The Wall

Differential Aging in Action: Men vs. Women in their Late 30s

The Wall is a well-known phenomenon. Women simply age a lot faster, and worse, than men. Yet, often men are not that aware of it. Surely, if Chad is pressed for time, he may bang some 35-year-old woman. Yet, as he’s plowing her, he’s not thinking that she’ll be in her menopause in a few years. In fact, banging a woman in her 30s may be an attractive enough proposition for the average man because for them the option is not between banging a 20-year-old hottie and some 30-year-old wall-hitter, but one between banging the latter or not getting laid at all.

Likewise, when you’re hooking up with a young girl, you don’t think that in ten to fifteen years her looks will be gone. Your dick normally just doesn’t allow you to think that far ahead. The only practical solution is, if you want to have kids, to marry a woman who is at least ten years younger than you, and doing so in your 30s. Otherwise, while you’ll remain relatively healthy and good-looking, she will start looking way older than you as time goes by.

I had very few encounters with women where ‘the wall’ was not just a theoretical concept but one I could see with my very eyes. The first one was when I was in my early 20s. Back then I just didn’t want to bother with women. I had a group of friends who were roughly my age. One fine day, though, some woman in her late 30s started to hang out with us, which I found pretty weird. She just invited herself, she was flirtatious, and we tolerated her. She basically hit on us guys one after the other and after none took the bait, she was gone. She was pretty attractive for her age. Yet, the thought of hooking up with a woman who was at an age that she could easily be friends with my mom was enough to balk when she tried putting her moves on me. (As I later learned, her story was that her long-term boyfriend dumped her. Of course, she wanted a new boyfriend again, as soon as possible. She also wanted a kid. I have no idea what became of her.)

The reason I even remembered the woman I just told you about was because of a somewhat related encounter I recently had. During a break in a meeting I attended, one of the women there made small talk with me. That is not in itself noteworthy. Yet, something felt seriously off when it dawned upon me that this woman who was around 40 seemed to attempt to flirt with me. The difference could not have been starker. While I’m nearing 40 myself, the gap between me and any woman my age is so large that the idea that I’d be sexually interested in any of them is downright ludicrous. This felt just like that other encounter I had, well over a decade prior. Yet, this time the effect was even stronger. Back then, I was a young guy an older woman tried getting her fangs into, and I thought that once you’ve hit 30, you’ll be a mere shadow of yourself. Now that I’m past 30, I think I’m in a pretty fucking great shape still (and even as a semi-geezer I was able to pick up women close to half my age). Thus, the mere idea that I, as a slightly older guy, would have any interest an older woman is absurd. It’s merely another example of female narcissism.

There is some valuable practical advice to be found as well. In the West, it’s quite common to marry only in your late 20s or 30s. Thus, you have all those men in their 30s pairing up with women who tend to be just a few years younger than them. I don’t get why any sane men would do that. It’s like buying a carton of milk on its expiry date. In a few more years, those guys will still be attractive. Yet, you could not say the same about their women. Thus, if you can’t get a woman who is significantly younger than you are, you probably should not even think of procreating as the chances are high that you are only her fallback option anyway. It’s also more likely that she will cuck you, in the traditional meaning of the word.

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3 thoughts on “Differential Aging in Action: Men vs. Women in their Late 30s

  1. Someone recently posted a link about the Deep Nude app.

    Another app that’s making headlines is “FaceApp”. I wonder if feminists are against the FaceApp because with it, you can age someone’s face…so one way for us gents to predict the “Wall”.

    So when @AaronSleazy notes “Likewise, when you’re hooking up with a young girl, you don’t think that in ten to fifteen years her looks will be gone”, use FaceApp to see for yourself!

  2. On point here man. Doesn’t matter as too many guys I know personally will wife up the nastiest skanks. The vast majority of men have no standards and don’t care. The blue pill is real.

    I’ve fucked an older woman before and it really wasn’t that great as it was her birthday and clearly really liked a healthy young man to plough her. No idea if she was married or not but she clearly had trouble getting someone as she was very enthusiastic about getting action. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t that into it and she tried to reach out to me to do it again and I never responded LOL.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is the older married women who have retained their bodies better than others are much more sexual than those who haven’t. I’ve had a few come on to me and it was odd since I know one of them. The thing is I have seen this womans husband and he is obviously pure couch potato and she is looking for someone to fuck her like he obviously hasn’t. I seriously believe men have to maintain good physical condition in order to keep their women attracted to them. If you don’t, she is going to look for someone who has to fuck the hell out of her.

    My thoughts.

  3. I’m always taken aback when I see a couple around 40. They always look like a mismatch. The man looks so much better!

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