Admin: Comments not showing up? Message me!

I just noticed that three recent comments of regulars ended up in the spam folder. Two had two links, and one had one link to BitChute, which is a site the Google-dominated Internet does not like very much. Neither of it should have happened.

Should you leave a comment that does not show up within a day or two, then please send me an email with your user name, and I’ll have a look. There is a very large number of spam comments, sometimes it’s over 2,000 a day, so I cannot go through all of them and look for comments that may have been erroneously labeled as spam.

27 thoughts on “Admin: Comments not showing up? Message me!

  1. I posted a Reply at [Sticky] Open Thread #48 some 14 hours ago or so… it contained a link from Hasn’t shown up yet.

    1. Isn’t it a bit odd that my spam plugin blocks both Bitchute and Quillette? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

    2. I think in this case it’s because someone already posted the same quilette url a few weeks before, and this comment had 2 links in it.

      Everytime i’ve posted more than 1 link on here it got stuck in spam.

      Was the previous comment with this quillete link spammed by the algorithm as well?

    3. The previous link was not in the spam folder. However, as I looked it up, I noticed that Lisbon, who had posted that link, didn’t correctly paste it. He omitted the leading ‘h’, i.e. the link started with ‘ttps’.

      The Bitchute link Frank_HH posted recently, which got classified as spam, was in a post that just contained one link, so that incident is certainly fishy.

  2. My comment in [Sticky] Open Thread #54 is not showing up. It’s a comment regarding Jordan Peterson’s hair transplant. (3 links)

  3. One comment from me in the following thread: “Seemingly Only Slightly Above Average Men and Women are Much Rarer than You May Think”

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I just manually approved those posts. They were in the spam folder.

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