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Open Thread 2019 (#5)

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  1. I’ve been thinking about learning a new language! Is Chinese (Mandarin) a good choice? Or maybe Spanish?

    1. What’s your goal? I think China is a rising superpower. They are already busy colonizing the West as well as Africa. Speaking Chinese in twenty years may mean that you’re not in the first batch to lower their head under the guillotine. More seriously, though, I think Spanish is a lot easier to learn for a Westerner. It just may not make much sense economically speaking. On the other hand, being able to speak Chinese could open some doors professionally because the numbers of Chinese people who are fluent in English is comparably small, even in an international setting. I have a friend who is balling and who has met a few powerful Chinese men from business and politics. Many of them bring a translator. In contrast, the Spanish business elites and professional class can speak English reasonably well.

    2. @Aaron Sleazy

      I have graduated in Process Engineering (M.Sc. “Verfahrenstechnik”) and I would like to work for a few years abroad. Not sure where yet, but in my field the two major destinations are South-America and (East-)Asia.

      I am a native German speaker, I speak Polish fluently, my Englisch is okay although it could use some final polishing.

      Regarding China’s development: it’s pretty astonishing! They are a beyond every measure. Peking was a stinky rat hole 30 years ago and today it’s a flourishing Mega-City from SciFi-dreams. And it’s not only Peking. They have dozens of cities like that. I like the east asian cultures in general: their determination, their equanimity, their intelligence, their wiliness, their realism and pragmatism. We Germans have become dumb Baizuos. It’s a shame, but Germany is going down the drain. Givt it another 10 – 15 years. And then FINITO.

    3. Chinese is very easy to learn. There are exactly 0 conjugations to memorize, and the sentence structure is quite intuitive. It’s literally pure memorization, as every word is a unique character with a different stroke order. The other thing that could pose a problem is the pronunciation, which actually isn’t hard once you get used to it.

      I recommend using bopomofo (ㄅㄆㄇㄈ), a.k.a. 注音符號 (a system native to Taiwan), which is the easiest way to perfect your pronunciation. It’s essentially 37 syllables that make up all possible pronunciations of words in Mandarin. If you master these, you can sound out words exactly like a native, although to sound like a native while speaking, you’d have to figure out the correct voice inflections and what words to stress in sentences. Then you have to worry about the tones, of which there are only 4 (5 if you count the neutral tone).

      I became fluent in Mandarin after about a year and a half of study including 3 months spent in Taiwan.

      Spanish, on the other hand, has conjugations for every verb, and varying masculine and feminine endings, which I found to be a pain in the ass.

    4. This is very impressive! Did you get the chance of using Mandarin professionally? I’d say the challenge with Mandarin is memorizing 4,000+ characters. However, surely a much smaller subset of those is needed to get buy privately and professionally.

    5. I just searched on youtube and found a video called the 10 richest cities in China. It gives you an overhead view of them and I was totally blown away by the architecture, layout and design if these places. From my perspective, Chinese cities do look like some sci-fi world. I honestly wasn’t even aware of it. I also found out that there are supposedly these newly built ‘ghost cities’, but it would seem that there is no shortage of realestate for an expanding population.

    6. On a side note, I remember hanging out with an American for a few days back about half a decade ago. He was back in the USA on vacation to visit family before going back to marry his Chinese fiance and continue his work. He was smoking a lot of marijuana and saying that you could get the death penalty for selling it in China, or something along those lines.

      I would imagine the Chinese don’t put up with a fraction of the bullshit that we do in the West.

    7. @Shawn: Thanks, good to know. I was on the fence to learning mandarin for quite a while now, and your comment has finally convinced me. Mandarin might give me an edge above fellow applicants for certain jobs – or at the very least above my future fellow gulag inmates 😉

      I am planning to take proper classes eventually (rather sooner than later), but right now to get me started: are there any apps, online-resources etc. you would recommend?

    8. Aaron and I visited Beijing last year and were quite underwhelmed (even shocked) by what we saw in terms of the architecture, infrastructure maintenance, as well as people’s behaviour. Even though we stayed in the most affluent district, we could still see degradation and poorly maintained sidewalks within it.

      There’s more we could share. Aaron intends to write about our trip soon.

    9. @ Aaron: I’m still a student in my early 20s, but I have used Mandarin on several occasions in professional/competitive/academic settings. It’s opened up a whole new world to me, and people are hugely impressed with me for literally no reason. It feels kind of like a life hack.

      I’ve done internships and research abroad, which would not have been possible absent my Chinese fluency.

      Yeah, it’s ONLY 4000 characters. That’s 40 a day for 3.3 months, or 10 a day for 1.1 years. You can get by with 1000-2000, which can be done comfortably in a very short while.

    10. @Second Son of History: np man. Here it is:

      Before you start learning, you have to make a decision: traditional or simplified Chinese characters. I learned both, but you only need one or the other. If you use traditional, you can pick between 2 sets of phonetic characters, pinyin and zhuyin. These phonetic characters act as a bridge between sounding out Chinese characters and seeing them appear on the screen. This is useful since you can’t easily write characters on a phone. If you pick simplified, you have to work with pinyin, which isn’t bad, but zhuyin is better for pronunciation, and it makes you cool since you’re different from the rest of the pack.

    11. These will teach you pinyin only. Since I learned zhuyin, I added the zhuyin Chinese keyboard and figured out the sounds of all of the characters through trial and error. I learned all of them in like a day. You can use an app which I’ve detailed at the bottom if you decide to learn it.

      Then take your Chinese to the streets, figuratively. Go on Hellotalk, make real-life Chinese friends (don’t make them feel like you’re using them to learn a language), and always be looking up words you don’t know on Pleco.

      As soon as you feel comfortable, set your phone’s language to Chinese and never look back.

      I also watched many, many episodes of 非誠勿擾 and 國光幫幫忙, which you can do once you have a basic handle on the language.

    12. Sources:
      Chinese Phrases for Dummies: Basic Chinese phrases to get you started
      Yoyo Chinese: great resource for beginners, she even breaks down real world conversations
      Hellotalk – THE best language learning app/tool, bar none
      Pleco – THE best Chinese dictionary app, buy the Reader add-on which is immensely useful
      非誠勿擾 – Chinese TV show (episodes on youtube), theme: Chinese blind dating
      國光幫幫忙 – Taiwanese TV show (episode on youtube), theme: hot girls
      注意筆順練習 – App to learn zhuyin (bopomofo)

    13. Shawn, one of your comments was stuck in the moderation queue as it contained two links. I just approved it.

    14. @Shawn: Thank you very much for your detailed reply! You have given me a lot to work with. Sounds cool! I fear I might not progress nearly as fast as you, but persistence might do the trick for me eventually…

    15. I have written a long elaborate answer, but somehow it hasn’t been submitted yet. Sorry guys ^^

      I thank you all for you valuable input! Mandarin / Chinese it is!

    16. If there is an issue with a long comment not going through, then try splitting it up into several smaller ones.

    17. Wait what…? Sleazys wife? When did THAT happen? ?

      Granted I dont check out the blogs as often as I used to, but this is the first I hear about it. Congrats, in any case

    18. Yep, “Sleazy’s Wife”. A fortnight later and Yarara is the first to notice. Congrats to both! 🙂

    19. Thanks!

      I kept her comment in the queue for over a week to turn this into an Easter egg.

  2. I work out at a college campus fitness facility.
    Lately, I’ve noticed some of the hottest female students there, scantily clad and out and about w/ Tyrone. It reminded me of this blog..

  3. Maybe the best video I have ever seen that highlights modern white leftism, and how its just brainwashed people spouting platitudes from television:

    So easy to just say yes without thinking it through, so long as someone else has to deal with the consequences of your decisions.

  4. Does anyone else find that their appeal to women seems to vary from place to place, even within the same country?

    I used to live in London and almost every time I went to a club I noticed warm signals and approach invitations from a girl. I even met women on public transport sometimes who wanted to meet me.

    Since then I’m moved to a much smaller city in the UK and I seem to be invisible to the women here. The only girls I’ve had success with were a girl who turned out to be a tourist who was only here for a couple of days and a girl I met when I was visiting a bigger city for a rock concert.

    I always assumed women in major cities were pickier so I have no idea what’s going on.

      you became less attractive lmao.
      bithces in bigger cities are sluttier through
      i live in a town of 130 k people, well when i go to places with bigger population i notice more looks on me. especially near university campuses.

    2. I would have assumed that you would become less noticeable in bigger cities, and that a higher rate of better looking competition would rank you as less attractive in average. I would have thought that smaller areas would fair better. It could be that women in smaller populations tend to be less available perhaps, or even more reserved. Whereas in a bigger city, even if a woman is already taken, she may still be tempted to cheat if she thinks she will get away with it due to remaining anonymous.

      Honestly, I’m just speculating.

    3. What a lot of people forget is that interest showing isn’t just about interest level.

      Obvious example. A shy person can have the same interest level yet show less interest in you than a confident person with the same interest level.

      Well aside from that obvious example there are a lot factors that govern whether a person will show interest. One possibility is that in smaller places there’s a greater shame to showing interest in strangers.

      So a real comparison would be to befriend people, and compare how many people show interest in you from the people you’ve already befriended.

      Perhaps more chicks in smaller places will show interest in you (if you compare people you’ve already warmed up and aren’t a complete stranger to).

  5. Bigger cities tend to have more anonymity. People know each other in smaller cities and towns and they seem to think there are possible consequences from dating someone…….

  6. I was just wondering, how do you guys manage your passwords? Do you use a password manager? If so, do you trust SaaS password managers?

    1. Firefox has a feature for storing passwords. That is fine for me. The few most important ones I have memorized.

  7. For those who are interested in family law.

    Here’s a video documented case of systemic discrimination against men within the system.

  8. Why don’t I get warm invitations such as eye contact when I am out and about in a night out?

    What can I improve? I am tall and rich but a bit chubby. Do I have to lose some more weight?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Sleazy said:

      Get in shape.

      What if I did get in shape now but I can’t continue to keep up in the looks department as I get older which is highly likely. Does that mean even if I get in shape now, I won’t be able to get laid in my forties and fifties and onwards?

      If you think I should marry by then instead, how do you solve the problem of doing all that work to get in shape just for JUST ONE bitch you marry. Given that you get to be married and do so happily forever, you still have the problem of a bitch whose looks that will vane off just as your looks will.

      So, in my opinion, it’s better to get escorts for sex, a surrogate for children, a maid for house work and etc. What do you think if all that is required to get warm invitations is to be hot?

    2. Easy, build status in the meantime. Get some success in life. If you don’t achieve anything noteworthy by then, you have a bigger concern than just not getting attention from chicks.

    3. I just wanna point out that there are two contexts where you can build status:

      1. Career/Business status
      2. Social Niche status

      Num 1 will get your more income and secure a better life for you which will help with chicks indirectly, but it won’t do that much for meeting/attracting chicks directly (unless you go for chicks at work… :/). So like getting promoted to CTO is not that much of an improvement over being a highly paid software engineer.

      Num 2 will help with meeting chicks directly.

      Some lucky few can combine 1 and 2, say successful actors, but that’s rare and probably harder than working on the two separately.

      Another option is to focus on Num 1 and use the money to bang escorts.

    4. Easy, build status in the meantime. Get some success in life. If you don’t achieve anything noteworthy by then, you have a bigger concern than just not getting attention from chicks.

      You didn’t understand what I said above. Even if you have massive status, all you will do is play a numbers game so that you can get women who available only. Not that the same available women are the women you want.

      If you say, you’d better get married, the problem with that is “Why should I work so hard to get in shape and build status to fuck JUST ONE woman. What makes her so entitled to own me then? Surely, her pussy and looks will vane off.

    5. Move to Asia? Save yourself all the problems with Western women.
      You can already retire in Thailand on about 200k. You can bang hotties all day if you like.

      Getting in shape is Always a good thing. Not just for women.

    6. @Ben,

      I am already in the best shape I ever wanted to be so, any more getting in shape should be exclusively for impressing bitches.

      I get Thailand is cool but I don’t find Thai girls beautiful. There in lies the conundrum.

      I currently live in Canada so going all the way to Thailand means leaving everyone I know so far away which is not very good for me either.

    7. More importantly, could you go into how someone can retire with 200k in Thailand?

    8. @GMoney

      Pattaya is Sin City. Whores as far as the eyes can see. But all large cities with tourism will have plenty.

    9. @Warm Invitations Needed:
      If you have about 200k invested in the stockmarket {playing save}, you’ll make enough money to retire in Thailand. But there are other ways, You could also do some business in Thailand and get a B-visa. You’ll only need 2 mil THB for that {60k euro}. But you’ll need to do some work. And you need to be carefull. You could also pay to stay and make some money on the internet or whatever. Maybe running a webshop or something like that. Life is cheap in Thailand so you wont need much, depending on what you want in life. And your location in Thailand. In the north you could get around with just 500 Euro a month if you live minimal. But i wouldnt advice doing that. If you live in Paradise, you probably want to live a little. You dont want to turn pennies.

    10. In the north you could get around with just 500 Euro a month if you live minimal.

      That doesn’t make sense. Please explain.

      500 Euro alone would run you up to 150k Euro at a 4% safe withdrawal rate. (i.e. 25 times the annual expenses)

      200k would only give you 666 Euros to live on in any given average month. That’s possible but not very good.

      As for running a business or a website, that is no guarantee of income like safe investments.

      In Chang Mai {north} there are lots of girls from Canada, Australia and USA prostituting themselfs cheap.

      Funny. Thanks for telling me this information. Honestly, I didn’t know.

  9. Speaking of Thailand, I found a reddit thread talking about how it’s not unheard of for Thai women to put out a hit on their elderly farang husbands. There is even a website that keeps track of farang deaths ( Supposedly, a lot of “accidental deaths” such as drownings, for example, aren’t always accidents. Then she collects whatever is left to her.

    Also worth mentioning is never marry in Thailand. All your properties and assets purchased in country go %100 to the Thai citizen, if I’m correct. It’s basically looks like a huge scam for naive Western men.

    I also found this interesting documentary clip of a young Thai lady talking about how she is actively working 3 different Western men. One sugar daddy at home, which covers all her monthly expenses. Then two guys who live outside Thailand who visit periodically and wire money to more or less cover her frivolous spending habits. This strategy keeps her out of the bars and off the street.

    1. If you are naive to wire money to a woman you deserve a place in the website you mentioned. Don’t give anymore than the equivalent of the hourly escort wage for an hour. But I don’t like Thai girls still.

    2. Going to Thailand and getting married with a prostitute isnt a winning stratagie. Shocker, thats what most of these guys do stupidly enough. I would never advice anyone to get married anywere. Or give a woman access to your resourses. Thats asking for trouble. If you go for a Thai girl you should aim at their upper or middel class. Not a bar girl! Bar girls are for fun only. They will be more pleasant than your average Western woman. Until the knife comes out. These girls do anything for money. Thats both a positive and a negative. You have some kinky fantasies? Great, get some bar girls. But never a relationship. You’ll end up regreding it. But some guys just have to save hoes for some reason.

    3. @Pickernanny; Property rights are tricky in Thailand. But that doesnt matter with stupid guys getting married to whores anyway. If you’re that stupid. You”re going to lose it one way or the other.

      @Warm Invitations Needed
      In Chang Mai {north} there are lots of girls from Canada, Australia and USA prostituting themselfs cheap. Same as Thai bargirls. Mostly girls who just finished colledge and go travel Asia before getting a job. Only they dont want to go back and work to pay of their student debt. So they stay in Thailand and whore themselfs there.

    4. Any advice or strategies for finding non-pros, middle/upper class fuck buddies? Let’s assume you’re a decently attractive white guy in his 30’s with some disposable income.

    5. @Pickernanny:
      It’s a bit different for me because i have a Thai family. Best way is by introduction by friend or family. It’s not easy to get involved with a upper-class Thai girl without introduction. So learn to speak Thai. Make Thai friends, do business with Thai people, build a good reputation with them. The best thing about these girls is also the worst thing. They dont screw around. They are conservative. You would never see a respectable upper-class Thai girl showing it off in a nightclub. My Thai stepmom kicks my sisters ass if she shows skin. So getting middle/upper class fuck buddies is not really an option. You can screw around with the pretty lowerclass girls a bit. But screwing around with middle/upper class fuck buddies would probably end with you being shot by her father, brother or other relative. I wouldnt advice doing that. Hoes are for screwing around. For LTR you go upper-class.

    6. @Pickernanny:
      If you realy like to have a really beautifull Thai sugarbaby. You can check out the Thai gentlemen’s clubs. Thats were you can score top model girlfriends for screwing around. But they will still have some standards. It will cost you. You’ll burn 250-500 euro in a few hours if you dont be carefull in these places. And these girls are not all hoes. So it’s not a sure thing.

    7. Damn. Thanks for the heads up. So, how many raw dicks is the average working Thai whore taking in through out the work week? Lol. The thought of it is really a turn off. You would most certainly be taking a few strains of HPV home with you at the very least.

      I have no interest in learning fluent Thai at the moment and no aspirations for getting gunned down so far away from home, by the way. I’m starting to think that banging chicks in the States is the overall best option for me. I’m not looking for LTR or kids in the future either.

    8. @Pickernanny: {How many raw dicks is the average working Thai whore taking in through out the work week}.
      Only about 2 a week on average. The younger really beautifull ones more. But only 2 on average. Sometimes non at all. Thats why they are willing to do almost everything. They have trouble earning a living. It’s not like Western prostitution. The bargirl scene works a bit different. Western whores have far more clients. These girls hang in bars drinking with men most of the time. They make a small amount of money on every drink you buy for them. And if they are taken by a man it’s mostly for the night. Not just an hour.

    9. @Pickernanny: Most Thai whores use condoms. There are some who will do raw. But mostly with condoms these days.

  10. Anyone seen the black hole picture hype? There is some girl {looks like some giggling 12 yo} getting all the creddit. The media is presenting her like some science mastermind. The lead researcher {man} has written 850,000 lines of code. There was a big {mostly male} team involved. This woman has written only 2000 lines of code. She gets all the glory. Now i remember why i dont like working with women. Talking about media spin.

    1. Yeah, it’s a great scientific achievement in the line of the Hubble space telescope being put into orbit or the flight of voyager 2 into interstellar space. But, there is that angle of what you mentioned. That giggly women probably doesn’t know any bullshit.

    2. Yes, I have read about it on, a German News Magazine. It’s totally ridiculous. They praise her like It’s been her achievement alone, although she only is a small wheel in the great machinery.

      It’s the same as with Greta…

  11. Would you say that the less sex young people are having compared to the previous generations is largely due to female hypergamy and therefore, women’s inclination to hold on for Chad in the hope he’d marry them?

    This has the effect of raising the price of good pussy you could’ve had for less before so it seems correct.

  12. I’ve been vaguely familiar with what the blackpillers talk about faces and jawlines (seems like an exaggeration the way they talk about it), but I never bothered to learn the specifics.

    Today though, an interesting video that does a nice summary popped up for me. So I thought i’d share.

    Title: The Attractiveness Index

    Summarizes all that stuff about jawlines in a clear way with examples and nice explanations.

    1. I’d be interested in seeing more examples of non celebrities, though. Funnily enough I have a near horizontal jaw line almost the length of my hand.

      There’s this guy who is about 5’3” and has a gorgeous face (no homo). He is also a talented singer songwriter. I saw him strike out super bad with this little blonde chick I know a while back. After he gave up she came up to me and asked why I walked off when he approched her, and how come I didn’t rescue her.

    2. Oh, by the way. I loved how the media tried to paint R. Kelly as this master manipulator that brainwashed all these women. He doesn’t seem like a ridiculously smart guy or anything.

    1. Apparently Ubisoft has already critisized the trailer or something saying that it’s “generic”. I’m going to presume they’re talking about the protagonist being a white guy. I guess Apex Legends was too diverse. Oops.

  13. I was ruminating about my past experiences with women. Even though my username is Warm Invitations Needed, my problem is not one of a lack of warm invitations but a lack of interest in the women who are giving warm invitations.

    While, the women I like are either very rare or in an even rare case, don’t give me warm invitations.

    My humble question for anyone capable to answer is how do a good looking guy go to meet more HOT women?

    1. Please answer the above as I am going crazy over this. I am not a ugly guy but I can’t seem to meet more women. Thanks.

    2. I actually thought about doing that LOL

      1. I’m in NYC an it’s hard to compete with established players without any connections in the industry. Maybe a niche agency would work.

      2. In the age of $metoo it might be problematic to try hitting on the models as an agency owner (Harvey Weinstein etc)

      3. I’m not really excited about doing it. I’m not really a fashion person, though I dress well. There are likely better financial rewards for me in other fields that I’m better suited to.

      In the end the juice may not be worth the squeeze.

    3. I know a guy who works in a top position at a fashion industry company who has more than enough access to models but, what he says is that it is impossible to pickup in a professional environment like that.

    4. I know a guy who works in a top position at a fashion industry company who has more than enough access to models but, what he says is that it is impossible to pickup in a professional environment like that.

      Move to a different universe then?

  14. Does anyone have and experience with or thoughts about cities with high female to male ratios? I haven’t bothered to search the demographics of most cities but I got a tip about one a few hours or so from my hometown and I’ve never actually wandered over there. A google search shows that there are around 87 men for every 100 females. Of course, I don’t know if most of those women are just single old ladies that nagged their husbands into an early grave.

    I’m thinking that the women would be much more friendly and receptive to guys they are attracted to than usual, and maybe even have lower standards than they otherwise would. In any case, I should be able to spend a few days there in a couple months and I’ll report back my experiences.

    1. Women’s attitudes to men never changes regardless of sex ratio but what does changes is the attitude of men with options.

    2. Women’s attitudes do change with seks ratio. But only when it’s about 3 women for every 1 man. Thats the standard for nightclub VIP rooms. If you have more men, the women will stop doing crazy VIP room slut stuff. If you have more women, it cuts your profits. 3 on 1 is about the ratio when most men get some attention. And most men are still willing to pay for all the drinks.

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