why someone born into a single parent household with no father figure or money might turn to crime.

      It is no coincidence that the black community went to crap right around the time the war on drugs started and blacks were starting to finally get ahead; also see Red-lining and the Tulsa, Oklahoma bombings. Funny how Americans are calling for an end to the war on drugs and relaxed sentencing for drugs now that so many whites are becoming addicted to opiates and other hard drugs. Again, I don’t know about blacks in Europe, so I can’t really speak on that.

      I can’t speak too much on Nigeria’s economy. Only something I’ve been seeing pop-up with increasing frequency in economic articles the same way I use to hear about China overtaking the US economy around twenty years ago.

    30. “Nothing taken personally. As smart as many readers are, it just boggles my mind that some take a position regarding race, dig in, and kind of scream “la-la-la” at anything contrary to deeply held personal beliefs. ”

      I personally don’t trust those IQ theory because I don’t believe in those tests and scores. Think you are smart, take a specialized test monitored by specialists to see what is your ability.

      I also don’t believe in the inherent inferiority of race. As you pointed out, new African immigrants tend to do better than African Americans who are entrenched in the American way of life. I used to study in a college that has a sizable population of blacks, and our reading materials are designed to them as the intended audience, so I know some evils that hold blacks back. One issue that strikes me particularly tragic is violence committed by fathers or mothers against sons and daughters. Many black students in that college want to get away from that kind of lifestyle but could not, for various reasons.

      I personally encounter a large number of blacks who serve well as nurses and medical assistants.

      I don’t believe that the lives of Blacks is worse compared to pre-Civil Rights era. What needs to be done is to rid of all those “gangsta elements” in the Black Community. Opportunities is precious, thus if they can be granted to any Black who wish to escape the devils of Black lives, they should be.

    31. @ Assanova and CQV

      I would encourage you both to read the writings of black, conservative intellectuals such as Thomas Sowell and the late Walter Williams. I think you will find that, unlike their liberal counterparts, they explain the plight of the American black community in a straightforward manner using hard data to support their beliefs.

  6. “Again, this is an example where I’d say that you are being deliberately obtuse, i.e. trolling. Obviously, what he meant was that 80% of immigrants in Austria do not have a job.”

    Please rest assure that I have no benefits and derive no pleasure in trolling you on your site. How do I suppose to know that it is 80% of immigrants in Austria? He didn’t specify it in his post.

    “Furthermore, 60% of school children can’t speak (proper) German because their parents can’t speak it and school is not going to fix that easily. ”

    Hispanics in the US who live with their parents can speak very well English at a young age. So using the fact that their parents can’t speak English well is not enough to explain their deficiency. We don’t know from what age did they enter Germany. One may argue that English and Spanish is much closer grammatically and phonetically, which is not the case for German and Arabic.

    Most of these immigrant children will speak a dialect of Arabic. One may wonder if the difference in grammar between Arabic and German is a reason for their linguistical deficiency. But I doubt it.

    Muslim immigrants in France speak alright French. So perhaps it is teaching method that is a problem?

    1. Contextually, it was clear that he was referring to immigrants. Sure, it must be the teaching method because it can’t be anything else, besides perhaps white supremacy. Also, Hispanics have an understanding that they need to know at least some English to get by in the United States. With Muslim immigrants, that’s not necessarily the prevailing attitude. Instead, they often prefer to fully segregate themselves. Germany has similar problems. For instance, for three generations the Turks speak worse and worse English.

    2. “Contextually, it was clear that he was referring to immigrants.”
      I skim through your posts, then immediately read his comment. I didn’t quite understand it contextually, so yes, I did take what he said out of context. Apology!

      “With Muslim immigrants, that’s not necessarily the prevailing attitude. Instead, they often prefer to fully segregate themselves. Germany has similar problems. For instance, for three generations the Turks speak worse and worse English.”

      The teaching method can be worked on, but this segregated attitude is a major roadblock to their full integration into German or Western societies. You obviously cannot do much with children who resist to speak well German.

      In terms of grammar, German is much more formidable than English. So there is little hope that Muslim students can learn well that language without inner motivation.

    3. The problem seems to be multicausal, as far as I can see, it seems to be that:

      1) immigrants and their children come from lower social classes, where alphabetisation in their home country was deficient or non-existent.
      2) immigrants that come from middle eastern countries generally write in arabic, so there is an additional hurdle – you must learn a new alphabet from scratch. Turks have it easier because they changed their alphabet a about century ago and now use mostly latin letters like we do. Muslims in France may speak french, but they still make up a majority of the prison population (like blacks in the US) and their joblessness is also much highes, so clearly integration is not working out so well in the labor market.
      3) most people from the middle east live in actual patriarchies and bring that mindset with them when they emigrate. They tend to live in and rely on their own social networks based on kinship, like they do over there. Kinship is more important that, say, the law.
      4) these patriarchal structures are also very stifling of freedom, innovation and entrepreneurship. There is a reason the region is so backward. That is also the reason arab armies are usually inept and incompetent at the tactical level and get their butts kicked in every conventional war.

      This list is not exhaustive, its just what comes to my mind now. Aaron likes to argue IQ is the biggest explanatory factor (he may be right, my own view is the jury is still out on that one) but we know from studying politics, public policy, organization theory, military history, etc… that ingrained culture is a major roadblock to reform efforts in organizations. We see this in the military and in state bureaucracies, but also in large corporations and academia.

      Of course, wherever people move, they tend to bring their culture with them. The first generation is usually not that much of a problem, because they remember the shithole they escaped from. But their children will grow up expecting a place in a society that will not necessarily integrate them as they thing they should, and that is a recipe for trouble.

    4. @Yarara: exactly, it is the culture & religion these people (Muslims) bring which is the problem. And they don’t immigrate, they stay in their closed parallel societies.
      Other groups of immigrants, e.g. Asians, do very well in Austria, sometimes better than the native population.

    5. The performance of the Asians can of course be explained by IQ. Their existence is a constant source of anger for leftists as it exposes their ideology as fraudulent. If they were right, poor Vietnamese immigrants would have to do as poorly as Muslim immigrants (or blacks in the US), yet the opposite is the case. They greatly outperform them. Thus, it’s not just “magic dirt” that’s the problem but some kind of sentient, racist magic dirt that decides to put blacks and Muslims down while lifting up poor Asian immigrants.

    6. I also think IQ is the main reason. But if you bring up the topic here you will get the NAZI label instantly. You cannot reason with normies/lefties without them getting triggered hard.
      The Asians have a higher IQ is just another “hatefact”

    7. “The performance of the Asians can of course be explained by IQ. ”
      I tend to not resort to IQ as a valid explanation. Vietnam is influenced by China, and thus its learning culture. Traditional Chinese belief is that individuals could change their lives through learning. Vietnamese and Chinese parents sacrifice a lot to earn their children opportunities to better their lives. This can be also applied to North East Asian countries like Japan and Korea.

      You don’t see this in other Southeast Asian cultures, for example, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos. Vietnam stands out not because they have higher IQ, but because they are, like the Jews and Chinese, place a heavy emphasis on learning and adapting.

      I think Muslims could do the same. After all, they are known to keep many treasures of Western civilization from oblivion. I am not knowledgeable enough in the history of Middle East (I know a fair bit, especially the golden age of Muslim literature in Persia, but I don’t know their modern history). So, I am not sure what evils hold them back.

    8. You should also consider the following:

      The mainstream hides any discussion of IQ discrepancies among different races / populations.
      e.g. I sometimes posted links to those studies (just a link to a study, no statement or anything) in various mainstream newspaper forums. They get removed everytime.
      Studies were even removed from wikipedia.

      Now ask yourself, why do they need to hide this… if all people & races had the same average IQ… showing this data to the public would be no problem?
      I would even argue, if races really had the same average IQ levels, the leftists would be very proud to fund these studies and show it to the public, to prove their racism narrative.

  7. Excuse me, here is the direct link to the tweet, which also links to an article on their website:

    I must also give credit where it is due, and simultaneously congratulate this organization for calling out those evil extremists while defending the ultimate of victims in our society — the ones who make up approximately 2% of the world population, yet also about half of all the billionaires. Those poor babies!!

    1. On another note, I was listening to a Mark Colette live stream on the DLive the other day where Devon Stack (Blackpilled) were discussing QAnon. There was another guest present that I can’t remember, but he stated the possibility that QAnon was merely a psyop meant to keep people subdued. “Just sit back and relax. Trust the plan. Daddy Q has it all under control. There’s no need for you to do anything. Take no action, it’s all taken care of. That’s a good little goy. I mean, Patriot. Here’s some more cryptic bullshit to keep you preoccupied.”

      But that’s probably just a conspiracy within a conspiracy.

    2. The best thing Donald Trump can do for these Qcels is to go down fighting. He should never admit defeat. It would be probably be a good thing for Biden to transition into office because the Qcels and other docile right wingers need to become activated. They need to feel cheated and get angry about it.

      Btw, Donald Trump is probably just a “dumb boomer,” to quote Devon Stack. And here is somewhat proof that he was never really part of any grand Q plan:

    3. Thanks for sharing this! Nothing puts me more at ease than the ADL putting out a message. Phew! Now I know that everything is OK.

      The jews have the word “chutzpah”, which applies here as well. They use artwork provided by the World Economic Forum as part of their “Great Reset” campaign and tell you that it’s a conspiracy theory. You can’t make this up! They literally use WEF propaganda and claim that you, goy, can’t trust your lying eyes. Man, the nerve of those people…

    4. Hey, don’t forget about the fact that there are Jews in Israel who are poor! A wonderful phrase for the behavior exhibited by the ADL is, “They cry out in pain as they strike you.” You may have come across this phrase before.

    5. “Thanks for sharing this! Nothing puts me more at ease than the ADL putting out a message. Phew! Now I know that everything is OK.”

      Lol! You crack me up, man. And you’re welcome. They are quite audacious, aren’t they? I wonder how true the statement is of there being poor Israelis? I would have to imagine that their nepotistic practices extends to their non-blood related brothers and sisters. Of course, to some of these individuals, a yearly salary equivalent to 50k USD might be considered very meager. You can’t do whole lot of subversion with that kind of cash.

      My thinking is that if you have an ethnostate, then wouldn’t there at the very least be churches/synagogues/mosques that have generous charity programs? Oh wait, I’m being silly. A white ethnostate wouldn’t need charity, since they’d be busy geocoding the surrounding population for land and resources while stealing from other races through unethical taxation and interest rates.

    6. I’m sure they count the Arabs as Israelis for such statistics. It’s too convenient to do so. Also, we’d have to look a lot closer at the actual figures. I could imagine millionaires and billionaires listed as “poor” because they make zero shekels from employment. I’ve seen similar trickery in Germany, so this is not at all far-fetched. If you’re self-employed or living off your wealth in Germany, you have even have access to certain handouts and tax-breaks. It’s only the middle class that gets screwed. In contrast the two hereditary aristocracies at both ends of the socio-economic ladder exploit it, one by extracting gibs, they other via taxation or excessive rents.

      I know you are joking about whites carrying out genocides. However, the Jews wrote that the moment the Nazis took over, the rivers in Berlin turned red because the first thing they did was slaughter their poor brethren. Such made-up bullshit was indeed front-page news back in the days. I found scans of 1933 newspapers online some time ago, but such incriminating material probably ended up getting memory-holed. There is also a religious motive behind the “rivers turning red” motive. The more I look into such connections, the more I seem to find. Apparently, this is seen as a sign of the end times, which is what our satanist elites are working towards, hoping to make some bizarre prophesies become real. The “book of revelations” is quite an interesting read. Among others, it speaks of 12 Jewish tribes of 12,000 who will birth a “new Israel”:
      The connection to Marxism is almost too obvious. Marxists believe that once they’ve laid ruin to the current system, paradise will emerge. Similarly, according to book of revelation, after the destruction somehow 144,000 Jews will survive and rule over the world, while Christians will be “raptured”, i.e. move to Heaven. In other words, and expressed much less poetically, they will all die.

    7. Holy shit! Those are some interesting biblical connections. My ultra religious grandparents believe in the bible quite literally. To this day I’ve neglected to actually read any version out of rebelliousness, I suppose. They’ve traveled to Israel on two occasions and even invited me to go with them the second time. Modern Christians love bowing to the their chosen overlords! The wool has been so pulled over their eyes that they’d never believe that the true rapture is much less romantic than they’ve been led to believe, and actually much more sinister and predatory in nature.

      On another note, I’ve been pondering the intelligence of the chosen for a while. No doubt, they are high IQ in certain regards, but obviously they’re not very industrious or even very creative. I think part of their success, aside from nepotism, lies in ritualized abusive traditions (circumcision and other sexual abuse) to create generations of sociopathic/psychopathic individuals who grow up having fewer qualms about enacting these certain behaviors that we can now observe and discuss.

      Part of my coming to this conclusion was while reading through Jung’s autobiography, where he details his personal and professional relationship with Freud. At one point, they had a serious argument and falling out, and Jung had always disagreed with the premise of Freud’s sexual repression theory. Jung admits that he didn’t relate to Freud at all on this point. Being Swiss-German, I have to conclude that Jung was never circumcised as Freud most probably was. This is where they differ in their philosophy with regards to neurotic disorders. Jung never alludes to circumcision being the catalyzing event which led to Freud’s neurosis and irrational behaviors, but I do believe that is a big part of it and why the two disagreed so strongly on the matter.

      Anyways, here is a 10 min video you might find interesting. It basically makes the claim that the Jews pretty much hijacked the entire Christian faith altogether:

  8. I just came across this study that attempts to quantify the effect of heavy social media usage on your ability to concentrate:
    The overall finding may not be overly surprising but it’s certainly interesting to see people trying to put some numbers on a known phenomenon. I certainly notice low attention spans, particularly among younger colleagues. Sometimes, you tell them in the morning to work on something particular and when you follow-up in the afternoon, they get embarrassed and tell you that they’ve forgotten about this. Granted, such cases are maybe not widespread yet, but I have little doubt that some people have a very hard time resisting the lure of their smartphone. Before Covid you could actually observe this. Everybody working in a mixed-sex office environment has probably witnessed female colleagues who spend seemingly all day on their smartphone and some are quite shameless about it.

    1. Aaron,
      I wonder if there’s a relationship between social media and low IQ. It just seems like people have lost so many IQ points since the advent of the smartphone. In this time of age, people severely lack the ability to critically think and just absorbed any information without questioning it.

    2. This is a good point. I think short attention spans make people effectively dumber, i.e. someone with an IQ of 120 may act as if he had an IQ of 100 because he has lost the ability to properly assess evidence and make up his own mind.

    3. The causation might be the other way though, low IQ people are more likely to become addicted to smartphones.
      I think the main reason for the perceived drop in IQ is the welfare state creating incentives for stupid people to make a lot of children, while intelligent people have very few children.
      Without a study, hard to find out, and doing such a study in the current climate would be career suicide.
      But of course using a smartphone all the time could also lead to worse brain development.
      e.g. if you are using a NAVI all the time, you will never learn how to orientate yourself in the real world without it, and this might also affect other areas of the brain.

  9. The “Great Reset” is a conspiracy theory. It means nothing that the World Economic Forum has a website on it:

    On pol/ someone claimed that satanists believe that if they tell you what they will do to you, cryptically or otherwise, they won’t be punished for their actions in the afterlife. I don’t know if this is true, but it would certainly explain a few things, such as how the elites have been seeding concepts like “new world order”, “great reset”, “new normal”, or “dark winter”.

    1. Aaron,
      I haven’t read to much on the Great Reset, but this reminds me how world leaders in the past have promised their people equality only to realise that they were sold a false promised. People haven’t grasp that equality does not exist in nature.

    2. “Equality” is such a stupid idea.
      First off, imagine an actual world in which everyone was equal. It would be a total dystopia. There would be no reason to talk to anyone, as they would all have the same opinion as you, they would have the same dreams, they would look the same.
      And as you said, achieving equality is impossible because of nature.
      Basically, you would have to stop natural selection. Which boils down to, changing the laws of physics.
      This also shows you that the people who advocate for this idea really don’t understand how nature & our world works.
      Why do poor people in our society feel bad about themselves?
      It is because they lack material stuff like food, housing?
      No. Even poor people today in the first world have better living standards than actual kings had just a few 100 years in the past.
      So the lack of living standards surly cannot be the reason.
      The real reason is, they have a low rank on the social status ladder.
      For a man, having low social status equals genetic death, because women don’t want to have his babies.
      But the social ladder is relative, not absolute.
      So even if the lefties would manage to distribute all the wealth equally, social status would just be distributed in a different way, probably on looks or intelligence.
      So this would not solve anything at all.
      It might even make things worse, today an ugly man at least has the option to get rich and get a gold digger wife. In the leftist “utopia”, he would not have this option.
      This is basically the big elephant in the room of the entire leftist egalitarian ideology: there is not only wealth, but IQ, looks, and much more, and these other metrics you cannot easily redistribute.

    3. Social status is already largely distributed on looks and intelligence because, barring exceptions, people with better genes are better on every desirable metric, which means that they are better looking, make more money, and enjoy higher social status. This does not preclude, as you write, that an ugly man, by sheer hard work, couldn’t amass wealth and status.

      Also, why shouldn’t the poor feel bad about themselves? I think one of the biggest problems of the welfare state is that we coddle the poor, giving them a comfortable life. In contrast, imagine how enterprising those people could become if it really sucked to be poor. A nice big black pill for the left is that a man (more likely a single mother in today’s age) who works for his bread will appreciate it whereas one who is given it freely will think that he is entitled to it and only accuse you of being greedy and stingy for not providing more to support his sloth.

    4. And if you advocate a solution to these problems, like an eugenics program to make everyone more intelligent and beautiful… you are labeled the ultimate NAZI.
      But this is actually the only way you could achieve true quality, cloning people instead of breading them, so to achieve IQ and looks equality.
      Basically a brave new world scenario.

    5. The other way would be to stunt everybody, i.e. bringing the smart ones down the level of the morons. During the “cultural revolution” in China, for instance, pianists had their fingers broken so that they could no longer play. This obviously made them equal to peasants in that regard.

    6. the “big is beautiful” is on that level of idiocy. You cannot make everyone beautiful, but you can make everyone ugly. At least you can try.

  10. German goyim, get vaxxed:
    We may need one to two years to learn about side effects (05:45) but that shouldn’t stifle your enthusiasm. Nothing to worry about. That high-ranking government official also says that there is no way to say there won’t be any, but somehow that shouldn’t be cause for concern, you filthy conspiracy theorist. That slimy fuck also claims that the side effects of the swine flu vaccination have not been proved beyond reasonable doubt. So, clearly, the vaxx is safe. Get in line!

    The comment section of that video is great, e.g. “Haut den Stoff doch mal unsren arschgesichter von Politiker rein”. I bet the highly-paid morons who are in charge of this German propaganda YouTube channel haven’t figured out yet how to disable comments and likes.

    1. Aaron,
      A few weeks ago I was reading an article on vaccinations. It cited that vaccines have not been effective on the coronaviruses historically relative to other viruses, but people are quick to believe that this new vaccine will somehow fix this.

    2. I think there is a lot more opposition to the vaxx than the mainstream lets on. There are already reports that in hospitals more than 60% of employees refuse it. This is also why you hear b.s. stories about celebrities wanting to get the vaxx. If the masses wanted the vaxx and its many side effects, the elites would not need to promote it.

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