Status Update

Status Update (October 2019)

I have sunk a big chunk of my spare time in the last few months into my online dating book. The manuscript is currently around 150 pages long and comparable to Minimal Game with its no-nonsense approach to improve your success in the dating arena. I have completed a first draft, which I have already sent out to a few people to read and comment on. I will need a bit more time afterwards to reflect on the feedback and make changes. I think that early 2020 is a very realistic release date. I will keep you posted.

My other work-in-progress book, Sleazy Stories IV, is essentially done. I still have to do a bit of minor editing. It will likewise be released in early 2020.

The one last major release I have left to do is a book on relationships. This will be my main project for 2020. There are drafts and ideas for other projects, but it would be a bit too early to talk about them.

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