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Hookers, move along! Whoremongers Prefer Sex Dolls Now

I previously wrote about how a high-quality sex doll already provides tough competition for women. Thus, I was quite amused when I came across a story about a brothel in Vienna, Austria, in which a poor solitary sex doll had to compete against an armada of battle-hardened hookers. Yet, that sex doll valiantly sought the confrontation. Here’s the key part of that not overly recent article:

A brothel is forking out £6000 ($9747) for a second sex doll, after the first one became more popular with clients than real prostitutes. “Fanny” the sex doll proved such a hit with guests at the Kontakthof brothel in Vienna that she quickly became the most sought-after sex worker in the brothel. The in-demand silicone sex doll can be hired for 80 euros ($118) per hour, which is more than some of the real women working in the sex house, reports The Sun.

Now imagine that: even though it costs more to blow a load into the sex doll, customers prefer that over dealing with a real-life hooker! My previous assumption was that a sex doll is a cheaper and, increasingly often, also a better alternative to having a girlfriend or paying a hooker. Yet, in direct competition, those whoremongers turn into dollmongers and pay a premium so that they do not have to bother dealing with a hooker. Who could have predicted that?

There are plenty of hookers who have an attitude problem, so this outcome is not even as surprising as it might seem. What is worse, hookers may haggle, not perform services they agreed on, or show a lack of enthusiasm. If that is what is on the menu, then a waifu made of silicone that embodies not just perfection but an anatomical impossibility that is nonetheless highly arousing is simply the far better choice.

Of course, the article mentions a price tag of around $10,000. Prices have gone down. Quality is only improving. Consequently, I bet that we will see a lot of unemployed hookers in the not-too-distant future. What alternative careers will those women move into? I once read a delusional article by a hooker who claimed that she would make the perfect wife because she knows exactly what men want. Well, there are shitty hookers out there. Also, it takes a prime specimen of a cuck who would be fine with dipping his dick into a pussy that has taken in thousands of other cocks before his. I bet we will witness bright (cum-)dumpster fires, and I cannot wait for that to happen.

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17 thoughts on “Hookers, move along! Whoremongers Prefer Sex Dolls Now

  1. For now it’s “just” silicon.
    Wait till they install some upgrades. I’m thinking of sensors and a warm pussy and all that jazz.
    The Japanese will come up with some craz shit.
    This will be very funny.

  2. The question I would like to see answered is how many of the men banging the doll are returning customers. It could easily be the novelty factor skewing the numbers, after which her popularity might bump down to a much lower baseline. Once most potential customers have given her a trial run I would not be surprised to see a number of them reverting to real women. This will be interesting to watch indeed.

    1. Have you seen a sex doll Yarara? They are beeeeeeeeeeutiful. With VR it can be made real more sooner than AI can.

    2. Seen them on photos only. But the brothel owner himself in that article states that he felt like fucking a corpse and didnt like it.

      In any case I cannot compare from experience. I have been lucky enough that I never had to resort to hookers, ever since I lost my virginity my dry spells have been very few and far between (and usually self-imposed).

  3. I might have been consistently lucky, but in my neck of the woods all the sex workers that ever serviced me were nothing but nice and polite. Zero complaints, really. My friends also have mostly positive opinions. This isn’t the first place where I found mostly negative opinions regarding these fine upstanding women, and it’s always by people from USA/Europe.

    WTF is going on in 1st world countries that even your hookers are becoming entitled? The one thing I thought was a guarantee when dealing with hookers was the fact that a wahmen that takes loads to the face on the regular can’t POSSIBLY believe she is a special princess that deserves better and shit.

    Guess I was wrong?

    1. @Viva Pinochet!
      (WTF is going on in 1st world countries that even your hookers are becoming entitled?)
      Feminism is going on. The escort service i used in Amsterdam has girls from Eastern Europe. They are mostly girl’s that study here. They do the escort job to pay for college. I’m not going anywhere near the dutch hookers. If i’m going to pay for it, i want a stunning looking young woman. I’m not paying for anything less. Anything less should have to pay me instead. 9s and 10s only. And no bullshit or drama. Otherwise i’m better off picking one up at the local bar. The better hookers are more expensive however. As with most things, you’ll get what you pay for. A fifty Euro hooker, will give you fifty Euro service. A thousand Euro hooker, will give you thousand Euro service.

    2. Hey ben,
      care to share what the most amount of money is you’ve ever spent on escort service for a night?

    3. @Neutralrandomthoughts: It’s not that i use that many escorts. And mostly i’m getting the time for free. As i know some of these girls. I take them to the club sometimes. And in exchange for paying the tab they keep me happy. I’m friends with their pimp (female). But if i pay in the Netherlands, i never ask them to stay. That’s 360 for two hour session. I did hire one for the night, but she ended up giving me the time for free. Otherwise it would have been 1400 Euro. I did pay a celebrity look alike 1000 one time. But she wasn’t a official escort to my knowledge. I don’t really remember much how that came to be. I just remember it began with a joking flirt. Basically telling her she could make money because she looked like the girl in the movie, The girl next door. And i ended up paying her 1000 the next morning. As that’s basically what i told her at the bar when i was drunk. Good thing that doesn’t happen anymore. As i hardly ever drink anymore.

    4. @Neutralrandomthoughts: That’s probably the best thing about my pick up days. It’s the crazy stuff that happens when a bunch of young guys go wild in the city. Sure fucking some hot chicks was fun. But some of the most fun memories are the total fails. I’m still laughing my as off thinking about a friends escape out of a ugly girls window. Or the time we had to run because some angry dad and brother had organised a hunt on us for ruining their little princess. Or a friend getting drunk and not getting it up. And i ended up fucking the little slut he picked up in the bar. It wasn’t so much about the women. It was more about the bro’s doing crazy stuff together. We would almost literally toss these women around. It was really just a game to us. And playing really was more important than winning. Thats probably why it worked. We didn’t give a fuck. We were young guys believe we could do anything. So we were trying everything stupid we could think off. Great crazy memories. Specially the fails.

    5. @Neutralrandomthoughts: We had a great weekend routine. There was a gym located above the club we use to hang out. Girls working out there would also go to the same club afterwards. Behind the building was a parking garage giving access to some rooftops. After climbing some rooftops you ended up at the shower room windows. These were made so you could look outside, but not inside. At night they work the other way around. We were drinking there every weekend. Inspecting the girls before meeting them later in the club. We could see them, without them seeing us. We were just sitting there at 2 meters distance giving them points while getting drunk. We had seen all these girls naked before picking them up. Good times.

    1. Naw naw ben…
      Look at this.
      This is the real shit. Gotta love that comment by “Justapleb”:

      “So a pile of rubber makes $160 an hour. At 20 hours per day, 300 days a year that’s roughly a million dollars a year.

      It shows how worthless real women have made themselves since feminism. To where their relative values are so drastically different, the plastic being worth more by far.

      With mass production and the artificial intelligence packages they are already developing, it is over for feminists. You’re now going to see women saying “please” and “thank you”, because they will see the robots doing it and keeping the men.

      I am designing mine with an oven instead of a uterus. I already have kids and I’m going to be more interested in cinnamon rolls or a roast chicken out of my sex robot. She won’t even have to leave the bed to feed me. Hot coffee out of those perfect ****.

      It’s going to be great!”

      Fucking zerohedge started censoring shit. Un-fucking-believable. That was one of he last places where you could read real comments that were genuine.
      Since lots of the articles are quite of the “doom porn” style, I usually spend more time reading the comments. Now even that has lost its appeal.

    2. @Neutralrandomthoughts: I don’t think a doll would make anything close to a million a year. And i don’t think it will last that long. It’s likely to break at one point when used that much. Nevertheless it can be profitable. I would reconsider the oven opinion. Don’t want your dick anywhere close to an oven. But maybe one that can hold your beer for ya? At one point i’m sure there will be robots that can cook and clean in the future. With AI that’s probably smarter than real women. But that’s going to take some time before we see those on the market.

    3. @Neutralrandomthoughts: Maybe a doll with beer in her tits can be a bestseller? You can suck her tits filled with your favourite drink. Or a coolbox in her back?

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