New post on aaronselias.com: The Universal Basic Income (UBI) is Bullshit

Please visit aaronselias.com for my latest post, The Universal Basic Income (UBI) is Bullshit.

Among the few bloggers I read somewhat regularly is Michael O. Church, a mathematician turned software engineer. He wrote a few incendiary post on the tech industry, with his arguably most well-known piece being “Don’t waste your time in crappy startup jobs.” To my great surprise, Michael O. Church recently came out as a bleeding-heart liberal. When I saw him advocating Universal Basic Income, I thought that he has lost his mind.

Here is the key quote from his article:

Automation will destroy jobs. Good. Fuck “jobs”. If we had a universal basic income, no one would shed a tear about the elimination of unpleasant labor from human life.

The most obvious problem with leftists is that they seem to be completely clueless with regards to how the real world as opposed to the make-believe virtual worlds they mostly hang out in works.

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