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  1. Hello Aaron, do you know any “former sluts” who’ve had alcohol and drinking problems, have been abused by their parents and/or spouses and are maybe single moms too but who’ve suddenly found “God” and have supposedly, according to their own words, abandoned their former lifestyle?

    If you do, how well do they really follow their “new” lifestyle? I’ve known some girls like this and they still do seem to abuse alcohol and drugs and have sex with different men.

    It’s as if up front they’ve changed women who’ve settled their sins, but outside the church they’re still sluts.

    Does religion ever change a slut to a woman of marriage material?

    1. It’s all just an act for them. Besides, how would a slut-turned-single-mom change her lifestyle? Every day she gets reminded that she is a worthless human being who was unable to keep her legs together, made a poor choice with regards to sexual partners, and has such a shitty personality that she was unable to keep the guy around.

  2. Off-topic, but in line with several posts that point towards the decline of (Western) Europe I recommend Douglas Murray’s book: The Strange Death of Europe. This book is obviously ignored in the mainstream media (or attacked as being “racist” in a typical Guardian article: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/may/06/strange-death-europe-immigration-xenophobia).
    It focuses on the blunders of European politics since the first wave of migrants back in the 1960s up to the present day and the growing inability to discuss the visible problems attached to mass migration due to Europe’s PC culture and the “tyranny of guilt”, as the author phrases it.
    Be warned: This book will leave you depressed

  3. Off topic but do you rink a person acts alpha because they LOOK (well developed face) therefore people treat them like so? or does one act alpha because they are therefore people treat them like so?


    Is acting like an alpha (I use this term loosely to just describe a solid guy) a natural trait that someone is either born with or can it be learned?

    When i see someone like zuckerberg for example, dude has money and probably acts like an alpha in the work place because he owns facebook but when I look at him, he LOOKS beta, therefore the average person would treat him as such? What im trying to get at is, is game real? in the sense that people have pre-convenienced notions of who you may be/act like before even meeting you.

    wondering what ever ones thoughts are…

    1. Alek Novy had a comment on this (the new) blog of Aaron.
      Short version: Faking “Alpha traits” /”successful guy traits” takes as much time to perfect as actually becommimg successful does.

      As for Suckaberg: here’s a good video:

      Compare her analysis to that of Putin and you’ll get the difference.

      Also, success does not equal alpha. Bill Gates (also analyzed on a particular video of hers), may act like he owns the show, but in Buffet’s presence, even decades later, he still regresses to a little insecure worm.

      Good examples of peaceful Alphas is Bruce Lee. Watch his interview – you have to put it in the historical context though, so a bit of a show here and there are normal. But some moments exist, where his honesty and directness just blow away the interviewer, to the point that either he looks away or the camera goes away from Lee.

      Can’t fake it, “game” is just games.

    1. Those higher educated women are not dating down. They only think they do. They believe their sexual market value has gone up because they have a degree. Because that’s how they view men. Most men don’t care at all about a woman’s degree. If a women looks like a 5, she’s a 5. No degree in the world will make her a 10. She would be better off going to the gym. Most degrees that these women have are worthless anyway. But even if it’s not. Even if she has a good paying job. She probably stops working when children are born. Or work a lesser paying part-time job. So the financial responsibility will still be on the man. I prefer a pretty face and a nice ass over a degree.

  4. I’m curious about what you men would do differently in your approach if you meet a girl whom you think is worthy of a long-term relationship? Or at the very least, more than just a pump-and-dump/FWB. Some of my sub-questions are: how quickly you’d like to get physical with her, how much money you’d be willing to spend on dates with her (if at all), etc.

    1. You’d be surprised if you knew how the time, money, and effort invested in a girl considered worthy of a relationship is compared to a slut.

    2. Aha! Right 😉 *thinks back to what you did for me* Still, I’d like to hear other points of view.

    3. To me your question is not clear enough: Are we talking pre-sex investment, already-established-something status?
      Let’s assume I just met her and somehow fixed a date to mert again:
      As for how quick the escalation goes, I say I don’t have to have the kiss on the first date, but I’ll give her the chance to give me the chance – sry, shitty wording, but in essence I will give her a lot of space and be much more sneaky. Alek spoke about levels of escalation, maybe if there are 20 (just an arbitrary number) levels, I’ll divide the first few in a couple of sublevels, scaling in much more.
      Probably a bit more texting (although if it gets too much for my taste, I’ll drop her, texting addicts are not relationship material for men with a career).
      Moneywise… I mean, if she insists on expensive dinners… that’s already a problem. I’d rather pay for a train ticket to do a mountain hike together.
      You seem to ask for a number… ehm, I guess 100-150$ over 2-3 dates (depends on where you live).
      As for sex… that can wait, but not forever… maybe 4-5 dates? Anyway my party-line is always that we can cook sth at home (I used to be a cook) at which point, it’s quite clear that sex can happen. The older I get the more I enjoy stretching out the escalation phase anyway.
      Hard to tell, very much case-by-case. At the end they’re all quite expensive.

    4. For me it’s not a conscious act. I just find i’m naturally more patient with higher-value chicks. With a low quality chick i’ll be like “I invested a grandtotal of 10 minutes hitting on this chick and we haven’t gotten sexual yet, screw this, i’m outta here”.

      Whereas with a higher quality chick I’ll find myself hanging out with her more with no expectations. I’m completely fine have hung out with her several times and only gotten to a “sultry flirtation” and only getting to hold her waist or pressing her up against me.

      Whereas with the lower chick i’d be mad like “fucking bitch, by now I should have gotten at least a blowjob with all this effort”.

    5. like “I invested a grandtotal of 10 minutes

      Not at one time. A grandtotal of 10 minutes over the lifetime of knowing her.

    6. Can I give back the question to you?
      I assume you have the one or other friend/acquaintance who are similarly conservatively raised and whom you’d consider to have a good potential for relationship material.

      What kind of approach do they want to see?
      What kind of commitment from a guy would they deem favourable during the getting-to-know phase?
      How do they view pre-sex escalation?

    7. Sleazy’s Gal: When a man really loves a woman. There is no limit. He would spend it all if he has to. Personally i dont believe in romantic love anymore. So it’s not relevant in my situation. I do have romantic dates from time to time. But i dont spend it for her pleasure. I spend it for my own pleasure. I’m not trying to entertain her.I ask her to go with me for my entertainment. So costs be damned. I have spend only a few bucks on a date. I have spend over 5000 euro’s on a date. The thing that matters is that i enjoy my self. If she doesn’t enjoy the same things i do. It wouldn’t work in the long run anyway. Lucky for me that most women like my dating ideas. In my experience it doesn’t matter how much you spend on her. Most women already know if they want to sleep with you from the start. Spending money on a date won’t change a thing. I mostly have sex before the first date anyway. I never dated in order to convince a woman to sleep with me. I just meet them and go with the flow. No plan or timeframe.

    8. @Neutralrandomthoughts

      Yes I was referring to pre-sex investment 🙂 Does “already-established-something status” just mean you’ve decided she’s worthy of more of your time and money, short of being a girlfriend?

      Typing this reply just got me thinking about an “innocent” (?) aspect of Asian dating culture, which is that if you’re serious about seeing each other, you’d make it official with a boyfriend/girlfriend label. And the date that the guy asks the girl to be his girlfriend would usually be celebrated as the anniversary. This seems to contrast with dating norms in the West, or at least that’s my impression.

    9. I have no interest in long-term relationships. But if I were interested, I might do a few things differently. I probably will not wait for her to make up her mind about having sex though. But I’d be much nicer to her.

    10. @Sleazy Gal
      ” Does “already-established-something status” just mean you’ve decided she’s worthy of more of your time and money, short of being a girlfriend”
      And no.
      It’s a multi stage due diligence process. We both need time. I can see certain things immediately, but it’s not written on her forehead if she gets along well with her Dad (although, over time one learns to see that without talking directly about it, but rather by making deductions from everyday behaviour).
      As Ben said it, there’s no limit to resources spent, if she’s the right one. Besides, it’s not like I’m going over an Excel file looking for errors – I’m having a good time, too ideally. And, again in line with Ben’s comment, you go with the flow.
      One thing though: She can drop out anytime, if I decide that I don’t want to compromise certain features.
      Lastly, as cocky as it sounds, she needs to prove to me. I got the good job and the qualities for a provider and that’s quantifiable and provable in a matter of seconds. Can she be a good mother? Takes a bit more time to figure that one out.

      With regards to:
      “aspect of Asian dating culture, which is that if you’re serious about seeing each other, you’d make it official with a boyfriend/girlfriend label. And the date that the guy asks the girl to be his girlfriend would usually be celebrated as the anniversary. This seems to contrast with dating norms in the West, or at least that’s my impression”

      That’s a question of balls if you ask me. Either you decide to commit or you don’t. The question is: are you committing as a guy because you fear that if you don’t your source of sex dries up (been there, done that), or because you want to truly give the relation a shot.
      See, PUAs often say that you should let her come up with the “so… whatcs our status” question. I disagree. I like to put her on the spot the moment I made up my mind. It sets the framework for the future, no matter if it’s just fuckbuddies or an exclusive relationship. And I don’t give a shit if it makes her feel uncomfortable. If she needs time, fine. But we’re not gonna have a floating status forever.

      On a side note I’ve realized that people behave as if “relationship” is a question of luck whereas I think that it’s always on the table. The same way I consider every male-female interaction to be of sexual nature (question is always to what degree) the same way there’s always potential for a relationship.
      I hate when people are like “oh, and then I suddenly realized ‘she/he is the one’ “. Yeah… gimme a break, it all fell down on you in that moment, he/she ticked all boxes in one second. Bullshit. Life is more serious than that.

    11. @Neutralrandomthoughts

      You know what they say, never ask a woman for dating advice 😉 Women spout words contrary to their nature, and often don’t even realise the contradiction. In all seriousness though, the only friends of mine who I know with certainty to be conservative are Asian, and hence the dating norms differ too.

      In an Asian context:
      They expect the courtship to be exclusive (“you can’t be serious about me if you’re doing this for other girls at the same time”) and it also won’t reflect well if they know the guy has a player reputation, so it would take a lot more for such a guy to convince her that he’s serious and committed this time around. As for the approach, apart from the usual moves, I think they like to receive acts of care too: remembering when she has something important to attend to, being proactive about offering his help, etc. Lots of texting and talking, but maybe not kissing too soon. A lot of emphasis would be on getting to know each other’s personalities to assess compatibility. If it gets physical too soon, one can’t be sure if it’s just cloudy infatuation or if there’s potential for something long-term.

      But when the chasing guy is a foreigner…these expectations and norms kind of go out of whack. In my case, I naturally couldn’t use the same “dating template” I knew.

  5. I love seeing how young newly single moms making minimum wage will go out and finance a brand new Cadillac. These gorgeous princesses definitely have their priorities in line, and deserve respect and admiration.

  6. Is any one here familiar with John Lennon / Beatles?

    I heard some snippet on the radio about how Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s widow, is en route to getting co-writing credit for that famous song “Imagine”. Having seen / heard her stuff, I can’t imagine that this is nothing more than prolonging copyright (since copyright is based on the date of death of the writer).

    The news stories I see are how John Lennon was insecure and misogynist, which was why he failed to “give” Yoko her song writing credit at the time…


    1. Mark David Chapman didn’t kill John Lennon. Yoko Ono did. She chopped off his balls. Shooting him could be seen as a act of mercy. If i ever turn into a cuck like John Lennon. Please shoot me 5 times!

    2. Jesus Christ, Yoko Ono is a freaking moron. Just listen to her rendition of Fireworks by Katy Perry.


      John Lennon must of been a real douchebag to want to ever give this fugly retard even a second look, much less settle down with it.

      Btw, you see guys settling for some of the most bogus women/relationships far too often, and you can’t help but look at them and their situation just thinking about how much better they could do. John Lennon and Yoko Ono is the epitome of this real life occurence.

    3. “Imagine” is nothing but a propaganda piece pushing the globalist agenda:
      “Imagine no country”. = open borders
      “Imagine no possession” = give it to daddy government (marxist no-private-possession-shit)
      And the best is probably the chorus:
      “You, you may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope someday you will join us
      And the world will live as one”
      –> So, we realize he’s a fucking dreaming hippie, high on whatever mind altering substances, but hey, let’s just join him, smoke some of that shit, too and MAGICALLY it’s all gonna be fine again.
      Oh boy, this is the same fucking non-sense as “hold the other cheek”. Has never worked, will never work.
      Yuri Bezmenov makes well fun of that meditation like non-sense, where you turn to yourself and then the problems of the world magically solve themselves. It’s all planned. The Beatles where in India, too.

    4. She didn’t have anything to do with writing imagine but the Beatles were pretty sonically behind the eight ball anyways. Also it is a pretty well known fact the Mr Lennon beat the shit out of her and his kids. Yoko is still a cunt though.

    5. I have always instinctively despised that song. I suppose I am allergic to hippies and morons.

    6. @Neutralrandomthoughts
      Well, what we call now “globalism” was named communism back then.
      No borders, no religion, all men united in brotherhood because of socialism, yada yada… All those who lived on a communist country have heard that “international fraternity” drivel pushed by the marxist leaders.

  7. Yoko Ono is just a gold digging whore. She has no musical molecule in her body. Her claim is total bullshit. She play’s the widow. The funny thing is that they were already split up. John Lennon already had a other woman. He was going to divorce that Yoko Ono monster. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one who ordered the hit.

  8. Dating in East Asia is mostly about long-term commitment and marriage, sexual gratification is an afterthought. That’s already a relaxation. In the past, arranged marriages, brides and grooms being inspected closely by parents of both sides after they choose each other, or polygamy. (Watch “Raising the red lantern” for a historical perspective, a masterpiece btw).

    The current trend seems to give children a bit of bargaining power.

    1. “Typing this reply just got me thinking about an “innocent” (?) aspect of Asian dating culture, which is that if you’re serious about seeing each other, you’d make it official with a boyfriend/girlfriend label. ”
      That innocent part is what keeps us from being dragged down by our animalistic instincts. What good does it come from it after all? Downfall for both.

  9. Sleazy’s Gal? Back on the dating differences between Asian and Western girls. I dont expect everything in personal details. But maybe some insights from the Asian woman’s perspective could help here. What would be the must do and dont’s? I for example made the newbee mistake of kissing a more traditional Thai girl at the market. Any tips on how not to screw up when dating Asian girl’s in Asia? What would be a proper time to go meet with the parents? If a girl asks you to meet the parents, does it mean anything special? Is it a big deal? What would the meeting be like? What would a proper introduction be like?

    1. Aaron Sleazy: No i’m not. I dated only 2 Thai, one Isaan girl and an mixed Indonesian girl. I do know something’s about Thai culture and japanese culture. But i can’t say i’m an expert. I dont know what country your girl grew up. But Thailand is a bit different compared to most cultures in the region. besides i’m more interested in the female viewpoint and the changes between the last 2/3 generations. I only introduced one girl to my Thai mother and it was a total disaster. She wants me to marry an other girl. She wants to arrange the hole thing. And i’m a bit overwhelmed by the hole thing. I’m trying to learn more. Asian cultures are often a lot more complex. Every time i think i understand, i’m in for a new surprise. Thats wy i ask about the meeting the parents thing. I don’t have any experience with the arranged marriage thing. My Thai mother is becoming a bit insistent lately. I don’t want to offend anyone. But i’m not really warming up to this idea. I feel like i’m caught with my pants down on this one.

    2. Aaron Sleazy: I’m not really a guy that play’s by the rule. I can’t afford to screw up on this one. It would probably cause a lot of drama.

    3. Aaron Sleazy: This is a new situation for me. I never thought i would have to face problems like this one. If i’m not careful, i’ll face a village riot. This isn’t a large city. Half the town is related in some way. I have seen them react to a lost tourist once that was a bit to friendly with one of the girls. I really dont want problems with these people. I cant screw up this time. Normally i wouldn’t come near any of the girls there. I dont shit where i eat.

    4. BEN, maybe take my advice with a grain of salt because Im never been in same situation but what I noticed is that the culture is not really complex, the question is do you have money. It solves everything. From experience with asian family members trying to do arranged marriage. Ugly, selfish? Its okays, his family is rich so marry him. Im not saying you have to marry that thai girl, but if you can show that you have potential or money its okay and maybe you can marry easily. This part of “asian” culture I got tired of so why im looking more for a westernized girl, who value intangible things more important than money, and can be kind to strangers even if they lack money. So I think the concept of face is very superficial compared to the concept of reputation if it can be bought with money. Kinda like the difference between eastern shame and western guilt. Maybe you read the stories of westerners charged with fake crimes and need to pay fine to “victims” Its okay, they have money and victims are poor, sigh.

      I may be a hypocrite because I said im tired of the money obsession, yet im aiming to become a billionaire.

    5. I’m not familiar with Thai culture or Asian village norms at all, unfortunately. Based on what I know of Chinese culture, it’s usually a big deal for the parents to be involved. If I were to bring somebody home, it’s not going to be as simple as “look parents, here’s my beau”, as it may be in the West. It’s more like a subtle assessment process for them to size up his character/potential/resources. So he has to position himself to my parents as somebody worthwhile to gain their approval.

      There’s no proper time to meet the parents. I know of some who have a more easygoing attitude and don’t mind meeting one’s partner early on in the relationship, but others don’t want to be concerned until one’s partner is a serious candidate for marriage. It’s best to find out about your girl’s parents’ preferences through her. If she wants to bring you home, you can bet that it means something though.

      As for introductions, ideally don’t meet her parents empty-handed. Bring a practical gift, like fruits or dessert. If you really want to impress, maybe something more expensive that you know her parents like. Don’t PDA in front of her parents or her family as it’s understood that you two are a couple; you don’t have to prove your affection for each other to them. If you are meeting them for dinner, it would be good to know Asian dining etiquette such as not sticking your chopsticks into your rice bowl because that resembles joss stick offerings to the dead.

      I can’t help you with arranged marriages. It doesn’t happen around me. I think it would be respectful to your Thai mother to at least meet the girl that she’s trying to pair you up with, though. But perhaps set some expectations or boundaries by telling her that you don’t want to be match-made.

    6. Sleazy Gal

      Out of interest – who would be expected to pay for that dinner with the girlfriend’s parents?
      Also, usually who pays for dinner when the couple just goes out by themselves?

      I vaguely remember a friend of mine telling me that the bill in a restaurant is kind of a big deal in China – fighting over who pays, etc.

    7. Neutralrandomthoughts: In Thailand the one with the highest social and financial status pay’s the bill. Unless someone invites you. It can be discussed amongst friends. But generally speaking the rich white dude gets the honor most of the time.

    8. Jon: In Western culture it’s the same with money. In Western culture we just hide it better. Looking for a man with resources is just part of female nature. In Asia it’s just more honest. Women are instinctively looking for resources to build a nest. It’s just part of the maternal instinct. This will be the same wherever you go. I dated girls from Western Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. They all like money. They all want nice stuff. Best just accept that all women are like that. If you still want a white girl. I would advice to go for a Ukrainian girl. They have a club with beautiful women looking for rich chinese men. Again, all about the money. No money, no honey!

    9. @Neutralrandomthoughts

      The girlfriend’s parents could expect to/be prepared to pay for the dinner as they’re more senior and possibly more accomplished than the guy. But it would reflect well if the guy pays for the first dinner. I personally think the fighting over who pays is hilarious, and deep down harbour the suspicion that the one who loses is happier and goes home wiping his brow in relief. It can be quite a charade; in any case, be more insistent if you really want to pay. I find a classier way to do so is to excuse yourself to go to the washroom towards the end of the meal. Then, sneakily head towards the cashier and quietly make your payment– the end! When the parents call for the bill afterwards you can smoothly go “that’s been taken care of ;)” They’re likely to be quietly impressed.

      If both the guy and girl are working and are on a similar financial footing, it’s reasonable to go dutch. After all if you meet up frequently, as you do in a long-term relationship, it’d be overbearing to expect the guy to pay all the time. This really depends on the type of Asian woman you’re seeing though– what’s her family background and financial status?

      In go-dutch arrangements, the guys I know will still take it upon themselves to treat her occasionally, as if to remind her that he ultimately can still provide. If the girl is still studying or isn’t doing so well, then the guy may naturally pick up the tab more often. Still, that doesn’t mean she should want to eat at expensive places all the time.

    10. @ Sleazy Gal

      I was thinking the same about the one who ends up not paying the bill – quite a relief.
      It’s funny (or not) to see some very self destructive behaviours which seem to be part of Asian culture. I can think of having to drink till your boss leaves the table in Japan during an after-work drink, even if it means you get fully shit faced. Same for overworking (again Japan). A buddy of mine told me that they were in a brothel in China and again, the girls were forced to drink every time he drank (he’s a 190cm 130 kg bear – imagine what it takes to get him drunk vs. a petite 45-50 kg girl). Strange shit to be honest.

      “This really depends on the type of Asian woman you’re seeing though– what’s her family background and financial status?”
      Oh no, not seeing anybody at the moment, was just curious about social norms there…

      “excuse yourself to go to the washroom towards the end of the meal. Then, sneakily head towards the cashier and quietly make your payment– the end! When the parents call for the bill afterwards you can smoothly go “that’s been taken care of ;)””

      You asked before what we would do for a quality girl and I mentioned that I’d be sneakier. That kind of sneakiness is totally my style. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it functions well as a test, too when I look how she reacts. If she takes it too “self-evident” (sry, I’m German, didn’t find a better word) that I pay, then, it’s kinda not so good. Funnily, I noticed that e.g. Russian women get pissed if you don’t pay for them, but if you do pay, they are really super happy about it and will show it (“You’re a real gentleman”, etc…). Pay to play. It’s almost like with prostitutes. Actually I don’t see the difference, sadly.
      Anyway… I went way off-topic lol…

  10. Aaron Sleazy: I know how to get into a woman’s panty’s. This is a totally different situation. I only dated 4 Asian women semi serious. This could potentially end with me having a bamboo tree up my ass if i’m not careful.

    1. I’m overdramatising it a bit. It’s just one of those wtf moments. I’m sure it will all turn out just fine. But i do wonder, wtf was my Thai mother thinking. She totally started making moves on her own. She probably just wants good things for me. But she totally surprised me with this one. I’ve heard about it before. But i never experienced it first hand. I never thought it would happen to me. I thought this practice was a bit outdated. Suddenly she’s making introductions. She even talked with her parents before telling me. I wonder if this is just a part of Thai culture, or that it’s also still practised in other parts of Asia. Or maybe it’s just my Thai mother that’s a bit to carried away. Maybe it’s the fact that i brought the Isaan girl home that she didn’t like. It’s just all very bizarre to me.

    2. I won’t do it. The question is how do you backout of the situation in a respectful manner. I dont want to offend my mother. I dont want to hurt the girl. And i definitely dont want to leave a bad impression with the local population. That’s the downside with communities like this. If i screw up, it might hunt me forever. I have a good thing going. The people there like me. They help me with everything i need. Including keeping the corrupt police and organised crime off my back. And i seriously care about them. I want to keep it like that. That’s why i dont date girls from the area. It only takes one vindictive female to screw it all up.

  11. Sleazy: What’s your general stance on nude models? Other than the obvious cases of those which moonlight as sluts anyway, does the mere act of posing in artistic nudity raises the alarm for you?

    1. I second Aaron’s opinion. If she has no problems showing her bare body, she has no problems taking a dozen d’s quite easily. Of course, that’s because they’re oh so sexually liberated. And I’ve met quite a lot of this kind of women.

  12. Jon: You’re aiming to become a billionaire. Maybe you should ask yourself why? Lots of people have this picture of rich powerful white men. He just sit’s smoking a cigar, drinking wiskey, ordering people around. In reality the life of a man leading a large corp isn’t much fun. He works from the second he weakens until he go’s back to sleep. And if the phone rings in the middle of the night. He has to get up and get to work. No days off, No days rest. Just work, work, work. And if he doesn’t pay attention for even a moment, he’s fucked. There will be a army of highly competitive men waiting for a chance to take him down and take his place. Only the most intelligent, competitive, ruthless and work crazy men will be able to maintain such a lifestyle. Maybe you should wish for something else? You dont have to be a billionaire to be happy. If you have the resources to maintain a lifestyle you want, you’re rich.

    1. Ben, Jon is a troll. He doesn’t seriously want to become a billionaire, just as he does not want to date a Jewish white refugee single mom with emerald eyes, or whatever combination of attributes he used last time.

    2. Well thanks for the advice ben. I heard good things about Ukranian women. Actually, I enjoy competition and striving to be the best. It makes me even happier when I know I do it to help out a lifes partner. Working 7 days of week is okay with me thats what my parents did too. Im a romantic guy, devoting my life to a womans happiness doesnt sound like work, but fulfilling a lifes meaning. I dont 100% believe you about western women being fake. Those women who go out their way to stand at train stops with welcome refugee signs, are definately not faking their kindness. Because they do it despite getting attacked by rightwing.

      Yeah the fake fighting about who gets to pay is one other reason I want out of asian into western(for half half i guess).
      I think I may have autism because I dislike these social obligations.
      Btw you probably want to give the thai family money but try to do it then in a way so they dont seem beggars. If you forcefully put money in their jackets they may take offense.
      I wonder if you can gift them money for some reason like to fix something in their house for their safety. They end up with money what they wanted anyway and dont lose face as ppls who beg westerners for money.

      Im really no troll,Im aiming to billionaire eventually but taking more time for relaxing instead of minmaxing because that seemed healthier for now. I adjust my views based on the inputs I get, scientifically. Even if I fail that goal I wil most likely end up multimillionaire so all is well.

    3. Aaron Sleazy: I know. I think it’s hilarious that the person promoting communism says he wants to be a billionaire. It shows why communism can never work. It makes me laugh. He sound like a puppy that’s dreaming of competing with lions. He wouldn’t last a day. It’s hilarious. He’s no troll, he’s a clown. LOL.

    4. Aaron Sleazy: I’m curious what crazy story he makes up next time. Somehow i find Jon very entertaining. If he’s trying to get on my nerves, he isn’t doing a very good job. Jon always makes me laugh.

    5. Jon: “Those women who go out their way to stand at train stops with welcome refugee signs, are definately not faking their kindness” Yes they do Jon. It’s a ego thing. It makes them feel superior. They are little dreamers that watched to much game of thrones. They think these migrants will see them like the dragon queen. Like a saviour she will be carried on their shoulders and worshipped. In reality this will only lead to war and suffering for all. The moment these migrants have the numbers. They will kill all white men and the dreaming little white girls will be sex slaves. They will be raped 50 times a day till they die.

  13. Aaron Sleazy: The most hilarious part was when he says he wants to save me. I love this little commi friend. It keeps the sometimes serious discussion a bit more light and funny. I think in that way he provides a service. Maybe he should think of a career as a stand-up comedian. It won’t make him a billionaire, but maybe it can help him getting a girl if he makes her laugh.

    1. I find him amusing, too. He goes overboard at times, though, which means that some of his comments won’t leave the moderation queue.

  14. Jon: Sure you are. Everyone is going to be multimillionaires and rockstars. And everyone is going to be nice towards other people. The migrants are going to drop their ideas about islamic world domination. All the little white sluts are going to be amazing housewives. And there will be rainbows while money is dropping from the sky’s. And we can all hold hands and sing happy songs forever. Good times.

  15. Jon: Let me tell you a little secret about your multimillionaire/billionaire ambitions. The things you see about those successful people on top of the foodchain. It’s all smoke and mirrors. I have shaken hands with some of those people. I was on a first name level with some of those people. I have spend time with them in the skybox. And we never have seen the game. While the (little) people were enjoying them selfs in the stadium. We were working on the deal in the skybox. We weren’t watching the game. We weren’t enjoying the beautiful girls that we took with us. And we weren’t drinking the expensive alcoholic drinks. We were working. All the expensive things, the girls, the designer clothes, cars, houses, party’s, jets. All just marketing. Smoke and mirrors. It’s a distraction. While you are looking at all the nice things. Fantasize how it would be if you would be part of our exclusive club. Fantasize how you would like to fuck some of the beautiful girls we took with us. I’m the one screwing you.

    1. Jon: The world you dream about is a warzone. People that dont know what they are doing should not enter the battlefield. You just going to get hurt. These people will strike you down with zero warning. They’ll eat you alive. Your money will be gone in no time.

    2. Ben, i dont see the contradiction between communism and becoming a billionaire. As one famous chinese communist once said, to be rich is glorious! In fact I believe China cracked the code and show the world that communism really works. Look how many ppl got lifted out of poverty. The problem with other communist states is that they just focus on distribution of resources, and eventually one can run out of them. China realizes one must first collect resources before one can distribute fairly. They cracked the code using science and logic.

      And the best communist is actually a billionaire because money is power. Therefore if I want to help out leftwing utopia I must first become billionaire, after which I will save the world and even you ben. Im trying to become rich so I can share the wealth and make everybody happy. How about I invest in renewables or a cure for cancer, the possibilities are endless!

      Btw ben Im happy that you want to help out that asian community which to me is proof that white men like white women are inherently kind, but then you suddenly hate on refugees calling them racists which is evil racism and like why??? You are behaving against your nature. Have you been indoctrinated and radicalized by fake news? I noticed maybe half of aarons blogroll is fake news outlets sponsored by russia most likely. He also weaponized the refugee crisis and does manspreading, as Hilary Clinton said in her new book.

      I wish I could do more to help you, but I first need to become rich, sorry, before I can help you get rid of what seems to be a persistent case of islamophobia. I heard that injections with oxytocine could help against it. Its the bonding hormone. Btw, im no puppy, dont worry, im in the top 10 percentile for intelligence, maybe even higher. Im a lion, ill be alright.

    3. Hey Jon, if you wanna get rich you might wanna get in touch with Don here – double digit returns on rental properties and shit. You two sure would make a great couple.

  16. Jon: About my Thai family. They are not poor. Most of them make good money. I dont really have to help them financially. I do contribute sometimes. But it’s not like they cant get around without my help. Some live in houses that most western people can only dream off. They drive expensive suv’s.

  17. Aaron Sleazy: If you want an other example of a woman that hit the wall hard. Take a look at Christina Aguilera. Dammmmm! She didn’t just hit the wall. She hit the wall in a rocket car with full afterburner. She turned into miss piggy. I normally stay away from celebrity news. So i didn’t see her for some years. Today i’ve seen a new picture. It scared the crap out of me. I would kick my dog off her wen he would try to hump her. First she was proud to be dirty. Now she’s just nasty.

    1. I just looked her up. Jesus! She didn’t just hit the wall, she smashed right through it.

    2. https://scontent-frx5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/fr/cp0/e15/q65/13256069_10209764994941509_4224748165475757282_n.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&oh=7f02143a9f6ad1d9bfb5cd4973ce4e9e&oe=5A7FACD9
      I used to work with her. It’s a picture fr that time. She was the Chef second, with her boyfriend (or husband) in a Thai kitchen. Let’s call her Izzy.
      Half jokingly, one day I said: “Hey Izzy, how about you two making kids one day”.
      To which she replied: “Well now that I’m 42, it’s a bit late, you know”.

      Christina Aguilera is 37 now.
      Western women do in fact age like bread.

  18. Jon: You are reading Hilary Clinton’s book? And you want to save me? You dont see the contradiction between communism and becoming a billionaire? You are funny. LOL!

  19. Jon: Oke Jon in the spirit of harmony. Let us not be divided by the things that separate us. Let us look at the things we share with each other. Something we can all agree to…….. You may have autism.

    1. I’m borderline/almost autistic ( and don’t appreciate seeing it used as an insult.

      Almost = meaning I’m only a couple of points away from the mildest forms.

    2. Indeed alek, my brother. All us us three, ben with his islamophobia, and we both with our autism related illness should not insult eachother, but fight our marginalisation at the hands of an ableist society. We deserve quality psychological help for low cost plus equal treatment(in other words empathy instead of mockery) . Thats only normal in a just society where we treat all as equal.

    3. Asperger is sometimes described as ‘mild autism’. In any case, it is seen as being on the autism spectrum, but at the high-functioning end of it.

    4. Like Aaron explained. Asperger’s is autism. Just on the high end.

      I’m on the low-end of non-autistic. So barely a couple of points away from Asperger’s.

      The main practical difference between autism and aspergers is that there’s a ton of inventors, engineers and entrepeneurs with Asperger’s. I don’t think there are any successful people with autism. But I might be wrong.

      It’s kind of like the savant thing. Leaning towards autism makes the brain better at other things. Like one part of the brain is weaker, but you get advantages in other mental abilities. That’s why someone leaning towards autism can be a genius systems engineer who conciously learns social cues. So he ends up doing better in life than “neurotypical” people.

      But with heavy autism the disadvantages are too big to allow for compensation in other abilities.

    5. From a testing website.

      Interpreting Your AQ Score

      Basically the range for possible answers is 0 to 50. The information below shows you the different ranges as recorded from others sitting this same AQ quiz over the years.

      0-11 low result – indicating no tendency at all towards autistic traits.

      11-21 is the average result that people get (many women average around 15 and men around 17)

      22-25 shows autistic tendencies slightly above the population average

      26-31 gives a borderline indication of an autism spectrum disorder. It is also possible to have aspergers or mild autism within this range.

      32-50 indicates a strong likelihood of Asperger syndrome or autism.

    6. Just took an AQ test and scored 26. Interesting. Not sure what implications if any there are for my life.

    7. Just took an AQ test and scored 26. Interesting. Not sure what implications if any there are for my life.

      Retake 2 more times. Were there any questions where you were unsure, like “do I tick the lower or higher option?”… Retake the test once erring on the side of low “more social, less autistic”, and once erring on the high-end.

      I get 21 on the low-end, and 29 on the high-end.

    8. @Alek

      When I took it I erred in opposite directions on alternating questions. So I’m probably in the range similar to yours.

  20. So I came across this study (only because someone posted the link when talking about why women are needed in leadership positions):

    The report is called “Is Gender Diversity Profitable? Evidence from a Global Survey” (pdf link: https://piie.com/publications/wp/wp16-3.pdf )

    I didn’t go over the report, only the abstract. feel free anyone to rip it up. Or support it. At least the report uses the word “correlate” instead of saying more womyn = more profits.

    1. Is that one ad that teaches Finn women to learn Jedi powers to protect themselves from rape?
      Also, Roissy/Heartiste was debunked and criticized before on Aaron’s old blog, and yes he’s quite on the /pol/ spectrum (way before it was a trend).

  21. Hmmm I’ve seen these sex harassment charges against this Weinstein film producer guy…. Angelina Jolie… Paltrow… hmmm, they come out now many moons later at a time when they hit the Hollywood wall and their own SMV wall. Hmmmmm, guess we gotta believe them right cos “j’accuse!”

    1. Thanks for sharing this! I had been oblivious to the charges against Harvey Weinstein. The timing is indeed suspicious. It would be very interesting to hear his side of the story, though, because from the little I know of showbiz, it is the case that women literally throw their pussy at men in positions of power.

    2. Women often use sex to get ahead. There is this pua guy here in my city that pretends to be a modelling agent. It works. He gifs the girls his card and offers them a drink. All these girls fuck his brains out. I have no doubt they were happy to fuck this producer when it was still good for their career. Why are they even covering this. They always seem to make these claims when their careers are done. If this guy was so terrible then why did they keep working for him. Why didn’t they say no and walk away. Money! They whored them selfs. And now their pussy has lost it’s power they complain because younger women are taking their place.

  22. Ben, good to see you happy, although im no comedian. But it makes me happy that others are happy even if you take a shot at me. Thats okay, I figured you were traumatized too much from the fake news. As I explained theres no contradiction between communism and billionaires, im highly gifted so let me explain again. Gathering of resources vs distribution of resources are two different things. Marxism neglected the first part. China doesnt. Buy china indexes stocks.

    Nrt/neutral? Are you serious? Really sometimes I wonder how gullible some readers of this blog here are. Don is very likely a troll. Cmon a selfmade millionaire asian guy that lives in latin america and isnt yet 30? Obviously some ppl like to pretend to be rich online for some reason so they can feel important. I thought you guys were smarter than that. I ON THE OTHER HAND is a totally real person

    1. Jon: What fake news are you talking about? You are reading Hilary Clinton’s book. Who the fuck are you to tell people what’s real or fake news? What self-respecting guy reads Hilary Clinton’s book? Hilary Clinton made a tv commercial with some other female billionaires and multimillionaires about how oppressed they are. And you take this woman serious? And you think you can preach about fake news?

    2. Jon: You are talking nonsense. Yes i take a shot at you. You are going full retard. Never go full retard Jon. You are taking this comedy stuff to far man. I’m just giving some counter weight Jon. Nothing personal.

  23. Though I do know some ways to turn millions into more millions who knows the limit billion(s)? , but I will keep these secret, its propietary. It takes capital to make capital, sadly. The rich get richer.

    1. Jon: Try walking. First learn how to walk before you try to run. Try to find a product to sell that you believe in. Find a market to sell it. Try to make a stable profit first. Look for something that you can feel passionate about. I’m all for earning money for yourself. But there’s more to life then buying something for a dollar. And selling it for two. People that make money doing the thing they love are truly the richest people in the world. I make good money now. I won’t become a billionair but that doesn’t bother me at all. I’m financially secured for life. I have everything i need. And i only work because i want to. I dont have to. I’m happy where i am. Time is the most valuable thing we have. You only have limited time in this world. You can’t take your money with you when your time is up. Money can only give you the freedom to spend that limited time the way you want. You can’t buy more time with it. When your time is up. Money will have no value.

    2. Thanks for the advice ben but I already knew that. Saving you and others will make me happy. You should take Putin seriously. Look he even hired black white supremacists to bully the poor woman.

      Nrt, you have fallen for antichina fake news by the msm. The western economies are doing badly and chinas will keep growing. It will become at least 4 times the size of the uss economi, it has 4 times the population.

      Therefore the yuan is greatly undervalued, chinese stocks alike. Once this is noticed ppl invested in china will make billions. A big rebalancing is set to occur. It is the next superpower. If you care about your retirement you would not say the stuff you said.

      Also corruption doesnt matter. Xi jinping is battling it. And numbers are not faked so much that it matters. Many research confirmed chinas growth is real.

    3. Jon: You dont just become a billionair. There are billions of people that dream to become a billionair. Only a few will realise that dream. Most billionairs are born into a position of power. It’s very rare for a outsider to join the club. You can make money with money. But it’s not that easy. I make a good profit on my investments. But it’s not like you can just multiply money without end. If you want to make more money. You have to take more risk. I play the stock market without taking huge risks nowadays. In the past i did take more risks and it worked-out just fine in the long-run. But i did lose sometimes. And my finances are handled by a pro. This guy use to be a CEO of a large bank. I dont think a amateur can do better. You dont just buy some stocks and become a billionair.

    4. Ben, Im not talking about stocks but options and futures. I will beat capitalism with its own tools of oppression. And then I will become a billionaire and save everybody.

      Also, good to see you stopped bashing hilary.

    5. Jon: I do take Putin seriously. I can’t say the same about Hilary Clinton. And it’s hard to take you seriously when you refer to Hilary Clinton as that poor woman. But you are right about China becoming a super power. And it’s mostly because they are slowly abandoning communism. The same go’s for Rusia. They are moving into the right direction. While the Western countries are abandoning the things that made them successful. I have more respect for Putin then Hilary Clinton. Hilary Clinton is totally fake. Everything about her is fake. Not just the news.

    6. Ben, china is not abandoning communism but in fact doubling down. It upgraded communism and solved the generation of resources so that its easier to distrubute. Cginas upgraded communism will change the world just like the blockchain.

      Im no retard. I accidently posted the same comment twice because of chrome.

      Btw ben ayn rand is a work of fiction. Making profitable products and focus on selfinterest to make others happy? Lol! Bedtime stories for the brainwashed.

  24. I agree Jon sounds like a troll, to which I usually have a “do not feed” policy. Hillary Clinton and manspreading? Cmon lol.

    Just in case he really is a naive teenager, China cracked no code. Their economy only took off after they abandoned economic communism for state capitalism, and it grows so fast because they are still playing catch up with western economies.

    1. Right.
      Besides, it’s as debt-fueled as the housing market pre 07/08.
      Let’s not even mention shadow banking and most likely falsified numbers.
      I wonder about one thing with regards to China though: Studies suggest that IQ is inversely correlated with corruption. Why is then China ranking low on the Corruption Perceptions Index, but ranking high in IQ?
      Remainders of communism?
      Very uneven distribution of IQ?
      Something doesn’t add up.

    2. Yarara you are doing readers a disservice. rejecting any look into China. There are China stock indexes with P/E < 10 and Price to cashflow < 4. These undervaluations are CRAZY. Its the second biggest opportunity next to investing in crypto. I speculate Satoshi Nakamoto was a Chinese. taking a Japanese name is such a good trick, considering Japan-China past. Sun Tzu like. Which is why China cracks down on the Russian ethereum but loves the bitcoin.

      Ben, as I said before I accidently spammed it was not my intention, but as Aaron knows I rarely post more than a few comments per week, if even. thanks for the advice, Im sure you have good intentions, but I will be happy following my own path only. The strict Asian upbringing pissed me off so now I must do it all my way. It was not apparent to me at all that Chinas communism is the way forward with so much anti-China propaganda in the world.. But I realise the truth now that Im mature with strong critical thinking skills.

      BTW check out this Putin indoctrinating our children. The horror…
      truly an attack on democracy.

  25. Neutralrandomthoughts: I dont think China will be honest about a thing like corruption. Most Asian countries will try everything to hide the things that are considered shameful to them. I see the same thing happening in Thailand. People will never openly admit they have a problem with corruption. They try to hide their shame. In most Asian cultures people are very sensitive about stuff like that.

  26. Yarara and ben you should take putin more seriously
    Look how he manipulated the election and bullied poor Hilary. I hope I save at least one of you. Ben I know money is just a tool. I pursue it for others, to save you and them. But thanks for the advice I guess.

    And all negative on china is wrong. Rebalancing will make investments in china, yuan and indexes a good retirement and corruption doesnt matter. Debt=growth and healthy.
    Western media fake news claims corruption matters it dont.

    It comes because being married to free market ideology one is blinded by the facts.

    1. Jon: Why pursue it for others? Why not make a good product that brings value to people’s life’s. Sell that product for a profit. In that way you make money for yourself. You can hire people that help you produce and sell your product. Your employees will be able to feed their families and send their children to college. And you make people happy with a good product. You dont have to be a billionair to have a positive influence on the world. Maybe you shouldn’t watch so many Marvel movies. Who do you think you are? Tony Stark? Save the world? billionair? Maybe time to grow up?

    2. Jon: You are doing it again. You are going full retard. Never go full retard Jon. I warned you before Jon. Dont go there. You take the comedy to far.

    3. I really like this crazy commi friend. He just doesn’t know when to stop. Maybe he really is a autistic teen in need of quality psychological help. (No offence AlekNovy) He seems to live in his own head. Thats all i’m saying. You never know on the internet. He could be a purple haired crazy feminist. He could be some beta cuck. Or a 40 year old internet troll that’s just lonely. Who knows?

    4. I take Putin very seriously, you on the other hand seem to have no clue what you are talking about.

      Guys, do you really find this Jon troll so amusing you gonna keep feeding him?

      I’m out of this thread.

  27. Jon: And why cant somebody be happy with a product that makes a profit? This happens everyday. There are many products that make people happy. You talked about a cure for cancer. Maybe you can sell pharmaceutical products. Make a profit for yourself and make others happy at the same time. And maybe you can lower the price by mass producing chemicals in China. In that way you can possibly help millions of people. And make a nice living for yourself. Why would that be a bad thing? You would provide a great service for many people. And even support the Chinese economy. If the Chinese government would allow you to do so.

  28. Aaron,
    Do you mind splitting the Open Thread this month and open a part 2 please?
    Middle of the month and we’re well over 100 comments – gets a bit uncomfortable on the phone.
    Thank you.

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