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The Origin of the Crazy Cat Lady

One of my readers posted a rather amusing clip from The Simpsons that gives a quick summary of how feminism turns women into childless crazy cat ladies. Watch and laugh:

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2 thoughts on “The Origin of the Crazy Cat Lady

  1. The last 2/3 of The Simpsons’ run have been bad (the first 1/3 was legendarily good), but yeah, they’ve engaged in social anti-left commentary here and there, going by clips on Youtube on top of this one, trying to go back to what made them great in the 90’s (when they were very good at being equal opportunity offenders), instead of being a copy of Family Guy (too little, too late I think).

    You should watch in its entirety the episode “Homer Badman” from 1995. It’s scary how accurate they were in describing sexual assault witch hunts two decades earlier in that episode.

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