Lowering standards for women: smugness or stupidity?

This is just a quick remark about the disastrous consequences of “diversity” in the military or police. It is well-known that female recruits do not have to meet the same standards as male ones. That’s odd, though, as feminism has taught me that there are no differences between men and women and everything a man can do, a woman can do at least as well. In the private sector, hiring a few ditzes may be all fun and games, because you’re just burning some money for a good cause. HP surely thought the same, until Carly Fiorina tanked that company and had to be dismissed in order to avoid complete disaster.

As you may have gathered, I don’t quite agree with the “it’s only money” argument the Left loves to trot out. You may hear the same when leftists activists terrorists destroy property. Yet, much more uncontroversial is the thought that lives shouldn’t be put at risk for the sake of diversity. Here are two examples that illustrate what a fucking disaster it is to have two sets of standards.

The first is a video of a woman in Police training throwing a flash bang in a rather creative way. A much more serious example is the case of fighter pilot Kara Hultgreen who wrecked a $14 million F-14 (that’s in 1998 dollars), killing herself in the process. There were allegations that she shouldn’t have been promoted because the mistake that cost her her life was similar to mistakes she had made during training. There were allegedly some limitations with F-14s, which were a contributing factor. However, those issues were well-known, so it’s not as if you can put all blame on the aircraft. Anyway, the point is that in war you certainly would want to have the very best fighting for your country instead of Diversity Corps, in order to limit loss of lives, damage to materials, and ensure the highest chance of victory. Or, you could be Hillary Clinton and start World War III with Russia because you want to prove that you are not a pussy and your “inclusive” military is still the best in the world.

2 thoughts on “Lowering standards for women: smugness or stupidity?

  1. In fairness, male recruits and pilots can and do screw up as the women discussed above. The problem lies with making recruits a political football, where the standard criteria for passing training is waived. That really does not do anyone any favours, from the people getting passed to the people they serve with. I know in Canada we integrated women into the combat arms a while back. In fairness, most women do not want to do those jobs, but some do, and it sounds like it has not been a total disaster in practice. A bigger problem would be having a woman in a position of power who would act aggressively just to combat notions that she was soft. America’s Viet Nam debacle had a lot to do with civilian politicians who were determined not to be characterized as dove-ish.

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