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Open Post: The Channel “Hot Guys Fuck”

Neutralrandomthoughts left another interesting comment. This time, he points out a particular amateur porn channel, which might provide us with some good footage of how women respond to Chads. He writes:

Has anybody checked out the channel “Hot Guys Fuck” on pornhub?

Why is this relevant? Well, the setup is such that hot guys go on video and fuck (mostly) amateurs. These are fun to watch. A few observations:
The guys:
– have good looking faces
– are predominantly white
– are mostly buffed
– have mostly big dicks
– exhibit incredible amounts of Chad vibe. Like, you can literally see what it does to a guy when he is showered with attention his whole life, because, duhhh… he has a good looking face. You can see in 100+ videos what happens to many girls, now compiled in one place happening to guys. It is absolutely ridiculous how anybody could claim that it is about confidence. How the fuck can you not be confident, if you get THIS MUCH positive feedback all your life?

The girls:
– find themselves in a situation they usually don’t experience, i.e. the guy is totally, and I mean TOTALLY out of their league. She’s Stacy next door and he is Chad Thundercock
-Are absolutely fucking eager to please the guy
-Take all kinds of shit from the guys (very subtle clues in the interaction where they seem to accept that it is the guys who is doing her a favor by fucking her on camera)

If anybody wants to understand how crazy women get about good looking guys, watch a few of these. It is totally worth it.

I had a brief look at this channel, for science. My surface level research may have left the wrong impression, but those women don’t quite look like girl-next-door types. If Neutralrandomthoughts hadn’t mentioned that those girls are amateurs, I would not have guessed it because to me they look like dime-a-dozen porn starlets.

The other points stand. One caveat, though, is that the guys seem to fit into one particular physical category, i.e. the buff, somewhat brutish looking guy. You don’t need to go for that look if you want to get laid, but it probably won’t harm you.

Lastly, the aspect of the women being into the guy is noteworthy. Anybody who has had a one-night stand with some slut who really wanted your dick knows what it is like to be sexually desired by a woman. If you’re actively dating, you may actually experience both: women who are really into you and who can’t wait to fuck you and those who want to string you along and exploit your financial resources. The latter can be extremely calculating. Sadly, the average guy only knows that kind of woman.

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23 thoughts on “Open Post: The Channel “Hot Guys Fuck”

  1. It was pretty cool to see the girls get all into it. Pros in porn look bored which in turn, makes it boring for me usually.

  2. You know, one could argue that the feeling Of being desired by an attractive women is one of the best feelings. Thing is if you’re not a Chad it’s not as common that that would happen. How would one get over this need/ want?

    The simple answer is get more pussy to stop chasing after that validation but if that’s not an easy option your basically in this limbo stage where you’re Jsut constantly looking for attention which in itself is beta.

    1. I have noticed that being desired by a women is great until the moment I have an orgasm.
      After that, it takes one of two directions: My desire to cuddle, or my desire to throw her out.
      In both cases her high desire for me usually feels like too much attention she gives me. I’m like “don’t you have other things to be hyped about rather than me?”. Apparently she hasn’t.

      Geez, sometimes I wonder how it must be to live such a shallow life…

    2. I’m a hopeless romantic. Not only do I relish the attention of attractive women, I actually enjoy to cuddle LOL. I think one of the reasons I’m so fucked up is lack of physical affection from my parents during my childhood.

    3. @GoodLookingAndSleazy: “I think one of the reasons I’m so fucked up is lack of physical affection from my parents during my childhood.“ I fear that is a big issue for many men. Everyone who doubts the significance of physical affection should look up on Harlow’s monkeys. Getting a (or several) pet(s) might offer some remedy (bestiality and crazy cat lady jokes incoming). Regular visits of massage parlors might offer additional, …er…, relief.

      The need for human touch and warmth is definitely to be taken seriously. In this spirt: “Alexa, warm up the BBW doll. Set boob temperature to 99 Fahrenheit.”

    4. I think Sigmund Freud (intentionally?) fucked up a lot of people/families with some of his theories.

      If I get a dog, I would want a chill one that would just sit by my side and let me pet him and relax. I can’t stand hyper dogs.

      I used to go to this strip club that had some real hotties. A couple would give me topless dances in the back that got very touchy feely, and relieve me on the last song. It’s a little more than a massage parlor, but it’s worth it because the girls were smokin hot. No extra either. Just my regular 4 dollar tip.

    5. “No extra either. Just my regular 4 dollar tip.” Sounds like a good deal. You must indeed be a good looking fella. May I asked, what made you stop going there?

    6. Honestly bro, just because of the lockdown 😉 I’ll probably go back when it opens back up but who knows how high contact the dances will be at that point.

    7. I have the same issue with the massage parlors I liked to visit. Now I am stuck with subpar alternatives. (Fucking look down.)

    8. It is not the „prostitute“/masseuse that is subpar (she actually did a decent job and was my type), but the massage parlor itself, the nature of the services offered there and the whole set-up. The venue is not nearly as tidy and athletically pleasing as my old parlor. And the bathroom could use a renovation, too. The massage „rooms“ are only separated by veils from the hallway (no doors). Negotiation is exhausting due to the (hoax?) language barrier etc. It is suited quite a bit further away from where I live than my old parlor in a more nasty party of town. You cannot really chose between several masseuses beforehand, it seems; you have to take who is available. There is no option to book less than one hour, too. (I used to visit this rather classy massage parlor that explicitly and officially offered body-to-body massages – and unofficially even quite more than just that. Most of the times I would be able to get two hand jobs in 30 mins while groping cute to hot chicks to my hearts desire before, during and after getting relieved.) All this diminishes the experience quite a bit. (I guess, I also was too passive and too avoidant during the negotiations, too afraid of getting kicked out by some bouncer or so. There probably even is not one in this venue.)

      Anyways, next month I will probably see a hooker, whom I heard much good about. Quite pricey, but probably „worth it“. (But yeah, in the long run I really would like to outsource my sex life to dolls, robots and high-tech sex toys as the cost-benefit ratio might be much better – and I of course want to free all the members of the fairer sex that are now waisting their myriad of talents with something as trivial as sex work to fulfill their true potential in business, science, education, arts, engineering etc. so that humanity can finally enter into a new, golden age.)

    9. We’ll indeed usher in a new dawn for humanity because sex dolls will not only allow women to finally fully explore their intellectual interests. We also have to consider that there are 1.5 billion potential Einsteins in Africa. I learned this from German national TV which once ran a campaign that pushed the message that some random black kid has the potential to find the cure to cancer or develop nuclear fusion but sadly most likely can’t because we don’t send enough money to Africa or something along those lines. The mainstream also informed me, during the 2015 mass invasion from Africa and the Middle East, that Steve Jobs was Syrian, so there are already two million future billionaires in Europe. Can you even imagine a world with two million Steve Jobs who have the support of 1.5 billion Einsteins and 4 billion female engineers and scientists! I can’t, and I won’t, but I’ll lean back and laugh as I watch this shit show unfolding. The Einsteins are currently rioting in the U.S., which is only the beginning.

    10. “Can you even imagine a world with two million Steve Jobs who have the support of 1.5 billion Einsteins and 4 billion female engineers and scientists!“ I can. And I just did. Now I need some Kleenex tissues.

    11. I fucked a stripped once, I paid for it, the sex was shit really. You’re better of Jsut paying for a hot escort for an hour. She can give you a dance and you can comfortable fuck her.

      Regarding the riots. This is such a hoax it’s not even funny. The blacks will lose in the end because what this will bring is major race relations and if a civil war breaks out the south will literally fuck up the north. Easily.

    12. Aaron, you should read the book: Why Africa is poor and what Africans can do about it?. The main reason for poverty is the decision making of their elites. They want their country to be and remain poor.

      I don’t buy into in this racial bullshit of yours. Given enough education, they can be very successful. If they don’t have enough intelligence to success in academic field, then they can still become potent athelete.

    13. Sure, once those 1.5 billion potential Einsteins strike out in primary school, they’ll become millionaires by playing in the NBA. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Comments like that make you look like a troll. This one rather amused me, though.

    14. @ Cuong Quoc Vu: Why have most black Africans been living in such shitty conditions ever since? Well, certainly the WASP/Zionist-run world financial system does play a role in this, looting entire countries& continents.

      But let’s not forget the factor of “human capital” either: I have a friend who had been part of a special unit of the French “Fordign Legion”. He had been deployed to such shitholes like Congo, Central African Rdpublic, Cote d’Ivoire and the likes.

      And what he told me from his first-hand rubber-meets-the-road experience is that in those highly tribalistic “societies”:
      – the population is extremely stupid (low IQ)
      – the population is profoundly lazy (women working all day, men doing nothing nd/or beating up his wife, then fucking his daughte or his neighbour’s wife/daughter)
      – the population lacks a general sense of reliability and/or responsibility

      That might about sum it up.

    1. The men are are significantly taller than the women, which is what ultimately matters.

    2. There is no need to have an exhaustive list. The main point is that the women consider those men attractive and thus they enthusiastically have sex with them.

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