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More SJW-ing in video games: extremely buff chicks

Earlier today I stumbled across a tweet according to which Sony was about to announce a bunch of upcoming PlayStation 4 games. I sold my PS4 some time ago, but I keep an eye on the industry. So, I checked out a bunch of trailers and was not overly disappointed. The upcoming Spiderman game looks promising. My highlight, though, was the reveal of an open-world game set in feudal Japan:

I’ll keep an eye on that one.

Supposedly the biggest news was a trailer of the upcoming game The Last of Us II. I consider the original The Last of Us a steaming pile of garbage made of mediocre gameplay and hamfisted SJW tropes, so I am not in the least interested in that one. Yet, the trailer was even worse than I expected. In the original, you play a rugged dude who is the bitch boy of several strong and independent women. In the sequel, you apparently play as a woman. The trailer focussed on this monster here:

Seriously, what is this fucking nonsense? The game is set in a zombie apocalypse, yet that woman manages to cycle steroids at a level that makes Zyzz look like a choir boy. The charactermodel is literally a really buff dude with a pair of tits and a female head bolted on. Compared to what a well-trained female athlete is able to achieve, she is the equivalent of pro-bodybuilder-gone-mad Ronnie Coleman.

I have no problem with female protagonists. Quite the contrary. Tharja carried Fire Emblem Awakening. Asuka is a stand-out in the empowered cast of Senran Kagura. I also quite enjoyed looking at Lara Croft’s ass in the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider. Lara’s physique can be naturally attained, given good genes. They even reduced her breasts to a more realistic size. On the other hand, the mutant in The Last of Us II is at best a liberal-leftist power fantasy that has nothing to do with reality.

For matters of comparison, here is a picture of a (former?) female bodybuilding world champion:

She looks tiny compared to the woman in that video game.

I’d love to see The Last of Us II bomb, at least in relative terms. On that note, Wolfenstein II, the game that tried to make a political statement because you can shoot Nazis, has had a disappointing opening, which I was happy to read. If the industry developed like I wanted it, it would be waifus and high-quality Nintendo games all the way.

10 thoughts on “More SJW-ing in video games: extremely buff chicks

  1. Despite its horrid and weak attempt at making a “relevant” statement in its advertising, Wolfenstein looks like a cool game. I’m always down for shooting Nazi’s, but, like, actual Nazi type Nazi’s, not “you don’t agree with me so you must be a Nazi” or “Your white and you like being white so you must be a Nazi”, Nazi’s.

    Beyond that, I have been noticing a large amount of “buff chicks” in not only gaming but other media too. I forget where I just saw a chick that was massive like that, or if it was real or fake, but I just remember thinking it was gross.

    1. This trailer?

      – She has a higher bodyfat (notice no sixpack when he uncovers her belly with the knife threat)
      – So her size is definetely doable steroid-free at that bodyfat range

      If she had arms that size AND was shredded (veins popping, popping sixpack) then she’d be too big for a woman not on steroids. But at this bodyfat range, totally doable naturally.

      totally doable naturally.

      Note, i’m not saying realistic. She’d still have to bust her ass off in the gym for a decade. So the size is still unrealistic in practical terms. Where does she find gyms in that jungle or wherever the missions are happening. And how does someone with a life outside of bodybuilding find a time to do it.

      Impractical and unrealistic = yes
      Impossible without steroids = no

  2. To be fair, the bodybuilder in that pic is shredded (competition condition). Off-season she probably actually does look like the other chick.

    1. Have you watched the trailer? It may not be clear in the screenshots I posted, but that woman looks pretty shredded. In any case, it is not a realistic depiction of a woman in a supposedly semi-realistic zombie apocalypse scenario. (I don’t recall any buff characters from the first The Last of Us, for instance.)

  3. Despite the creators last of us attempts to appeal to a more diverse audience or whatever, now they’re getting backlash for violence against women and children. As if that’s never happened in gaming or movies before, but okay.

    1. Also, when you boot up the new Assassin’s Creed Origins game (I didn’t purchase this game), a disclaimer appears that states, “Inspired by historical events and characters, this work of fiction was designed, developed, and produced by a multicultural team of various beliefs, sexual orientations and gender identities.”

      You could imagine what types of scenarios you’re faced with. I’ve personally witnessed quite a bit of the game and it’s pretty obvious what’s going on. The main protagonist, a black guy somewhat resembling Barack Obama, is faced with many injustices mostly at the hands of white Greeks and Romans, whereas the Egyptians are portrayed as either freedom fighters, representatives of the people, or likewise, victims (except for the male pharaoh which is eventually usurped by Cleopatra).

      The gameplay itself isn’t very inspiring either, nor are the graphics when compared to something like MGSV which came out back in 2015, and it sort of holds your hand throughout making for a mind numbing experience.

      Also, another part of the story that irritates me is that present day, a young black woman has created a new type of Animus, which is capable of transporting the user into the genetic memory of not only one’s ancestors but also the genetic memory of basically anyone you want, which is just bogus as hell. Like, SJW is written all over this fucking game. Which is cool since I’ve never been invested in the series anyways.

    2. Thanks for this very detailed response. It seems that anybody willing to critique video games from an anti-SJW perspective would have his work cut out for him.

    3. Btw, I watched the Ghost of Tsushima trailer and I agree it looks pretty interesting. I’m a pretty big fan of films and anime based on Japanese cultural and I imagine the fighting mechanics in this game could potentially be very fun to work with.

  4. I spend a lot of time at the gym, and have seen a lot of female bodybuilders. Even the ones that juice hard, do not look anything like that character.

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