Women Look a Lot More Like Men Than You Think

When browsing my favorite satirical news site the other day, I came across a picture by Alexandria “Occasional” Cortez (AOC), that bartender-turned-mouthpiece that may very well run for U.S. president in six or ten years. The Democrats are really that unhinged. Here is the picture:

With a photoshopped mustache, AOC looks like an effeminate dude

The context is that AOC did a publicity stunt where she and her posse traveled to some facilities near the Mexican border. She is seen crying, supposedly over what she sees on the other side of that fence. Too bad that there is another picture making the rounds that reveals that there is only a parking lot, as opposed to illegal immigrants in temporary housing far better than what they have in their home country forcefully separated by their children or whatever.

As it has been noted, AOC has hit the wall already, and she’s not even 30. I guess a career in bartending does that to you. For extra credit, guess how many dicks your average bartender hops onto. If you didn’t know better, you’d believe that they altruistically and compulsively fuck dudes for free. Of course, I’m not insinuating that AOC was a huge slut in her bartending days. As far as I’m concerned, that woman is a paragon of virtue and integrity, all evidence to the contrary withstanding.

What the picture with the photoshopped mustache on her mug shows is that, even with heavy makeup on, she has rather masculine features. Sure, she’s not as masculine as the roiders in your gym, but if I just looked at that face, she looks more masculine than your typical Western soy-boy faggot.

One of the biggest revelations for me was that the looks of women are much more of a facade than you think. Even if you don’t get laid a lot, you probably have some perception of the fact that women look worse without their makeup on. Why else would they put on a mask if that where not the case? However, as I pulled more and more women and entered relationships, I realized how much of a show they really put on.

I am not even talking about push-up bras or yoga pants that shape their ass. No, instead I’m referring to the seldom acknowledged issue of hair. It’s all over their body. Obviously, they need to shave their armpits and pussy, and most women do that. Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Women do not have naturally smooth legs, for instance. Instead, that is the result of waxing or shaving. How sexy would her legs be with a, however thin, layer of hair sprouting all over?

Also, a lot of women shave not just their legs and armpits. They have hair growing in their face as well. You may have noticed, particularly if you’ve traveled to countries in which people have dark, thick hair, that there are some older women who seem to have a bona fide mustache. Their daughters and granddaughters also have that. However, because they shave their face, you don’t know about it. Before you think this jab at ethnics is in any way racially motivated, you should keep in mind that the same is true even for naturally blonde Scandinavian women.

As much as I dislike the degeneracy of Berlin, I am grateful for how much my stint in that particular biotope taught me about human nature. A staple of the night life there is that people go out rather late. Many club nights only start to get going at around 2 a.m. Furthermore, some people party for two days straight. If you pull a girl after a two-nighter (hers, not yours, obviously), you may pull down her stockings and feel a lot more hair than you’d like.

What I appreciated about party chicks was that many of them just speak their mind freely. It’s almost as if they don’t think before they open their mouth. One chick blurted out, “Fuck, I should have shaved!” when she looked into her pocket mirror and realized that her upper lip was not entirely free of hair anymore. Sure enough, there was an imperceptibly thin layer of soft, blonde stubble. I would not even have noticed that. As I later learned, this woman was not an exception at all. In fact, because she was blonde and because blondes have thinner hair and also belong to a minority, she was a lot less affected by that than most women.

Makeup is only the beginning. Imagine what the dating world would look like if we banned make-up, shaving products, and deceptive clothing. I bet hardly anybody would want to fuck anymore.

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15 thoughts on “Women Look a Lot More Like Men Than You Think

  1. Women’s facial and ass hair was probably my first red pill ever. But since it was the first, way back, I just learned to live with it. Else, how would I desire to fuck again? LOL

    Are any of you familiar with Italian singer Tiziano Ferro and his controversy about stating how Mexico (where he *used* to be very popular before) was full of moustached girls? Well, he later came out as gay anyway, and Italy is famous for its dark, thick-haired people as well, but he had a tiny bit of a point. One particular half-Mexican I know said of the subject that “it’s just a cultural and generational difference: European women have shaved everywhere since long ago now, Mexican women are just learning”.

    Is that true though? What are the ethnicities less affected by female hirsutism? East Asians maybe?

    1. I would imagine East Asians women suffer far less from facial and certain unwanted body hair. However, it appears that it’s not uncommon for Japanese women to go full on bush mode.

      I also just remembered how my ex used to pluck her eyebrows. They eventually ended up look pretty thin and crappy. I don’t know why but I sort of prefer a thicker eyebrow. Maybe some women have issues with growing a unibrow, and I could understand plucking that up a bit.

    2. @Pickernanny:

      Re: Asian women’s pussy hair: is that impression caused by porn, or otherwise? Because Japanese porn has this weird taboo of showing genitals (despite depicting all sorts of crazy shit), and a thick bush kind of helps with the censorship.

      Re: eyebrows: there’s a crappy trend of plucking out (almost) the whole thing and painting it over, that is thankfully being memed out of fashion. As far as I’m concerned, unibrows or oddly shaped eyebrows look bad even on men, but they don’t need to be perfectly shaped (whatever that means) either. I’d imagine women who are into beards have a similar outlook on them.

    3. Yea, I’ve certainly never visited East Asia much less banged any of them. So it’s porn that gave me that impression. You’re saying that isn’t actually the norm? I would have assumed that they would just blur out the shaved genitals if it were normal.

  2. “Obviously, they need to shave their armpits and pussy, and most women do that.”

    I honestly don’t give a shit about that. I fucked girls who shaved everything below the nose and girls who just shaved their legs. No big deal. Femininity doesn’t reside in being completely hairless, but in having a pretty face and womanly curves. Honestly, a tuft of blonde pubes is more attractive to me than a stubble-covered pussy that feels like sandpaper and has gross ingrown hairs. Trimming the pussy hair to like 10-15 mm length is much better than shaving it in my opinion.

    Our germanic ancestors fucked women with hairy pussies and armpits for hundreds of generations. The only reason we suddenly started being “disgusted” by natural pussy hair is that the (((porn business))) made hairless genitals the norm and the $beauty industry$ jumped on the chance to sell hair removal products and services.

    A moustache on a woman would be a deal breaker for me though.

    1. plus, some pussy just looks ugly as fuck when shaved.
      Hair can help.

    2. I agree with you I don’t mind the hair down their or armpit hair if its short. If anything, i think older women look a little better trimmed down there rather than like a bald plucked chicken. Shaved is better though for professionals.

      Facial hair is a complete turn off to me as well, just looks way too masculine

  3. Let’s also not forget as a woman ages the wrinkles make her look more masculine therefore more unattractive. They try covering it with makeup but it’s hard to cover these changes.

    As a man ages the wrinkles make him more masculine therefore more attractive if you’re in shape etc.

    Aging and time is more generous for men. Women from my experience become insecure as fuck as they age because they truly know how they look and they can’t come to terms with it, it kills them inside.

  4. Yeah the facial hair on women really is disturbing and unattractive. Unfortunately, I have known and seen the ass crack hair on women and that stuff is vomit inducing. We used to call one girl “baked spaghetti” due to her ass crack hair !!!

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