How will move forward

In case there has been some confusion about my transition to my plan is to keep online indefinitely. (I’ll have to keep the domain name anyway as it would only be snagged up by a PUA scammer otherwise.) Posts on will focus largely on men, women, and gender issues. Posts on other topics may appear on, however. For instance, I just posted an article on issues surrounding Universal Basic Income on there.

For slamming feminists and beta cucks as well as discussing gender politics, will remain my main outlet. I intend to post notification of posts on on, but not the other way round.

Aaron Sleazy will also remain an active pseudonym for future book releases. I will soon release Sleazy Stories II, for instance. Chances are very good that there will be further sequels. In general, the rule of thumb will be: anything lewd will be released by Aaron Sleazy, anything non-lewd, like Meditation Without Bullshit or my upcoming book on relationships, will be published by Aaron S. Elias.

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