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Butthurt female blog reader wants to excuse female laziness

It’s been a while since upset women commented on this blog. We had a few on my forum, back when it was still public. I fondly remember one wacko who threatened to report my site to some libshit hate organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, I think, because I stated that women find men of some ethnicities more attractive than others. That was fun!

Even more fun was a recent blog comment by “Avrasha” who, in crappy English, vented her anger about me dishing out “hate facts” in my post Take in those pictures of women hitting the wall. I’m highlighting her comment because it is a succinct summary of typical fallacious arguments Western women make for not staying in shape. Here we go:

But , for all.of you to come on here and talking about women hitting a wall etc they don’t have beards to cover wrinkles or a flat chest to never sag or time to dedicate to staying in perfect shape cause that is time spent with children.

The claim that we men cover our wrinkles with a beard is new to me. I don’t know what’s wrong with the skin of Western women — they age so fast it’s scary. Western women in their early 20s look older than Asian women in their early 30s. If you haven’t seen this in real life, you should. It is surreal.

What greatly amused me was the claim that “Avrasha” had no choice but to get fat because she’s got kids. Give me a break! Sure, if women use kids as an excuse to plunk down in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream, day after day, then it’s no surprise that “time spent with kids” results in walruses. Otherwise, healthy nutrition and a modicum of exercise goes a long way. This reminds me yet again of the mothers in the conservative area I grew up in — nope, no trashy single moms around anywhere. For some reason, they all manage to stay in shape. Yet, for women who don’t want to do that, kids are a great excuse. Their beta husbands, if they are even married, won’t put the foot down, and for a person with zero self-respect, being a fat slob is apparently perfectly fine.

Sure, aging is inevitable. However, lifestyle choices make an enormous difference as we age. For instance, people routinely think I’m 10 years younger than I am. Heck, I once made small talk with a guy who, at some point, asked me how old I was. I told him, and he insisted I shouldn’t joke, so I pulled out my ID — and then it seemed as if he was on the brink of getting a panic attack. We were around five years apart, but visually, about 20 years separated us. I kid you not. With women, it’s quite similar. You can find women in their late 20s who stay in shape, don’t smoke, don’t drink, and who still look quite young. Yet, you’ll easily find women of the same age who look like shit. It only gets worse as they age. If you are lucky, you can even find (Western) women in their late 30s who look as if they are in their late 20s, and who look perfectly doable — but you can also find women in their late 20s that give you the chills.

4 thoughts on “Butthurt female blog reader wants to excuse female laziness

    1. Fitness: mild cardio 2x/week, yoga 2x/week, lifting 3x/week. All of this is fairly low effort; I run 2.5 km, my yoga routine is a selection of Ashtanga exercises, and my lifting consists of one day lower body, mainly deadlifts, and two days upper. I may even replace the upper body sessions with body weight exercises as I don’t think there is much of a difference in results between bench pressing and push ups. I’ve dropped squats for a variety of reasons.

      My nutrition is still fairly basic: fruits, vegetables, meat, grains; recently I’ve reduced my carb intake and upped my meat intake. I consume essentially zero ready-made food. In addition, I don’t drink, don’t do drugs, and don’t smoke.

    2. Aaron,

      In regards to yoga, since you’ve navigated the waters of it, is there any style which you think a beginner should start off in or which is best? (I realize they might not be one and the same)

    3. I personally prefer Ashtanga yoga as it doubles as a competent core strength exercise programs. The other varieties you can check out once you hit 70 or 80, or if you want to ogle chicks who believe that a bit of stretching is “like totally” the same as exercising.

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