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Open Thread 2019 (#6)

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61 thoughts on “Open Thread 2019 (#6)

  1. Ok, I call dibs on this one…

    Aaron, do you have anything to add regarding that easter egg you dropped in the other thread? ?

    1. I have no specific questions, I guess. I just wanted to hear a little more detail on how you took that step. Are you planning a more detailed post about it?

      It is kind of a big deal, and I am kinda surprised almost no one else seems to have caught on to it.

    2. I’ll think about it. I have covered issues around marriage in a few scattered posts before, though.

    3. Well… he did say he got engaged. So… I guess that’s what usually follows.

    4. Did I state that on the blog? It may have slipped out, but I don’t recall mentioning it.

    5. I somehow missed the engagement part. I dont visit as often anymore, Ive been insanely busy lately.

      Looking forward to the upcoming practical advice on parenting posts ?

  2. Sleazy, what is your opinion on Greta Thunberg and “Langstrecken-Luisa”? Isn’t that all a case of mass hysteria?

    1. It certainly is. Greta Thunberg is a little autist that is being instrumentalized by her parents and various NGOs. In fact, what catapulted her to fame was a staged presentation at some conference where she read off a prepared script during a break, but it was filmed as if she had been a legitimate speaker at that venue. The mere thought that a teenage girl would have to tell the world anything is laughable. The German Luisa whatever-her-name is a hypocrite. If she was so concerned about climate she would, yes, not travel all around the world. She’d also trade her smartphone against a feature phone that does not have Internet access. Of course, our socialist overlords consider themselves exempt from the rules they design for their underlings.

    2. @Frank_HH

      I’ve heard that Greta’s parents are some top-tier folks… Her mother is well-known Swedish opera singer Malena Ernman and her father is actor Svante Thunberg. Their ecological footprint must be huge…

  3. Hey Sleaze!

    Since I know that you at one time studied the anal initiation techniques of Pierre Woodman, why don’t you pen a post on Pierre „The Master“ Woodman for a change, huh? 😉

  4. I’m here to say thank you Aaron! You, FaceandLMS, Jak’d 2.0 and other Incels channel on youtube opened my eyes and mind. I read your books (Debunking the Seduction Community, Minimal Game and Club Game).

    I live in Lisbon, I’m 29 years old and never got laid, no women showed indicators of interest, i only notice fuck off signals from women and guys too, people are very hostile when they see me, i can read peoples body language and microexpressions, i am aware of that. I only had sex with escorts in my entire life (moren than 500), here in Portugal the prices are 100€ per hour.

    I’m lonely, because, i’m indian guy living in western country (white peoples country). Nobody likes me and everybody despise me, i am a joke for them. It’s a big mistake, i think etcnic guys shouldn’t live in western countries.

    So there is no solution for me in term of relationship or hookups, sometimes there is no solution for problems. I believe 100% in blackpill. Girls from all races prefer white or black guys, bad news for asian guys… this is the reality.

    I spended a lot of money with PUA online courses and books, and also i did cold approach and i get humiliated… i have a lot of depression… i can’t handle this, i can’t cope, i want to commit suicide…

    Your behaviour, your personality and social skills is nothing when you are ugly. Some girls spitted on me. I spended a lot of money in clubs, buying bottles of champagne, but nothing really worked.

    This is me:

    1. Shit dude! It sounds like people have really disrespected you for being Indian? Your looks would never make spit on you (or anyone for that matter). In what context did this happen?

      One of my best friends is an Indian guy. He’s married with a son and another one on the way. He makes a great living for his wife, but she makes his life miserable. Like, I don’t even like to visit him anymore because she is so hard to be around sometimes. At least you’re not bound to a disrespectful cunt.

    2. Jay Sean is an ethnic Indian man with more women than he can handle among many others like that.

    3. I looked him up. According to the Internet, he’s rich and famous. That’s a sufficient explanation.

    4. Thanks for your feedback and your support. I don’t think your situation is as bad as you make it sound, though. It is true, though, that guys with an ethnic background are facing an uphill battle. All is not lost, though; I have had a few clients with ethnic backgrounds and also some friends and acquaintances. I have seen various levels of success; I have also seen significant improvements.

      Some ethnic guys have a strong fixation on white women. That is similar to some short guys who want to have a girlfriend much taller than them. The odds are simply not very favorable.

    5. Jay Sean is from the London Underground Asian Music Scene. There are undoubtedly many ethnic Indian men in that group who has sex with far more women than even Jay Sean.

      In my opinion, life is all about setup. The setup you have in life. I feel bad for you if you had to start from the very bottom.

    6. What’s your height?

      – One of my best friends is indian in the US, had over 200 lays with white chicks (most were something similar to banging an escort tho, basically it’s a method where you trick a chick into thinking you’ll be her sugardaddy, bang her, and then don’t do shit after that for her)

      – Not all of his lays were with potential sugar babies though. Had plenty of lays with free chicks too. Though i’m no expert on looks, you seem at least as good looking as him.

    7. i don’t go to clubs and bars anymore. Everytime when i was at club, girls was very hostile, some girl asked me “What are you doing here, this is not your place”. Even girls from other races are very hostile, they prefer white guys. There is nothing wrong with my behavior or body language. It’s over. On tinder i’ve got 0 matches. They laugh at me. I stopped going to gym, like FaceAndLMS said: Self improvement will not do anything if you are ethnic and ugly. There is no love, respect or sex for guys like us. I can feel Elliot Rodger pain.

      What i can do when society rejected me? Nothing. I Lefted behind.

      It’s Over!

    8. I likewise think that you have the potential to do better with women. You are tall; you dress pretty well, there is nothing wrong with your face either. I don’t think you are ugly.

    9. How do you trick a chick into thinking you’ll be a sugardaddy? Are they that dumb that they don’t take some form of payment upfront?

      Presumably you just flash the cash by spending it on yourself (clothes, car, etc) and the insinuate that you can help her out or whatever, but I would expect them to insist on dinner or something up front.

    10. How do you trick a chick into thinking you’ll be a sugardaddy? Are they that dumb that they don’t take some form of payment upfront?

      Presumably you just flash the cash by spending it on yourself (clothes, car, etc) and the insinuate that you can help her out or whatever, but I would expect them to insist on dinner or something up front.

      I never got into the full method, since I’m not into it. These guys prey on inexperienced sugar babies. A huge part of this is that when a chick demands on upfront cash agreement, they have to quit and move onto to the next less experience chicks.

      The method is actually a method of conning someone. People using it (including my friend) have been accused of rape, banned from social media platforms etc by angry chicks who never got paid. Basically you lead the chick on, fuck her, and never give her shit for it. (except the upfront dinner for some of them).

    11. 185cm – 6’1

      Doooooooooooood!!! You’re one of those guys facelms would refer to as a “fake incel”… in that your issue is not your looks/ethnicity.

      At that height, with your looks, you should be able to get laid. What you described would only make sense

      – for someone who’s ugly and short (you’re not)
      – someone who’s receiving those reactions due to how they come across/whom they choose to talk to and when.

    12. – someone who’s receiving those reactions due to how they come across/whom they choose to talk to and when.

      This is gonna sound very pua-ish, feministey and even mainstream, but it’s not wrong in this case.

      If you’re getting responses like that, it’s because

      a) you’re subconciously picking the bitchiest of bitchest most likely to respond that way

      b) subconciously choosing exactly the behaviours/mannerisms to trigger those reactions

      c) exaggerating them/blowing them up in your mind to 100x the intensity

      It’s a beliefs issues. Now, that’s ussually associated with stupid PUA theories, but that’s because they overuse this beliefs/reality stuff in self-help. Not that it isn’t true ever.

      I could expand more on this, and will when I find the time. But I thought I’d quickly type this out at least. I was there where you are. It’s not your looks or ethnicity or anything “broken” or even personal.

    13. What ugly guys like you should understand is women want men who has many women. Women are not attracted to neediness. It’s what Professor Richard Dawkins (Biologist) calls the sexy son hypothesis.

    14. It’s only ugly women who don’t since they know they can’t compete. So they try to find a beta male to start a family with. But they resent the beta male. They will leave him the moment they find somethign better.

    15. There is NO Beta Male and Alpha Male:

      The above seems to be a troll. Please ignore them.

      And while looks are important, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your looks. You don’t have the combination that gets women to be rude bitches (short and ugly). In your case it is not looks. Send your pics and height to facelms, he’ll tell you the same thing.

    16. Dude, you look like a tense motherfucker.
      Just by looking at how you hold your glass you scream “please like me”.
      What’s up with that left hand stuck in your pants like you don’t know where to put it? Lean back on the bar or whatever when people take a picture with you, chill the fuck out.
      I can already tell that you have a problem when you make a joke and nobody laughs.
      You could dress with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and it wouldn’t change shit. It’s not your looks.

      Start taking some phenibut for a few times when you go out. Just to see what’s actually possible.
      Don’t worry, you can replicate afterwards without it.

      And by the way, I haven’t read all the verbal diarrhea, just saw Alek explaining shit and clicked on your images. They tell me everything.

    17. FaceAndLMS doesn’t reply. FaceAndLMS is full of request.

      I will buy a gun, it cost 700€ on black market. It’s over.

      I’m here just to tell my story. The Black Pill is real.

      Last year i meet Mystery in a club, here in Lisbon at Lux Fragile, and he said to me: You’are very direct, don’t be direct and he said ithat i have vibe problem. I don’t believe in him, he is a scam artist.

    18. Don’t kill yourself, bro. If you think it might help, consider booking a consultation session with me.

    19. i have no idea if this guy is serious or not
      through i can relate as i have an approach issue as well ,probably different tho.
      still doesnt look ugly and 185 height is nice(i am 175).

    20. Troll or otherwise, his problem is that he is only entitled to ugly girls while he thinks he’s to hot girls. Damn Hindu Curry Muffins everywhere.

    21. I agree with Aaron and Alek, looks should not be your problem. I do get a sense that you may come across as needy, maybe you are trying too hard and thats what puts people off? As one of my former lovers used to say, “guys that show their hunger dont get to eat.”

      If I had to guess, your social skills maybe lacking. Book a chat with Aaron and talk to him in person.

      As to suicidal thoughts… chill dude, no pussy is worth dying for. If you get to get laid regularly at some point you will see the novelty wears off soon.

    22. I bet as a 6 foot tall normal looking Indian guy you could clean up with native Indian chicks. It’s not like there are tons of “very evil” white people to compete with there. I have no idea what hooking up in India is like, but I imagine you could very easily find a beautiful Indian wife if that’s what you wanted. Of course, getting some pussy isn’t a justifiable enough reason to pack up and move to another country . Unless you’re Roosh V or something.

  5. I recently found myself in a situation where I escalated too quickly. Chick was digging me, complimenting my looks and telling me how cool I was (Lol). I’ve gotten used to having an always DTF FWB and I think that dynamic inflated my ego when trying to hit up this other chick.

    Anyway, I thought back to an old open thread where Alek made several comments explaining escalation. Great shit.

    Now that I think of it, I’ve definitely ruined a lot of sure fire lays by being socially inept in some way or another. Looks get your foot in the door, but experience consistently gets your D in the V. The majority of my lays were very subtle and full of non-verbal cues leading up to the act. With the exception of when the woman was being the sexual aggressor.

  6. I don’t know if we have ever talked about this before, but what is everyone’s opinion on women and shit testing? Is it actually a thing?

    My take on it is that in hook up situations and one nighters, tests barely if at all occur. I think that when the courtship is taking place over a certain period of time, say in a social circle game, testing is actually a thing. Of course, the reason this is happening at all is because the chick is sizing you up as boyfriend material.

    I could be wrong, though. PUAs might say that she is trying to guage how strong of a man you are etc. It could be that the women that do this are really just testing to see if are the type of long term relationship guy who will be able and willing to put up with her ridiculous behavior.

    1. An example: Often times when I am texting back and forth with a chick, we may have already hooked up before, she will midway through the conversation drop off. This is perfectly fine with me. I’ve probably, at this point, long since set a date and a time to meet up and have gotten at least some temporary agreement to do so on her part. I’m just not going to stress it too much. I’ll just do something more productive if I never hear back.

      What will happen, though, is she will come back at me some time later and bitch that I haven’t texted her back. I will usually always just wait back to hear a response and pick it up from there. I just answer back that I never received a msg back and that I don’t do one way conversations. It’s fine if she is busy and takes however long to get back to me, but don’t start berating me about being patient with you.

      Some sort of shit test? Or crazy bitch behavior.

      I’ll list more examples if anyone wants to hear them.

    2. i see this shit happens even with guys who fuck the chick as chad. i think its the female trying to train and test the male to see if and/or get more shit out of him.
      here i started to think i am the only one, bitches do treat every one the same(chad,atm,orbiter,ignore).

  7. @Aaron, you know that study (even Aaron Clarey bases his nook on it) where they say that more women have an average IQ, i.e are more normally distributed than men?
    Well, it seems it’s Bullshit and actually the distribution is the same for both sexes but the men’s curve is shifted to the right by ~5points.

    Notabene, even with the incorrect data, Clarey still comes to the right conclusion, that past a certain level, I think 115 or so, it’s multiple times harder for an intelligent man to find an intelligent woman.

  8. Perhaps a general lifestyle question, but do you guys organize your sleep in a different manner?

    I recently read this book:

    It’s from a guy who has worked with many different atlethes, ranging from football teams (Manchester United) to cycling teams (Sky Sports).

    Some of the ideas hè describes in the book:
    -Wake up at a fixed time.
    -Sleep in interval of 1,5 hours.
    – Use naps during the day ranging from 30 minutes to 1,5 hour.

    I’ve been using some of the tips like the fixed Waking time and the 1,5 hour sleep intervals. It has only been a week but it seems to already have some kind of effect. I even feel as if I need less sleep.

    Of course it’s too early to judge but I’m curious to hearing some input from you guys.

    1. It sounds like bullshit to me, based on the fact that humans sleep at night, meaning that we are evolutionarily adapted to that. There is a simple principle about assessing claims: the stronger the claim, the stronger the evidence has to be. What are his arguments? They’d have to be really convincing.

    2. Hey Aaron,

      Thanks for the reply.

      His entire argument is based on our circadian rythm. Here’s an example of an image he uses in his book:

      – The reason to work with a fixed waking time is that your circadian rythmn will get used to this. That way, you’ll fall asleep easier and sleep more efficiently.

      – He specifically focuses on sleep cycles (cycles of 1,5 hours). The reason is that this is the ammount of time that your body needs to go through the different phases of sleep (light sleep, rem sleep, deep sleep etc.).

      Here’s a brief overview of this if you want to read more about it:

      – The naps during the day are only used for when you had less sleep that night (f.e. you had a social event). Then a 30 to 90 minute nap can be good. In his view you should aim for 5 sleep cycles of 1,5 hours (7.5 hours) per night. But he states that it’s highly individual.

      What do you think about the fixed waking time? So far I’ve been trying it during the weekend. Do you use something similar?

    3. I still don’t buy it as it’s just too radical a proposition without any clear evidence. It’s just speculation, based on what you wrote. Have there been any studies? Just the logistics seem ludicrous: getting ready to bed and getting up several times a day?

      By the way, if I recall correctly, a similar idea was mentioned in Neil Strauss’s “The Game”. Maybe that is what inspired the book you have come across.

  9. Hey, I am long time reader of this blog. Thanks to you I’ve gained lots of insight about women and modern society. At the beginning your writing style seemed bit harsh to me, but now it’s my favorite blog. I’ve read all posts and comments from this blog, ‘aaronselias’ blog and now I am reading your old blog too! I think it’s one of best way one can spend his time on the Internet. I hope you will continue with this. I am Michał, currently living in Kraków.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I’m happy to hear you’ve been enjoying my work so much. Kraków is a beautiful city; I visited it in 2017.

  10. Guys, what’s your opinion about ‘’ ?
    It’s probably the most popular website on the topic of manliness in the Internet. I find some of the posts on this blog sissy, but overall I think it’s not that bad. He glorifies and writes about such men as: Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin or Winston Churchill. And this is my favorite part of this blog.

    1. I have heard of that site and have skimmed it once or twice. A problem with glorifying historical figures is that the image conveyed of them is often a gross distortion of reality. It’s quite close to admiring characters in a movie.

    1. The feminist girl is just repeating what she learned in school sadly. Just another typical brainwashed NPC. Not a single thought of her own. It’s not a big problem to bring down her talkingpoints. Bigger problem is that there are millions of these brainwashed girls that are not likely to drop these ideas before the age of 40. Even when faced with good arguments and hard evidence. They are all unsuitable for relationships and children.

    2. I’ve a friend who’s already on this radical feminist path and hurtling along it. Her Master’s thesis topic is something to do with ways of resisting the patriarchy in Singapore. It’ll be interesting to see where she ends up in 15 years’ time.

    3. @Sleazy’s Wife:
      {It’ll be interesting to see where she ends up in 15 years’ time.}
      Maybe prison in Singapore?

    4. “Her Master’s thesis topic is something to do with ways of resisting the patriarchy in Singapore”
      Sociology is such bullshit.
      I read some sjw papers through sci-hub and I am reminded of high school when I had to analyze some poem or a short novel with a predefined topic and wordcount to achieve.
      All I did is : Repeated predefined conclusions and bullshited around.
      Many academic papers do the same.
      They can also bend reality with an obscure amount of back-and-forth references to each other to avoid explicitly proven a claim. All their claims and talking points are tacit.
      Unlike in natural sciences where there are observable rules and everything is built from ground-up starting with atomic axioms.

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